How to Create an Iconic Brand Name for your Company, Business and Product

Bryan Bolt, Adventurer & Productivity Mentor

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Welcome And Orientation

    • 3. Create A Name That’s Impossible To Forget Not Easy To Remember

    • 4. The Mind Remembers Name By SOUND, Not By Sight

    • 5. Use Names That Promise Results, Benefits, Solutions If Possible

    • 6. My Favorite Big Company Names

    • 7. Exercise: Creating A Powerful Name

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About This Class

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple, Google and Coca Cola are so easily identified in a sea of advertising? 

When it all boils down… marketing that attracts hordes of customers to buy, and persuades people to exchange their money for your products and services comes down
to the WORDS that you use. 

Choosing the right words for your new product, service or business name can make the difference between big profit and big failure. 

Inside this program, You'll get my complete step-by-step template with a list of powerful marketing techniques used by the world's biggest companies  on how to create a powerful brand name, whether for your product, service or business, and a series of 5 video trainings plus a powerful exercise to help you identify and use the RIGHT words to get your customers remember your brand and buy from you.

We are living in a time when you really have to "nail" your offer if you want to cut through all of the noise online, and actually make sales. 

If you are having some success with your marketing, and you want to MULTIPLY it, then this course will super-charge your results and your sales. 

If you already have a product or service, but you aren’t getting the traction you want in terms of customers, sales, and profits then I highly recommend you join me in my most advanced marketing training program for creating and designing your brand name from the ground up.

Watch session number one NOW, go through the program and do ALL the exercises that I'll give you.

It will make a huge difference in your life.

Okay, see you inside.