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How to Crochet a Pumpkin

teacher avatar Lisa Browell, Yarn & Craft Addict

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Class Trailer

    • 2. Lesson 1 Techniques Required

    • 3. Lesson 2 Making the body of the pumpkin

    • 4. Lesson 3 Gathering the bottom

    • 5. Lesson 4 Stuffing your pumpkin

    • 6. Lesson 5 Shaping your pumpkin

    • 7. Lesson 6 Making the stalk

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About This Class

This class shows you step by step how to crochet a pumpkin.

Lesson cover:

- Techniques you will need to know

- Materials needed

- How to crochet your pumpkin

- How to construct and finish your pumpkin

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lisa Browell

Yarn & Craft Addict


Hi I'm Lisa!

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1. Class Trailer: Hi, my name is Lisa from Miss Islam UK. In this class we will be learning how to crochet a pumpkin. I will be going through step-by-step instructions including how to crochet your pumpkin, how to construct, stop your pumpkin, and how to finish it and shape it. For this class, you will need to know a couple of basics such as you'll have no chance detache, half double crochet stitch, how to work fat and the round. And it would also be useful to know how to make a magic loop. In terms of the materials that you will need for this project. You will require some double slit thickness, orange Yuan. The Yuan I've purchased yet that I've used in my project is called Stile craft special, dk. However, a double network, young We'll do I, You don't require a full ball as this pan only takes a small amount of yarn, so half bubble will probably be fine. You will also need a small amount of double minute brown yawn. Again, a scroll amount is fine. This is just for the stalk. You will require some toy stuffing to stop your pumpkin. A three millimeter crochet hook, a pair of scissors and a wide eyed sewing needle, two in all of your end. And to finish off your pumpkin. You'll also find in the project and also this class, a written version of this pattern. So that you can use this to finish up your project rather than having to keep repeating, repeatedly referring back to the tutorial, if you wish. 2. Lesson 1 Techniques Required: Before we get started, I'm just going to go through some of the techniques that you will need to know in order to make this little pumpkin. You will just need to know some basic stitches and techniques. When I'm explaining what stitches you need to use, the pumpkin, I'll be using US crochet terms. Just in case you're used to using UK crochet terms. You may local bought the conversion for that were Bay. But basically to me it is still a pumpkin. You only know how to chain. Make single cruises, make half double crochet. And hard work in the round and also in rows is quite simple because this part that makes main body of the pumpkin is actually worked flat, enrolls, stroke on the top. Or it's actually worked in around. The main things that you will need to know. 3. Lesson 2 Making the body of the pumpkin: Okay, so we're gonna get started on making the body of the pumpkin. So the orange part, this part is flat and rules. So first thing that we need to do is get our orange John. And we need to use our three middle Huike. And we're going to start by making a chain with this Yona of 21 chain stitches. So just quickly made my chain. Okay, so I've now got my chain of 21 stitches. So for the first row, we are going to face the single crochet into the second chain from the HUC COPSE there we're looking at these ridges on the back, so not going in the face region for him, the second dorm, the second chain there. So we're going to single crochet into this one. And then we are going to single quotes you into the next fall chain statues. We've got our 12345 first digits, which are all single crochet. Now what we're going to do is in order to make these bets on the side of the pumpkin, we're gonna do the middle switches are going to be hashtable groceries on every row. So we want to do hashtable quotients into the next ten stitches. So I'll just speed this up while I do this. Once you do NEO ten of the middle stitches, you then want to single Cauchy integral last five case. Now the original first row, what we're going to do is for our second row to make these the old registrants here that you can see on the pumpkin. Where going to make all of us citizen every role into the back loop only of the citizen the previous row. So by back loop, we mean just if you've got both the backbone. So make all your citizen at the back loop like so. So you're gonna do your first five single core share. Wants you to our 1.5th five double crochet stitches. So we take our ten of em again all into the buck loops. We have two balls, one do the last five as single coaches into the bug group as well. K. So now that we've done them in the EEG and save there that little line that starting to form is that line there. So that's just going to help make these ridges or we can reconstruct the prominent later on. So you want to do this, am, keep working the same rule over and over. So during your five single crochet stitches and a new 10.5 the balls in the middle. And you five singles at the end. But just doing them into the back loop only of the Robbie home. So do this until you've got 20-fold rules in total. Speed this up. Okay, see, you can see that I've now finished my 24 rows. So we've now got this piece is quite long, but it's coverages and M, which make up the ridges in the pumpkin. So the next thing we do with this is we are going to fold it that way. And we're going to construct the rest of the pumpkin. 