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How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

How to Create an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

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10 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Every Business

    • 3. Social Media Terminology

    • 4. How to Create an Internet Marketing System

    • 5. How to Find Sources For Great Posts

    • 6. How to Create a Social Media Calendar

    • 7. Elements of the Perfect Posts

    • 8. How to Create Standard Social Media Messages

    • 9. How to Stay in Touch With Your Followers

    • 10. How to Evaluate Your Social Media Campaigns

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About This Class

If you are interested to increase sales and leads through social media, then this is the course for you!

In this course you will learn how to create an effective social media strategy that will generate sales and leads. You will learn how social media contribute to the overall internet marketing strategy and how to turn followers into buyers. More specifically in this course you will learn:

1. Why social media is important for every business

2. What is some of the basic social media terminology

3. What is the internet marketing process that turns followers into buyers

4. How to identify your target audience

5. How to create posts that your audience would love to watch

6. How to build online relationships with your followers

7. How to build your mailing list

8. How to increase your sales

9. How to evaluate your campaigns and place emphasis on those with the higher return on investment.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adonis Anastasiou

Your Success Is Our Goal


Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance and no other support, and he manage to climb to the top of the business training sector.

He has graduated from California State University of Los Angeles and got his degree in Administrative Management and Economics. He continued his studies in Strategic Management at Henley Management School. Returning back from the United States it was a struggle but his love for marketing and sales help him to establish himself as a business consultant and to become certified business trainer. After some years of hard work and determination he founded Adonis Business Academy which is accredited by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus. Today is considered to be one of th... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the online course, create an effective social media strategy. My name is Abelisaurus to ASU and I'm the founder of avenues Business Academy, an academy that provides approved and subsidized diplomas in digital marketing and sales. I've been working as a trainer and as a consultant for companies. And I'm being helping them on how to create their own social media strategies in order to increase our sails. Therefore, in this course, I have accumulated all my knowledge and expertise so I can help you to create your own effective social media strategy. Also, I'm going to show you how to approach potential followers, how to send them to your website and how to turn them into customers. So the ultimate goal of any social media strategy is how to increase your sales. And that's what I'm going to show you three through these online courses, I'm going to show you step-by-step or how to create a massive amount of followers, how to engage with them and how to create valuable content. But the same time, how to bring them to your website and turn them into buying customers. You're also going to learn how to create a social media calendar so you don't waste time and money. And then I'm going to explain to you how to evaluate your campaigns. So you'll know which things you should continue to invest because they generate sales for you, uh, which things you should stop them because they're doing nothing. So joined this course. But remember, you have to apply as many steps and as many tips up as possible. So watch the lessons in this course, and if possible, watch them again and again. So you gathered all the pearls of wisdom from each one of them. See you at the other side. 2. Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Every Business: Hi everyone. This is how I see you. And in this video, I'm going to explain to you why social media marketing is important for every business partners, especially for your business. So let's start with the statistics. Their wars most use social media platforms are of course, Facebook and YouTube. And were told that they are more than 2.5 billion Facebook users. And there is more than 2 billion active users on YouTube as well. So if we put all those social media together, we're talking about like the whole harmful there. The planet's population are using social media because we have WhatsApp, Instagram, tick tock, snapshot, Twitter, Pinterest. So there are a lot of, a lot of people that are using social media out there. Now, as we see over the time, over the years, we have an increase over this social media users. Between 20142415, we see an increase of 12%. Then we have an 11% increase of the social media users than from 16 to 27. We have a training on percent, 14%, 9 percent. And I'm sure that now in 2020, they increase of the social media uses and much much more than number of social media users had creates traumatically due to the corona virus pandemic. So we have, we already have a lot of active social media users. But as the number shows, more and more of them, more and more people are using social media. And other important statistic is that lot of people are using social media, but also they're spending more time on social media. So for example, in 2012, people spend around 90 minutes an hour and a half using social media per day. Now in 2019, we have people using around 153 minutes. They're spending on social media. And in 2020 because of the pandemic and everybody stayed at home because of the luck towns and everything. That number, I'm sure that it was skyrocket because people, you know, they're spending time in their home. There were nothing to do. That was a way of social, that's the new way of socializing through social media. And because people couldn't, I get together and socialize in closed spaces. Also. We see that people are influenced by social media ads. We have these report that says 67% of people have made a purchase after seeing an advertisement on social media. So people, they're not only using social media and they're using it a lot, but there are influence if they are purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. So it was like, let's say 20-year cycle where the TV influence people's opinion about, you know, what's thing you trends, what does the new products you see are not for ties, man, you learned up all the, the benefits. You know, they create a needs that you get influenced by TV because that's what people were watching. Now people are spending more and more time on social media. So they're gonna get influenced by social media, by social media ads, and by their friends. So here I have another statistic for you. What it says, 74% of users rely on social media. Users rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. So for example, before you go to a hotel or before you buy something, she gotta check it out in social media, you're going to see what other people are saying. You are going to see if they're happy about that product. You want to find more, you want to find more information. One way to do that is to go and check out their Facebook page, their Instagram page. And without that people are saying. And that's why the research shows that 81% of social media users are influenced by their France paused when making purchasing decisions. So we're influenced especially from our friends on social media. So for example, if a friend, a white, goes to the hotel and says, you know, it's a great hotel. That's really going to influence me because I have the similar interests and standouts, let's say with my good friends. And another research shows that 47% of Americans say Facebook has the biggest influence, influence on their purchases. And that's true. Still, Facebook is that King? And I believe Facebook is going to be they came at least for the next couple of years. So Facebook is, is, is really Qj. So whenever we are talking about social media, Facebook is the number one social media. Now let's keep in mind that market pyramid, where the market pyramid says that people within a specific target market. So for example, if you're selling computers, you know, you have your target market. Maybe it's the people living in your area from age 16 to 55. Those people are your target market. Now. Cells from those people, 0.5. 2-3 percent, they're going to buy a computer right now today, tomorrow in a week from now. Because they are maybe they aren't laptop broke down, maybe they want a new computer. Maybe there wasn't a computer with you, no more capabilities, more features. So 0.5 to 3% of the people who are buying right now, this bucket pyramid kid out from a recent that Chet homes make. It was verified again and again. I I even verify when I do when I'm a speaker at the conference that I would say, Hey, who is interested to buy right now a car? Please raise your hand. And As here on 0.5 to 3% of p1, we feel that confidence there is. Then I'm gonna say, hey, who's interested to buy an air conditioning unit or a laptop computer or phone or whatever. Around 0.5 to 3% of people are, you know, actively looking to pi what you're trying to sell. Then we have 7% of people within your target market that they're thinking about it. They're not gonna bite, is it not going to go and buy it within a week or so? They might go to buy, you know, within a month or two months or three months because the computer is still working. But they are thinking about changing. Maybe because they want an update, maybe because they want to get a new computer or maybe they're thinking about buying gifts for their son or grandson or whatever. So we covered the 7% of people in, within your target markets dots, they are thinking about it. They're not actively going to go and bite thick on a byte within a couple of months, then we have 20% of your target market. If they don't think about your product. But if this He paused, or if they see you and not for Thai span, you know, they're going to click on it