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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gathering Materials

    • 3. Make a Slip Knot

    • 4. Chain Stitch

    • 5. Single Stitch

    • 6. Fasten Off

    • 7. Final Touches

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About This Class

Crocheting isn’t only for old fashion doilies! Explore all those cute things you can make with just a few stitches, learn how to do them and never stop crocheting! All these in this 45-minute class, instructed by Vivika Vaina, the founder of The Wandering Deer. Crocheting can be so much fun! This class is perfect for you that haven’t heard of crochet before, beginners with little knowledge of crocheting and for anybody that want to learn new things to crochet!

Meet Your Teacher

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Vivika Vaina

Crocheter / Illustrator / Etsy Shop Owner


The girl behind The Wandering Deer, an etsy shop and a blog with tons of tiny dolls :) I studied graphic design, crochet tiny dolls, draw cute things and love anything that includes creation. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I teach kids and adults how to crochet.


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1. Introduction: does I have a small cell block called the wondering, Do you? This'll last, did you? Christie isn't the only about fashion toys. You can see a lot of kids stuff like both hearts. Get the basement Ghozi's and my personal favorite Good E, I think don't like Oh, nice work. You can also make me fancy here, and they leave this one exciting thing, he said. You could make them however you want. You can make a tiny or you could make them huge food and you can make animals. You can never say yourself. It's Teoh I think I love about Chris. Say is it could make it everywhere. You could say What on the couch watching to be People grow Sales beat close by the sea everywhere. Your project for this class is to make a bow like this one. What to do with the boat you could make a naked is for yourself a full time for your living lawn. Maybe looking at two ahead. Don't bracelet. You could make a recovery there. So many things to do with you don't need to know how to proceed to follow this task can be sure what's fun I think first of a three part series and I will show you the basics tt's so let's get started. 2. Gathering Materials: the materials you, Renee for this project are hook about of seizures, adorning or abroad, Early Eden and, of course, some yard, he concedes. Only one color. Our makes 2/4. There are many different kinds of books. I mean last week. Bamboo, those with a Greek and they're good. I will say this to choose one with a Greek as they're way more comfortable. The best took size for a project. It's far made me h anything between four two seeks. He's okay about your no again labels. You can see many important information about our yard. First of all, this is 54. This is a mixed yard. We face a 55% cotton, 45% of Greek. It's 50 grams, and here you can see the who. You mean it for these yard 3.5 to 4.5 meter. So I also hear this information about washing. You find a broad trying at the twos too bright or did your ear as it's really hard to see, the state sees he could choose a mix yard according urine, or maybe on good acrylic. The bigger the bow you want to bake the beginning hook and the figure the yard you will choose. This is made with number six in the thick yard. Thing is, we number five. This is with number four. This is with number three so to the book in the year and let's start. 3. Make a Slip Knot: the first thing you need to make. He's asleep. Not athlete Note is make like these. You take the deal of the yard. Could make you particularly loop. Place it over the day living here and now you grab this piece appearing here with you know their hand. Who? The year incoming from the boat and boy and their sleep. Notice. Ready, please. Your hook inside the loop and quickly Days a year. Let's do this one more time With the end of the aren't making you okay placed in group It's day three here. Grew up this piece here with your other heart pulled here and come from the bone ended up Steve bits in It is ready. Place your hook inside the loop and put the date This'll Ooh should be not to lose No, too tight. Something in the meeting. Okay. When you release, come for the boat. Your loop to doctor Will you booth Lipsett Close. Let's make one time Continue to change. Make a loop with the end of the year. Next thing you over the day and grow up the piece of young here with your other hot but we leader and come from the board and you're ready to go 4. Chain Stitch: one would hold. Your hook is like these Look at night and another one is like Please like a pens. I find it more easy to hold, like knees. One way to hold the yard. He's it. I think the earth around your little finger, carrying the's in front of thes behind your index finger and then with your index in your really finger here holding the not Let's Do This again in from Wrapped Again around your neck if you want behind in front behind. I told you I was scared. Index, with your Tom and your middle finger. If you find do heart told the yard like these contest right, Nichole's The party, I think, is the heart, not with your and you don't really figure it started. Changed it. I wrapped around my little finger behind in Florida. How do you not now? Place your hook. You found of the yard under over, you grab the yard. And who lived with Luke? Let's do this one more time. Place the hook in front, under over the yard, drop the yard and pull it through the loop in front. Conduct over. You see here I turned the hookah beat so I could grab your not easily and put me through Yeah, in front, Sanjay Over. Hook in front, under and over. And this wasn't tasty. It's not that hard. Doing no in front, under and over from during a beat over Grew up the yard. Put me through in front of the yard. A round of the heart dared the yard. I'm just here in the front yard under to do all the yard. I went through every loop you see here and there. Chain is this Teach Quicken counts. TT's recounting these loops. Here you have one do so we four, 567 eight, nine. Okay to make a boat, we will meet 22. Let's go Working in front, Under turn. Grab phoned. Let's start again. You want under turn? Pull it through. A common mistake is to put a gun behind here. We don't want to do this. We want in front of the year. Frowned to you're in over through this. Move the place I hope in front, Under and over. He's going here. No. So from now on, we'll call it You're no over. You're over. Who here? In over and poor care? No, but does 567 Damn it! I mean, 20 thinking Now our foundation chain is ready and we're ready to move to the single feature . 