4. Lesson 3 Gathering the bottom: Okay, now what we're gonna do is we're going to construct the pumpkin. So you've got to do this part. We're going to fold this in half, like so. And then we're going to join this end. So you could either do it by calling you yawn and tying year end off, and then using your bij aij sewing needle to Hamish, all you can do it I'm gonna do leave the yarn attached and single quotes here or slip stitch the charges together. So this is just my preferred way of doing it. It doesn't really matter which way you come out the same. So to see Matt, we're just gonna put the hook through both loops. And I'm just going to single crochet hook through every set of statutes. And I'll just do her along until I've done all of them. Just making sure you got the 2n plus one or k. So now that we've joining the same land, we can cut our yarn. Then you can pass that off in the next, constructing our pumpkin. Now that returned our CME edge, we are going to run around the bottom and we're gonna gather it in to tighten it to create this part and the bottom of the permuted. So this at the moment is inside I was still so we're gonna get inland of job. Don't need a locked me probably a little bit more than more. I've left there. And underscore the thread, my wide eyed needle. And then what I'll do is I'll just join on here. If you've left enough value, you can just use the end. Not quite left enough. So join us on. This could be the insights that I've got a bit of a loop corn on hand, right? To run the running stitch, to stitch around such. You need to do in and out like so. So if you go kind of either side of each of the ridges, Sam got the liner register and then do the in and out. And this one edge and Azi goal, we just pull the string, it will tighten and gaba. So keep doing this until you get back round. To the beginning way starts touching. So in and out. Equally distance h between the stitches present MATLAB, it's not exact, but as long as it gathers up correctly, it doesn't really make that much difference. But see her we tighten it. That makes this shape here. I think I need a couple more here. And say I'm back to the beginning there. So once you turn that Polya, the string types with covers, a man, a secure it just so through the ends. Keeping it tight. No. School for you a few times in different directions? No, it does not mean that your end is going to be secure. It also means the bay as well. So once you turn off your n and then we're going to turn it the right way out. It's even it's covered by that at the bottom. And then we are going to stuff it next. 5. Lesson 4 Stuffing your pumpkin: Okay, so our next step is going to be to stuff the pumpkin body. So I just got normal Thyestes of India. I don't know exactly how much is here. I'm pretty bored. Use everything I've got in this little bowl. So register for n. You wanna make sure that it's pretty well parks but not massively overstuffed. See Joe one business documentary coming out. A whole showing him between the stitches. So forget that. Just push push a tray, make sure you've got a stuffed evenly recount. I am not the best artist offering adult make a lot of toys or anything. So I don't tell us stuff, many things, but obviously we're going to be gathering this open top. So I'm going to be pulling in the edges as well. Make arbor just loved, probably ought to save for an offline. Next step, we are going to be running around the topless time. So we'll Casals and island of john thread our needle. And I'm going to secure this, the end. Move a couple of times that we did before, we'll just do your morning stretch around so there's tennis around, so z on the outside. Okay. So a running stitch this way just came in and I would like Egypt before gathering an A1a. Oh, you've got stuffed as well. We do it during your stitches. So we pull it tight. You can assess how well it stuffed. So that is pretty much spot. I would want this stage if you want ME open and you can put that must have han or take a bit more stuffing out if you've overfilled it from cohabited with that. So tight-knit like we did before. And we're going to do what we do with the button. So we're gonna just stitch through this opening quite a few times in different directions just to secure it and make sure nothing comes out. We're gonna hide this bit as well later on. So if we constitute recover, it does make life a little bit easier. A few more stitches. And then just couldn't work. And you've got your stuff, pumpkin body. 6. Lesson 5 Shaping your pumpkin: Okay, so in this next part, we are going to make these garden reaches here. It's dead easy. That looks a lot harder than it is. So what you want is quite a long piece of your orange yarn. Then want to theoretically a needle with touch beyond to the spec that we saw together. Because this is where a stock's going to go, so we're trying to hide that. And under the stalk where we put that out. So I will just touch our yarn here. Yes, I have a couple of stitches to secure a probably interesting case. And then we're going to do to make these ranges. We are going to wrap around. And for ship I would say the middle of the problem again with the needle going out will talk well historical Bay. So we can say here that we've got a covered in part for every two of these kind of register chess. So we're just gonna try