there, my 3D or pay some attention to it. Because there is, there might be a need or a problem in their subconscious mind. So for example, I have a hit for a hover like my company, everything said. But, you know, if I see something like a new comment out a new microphone, I might, you know, partition tweet because I want to improve the quality of my audio-visual. Okay? So those people, they might they might going to buy, you know, within four months, six months. Or they might buy if if if them if they're computer breakdown or IV, IV, they cannot. If if if if there weren't becomes a problem, then they go on and move up to the 3%. Now what I want you to pet tissue here is that 70% of people are not interested. This 70% of your target mechano interested right now. But let's say if somebody asked me or if I see I'm not on Facebook, whatever football bulk computer account within them talking about it and I'm using mobile computers, but the fencing that completely not interested upon powered apart if height drop, accidentally dropped my my phone and my phone is completely destroyed, then I'm going to move up to 0.5 to 3%. So what I want you to really understanding these with this slide is that. Right now, there are people who are going to buy what you're selling. They are actively looking on social media. They are getting that if you're measuring very influenced by, so if you're not there, you're going to lose, then you're also going to lose the people who are thinking about it, or the people who are going to buy after five or six months because you don't have a presence on social media. So we really have to have not only a presence on social media, but a massive exposure if that's how you're gonna get new customers. Now a lot of companies, they have a Facebook page and the posts, you know, once or twice per week or maybe the posts once without advertising, without thinking that, you know, they're doing social media marketing, but actually they are living within the obscurity. Nobody knows about their business, their product, or their services. So we have to start making, getting to the exposure level, which is where you start posting on Facebook, on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube details you to live streaming you get start getting some exposure at the steel is not enough to reach your target market and rich and to find out that 0.5. 2-3 percent work actively looking for your product or service right now. Therefore, you need to do massive exposure. And what do we mean by massive exposure? That means you have to, to us, many of e-tailer is paused and gauging. You have to have a variety of pause, but you also have to do paid ads. That's wow, you get two massive exposures and you're gonna start getting new clients. Of course, keeping in mind where you have massive exposure like McDonald's, Coca-Cola or whatever, you're going to get haters that tests are the people who are not going to buy from you that just came, you know, successful business and products are pushed off hitters. Google forget there's anybody who reach massive exposure on social media got haters. But don't worry about friend. You have to keep on pushing. And because that's how you're going to get two followers. Ok. So why social media marketing is important for every business? First of all, because every year that are more and more users on social media, every year, users spend more and more time on social media. Customers or potential customers are influenced by their friends pause, and also they're influenced by that they see on social media. So if you advertise, if you market yourself on social media is because you're going to get new customers. Of course, I know it needs effort, skin needs money. By this going to have a great return on its investment. So by customers in social media right now, for whatever you're selling. Therefore, every business should market in social media. And not only market, but in every year, your busy-ness, every single business surely increase their advertising budget in social media. Because more and more people are using them and they are spending more time. They get influenced by social media. Thank you so much for watching. 3. Social Media Terminology: Let's start with some basic terms that we're gonna be using throughout this course. So you have a better understanding of what's impression region, all of those social media terms, well, impressions is the number of appearance of the pause. Or you're out on a computer tablet or mobile screen of a potential customer. So impressions are really page views. Okay? So for example, you create their paws and your postal PR in Penn computers, ten mobile phones, that means you kind of have ten impressions, ok, now, reach is the number of unique Facebook profiles or Instagram profiles or, or LinkedIn profile. So reach is unique. Facebook profiles, impressions is the number of odds. So for example, if let's say ten people, ten unique Facebook profile. So you're at one time than you and I have reached ten. You kind of have impressions ten. But if those ten people saw your advertisement or you're paused twice, then you're going to have steel reached ten because ten people putting pressure on the number of pressures critical up to 20. So reach is the number of unique Facebook profiles in pressures, the number of page views, no matter what. The number of Facebook profiles, not so specific. Post clicks is the number of people clicking on the link to visit your website and really want that. We really want visitors to our website, to your website because that's where they're going to buy your product or service or if that's where they're going to complete our contact information. Ctr stands for click through rate, which is it that a show of people clicking on your odd is the ratio of clicks compare to the total number of impression. So for example, if you have 100 impressions and you get three clicks, they CTR is 3%. If you have 100 and pressures and you get two clicks than the CTR is 2%. So click-through rate is the ratio between the total Click compared to the total number of impressions. Now CVR is a conversion rate, which means that people who visit your site saw when people click on your ads, visit your site. Now, let's say we have 100 people visited your site. And out of those 100 people, five of them bought a product or complete, you know, the contact form, we have a 5% conversion rate because we convert those visitors into buyers or into, you know, le'ts OR would get them to do something. And leads. Leads is that it is the contact information of a potential customer. So if somebody completes that information to get a free book or a free webinar or a free course or a free beer, whatever information we call them, leads. And usually it's the name, e-mail of the potential customers. Some other companies that request phone number or you know, the city they're coming from. It depends on what you're selling. Okay, so this is a terminology for social media, but it's good to know. 4. How to Create an Internet Marketing System: Hi there by France. So let's create a social media strategy. Is strategy that we're bring. You must see it. Say it's. So first of all, let's define what's the difference between a plan and a strategy. A plan is a set of actions that you're planning to implement in order to achieve your goals. Some people might argue, but this is the same as the strategy. Yeah, a planning strategy can be quite similar. But what's the difference between a plan and a strategy? A strategy is a set of actions that you're planning to implement in order to achieve your goals. But you also take into consideration that market conditions and your competitors dots the matrix definite. So when you were making, when you're gonna create your strategy, you have to have a look of the market conditions. For example, what does the prices of their similar product or services law out there? What are they? Promote them, how they market them, what they're too embarrassed. Whether your, you know, your advantage, what is your disadvantage? How you can, you know, walk through these market conditions and because of your competitors. So you have to have a look of what your competitors are doing. So maybe you find by, by studying your competitors make an affine. Some things is that they're lacking, some things that are not that great. So you might, you know, pinpoint your advantages, you know, compared to your competitor. Disadvantages, that case. So you have to take into consideration market conditions and the competitors if you want to create an effective strategy. Also in order to plays strategy and you need three areas of expertise. The first area of expertise is the strategic expertise. These, which means that you have to have a clear understanding of how using social media, of how to use social media in order to achieve your goals. Because that a lot of people out there query using social media, they are posting pictures, they're getting lots of likes, but they're not making any money out of it. So in this section, we're going to learn how to create an effective strategy that will generate sales or leads, okay, that's this logic. Expertise that every social media manager should know. Then the second expertise and you have to have in mind is the social expertise. You have to be able to operate your Facebook page, your Instagram page, your LinkedIn company page, and beat saw shot as a company in social media. Okay, because when I see that personal profiles of many people and I see, you know, being sorted out because that's what social media is all about. It's about being social. So they posting pictures of where they eat, where they go out, how they feel, happy birthday or whatever. Whenever, when I, when I got too many Facebook pages of companies, I only see, you know, product, product, product, product, product. And if that's not the way to promote your products on social media, we have to be first of all, social on social media. So I'm also going to explain to you how to be sore shot in social media asset business, okay? And then the third level of expertise is the technical expertise. Which means you, a social media manager, should know how to use social media, how to create an effective face. Forgot how to create an add-in LinkedIn, how to, you know, connect Facebook with Instagram, how to set up automated image. All those, you know, social media has many features so that technical expertise is where to find those