5. Single Stitch: Jane. We trained it to change TT's And now it's time to turn and make a singing seats. We detain one and with Blazer Hook in the next best each under this loop See, we yearn Oh, we yearn over and under the first look. Now we have two loops and hope Hook Sorry, we are no again. And this time, way we put it way beyond under birth loops. If it's hard for you to the yard under the both loops at the same time and then the next one Let's do it again. Place the hook inside the next loop Yeah, over Yeah, through the first loop, Yeah, over again include the yard through both lose next one hook inside the loop again Over. But through the first loop Yeah, over again. And with you worth lips hope inside tell you over you fully through Yeah, over breath through both loops You're over breath You first loop tulips on the hook here in over With three bathrooms we will continue like these in the whole phone nation acting If your stock can you die so it in the project space I would make my best to help you in the loop. You're over. Pull through first loop. Two loops on the hook here over both groups. - Now there is the loops to the end. You know what group inside? Who in the last one here? In over. Pulling here. Over. Who threw? Both lose. Now we have finished this room. Would you go to the next one to turn detained warrants? And then don't forget to help your project with your thumb and your middle finger. Is this English? Teachers in the cities of the previous round? You can see everybody here is the States from the previous round. So we insert our hook under this. Teach here in over, please to hearing over with your both groups. Insert the hook under the state you're in over. Go through here in over point through both cubes and we will go look recently at the end of the road in Datta will make for a rose. Sometimes it's heart to put the hook. I'm sorry. Under the state Teoh test Bush now there to lose two things. The rule place hook here clip loop The last month is not straight. So we have to take the first loop event the other one You're in. Over complete through your nover with you both lose. What's so one more time? Place a hook. Insert first. The other part of the living here. No, we're through here Who both lose? No, Let's start at one time. Routine. Wants content after the work place a hook teach here in your foot. Both you here. Over with your Both groups continue like these for the next two rows. For 10 time, you make a mistake and you want to go back Blood to hook and carefully Booth the year once . Teach dime. Okay. And to you place the hook, Mr It's cool. End of the obtained one. In turn. Don't forget to preach. Relax and breathe. And, uh, we're ready. 6. Fasten Off: Now we're down with this TT's two things Their work. We left 10 once And will you any more off the hook? Take a Caesar Part of Caesar's Makes you believe long today and cut That was it. Now wait yeah side to you and put it to be tight It's time to look in the boat We didn't need And place the yard inside Now we fold We make it straight and folded like thes And now way So the edges together Nothing Fancy test Sue them together Test makes you It's straight Now I can't You can make a note We figure that we start two securities These seen here is in the media off our boat. Okay. And wrap the boat around with a piece of yarn were holding Try rapid tight it goes, it will get lose time And now make a note again. Britney Harthi days with any good we just insert through the DT's. Oh, cut. Yeah. What? - And that's it. I would love to see the bows you made. So please, please, please share the projects in the project section. Now to make my bow a bit more fancy, any day could contrasting yard. Lovely, mean color. Make asleep. Not I will actually use a smaller hook this time because these urine Stina and same seeks Sikhs. Let's see if it is enough. No, we know to God I think it's OK, Team. One more time to turn and then single state my foundation six times to life. Six. You see here I made a mistake into grab one of the yards. So finally test. Do you get side Only through, you know, there just one. Take one and live a long time. So we cast in this under boob, I think. Now let's cover all these. So they had just together again, this time around the bowl, tonally, due to three. Steve, we may not, and we're ready. It's hide those daisies. Make sure it is inside of also come colors. He's not feasible. No, not really important to save up the boat with your hands. It's ready 7. Final Touches: now it's died. Decided a bowl you can see in this one. I saw some beat That makes it so Spacing, don't you think? But what can we do with our boat? So when you think we can just blew it during base, make a big doing smaller boats there, on the wings we can use is more piece of chain and we come bracelet are a lot of pain making booth makings go way can also do it on a rapper Bart. Oh, just It's like our hair being here. Did you hear? It can be done in art. Take knees yuk Analysis to we don't know being make a brooch. No, I don't Here taken MD team The Dow A sweet Christmas gift is indeed if you she said, more work we can added your father black. Make it the charm it's doing. I hope enough and just find a place ready Wake because for you to see how it's done, he's it's find a place to here. I take the warren Went one end of my hook. Include it here? Yeah, they want here. Thank you. Places here knows he's to be as it is. He they're so anything to do with the boat? You can receive a long chain and make hair both for your head and you for watching. And don't forget to share your project. I would love the scene What you're making by