and start at the beginning of my round, which I think isn't day intelligence. I don't have a line of ribs stitches. So we get our yarn. We line up with where we want our rich to pay. Your Anita, which is quite important in quite a long one. You put it in at the bottom and then you feed it and push it through to come out the top or at the store would be. And then what you do is making sure your yarn is still where you want it to make you. Rich. Polio yarn through out the top Titan net. I'm just lining up and pull it in. You will say starts to make the origins. So once you do the first one, so you can warn, reach their end anymore to go to along. So, so you want to have those lines and then go into the ion of stitches between now and the next bet. So they're new and push it up through the bottom again. The top, pull it through, and then we'll do on X1, so we'll mess to those rejected. So it will push it back up through the stoke appeal. Certain that certain segments mistook you register, just put into that one up to the middle of the top again. And we want to put and we miss her to predict through the push down to the bottom and out through the top. And I'm going to put tight, tight you pull up, pull it quite type. And then I think we're on one last one here, so we miss them to do tomorrow. I'm not going to have done that right. That's just the beginning of my ground. So you want to make sure a poet as tight as you want to. Make sure it looks all right. And then if you just weave in your end, end here by the soaring over and over and over. Quite a few times. Just a secure, tightly but main tree, Hold it tight as you need it. We need VFA scope of stitches. Stitch over this. We will just cut off. 7. Lesson 6 Making the stalk: Okay, so our next stage is to make our stoke. So for that, we are going to use our Brown neon. So we're gonna do what's called a magic circle to begin with. So you might want to do is that we don't already know and are basic loop. And then you want to make six single closes into your loop that you've got. A number six, you are polio tail and tighten your magic loop. Then slip stitch into the first round of your stoke done. So we then chain one and then we're just going to single quotient and h stage. So but we're gonna do it through the back loop on this round. So let just score. Do this one. And now we want to slip stitch around that. Then we are going to do. And so we're just gonna do single-quadrant each stitch around with loop this time. Just slip stitch last. And you see it's carrying less when you make it one more round. So we chain again through both loops again this time not just by foreigners. Joy, not slips, teach IT, stoke donor. He just leave a little bit of an end because we needed a solar storm. But lambda snippet with uses as your end through and tie that off. And what you want to do is if we can turn it inside out. And then we'll go to so in the end of our magic circle, just to this slot at the top of the Stokes d is tightened. Dopamine loop doesn't lose. Now, let me turn it back to the right way. I would again. See kind of where you didn't know about loop that you've got to try and make the top of your Stoke law by flap. So we're going to do now is we are going to attach our stoke onto the middle of the talk about pumpkin. And it should cover all of the kind of ends we sorted. So again, we'll attach using our moma and I'm just going to choose a spot we turned stitched on roundabout here about Kanban part. And as you tighten it kind of got us in a little bit. So just to start with a friend, a stick, and I touched on about, might seem a little way out. And then what we're gonna do is we are going to switch to the statues that are single co-chairs of the rabbit. And just put quite tight and then you say it tightens up. It doesn't look like it's actually coming out from pings tips that far away. So if we do this and go into every stitch, so we will need about six or seven stitches arranged in the right place. You may find it a little bit hard to actually find a big needle three, that's why this needle is quite gigs. It's got caved edge. So as you're going around, just tighten your stitches and try the spit will pop up. Couple mode go. We are covering all but with our last stitch and around. So we then we'll say that the time beds disappear, let you stitched in any form. So just make sure it touched all the way around. Pj0 complex was that's fine. All right. So now I've pulled out in that looks at after touched. Okay. So what I'll now do is just try and do it on the bottom because this Ian's a bit more kind of variegated coat may say. Just so three available at that end. And then to hide your end, pushing needle through, middle, pull it tight, and clip it really close to the stove, but not too closely at you snip, actual stocks will clip it back and you'll see that you end. Will disappear in your stock. May go as you finish. Pumpkin may need a little bit kind of massage about I'm not getting into the right shape. As you can say, it's come out slightly bigger than they are the one that is because my intention is pretty loose as you can tell. So obviously when I've done this one last night, when I've written the part number on this model, the title like I should've just my, I just comes out a little bit larger. And there you go. Got finished pumpkin. Say if you want to make your segments a bit, most of Douglas stuffed. Just hand muscles, dystrophin around a little bit till you get the right shape. But there you go. You finished pumpkin.