fixtures and how to set them up, how to set up advertisement, how to do it. So you need those three levels of expertise. In order to implement an effective social media strategy, you have to know how to sell through social media and access to the expertise. How to be social as a busy-ness, and how to do all the things that you want to do. That's the three levels of expertise. So first of all, let me explain to you how to create an internet marketing system. Social media market. It's just a part of that taught the Internet marketing system. Okay. So the first thing that we should do when we creating, when we're crafting a social media strategy, is that we should have an idea of the big picture, of how everything walks. At the big picture, it goes like this. First of all, you create a post or are not on social media, which is, as you see in these first display, it's only one promoting your product and services in social media, it's only one of the ways that you can do it. If you're talking about inter market to the other, other ways that you can promote your your business products or services. He can't promote them through Google ads, display, YouTube ads through search engine optimization, email, okay, but this course is focused on social media promoting. I'm just gonna say it, but I'm just mentioning it here because I want you to realize that social media marketing is just a part of a whole system, okay? So the first thing that you should do is that you should create a promotional pause. Or let's say you create an app, okay? That, that you promoting a specific product. In our case, we're promoting digital marketing sales diploma. Will you want to create as many pressures on us? We can't, so we want to be seen, we want that advertisement to be seen by as many potential customers as we, as we can. Okay, therefore, we promoted in Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn, YouTube. So we're trying to get as many pressures as we can. Because we know that only 0.5. 2-3 percent. I'm going to click and visit our thoughts specific page, Tolkien up all safe digital marketing and sales diploma. So that's why we have to the first, the first step. The first step, right? You know, all of the others that follows is much more easy. So the first step is to create as many as possible, okay? But when you're setting up your ads, you never, never, ever pay for impressions because only 0.5 to 3% are interested about your product right now. So only 0.5 to 3%, I'm going to click on your ad and visit dot specific webpage, thought the stock going up odds are specific. That specific product. So if we're not advertising, digital marketing says diploma. If so, I want to click on that. It's going to take them directly to the digital market teen and says diploma page, if we're advertising our Human Resources Management Diploma, so that we can try to get as many impressions. So if people click on that, we'd gone and take them directly to a page that these Tolkien up out the Human Resources Management Diploma. You don't create that NADH genet allowed you have to be us much specific asks. You can't show you odd for a specific product or the category by web people click on it. They have to go to that specific product or category. You don't take them to the whole page and people are gonna wandering around to find the product or service that they are looking for. Ok, so only 0.5 to 3% are going to click, that's the CTR click-through rate and visit your website. Now, here you have two options. One option is, you know, half the buy now button underneath all the information about the product, features and benefits. But only 0.5 to 3% out of total visitors are going to click on the buy now button. So for example, if, if 100 people Sawyer at only three of them, I'm going to click and visit your what? Your webpage. So out of these three people, only 0.5 to 3% going to buy the product. So you cannot just like create 100 and pressure. And so you get three clicks and you're expected to make essay. You need, if your CTR is 0.5. percent, you need 20 thousand impressions times 0.5. percent, that's 100 clicks in north or to get a single saying. Okay, that's, that's the advantage of any product and services out there. So whatever you're sending, know your numbers, you might be around 0.5 or 1%, okay? Therefore, we should create a massive amount of pressure. And that's why you need paid on cocaine. Now, because only 0.5 to 3% are going to die right at the moment. Because we might bring traffic. Some people Query interested, but they are not really hot that might steal visit your website. Therefore, Another thing that you can't do on another strategy is to have an application form solid. For example, someone is interested about the digital marketing, says it pro-life. You see that he gets the information, he clicks on their ad and he visit that specific webpage. He gets some more information by we tell them, hey, if you need some more information about digital market, if you have any, any, any questions or anything you want to ask. And, you know, we can give you more information. You just have to fill their four, okay? Therefore, you can have a second chance. And you also have the chance to contact with them either by phone or email or whatever. So one way is create an app, bring people to your website and tried to sell them stuff. Now, if your product or services more than 500 Euros thinks are starting to be difficult to directly sell them from your website. So in this case, you might want to bring people to your website and get them to feel a force, okay, for more information. Then you store those leads. As we said Lisa, the confirmation of potential customer into a CRM system, which is customer relation management. It's, it's a platform. Ok. What if you don't even have a CRM system? You just, you know, stores they may not accept, but I highly recommend to buy your get one of those free CRM systems does not out there that help you store the information of your potential customers. Okay. Now, what do you get them formation, you can still send them an email with more information or whether it co-ed, you can call them up and try to unsettle the questions. I get their worries at ease and tried to sell them through their phone. Or even, let's say if you're selling houses or apartments, you can call them up, sit on appointment, and then you have a sales meeting with them, and then you try to answer all their questions and tried to close the same. That's the Internet bucketing system. It's a complete system. So social media is just a part of the system, okay, I just have to make sure. Now, another strategy is that, let's say selling, digital marketing and sales diploma. That's what I'm trying to say. Instead of having instead of having not for the digital market and says diploma, I can get on that. I can create another, let's say as a, I have a free book for digital marketer for social media. People can click on that and then I take them to a page called them opt-in pages. Where there, where I tell them, hey, if you're interested in learning more about digital marketing, have a free book for you. You're going to learn all this stuff. You just feel the form with your name, email address, and phone number if I want if I'm planning to call them up. And what you're going to automatically get that free, epoch. So by doing that, you get more and more leaves in, into your system. And then out of all those leads, a percentage of, again 0.5 to 3%, a great convert into customers know that they benefit of giving, keeps it getting leads. It's going to help you because you can't get fit that contact information of people who are interested about your product or service, but they don't want to buy right now. So you might get people to complete their four and then give them, then they might be hard to buy your product after three months or six months. When you send them an e-mail six months later. Okay. Then they might decide to pines. So that's another another way to do the sludge. Now, let's be a little bit more specific about how to craft your own strategies. If the first step is that you have to define your target market and your goals, okay? So what are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to achieve? You have to have it clear in your mind. So for example, if you want people to start bind from your website, then you have to try to traffic your website. Now, if you don't have a website and you want people to come to your store, you have to have it clear that people they want to. So your goal has to be specific because I have a customer that I was skipping it ha set out. She didn't hover websites, you do a cough. But she, she had, she had this store. So here goal was to bring real people integer, real Store. So, so when you have a specific goal, clear goal in your mind, that means, okay, what I have to do with my paws and everything else are shot of me that to get more people to my store. In one of the tweaks that we have to make is that underneath the post that she was doing, we add to it the address and phone number off your store. So we, by doing that, you get more people visiting here store because that was the goal. So you have to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve, okay? So your goal might be, I want to prove those specific products, those specific services online, or I want to get people as leads so we can call them up. So you have to have a spirit because if your goal is, you want to, you know, get people's contained formation and that you're going to call them up to set an appointment. Then you're going to fall at different strategy. Then you might give them a gift, you know, get them to sign up and then you call them up and you tell them, hey, you know, we have more things, more value information I can share with you. We can't do that. If we set an appointment and we meet in person for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, okay? So you have to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. And then you have to decide who's your target market, what their age range, what is their agenda? They languages or speaking that interest. Because if you know the persona of your target market, that's much more easier. When you have the persona, your mind is like. When you write on social media, then you, you picture that person like it's in front of you. So you, when you create social media post, it's like you referring to that specific person, which