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How to Create an Artist Website

James Corwin, Professional Artist

How to Create an Artist Website

James Corwin, Professional Artist

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4 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Building a Website

    • 3. Over the Shoulder Shopify

    • 4. The Power of SEO

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About This Class

Learn how to build a proper website to showcase and sell your artwork!

You will be guided step by step to setting up your website through Shopify, the best, easiest and most affordable platform for selling your art.

Learn key aspects to make your art standout and convert visitors to buyers.

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James Corwin

Professional Artist


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1. Introduction: introduction, using this course to start, grow and build your art career. Hi, I'm James Corwin, and I want to first welcome you to this empowering course. Thank you for signing up, but you should be thinking yourself most for taking a huge step towards starting, growing and building a successful full time art career. This course is an investment, and it is my hope that you will devote timeto learning and applying the principles and steps laid forth in this program. It followed entirely is I have instructed you will achieve great amounts of success. So let's take this journey together. This course is for any artist. Whether you are a painter, drawer sculptor, photographer, digital artist or installation artists, etcetera. This program is designed help any artist succeed regardless of the medium you use. I have set up an incredible team to help you every step of the way. Reach out to them at any time for help and questions. Also engage yourself in the Facebook group. You will be among many other artists, and your combined support and encouragement will be powerful in launching your career. Starting your art career is building the foundation for your success so it is important to watch the first videos and not skip ahead. Your art career is a full time job, and it takes time to grow and build your business. However, the speed of your success is entirely dependent on you. You are responsible for your success, and what you put into this business is what you get out. If you want to make an incredible living off your art, then you have to put in an incredible amount of effort. It is possible to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, but success doesn't happen overnight. It happens through persistence, hustle and strategic planning. Do you have what it takes to achieve your dreams? How far are you willing to go to achieve them? I work my ass off every day to achieve my dreams because I know they are possible. And once I obtained them, I set new goals. I never settle for just enough. I want to break through and see what is on the other side. I once had a well known artist. Tell me you will never get rich being an artist. Hi said Watch me. And it has been my motivation ever since to prove all the naysayers that an artist doesn't need to starve, that you can actually make an amazing income. And at 26 years old, I'm doing just that, and you can, too. But you have to be willing to grind and put in long hours every day, seven days a week. It's not going to be easy, and there will be so many times that you want to give up. I've been so ready to throw in the towel so many times, and I wonder why in the hell shy suffered through all this pain and disappointment. But deep down I knew that I had no other choice because I was obsessed with the idea of waking up every day on my own schedule and doing something creative that I loved and getting to travel all over the world whenever I desired, and to share my vision and work with the world and make a difference in wildlife conservation. These air most important to me. So the struggle on the stress to get there is all worthwhile because eventually I will reap the benefits. Now I own a game reserve in South Africa, where I breed African game and travel all over the world, collecting ideas for new work. I make an incredible income, and I get to choose where I want to live, which is in the beautiful state of Montana. I get to meet and work with amazing people and make their homes more beautiful with my art . There are many videos in this course to give you the tools to grow your business. This means taking your art and multiplying it in many ways to bring in more income and customers while broadening your brand and recognition. In the beginning, you will want to reinvest all your profits back into building the business. I'm still largely doing this seven years into my business because I know I am the best investment I can make By reinvesting my profits. I'm going growing my business and ensuring its longevity. It is also a commitment to my success. My business is my baby, and I'm going to provide everything it needs. I keep just enough to live the rest my baby takes and it takes a lot of feeding. I wouldn't be where I am today. If I didn't think outside the box, I am responsible for my success. Therefore, I don't rely on outside influence. I take the bull by the horns and create the success. I'm going out and finding the buyers for my art. I am creating new products to match with customers. So many artists stay trapped in their studio, waiting for a sale to find them. It won't happen this way. You must be proactive and go out and find the sale. Be unreasonable. This is thinking outside the box. If a buyer is interested in my painting but can't commit to buy, then I'm driving to their house and marching that painting in to show them how good it looks on their wall. This is completely unreasonable. But hey, it's not if it produces a sale and I bet you it will to try it out. Be willing to take unreasonable actions and approaches to growing your business. Expect rejection. I hear no more than I hear. Yes. Hearing yes is like hearing the God speaking through the heavens. It is just so rare. But I don't care about rejection anymore. It used to eat me up, but I found that No, doesn't really mean no. They just don't know how to say Yes, this is where becoming a top sales person, which will help you move