How to Create an Engaging and Entertaining Video Lecture Plus Free Resources

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. How I Created the Video

    • 2. Behind The Scenes in Screenflow

    • 3. The Structure of a Video

    • 4. Starting with the Audio Track and Audacity

    • 5. How to Use Green Screen and Chroma Key

    • 6. How you can use background images or videos in your lectures

    • 7. The Final Video


About This Class

I want to share with you some of the more sophisticated techniques I have learned to make my videos and lectures more interesting.  This is a real behind the scenes look at how I create the videos in my courses.


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Behind the Scenes in Screenflow

Now that you have seen the original video, with the music, I want to take you behind the scenes in Screenflow to show you how this video is put together so that you understand its component elements.  Once these are clear in your mind I can share with you how the elements are created to be put together.

The Structure of the Video

This helps to explain the basis of every video and why they must have a clear structure to be an effective learning tool.  Without this essential building block, you cannot develop a curriculum or a teaching strategy for your subject.

Starting with the Audio Track in Audacity

If you have a script and you are not going to appear in the video, or a large part of it, there is a real advantage to recording the audio in Audacity, a free and relatively simple to use audio software package.  The free download link can be found in the resources section of this video

Using GreenScreen and ChromaKey in Screenflow

Here I want to share with you how you can use the Chroma Key filter in Screenflow or Camtasia to really add some interest and entertainment to your lectures.

Using Background Images and Videos for More Impact

Background images and video can also be used, without Greenscreen, to good effect to make your lectures and videos more impactful.

Finally, Watch the Finalised Video 

This is my original video which I have created for an upcoming course.  The actual content of the video is not as important as HOW I put it together.  The scenes, the script and the techniques I use.  So watch it critically and then I will take you behind the scenes!

Free Resources for Your Videos

Where can you find amazing free resources for your Videos?

MakerBook is a site which lists lots of sites where you can find free resouces to use in your videos.  Do not forget to check that you are adhering to the detailed terms and conditions for any you use but many are creative commons and attribution free.  

The website is  

Full disclosure: I have no commercial relationships to this site - this is a purely free educational resources for students of this course.


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