is really, really important because you write for them. So if, for example, your, your target market, it's single moms, then you, you know, you have to write things about single moms are interested about their kids, about their worries, their needs, their problems. So you have to have a clear picture of the persona of your ideal target market, okay? And then you have to answer the question, what they're interested in, what they want to learn, okay? So for example, in our case, we're teaching social media, digital marketing. So when we create pause, I know that I have to create pause talking about social media thing you trends about how to, a few tips about how to use social media to get leads, so to make saids, because I know that that's what my potential customers would like to learn. Another question that you have to answer is that you have to have a major message, a theme, or K. And what's the image you have to define your mind. What's the image that you want to convey? So for example, in our case, a couple of months cycle, the major message we want to get out, or was Anthony's training tool? That was our slogan, Anthony's training tool. So whenever that was posted, I was posting pictures from the premises of our customers. I was picked Sean. I was posting pictures when I was visiting other cities or when I was traveling abroad. And I was having this slogan, have honest training tool. For example, Stuttgart, Germany, Ireland is training tool, looks and Luxembourg or whatever. So we really wanted to two, because we want to get the idea across that, you know, I travel around, I went internationalists, big care that you can event your busy-ness kinda invited me to come in, you know, train you as an in-house training. So that's the end. And I knew that their message was, you know, the message, people get it because my, even my friends and start asking me, Hey, what do you know, arguing in another country or you're in Cyprus are union stock, quote, we're, well, what are you now? So if you have a specific message that you want to convey to your potential customers, you have to repeat that. You have to repeat it, but also support that message. So in case you want to, your message is about value for money. Then you have to repeat that message in, you know, nothing every post but in some measure plus a you have to support it with additional informational or educational pause that say why your product is by you for money, okay? Also, you have to identify the keys that you're going to give to your potential customers. Is it going to be is it going to be an epoch? Is it going to be a free consultation? What's your customer are interested? Give them a freebie, give them a sample of your product or your service, or whatever it has VY good to them, but not necessarily has a cause for you. Also, you have to go and check out what your competitors are doing. And also that the sector liters are twins. So you don't just watch your competitors, Quincy, You know what? If you're selling computer code and see what Apple is doing on social media, echo and see, well, you know, Dell is doing on social media if you so, so go and check out your local competitors, but also check, you know, sector leaders. By doing that, you're going to get there. It's going to help you to create pause, quality posts and also avoid the pitfalls of your competitors. But lastly on step number one is that you have to take the decision to dominate your sector. So for example, if everybody in your sector is posting 2-3 times per week, then decide to post every day in all social middle or as many social medias you can't make details, make live streaming to more than what your competitors to stay and to compete with them in the same live. And I went to dominate to do more to livestream and ask them question, answered that question. You know, do interviews. Show your premise says to two more doormen at you have to come from the domination mentality because I want you to win these as these game of social media. So this is the beginning of this is step number one of creating a social media strategy. Stay tuned with me. But before we go to step number two, I want you to answer all those questions concerning your business, your product, your service, as your target market, okay, too, with exercise before you go to step number two. 5. How to Find Sources For Great Posts: Hi there. Let's move on to step number two of creating a social media strategy. Step number two, solar-powered, find sources for your post. It's difficult to create a pause and a lot of posts and many people coming to my seminars or webinars that sent me all my god. Like, I know 4s block. I cannot create so many paused and so many details and lives the way that we're going to talk all up on his own in a sense. That's where finally an easy way to find sources for your pause. So what you want you to do, I want you to search and bookmark webpages, useful information concerning your products and your services. You find and you bookmarked on your Chrome. Browser articles, researchers, statistics, inforgraphics. So all the information's, let's say your, you're browsing around and you find that useful information, you just stored it into a bookmark. Fault. That's way. Let's call when you want to create a pause that you have all those information, they are unlimited information in the Internet. We're talking about this superhighway of information. So if you just bookmark them and store them in one place that I'm going to show you how to do it, then it's going to be much more easier for you to create pause because you have all that material store together, okay? Another thing you can do is that you have, you can create an output with usual images. So let's say you go somewhere, you find an image that is really helpful and you really want to make a picture and store it into that I'll pawn or you make a small video is storied internal pump. So by doing that, you're going to have that draws material for you in order to create one to fall posts. So you bookmark all those information, but then you study them and you create your own content. Because if you have an article in front of you, then it's much more easier for you to, to start your own posts because usually we don't know how you're going to start hug going it grammatically correct. You know, express our sets. Okay, so if we have, you know, an article by ourselves and we want to create our own pause, then it's much more easier. And also, let's say you find an article about, you know, ten tips of how social media can increase your sensor. Then you find another article, five, kids on social media marketing analytics. Then you can pick up and choose but still write it on your own words. And to me that, that you can do it really quick. So I highly recommend to copy, change and paste, because if you just copy paste, you have to put this source. We're talking about Plato Aryans. By the few, you know, copy the material for the various different sources. You change them and then you write them with your own awards. If I, let's not call it pleasure is called research. Okay, so for example, let me show you how to bookmark a useful webpage. In this case, I search social media tips, ok, and as you see, you can find many useful articles. And let's say, I'm going to check out this article with a social media tips. And I say, okay, take a log of it and I say, OK, this is great content. I really want to store it somewhere, okay? And here if you see layout your goals and objectives, step number one, step, research and learn about your audience. Okay, that's, that's really a good article. So I'm gonna, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna click here on bookmark. Okay, click here on bookmark and then store it in their material 4R. Done, that's it. So now I'm here at the much thinner 4R. If I wanted, I just click a fine article and I can create my own pause. Really, really easy. Okay, so before we move on, I want you to find at least ten articles or researchers or statistics useful information and bookmark them. Because the next step is, I'm going to explain to you how to create the various type of posts to the exercise before you move on to step number three. 6. How to Create a Social Media Calendar: Now let's move to step number three. This is a really important step because it's going to help you organize your ideas into a sinkhole. Excel, okay? So the first thing that you have to do in order to get organized is to create an Excel with these three simple columns. The first one should write eight, a psych one, pay, and then pause IT. Okay? Now you have your goals. You have your target market. You have all those ideas floating your mind. Now you have to organize them into a solid plan. Okay? So lets say for the sake of the example, let's say now it's orcas and we're going to organize our pause for September. Okay. So on the first of September, which is Monday, this is just an example. We're going to create a social posts, okay? Where social process wishes for the new mile. So we might be wishing you know, everybody. We wish you to have a great and amazing September. Okay, so that's the social product wishes for the new math. Social post could be reshared, it could be codes. It could be, you know, something about what life is all about has to be related to your line of business. So in our case that we're at a training provider, we might wish to have a successful September with new learning experiences. Could be cool, right there, you know, we wish you and joy a joy to Joy September, inexperienced, new tastes or something like that. Okay. So that's a social posts. On Tuesday, we have an educational pause. So the idea is to get an educational posts. So here our educational process where you give useful information to your potential customers, to your followers on social media. So weird. Okay, the poles will be three tips for marketing on social media or three tips on marketing on Facebook. Or it could be three tips for marketing on Instagram. That's an engaging pause. It could be a veto or could be an article that's going to be on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we're going to have an a and a gauging pause. What is your favorite social media? That's a question. We tried to keep them engaged because we want them to answer that question. And then on Thursday, we have a promotional policy. You know, we have an SEO online course which is kind of related to internet marketing