How to Create an Online Course: From Beginning to End | Riley Weller | Skillshare

How to Create an Online Course: From Beginning to End

Riley Weller, FL Studio Teacher

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38 Lessons (3h 43m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. 1-1 - Preplan Ahead

    • 3. 1-2 - What Makes a Course Have Impact

    • 4. 1-3 - Folder Structure and Overall Layout

    • 5. 2-1 - How to Record Yourself [Overview]

    • 6. 2-2 - What Type of Camera Do You Need

    • 7. 2-3 - Don't Forget About Lighting

    • 8. 2-4 - My Current Lighting Setup

    • 9. 2-5 - Getting High-Quality Audio

    • 10. 2-6 - Setting Up a Camera for High Quality Audio

    • 11. 2-7 - Seeing Yourself While Recording [Monitoring Yourself]

    • 12. 2-8 - Setting Up Your Camera's Settings [Manual Mode]

    • 13. 2-9 - Why a Tripod is Crucial

    • 14. 2-10 - How I Record Myself With a DSLR

    • 15. 2-11 - How to Fix Mistakes While Recording [Overdubs]

    • 16. 2-12 - How to Get Your Point Across in Videos

    • 17. 2-13 - What's in My Camera Bags

    • 18. 3-1 - Introduction to OBS Screen Capture Software

    • 19. 3-2 - Setting Up Scenes in OBS

    • 20. 3-3 - Audio Settings in OBS

    • 21. 3-4 - Using High Quality Microphones with Your Computer

    • 22. 3-5 - Webcam and Videocam Recommendations for OBS

    • 23. 3-6 - Final Suggestions Before Recording in OBS

    • 24. 4-1 - Editing Videos - Introduction

    • 25. 4-2 - How to Set Up a Video Editor Template

    • 26. 4-3 - How to Edit Your Videos

    • 27. 4-4 - Setting Voice and Music Levels

    • 28. 4-5 - How to Overdub a Screwup!

    • 29. 4-6 - Exporting Your Course Videos

    • 30. 4-7 - Getting Better Performance When Video Editing

    • 31. 4-8 - Tricks and Tips When Editing

    • 32. 4-9 - Recap of the Video Editor Template

    • 33. 5-1 - Creating Your Course Artwork [What to Look Out For]

    • 34. 6-1 - Creating Your Slideshow [Advanced Version]

    • 35. 6-2 - Creating Your Slideshow [Beginner Walkthrough]

    • 36. 6-3 - Setting Up Your Slideshow Bullet Points [Make it Look Fun and Professional]

    • 37. 7-1 - How to Release Your Course [Marketing + Sales + Communication Tips]

    • 38. OUTRO

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About This Class


Create Passive Income Through Your Passion and Niche with Professionalism, Quality, and Education.

So you've got a passion, and you want to teach others.. while seeking to make some passive income off your knowledge.

But here's the problem.. You don't know where to start when it comes to putting together a high-quality, professional looking course.

Well, that's where my course will remedy your problem.

Hi! - My name is Riley Weller.

I'm most known for being the music producer: GratuiTous.

I started making music production courses, which eventually turned into quite an awesome passive income side-hustle for me.

Since being a music producer, the audio side of this course will be really easy for you to understand, grasp, and excel when tweaking your voice, music, and overall level consistency!

Besides that, I've created tons of YouTube videos over the years, so I've gone through all the "What camera should I buy" stage, in addition to understanding how to capture an audience, staying professional, and giving your student what they want (and deserve!).

I have two reasons for wanting to create this course for you:

  • I have a major passion for teaching.  I love to teach the tricks and tips I've discovered through my trial and errors when starting something.
  • I'm continuing to create passive income for myself.

This course took quite a bit longer than my other courses.

It has over 35 videos, and we cover A LOT OF INFORMATION!

I'm a big advocate for being organized ahead of time.  I'm talking creating templates for consistent quality, for example.

Note - My teaching style is very straight forward.  I respect my student's time.  I like to get straight to the point, but also fill you in on necessary information that may be of use to you.

So here's what we cover:

  • Preplanning Your Course - This is a fundamental part before creating a course.  This will keep you organized, and allow you to make the most of your student's time.  Learn my personal best practices when it comes to creating effective, organized, and engaging courses.
  • How to Record Yourself - I teach you what camera you can use to get awesome results, the type of microphones you can use to get high audio quality, all while keeping it simple for easy and impressive results.
  • Capturing Your Computer Screen - Learning how to capture your desktop while recording yourself is such a powerful way to engage with your student.  I break down the software I use and how I set it up.
  • Editing Your Videos - This may be the trickiest part for some of you.  But don't worry! - I break down everything from a beginner's point of view when it comes to editing your videos, getting great footage, editing your audio with ease, and also adding in some background music for extra excitement for your student.  (We also cover my personal folder structure to stay organized and easy backups.)
  • Creating You Course Artwork - Each course vendor website has different specifications/guidelines on how they'd like to see your artwork done.  I explain my personal process when it comes to creating my artwork so I can make my artwork versatile, and use it for multiple sites.  See my what, why, and how for implementing a course image.
  • Creating a High Quality Slideshow - A lot of the slideshows I've seen are boring.  Not because the presenter's content is bad, but because of how the slideshow actually looks.  Learn how I set up a slideshow to make it look presentable, fun, and deliver an engaging performance.  Slideshows are an absolutely amazing way to get across to your students what you're wanting to teach them.
  • How to Release Your Course - I explain my personal process of how I release a course, how to effectively use coupons and their pros/cons, and continue to increase your students and grow your subscriber base as you grow.

After creating many online courses, I felt confident creating this course about How to Create an Online Course.  I hope my style of teaching and content will be tremendously useful for you, allowing you to capture your audience, and start bringing in your goal of passive income.

If this course sounds like the answer you're looking for, then you can take this course and I'll see you inside!

Riley !