How to Create an Inexpensive FLOOD Detector- ALERT! | Terry Thomas | Skillshare

How to Create an Inexpensive FLOOD Detector- ALERT!

Terry Thomas, The Refelection of Knowledge

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10 Videos (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started With The 1st Item

    • 3. Overview Of The 1st Item Created

    • 4. The Rest Of The Items That Are Required

    • 5. Assembly Of All The Items Into One

    • 6. Trigger Test #1

    • 7. Trigger Test #2

    • 8. Trigger Test #3

    • 9. Trigger Test #4

    • 10. Wiring Blueprint


About This Class

Safety and well-being is of prime importance in our day to day interactions.


Have you ever encountered were a part of your living area such as your bathroom. kitchen, bedroom, living room, laundry room, basement or even your whole place has been taken over by an unexpected FLOOD?

If you have experience this, don't you think that it would of been nice to have been alerted before the water caused all that damage?

After my 2nd flood (both were messy) yes I lost my laptop...I decided to do something about it by putting the flood detector in place. Good thing because the 3rd time around I was able to catch it before it caught me..:)

Well, in this course, whether you have experience a flood in the past or not I will show you my step by step blueprint on how to create your own inexpensive flood detector so that you will be alerted before the water creates all that damage, especially those personal items that can not be replaced!

Not only will I show you the step by step method of creating your own inexpensive flood detector but I will also provide you with the wiring blueprint to make this creation real easy for you to put together.

ENROLL we can get started shall we......





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Terry Thomas

The Refelection of Knowledge


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