and digital marketing as well. On Friday, we have an entertaining post, whereas it's going to be a final video about social media or front of EDA about internet marketing. And then on Saturday and Sunday, we don't have any posts. This is just a weak to show you a week, but you have to do it for a month for a complete mouth. So always prepare your social media calendar for the month. For the next month. So you don't have to, you know, to other parts of the same day because let's say you're sick or let's say you have a tail off or let say you are a vacations or whatever, or you have there is too much work, too much pressure, you have other things to do. Okay? Because if I'm going to create a post for today, I might know half the time to do it. So therefore, we create a social media calendar, and that's what we advise all our customers to do. By creating a social emitter current that you prepare. You have all your ideas organized in a simple excel format that you have the relative for the next month. So this is the step where you organize your ideas. Now, let's say you put a lot of social posts. When you see the colored dark, you my substrate, you might need some pores and create some more education or post. So you have the complete social media calendar for the next month in front of you and you can make arrangements. So for, for example, okay, maybe I should make more engaging posts or maybe at or half so many entertaining posts. Or maybe I should put more gauging educational posts. By having a whole picture, you can easily add more social or engaging all of the things that you have to do. We shall beat a colored and also it's going to save you time and energy and frustration. Because you, you decide what you're going to be your post ideas. If you have a team with other members than your multi-site over social media calendar. So you don't have to make any so you don't have to make any last minute meetings to decide what pause you should create. So these social contact is going to serve you a lot of time. Now, in step number three, we decide we create a social media colored of their next step. We have to create the pause and schedule them, okay? So way you decide which parts you're going to do for every, every single day. Then you have to create and sketch with them on Facebook, on Instagram, you can schedule the pause. So when the fifth one, the first of September comes, the pause is going to automatically pop up in and upload your Facebook or Instagram page on the second of September, on the third, the same thing's gonna go wrong. So you have to be free of waters because you know your pores are going to appear on your Facebook Instagram page on that specific date. Also, I highly recommend to create the course, schedule them and sketch of them at nine AM. That's what we're doing for our for our social media pages, for Facebook page and stick approach where it's kinda can sketch a pause. We sketched them for every day at nine AM. Okay, that gave us the opportunity. If we have additional posts, if let's say we have only Verna with Take some pictures that we want them to post them on the second of September where we already have a post, that pause is going to appear on 9AM. The three tips on markets for marketing on Facebook at 06:00 PM, We're going to have new pause with the pictures of the event. So your stretcher pause, sketch of them early in the morning, nine o'clock, ten o'clock. That's one of the best times. If we have additional pause for the same thing, then you pause them around 06:00 PM, which is another peak time where people go into social media. Also, you, of course, you can also make changes. So for example, if let's say you want to change something, you just go in, delete a post from Facebook or Instagram from sculptured pause before it appears. But as I said, social media calendar, you can have everything ready before their mouth start. You can decide on the ideas you're going to create, the pause. You sculpture them, so you don't have to worry it for another map that's really going to save you time and energy. So before you move to the next step, I want you to now go and create an Excel. Put the three columns date, they post ideas. And I want you to think and write down all the Ts for the next month. Also, I want you to create those posts and schedule them on Facebook and on histogram. Thank you so much and see you in the next step. 7. Elements of the Perfect Posts: Now let's move to step number four. You already created your calendar. You have your ideas town. Now you have to go and create that pause and sketch with them at miles in advance. Okay? But there are some important things, some important tips that you are always have in mind when creating paused or Beatles, okay? Well you're creating pause. Make sure it has a picture or a video. Posts with pictures, get more engagement. They get people's attention. And as you know, the st goes, a picture is worth 1000 words. So always remember to have a picture or a video on your post. Also, especially if you're going to have an educational post, you have to have a title with a hook. So for example, if you're, if you're saying, as we said in our example, three tips for marketing on Facebook, it's much more better if you have the title, three tips for marketing on Facebook, or three trips on how to create. Three tips on how to get more Instagram followers. Faster title. Because if you just write the article, if you write the posts without the catchy title, people are not going to spend the time to read the article to find out what the article is all about. Now remember, when you take a magazine or kale when you, when we used to buy newspaper, we don't just get the newspaper reading from the beginning to the end. What do we do it? We get the newspaper, we scan through the titles. We find a title that appealed to us. We really want to find out more and then we read the article. So titres are really important and specially for the educational pause when you're gonna give a lot of information. Also, if you're going to, if you want them engaging posts to be successful one where you want people to comment on the post to something, write it on the title. So if, for example, you wanna get people's opinion about something that I think on the title, for example, what is your favorite social media platform? That subtitle question mark, please comment below and let me know why that's your favorite social media. If I don't put the title and I just write, you know, social media are all social media are very important. But I'm sure everyone has it's own favorite. So please comment below, what's your I lost them because our teeth and have an attractive title, a title with a hook. So if you want people to do something specific, then mentioned it on the title. That's how you get on engagement. Okay. If you want to give them some YOU information, say did on the target, that's why titles are so important. Then you have the article, which the article is your content and content is king. Content is really important. So always make sure that the content that you're sharing is valuable to your follower, to the, to the persons are going to read it. Just pause, think to show how great your pause things started going to help your customers, your potential customers, your followers, okay? And then if you have, if you're, if you're creating promotional posts, for example, let's say we're promoting Search Engine Optimization online course. That's the title. We write a few things about why somebody should lead role on search engine optimization course because you're going to learn these and these, and these are going to be able to do this and this and that. But I'd fan you have to have a call to action. You have to insert, then lead to specific webpage, which is in our case, if we're going to promote decisions optimization online course, then I have to put the link below as their online courses, that specific course. I'm not going to take them to their agenda, to the homepage. I'm going to take them to the exact specific webpage where they can get more information as they want, but more importantly, where they can enroll for the online course. Ok, now, let's say you don't have an issue. So you're not going to promote a specific product. Then you have to put your telephone number. If you want people to call you up, you know, to set that appointment. Let's say you are a life coach and you want people to call you up to get their free 15 minutes live coaching through their phone, then put your phone down there. Some people can call you up and says that meeting. If you want people to send you a message, then write it, send me a message for more information or send me a message. And I wanted to get back to you or No, let's see if you have a physical store and you don't want people to call you up or you don't have any shop, but you have a physical store, then write down theat trends of your store. You can also write your telephone number if you wish to write the name of your stock and that trends of your social people can visit your store to buy that specific product. And then you could have relevant hashtags. So for example, if you're selling women's clothes, you can put hashtag, women's clothes, hashtag, fires shown hashtag, trendy clothes hashtag, you know, we men's sports where put relevant hashtags. Okay. So half the picture, Harvard title, article and a call to action. You don't necessarily have to have a call to action for post, but you must always have a call to action for your, for your promotional posts that pause, you're promoting your product or services. Because if a potential customer, because that's what we're aiming for, right? We want a potential customer to buy your products through social media. So many crazy pause for thought specific product. Give them information. Keep the benefits. How they're going to benefit by buying your product that are then have the cold toxin, which is the best call-to-action, is the link to specific webpage where they can click and buy that product. If you're a real estate agent or let's say you're not selling things online. You can still have the link to specific webpage where you can't take them, have a firm and tell them, you know, for one information, just fill the form so you get that contact information, you call them up, or you reply them by email. So now it's the type to create the pause that you have already that you already scheduled in your Excel, okay, in your social media calendar, now's the time to create, but to remember to follow those specific tips that I already mentioned in this video. Thank you so much and see you at the next step. 8. How to Create Standard Social Media Messages: Now let's move to step number five, which is create your S, S M, M, M. M, M stands for standard social media messages. So far we have talked about creative and massive exposure. You know, creating pause, put them all as many social medias you can't create live streaming cribbed videos. So it talking about expansion. In this step, we're talking about creating depth relationship with your potential customers, with your followers. How you do that is by creating and sending them a message. But in order not to repeat yourself again and again and spent time to write the message. You record the message. And then in some occasions, which is somewhat like if someone likes your page, if someone connect with you on LinkedIn, if someone likes your pause, if they have a birthday, you have a chance to send them a standard social media message, which the purpose of the Santa social media message is to initiate a discussion, but at the same time, to offer them something of phi you to give them a gift and a good relationship always, it's good to start the relationship by, by giving to others, instead of asking them to give you their money or pi, your product. So the standard social meta message they aim is to start a relationship with them, start the conversation. Of course first we them, offer them something that is going to be you believe it's going to be valuable to them and take them to your website in order to complete the form. So automatically the kinda get that free gift, that free book, that free consultation, whatever free B you can give to them, but make sure that it has value to them. Because as we mentioned on step number one, we have to give them, you know, free things, free e-books, free consultation, free samples of your product, free services, whatever it, because that's a way to initiate a conversation and initiate a relationship. Okay, so how, let me explain to you how we construct, how we craft a standard social message. And then I'm going to show you step-by-step how to actually do it, okay? So first of all, the first thing that you have to do is that always start with your messages with a positive tone. So star positively. So for example, if they have connected with your LinkedIn to say, thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. Ok, let's always start pause it. Or if someone like your Facebook page, start with, I, thank you for liking my Facebook page. So start with thanking them. If someone has their birthday, I wish you Happy Birthday. Start, start with something positive. Okay? Now, the thing, the second element that your standard social media message should have is tell them a little bit about what your business is all about, okay? So in our case. The next, the next element in the standard social media messages. As you may already know, add-on is Business Academy is offering online courses and webinars on digital market, tea, and, and human resource management. In a briefing, a sentence, we would tell them what my Ps and Es is all about. So you have to tell them what your business is all about because they might have not hurt your business or they might know your business, but they don't know exactly how they benefit, okay? Then the third element is the key. Okay, so you can go on like for example, by the way, I have a free e-book for you on social media market. By the way, I can provide you a free 30 minute consultation on real estate or I can provide you free 30 minute consultation on digital marketing or whatever product or service you're providing. So then you say for the gift. And then the last element is a construction. In order to get the gift, just visit the following page and complete the form that it's on Thought page. So you start positively, positively with a positive TO inform them about what your business all about. Give them a gift, set them. Set them clearly that you have a gift for them. Okay. Event. Tell them how they're going to go get the gift, which is actually tell them to visit a specific web page where they feel their application and automatically they're going to get the gift or you have to contact them and arrange the online consultation or the meat. Okay, so that's how you start, you initiate a conversation with your followers and that's how you take them to the next step. Because by having a follower on your page, it's one thing, but having a conversation with them, then start building a relationship and giving the staff and getting that information that you can contact them via email or you can call them up or take them to the next step. That's, that's what's really going to make the difference between your Facebook page and your competitors. So let me show you an example of a standard social media message. If this print I would have to set to use that the status social media messages are not sent automatically. Someone has to do them mine nearly. So for example, if someone connects with you, you just copy paste the standard social media message. So here I just have two examples of standard social media message. The first one is Dear, and then I have to add the name so it looks persona. You always have to look for soil. So you mentioned that it's a standard social media message. Make it personal. So if it's his name is John, I'm going to say DR. john OR Dear Mr. John. Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. So if someone couldn't with milling D, that's the message that I'm going to send. As you may already know, otherness business academies offer webinars and online courses on digital marketing or human resource management. In brief, I'm telling them world where business is all about. By the way, have a free book for you. You can download it at the following link. Okay? So I tell them I have a free book for you and you collapse. Here are the canals. There can be more specific. I could say I have a free book for you on social media marketing. So I think that's spread too, because they're going to know what's the, what's the epoch is all about. And if they like it, they just connect. Click there. So half the track Sean, that gonna visit my website, fill out a form and then automatically at the conic, get the free epoch. Also make sure that you have the message signature as we call it. So here I'm saying I'm up and sort of slushy. I'm the managing director of ours bizarre Academy and thesis also the phone number of the Academy. Now, in my case, my my academies, ovens Business Academy, My name's others houseless. You saw that can make the connection. But if my name was, you know, John Oliver, then they might not make the connection. Therefore, that's why you have to have a signature about, you know, what's your name, what's your relationship with a company? Why you're sending them? These miss. Okay, so I'm going to copy these message. Copy and then I'm gonna hit to Linkedin. Okay? I'm gonna go to my network right here. And then I'm going to go to connections. So these are the people who are connected with me. Therefore, they are first connection. So I can contact them, okay, so I click on the connections and as you can see, connected to one hour ago, six hours or seven hours ago, I sent a message to this guy, so I'm not going to set it again. So I'm going to go to these shalom here. I've got a message. I'm going to just paste the message, but have to enter here. Think that's spheres firstname, okay? Sent. And now this is the initiation of, of, of the, of the conversation. Okay, so if you click here, just to let you know, I'm taking them to a specific web page, E my website where she can't get the free ebook on social media, marketing or case. So this is a book on those other benefits. She just has to field these contact form, submits. She get the book, I get her contact information. And then our constant here, an email about our online courses on social media marketing, which is related. Okay? So, and by doing that, because I already have it, I send them to this guy. As you can see, I sent that message already. Let's find someone that haven't sent it. So I got to the next to Alan send the K centers, haven't set it. So I'm going to trust the r j cope. So with the standard social with a message, you start between relationship, but you start doing it fast or pays the Lena sent. Okay. And you can't do that for i to it for like 20 or maybe even up to 50. Robert, I guess has some Chinese character in his name. Hello. Now there is a Chinese guy with English. And I, so I can keep doing that on my connections. Now, let me show you how we do it for for my Facebook page. Okay. So I'm on my Facebook page. I'm going to go and copy. These. Here are free EPA for you on social media marketing because I wanted to make it more specific. As you see guys, I am improving myself every time if it now when I'm teaching. So copy. And then I'm gonna go Facebook, my Facebook page. You go Page settings over here, page settings. Then you click on people and other pages. And here you can find all the people who like your page. Okay. So you see this is 21 are cycles I go here. I cannot him as a friend. Now mathy, him as a friend as ovens are lossless, even notice it page. So you have to do it with an administrator. Thats why you have to have. And I'm going to click paste. I have to have to add his name. Van, I guess that's his name and set. Okay. Of course, it's better if I wait for him to accept my friendship requirement and then send him the message because then I will know for shoot that he my message and my message is not gonna go into spam or k. So I can't just add friend. And then I said wait for him to accept my invitation. My friend request event, just go and send him the message. Okay? So the process is the same. So if I do that, let's say phi two. So let me do it pays. And I'm just going to go up and put his name. C, D. C, D, sent. And I trust said it. So if I set, let's say 50 messages on LinkedIn and 50 messages on Facebook, or can maybe 20 message on, on, on Facebook because otherwise my account to be blocked, that's how I start there. It's not just follows on my Facebook page. They start to become my friends. That France, that I really want to help France not I really want to support friends that I really want to give them Keats and phi you. Because I really believe that the more that you give, the more you're going to get. So in case they're gonna need a social media strategy seminar or any other seminar. They're going to have me in their mind, OK, so I'm going to occupy that little spot in their mind in case they want to, to they want to get online courses. So before you go to that next step, I want you to create your standard social media message. Following those elements, I want you to save them, save them in a, in a Word document and right above standard social media message and starts sending messages to your new friends, to your, your connections, and start making real connections with your followers, with your followers. 9. How to Stay in Touch With Your Followers: So let's move to step number six, which stay in touch with your friends, fans, and followers. And that's really, really important my friends. Because as I said before, social media management, Aesop out. So you can't be a social media manager if you are not a social person. Okay. So I said Schwarzschild media manager. You'll be active on social media. You should ask questions, interact with your audience, and replied to their comments. Do all the things that, you know, a lot of pictures are not doing that and hope that not doing proper social media management. Good social media manager e has to be a social personal asking question. He's replying to comments. He's, you know, he's making his building relationship in his cultivating those relationships. Okay. So let's see, step by step, what is Social Media Manager Should I do? And this is part of the social media strategy. This is really, really important. First of all, the social media Monday, he must check all social media on a daily basis, okay? Because you have to be fast, you have to respond faster. And now you can do it with your mobile phone. On your mobile phone, you cut off all your application or your social media application. You can see here my Facebook mileage, how my Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest. So you can have all the applications on your mobile phone. So when you get there notification, you get a message should get their common. You can't see it, you know, you can't check it's either reply it because that's what social media solar-powered. Okay. Of course, as a social media manager, you should gather information, pictures. You can't take vetoes while you are on a walk or if you see something that you like, it can be related to your line of bees. And as you can take a picture story to your mobile phone. So mobile phones is like, you know, you can't do almost everything. Your mobile phones. Also, if you get a good idea, let's say your, your somewhere, you're talking with a friend and you're getting a good idea for the social media posts, then you can write a mammal, you can write it down on your memo pad, or you're on your notepad on your mobile. Or it can even click and record your idea. And then when you get to create your social media plan, you have all the ideas, you have a lot of ideas, rough picture it, I'll be those onto your mobile phone. And then it's going to be much more easier to create your social media data. But the most important things that you do as a social media manager is not about posting. Posting. That's one part. The second part is what you do after the polls show you should ask questions to your customers. First of all, answer toward the column. It's a message that you get from your customers. And I'm going to show you some examples later on, so stick with me. Okay? So if somebody comments on your posts, just go and say, you know, reply to them or anything just so you know, nice picture. Go and say, you know, thanks. Just pipe there be social and social media, how that's what social media is all about. But most of all you should. Start asking question, initiate question because that's how you're going to get people to interact with you, to talk to you. And when people interact with you, they couldn't remember you, your brand for a longer period of time. It's like when I have seminars, I asked people out of those 30 people in their own, Which one are you going to remember the most? And the answer is simple. The person sitting next to you and the person that you interact during the seminar. If you interact with someone, then he's going to remember you for a longer period of time. And if you remember you incase they need your product or services later on. Very good. You know, they're going to be, they might be potential customer, they may come to you and say, hey, I need that. I have this problem. Could you help me out or you don't want that product? Do you have it on stock? So ask questions, keep your customers, engage with your brand. Also like other pages, send them SMS that you'd like their pictures. So for example, we have a standup social media message where if someone send me any petition to like their page, I go to the page and I like them, but I send them a message with a formula which is starting positive. Thank you for inviting me to like your page. I just like it and I will show that the success. I would really appreciate if you like my page, if you'd like the abalone side, especially page. So you gonna get it notified about our upcoming online courses in and webinars. And then I insert the link of my Facebook page. You have to be careful that you have to be really, really specific. So if you want people to, like your Facebook page, mention it on your message or your common like my Facebook, right? Also inset availing of your Facebook page because how are they going to find your Facebook page? The search bottle, the search engine will Facebook is not that great. That's why sometimes we even tried to search to find some Facebook pages and we cannot find them. So insert the link of your Facebook page. If you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, they engulf your YouTube channel. And that's how you're going to get people to these if you were to get to turn it in and and subscribe Pete asked questions, replied to their comments. When you reply to comments, you, you can you can ask them even more questions. So for example, let's say I have the same product with four different colors, RV dawn, black, blue, white, and green. And I asked Which which current Do you like? Which, you know? Which product do you like with black curve or the blue. And they say black. Now when someone says black and literally say OK, I'm going to talk here, that's great data set, but okay, what's your second favorite? So I keep asking the question because I want you to I don't alter stretch it occasionally might ask two or three questions. But by doing that, you keep them engaged and keep them engaged, they're gonna hockey in mind. Also, you can, you know. They competitions and tell them, okay, you know, comment below. And I will send you a message with a free ebook or free consultation. But I I I I don't just tell them I don't put the link below. I tell them comment below and I'll send you a message. So I want people to comment below of the pulse are more and more people when they see that the law of when more and more people are doing something, your morning climb, more people are inclined to do the same thing. Also as a social media manager, you should like comment, customer comments are right, positive comments page. You should be able to set up arts on various social media. That's another online course, really important online course, how to save it up, arts on social media. And you should be ready to hunt all possible problems. So if a customer of yours measure that he has a problem or he has some difficulties, we've your product. Then the tip here is that you have to take them off line. So for example, if somebody says, OK, I registered on your online course but I have trouble logging. Okay. And he Thank you. Put that as a comment below one of our posts. Then what we do, we have to go in and reply that comment always with a positive Tom. Thanks for letting us know. Please send us a message, your mobile phone, your, your font, and we're going to call you up trusses. We use your problem, okay? So what do we hear? Does two important things. One, we reply to the comment, so we show everybody thought would take care of our customers. The second thing, we take them off light, we're going to call them up. We don't want the conversation to keep going on in that specific area. So if it's about something that is useful and happy and positive, keep the conversation going. If it's something that's negative, right? To stop the conversation and take them off. Lie. Now, in case you have filters which is not dissatisfied customers. So tests are people who haven't bought from your company. They don't know you, but I want to write something bad about your company. What I recommend is just, you know, don't reply to them, just delete the comment in an event, block them if you wish. You don't get all that negative comments below your post. Okay, now let me show you some examples of how you can really keep their engagement with your potential customers. Now here is my Facebook page. I read every single comment. So let's see. Okay, now I have a pause. Smile is a perfect weapon against negative people. Okay? And as you see, say somebody says, I agree, they make them wonder WTF I said correct. Always reply with a positive Coleman. The best way appointees to watch R1 is Anastasio seminars. I said, thank you for your kind words. So always reply back to them, right, write them back. Now let me show you another example. Now in Linkedin, I create these pause and I say free book Social Media Marketing. If you like a free copy of the book, just comment below Ebook, I didn't say vis-a-vis the following page. I could easily put their link of the page, right? But I didn't put the link because I want people to engage with my post, with my, with my brand, okay, with myself. So I get 77 people comment, okay, and they go up. I get 4,713 views. So you see people are commenting ebook. So I go here. And I said, then I sent the link. Okay, so I go here. I said the link of the epoch, but they also sent to them, please comment below their posts that you got it. Because I want people to comment because when people see a lot of comments, they are more inclined to do the same thing. So more and more people are still coming even today, I did not pose like a week ago. As you can see out a week ago. By that get people even like, you know, today. What is it? What is it to our Psycho one article one r go. I get people commenting on that specific pause because when they want to get the, okay, that's how you integrate the social aspect into your social media strategy. So always remember, ask questions, replied to their answers by asking more questions. Of course, turnovers. Be positive, right? Positive comments to them. Go in. Positive comments to other pages, to other people. Hunter their privilege. But remember, if there is the problem, just tried to take them offline. Don't don't keep them. Don't don't keep, aren't just uncertain wants. And then tell them that you're going to hug them, you're going to call them up or send them an email. Don't keep unsetting questions on the social media pages because you're gonna make a small problem, Luke's beacon, okay? So always give positive energy, always give positive vibes. And whiskey free staff give them free, free books, free consultation, freebies, but take them to a specific website in order to get that free thing so you could get their contact information so it can send them a free stuff. There are free books, more free consultation, and at the same time you can inform them about your product or services that you're selling. So cultivating relationships and that's going to bring you more customers to your business. Because as I said before, The more that you are going to give, the more you gonna get back. As a result. 10. How to Evaluate Your Social Media Campaigns: And that brings us to step number seven, the last step, which is the evaluation of your campaigns, okay? So how to evaluate a social media strategy? You have to do it using again, a simple excel sheet, okay? In the first column, you put the sales that you get from a specific medium. Okay? So here are cells from Facebook, god, and you're going to write down in this box here. You're going to write down, for example, let's say €50 thousand. Now these column, and then in the next column, you're going to write the cause. What was the cause from Facebook ads, let's say 1€1000. So if the sales are more than the cost that you spend on Facebook ads, then you continue doing Facebook ads. Now, if you spent €1000, but you only receive €100, which is means sales are less advantaged cause then you have to change, you have to change your strategy. You have to do changes on, on, on your Facebook ads. And the same goes with all social media. Has put how much silty to generate from a single social media, either it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. And then you have to isolate the cause of that specific media, okay? Because if you do that, then you know, I spend so much money on Facebook. I spent €1000, I get €10 thousand. So I'm going to continue to spend money on, on Facebook or even I'm going to increase that budget. Facebook ads. And then I have to isolate it and try to find that what are the sales that I generate from Instagram? What is the cause? What, how much money is spent on Instagram? And if they, if let's say I care and I spent €1000, but I get €10 thousand as a return. As I returned, then I have to continue on Instagram. But if I spend €1000 on Instagram area, get nothing, I get 100 bags, then I have to do changes. I might event discontinuous spending money of that medium. So you have to isolate the same coats with LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads or whatever. Okay, so write down, specify what are the sales that you generate from each social media for social media platform drive the cause that how much money you spend and see if you can continue or toppled the money spent on social media or even increase it even more. Okay. Now how do you find out how much sales to, to generate from social media? You ask your customers. So you ask your customer, where did you find it? If they are going to visit your store? Just ask them, at least the people who got by from you. Ask every particle enters your store as the people who got to buy from you. What did you find that? How did you find about maybe it's not social media. Maybe they can't because of your sign outside of your, of your shop. And you're thinking is that social media brings a customer. So maybe you should take a bigger, brighter side. So you should always evaluate your social media now if it's online sales, so you don't have the chance to ask them where did you fight about it? You can track it with a conversion. Okay. The conversion tracking code on your website. So you can really know what is, what generate, what initiates that sale. Is it from Facebook? Is it from Instagram's it from coca-cola ads, from YouTube ads. You have to do. Now, if you don't have that mechanism of tracking your sales, your online sales through conversion measure. What do you have to do is that when you can people, whether they're going to buy something, you might have a question, what would bring you to our website today? Or when you go and sell them the products, you can call them up. You call a sample of them, call them up and ask them, you know, attitude, fine tasks. What did you like or what it would make it difficult for you to pi? Did you have any problems? So you start getting their feedback, okay, what's important is that you have to isolate the cells from each social media. So you can evaluate and then sit down and think about if you're going to spend even more money of that specific social media, or if you're going to make changes or even discontinuous spending money. In our case, twitter, it doesn't bring us any money. Okay. Does it doesn't bring us more that we spent. So we tried it, we make some changes. We couldn't figure it out. So it's just stop spending money on Twitter. Facebook has a great, has the greatest return on investment. So far. Instagram has a great return on investment. If it's for retail, for store women's clothes. That's good. Because every business is different. You have to do this evaluation on your own, for your own products, for your own services. So in one column, you have to write down the sales for that specific medium. So sales from Facebook ads in another column, you have to add the cost, how much money you spent on Facebook ads for a specific period. You decide if you're gonna continue or even raise the budget or, or make changes or event, discontinue spending money. Now, always have in mind that in order to have a successful campaign, it has to, has to be. It should not be for like five days, ten days, ten days. It should be at least for 30 days and you should have at least €10 or $10 per day. Okay? Boosting pause. I highly recommend doing boosting pause because you pay for impressions, you don't pay for cliques. So I highly highly recommend not to do any. Or just minimize the amount that you spend on boosting pause. And do Facebook ads that you paired with cost-per-click are more effective? Or the other ads, which is paper leads, okay? Now, if sales, that's your primary goal that you have argued, how much sales you make and how much it cost. Now, if you want to get leads, because let's say you're a real estate agent and you don't sell online, you just want to get leads, then your evaluation is how much my naked, how much leads I get, okay? As a you can compare the different social media platforms. How many leads I get from Facebook, how much I spend on Facebook? How many leads I get from Instagram? How much is spent on his Tucker harmony leads I get from LinkedIn, how much is spent on LinkedIn? And then you decide how to allocate your social media budget. Or if you have already read, you can say, okay, how many people show up at the events that they get the information from Facebook or from Instagram, from LinkedIn or Twitter or YouTube, or another way to evaluate your campaign is okay, let's say you're a newest startup and you want to get followers on your Facebook and say how much money I spend a how many followers, I guess, how much minus pair. How can I do to get more followers with less money? Okay, so the evaluation process is the last step, but it's really important because that's gonna get better and better. Every, every time. Now the vibration of your Facebook ads, you can't do it PR campaign or you can't do tweet per procedure. Ok, so let me give you an example. In our case, our Academy, we we scheduled our webinar's for every six months. So the evaluation of social media platform, it's been done every six months. Because if we evaluate how much money, if we write u at Facebook, for example, on January and we said, okay, how much, how much sales we get from Facebook on january, how much money we spend. We couldn't say that we spent a lot of minor, we get a little bit of sales. But if we tweet through the six month periods, then we say yes, we spend a lot of minor Facebook. Are we get a lot of sales out of it because people might see that on, on January by thermite at all on a webinar on February or March or event, May or June. Okay. So always have in mind what is the time period of your evaluation? Usually is that business cycle, all of your of your products, the sales cycle of your product. So for example, if you're a real estate agent says you see that from somebody giving you a leader to to actually closing the TL its takes a year. Maybe your evaluation for a social media management social media platform. You should do it every year. Now, if you're a retail store, maybe you should do it every three months, every season, every summer, winter, spring, whatever. So the period is really important because you have to get your facts, your data, your cells, and cause for the right period. Okay? So I want you to, what I want you to do now, I want you to create an Excel. You write down sales. You know, this is the science of greater or less than the cost. And then what to do next. And I want you to go fight that. How many sales, if it's possible, how many cells that regenerate in the last season, from Facebook, from Instagram, from LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. And how much money you spent on that Pythia. Now, if you don't have the sales for the preview, for their mass that already passed. You can't do it from now on. From now on. Try to find ways to identify twice relate their sales from each social media. So at start, asking your customers, start asking people, where do they find about your product or where do they find out about your Pisa, where they found about a specific service. So you can really do the valuation. So to evaluation now. And let's start making some money.