them. The buyer from a note, answer to a yes decision. While investing in your business, invest in yourself to become more powerful in the marketplace. If success is your duty, then you need to be a powerhouse seller. You need to know how to convince a buyer to buy your art. I would argue this is more important than being a good artist. A bad artist who is also a phenomenal sales person can sell their terrible art to anyone. Hopefully, you were not a bad artist, but a phenomenal artists. So selling will be easier for you, but you still must devote your time to becoming a phenomenal cellar. There are many training courses available. I suggest Cardone University. There is also a video in this course to help you get started. Not only do you need to invest in sales training, you need to invest in training to be a better artist. I talk about this in several videos. You need to be always improving your craft. It is your most important asset. Inevitably, you will improve with time but jump started by taking some workshops and studying artists. I'm so excited for you to start and I believe in your success, and my team, along with myself, are here to help you succeed. I encourage you to get your spouse, family and friends on board with you. They will be a huge resource and support team as well. The videos in this course are so powerful, and they will show you how to start pulling in money right away. They will also put you years beyond other artists who are trying to figure it out themselves. So I want you to start now so you can begin to reap the benefits. Let's dive in head for 2. Building a Website: building a website. An artist website is your personal gallery space to feature and show your art to the world . It is most likely where you will be directing anyone who is interested in your art, so you want it to be as elegant and efficient as possible. A good website needs to be clean and simple. Visitors should be able to navigate easily within the website and find what they're searching for. Also, images need to be small enough so that pages don't take forever to load. Use simple and clean colors like wider black. We're a soft, neutral color like tan. Do not use bright, distracting colors. You want your art to be featured against the color. Use readable fonts, color and sizes. Make the font size readable for any age and I correction. Create a section for collecting email addresses to add to your newsletter. This could be in the form of a pop up or a section on your website. When entering your website, we should first see your logo, which is often your signature. You can create a logo in photo shop or higher freelancer on sites like Fiverr. Show a couple images of your best work create a large featured image. Your home page is the first page visitors see, so it must be welcoming and inviting and maybe a good idea to share your story here and make it personal. Remember that many of the visitors entering your sight our customers, so you want to start converting them to buyers, so sell them on your story and your art. The menu will navigate the visitor through the rest of your website, so make sure all the pages are visible and accessible. Pages that you should include in your menu are about the artist. This is where you share your biography and artist statement. You can also include your CV. Contact the artist, create a form page for anyone wishing to contact you. The filled out form will be sent to your email address for correspondence. Do not list your phone number. You will get span calls the artwork. This is where you will list all your best paintings for people to view. You can categorize them by subject matter or by year, or if they're sold versus still available the shop. This section is for listing all your products available for purchasing again You can categorize this by prints and posters and pillows, for example, events. Here's what where you will post any upcoming events and exhibitions that you may have. I post all the events for the upcoming year, so people interested in attending have plenty of time to plan workshops. If you're teaching workshops, which I highly recommend, you will want to post them here and collect sign ups. These are the standard pages of an artist website. Every page should be in the same theme is your home page and remain sophisticated and elegant. Your website is an extension of your brand in art and must communicate your vision. A sloppy website will not only discourage buyers, but it will not create any trust with your visitors. You want your visitors to trust you and your story and then make a purchase. What can you do to create a beautiful, trustworthy site? Ask for feedback from family and friends when designing your Web site, because it may will take multiple edits over time to make it the best that it can be 3. Over the Shoulder Shopify: Okay. I'm gonna take you behind the scenes here into Shopify to show you how powerful Shopify is Teoh setting up your website. So here I just created a trial website. Um, and I going to basically walk you through the whole thing and setting up your website, so ah, to start, um, gonna wanna work through some settings here. Um, this is where you put in the general settings for your store. Like the name. I call this the art business course. Um, the address. Um no. Sure. Oh, this is for, um, for shipping weights. I'm But if you go through all the settings first, such as, like your payments checkouts, all the shipping information, all these all these settings will help get your your site started before you even want to put in any sort of products or start customizing your page. So, for example, um, payments. Ah, you know, you can set up your countless of where you want to put in your bank account to so Shopify canned. Send your payment from your orders to your bank account. Also gonna set up your PayPal and Amazon pay and all your different payment methods. All right, um, check out. You can, um, customized what? The account. The check out counts look like the forms. And, um, how the order is processed. You're also wanna put in your refund policy and from serious privacy All those but, um, the ah Shopify eyes amazing in that. It ah, generates them for you. You can go through and read it and edit it. If you want your policy, maybe your returns to last only, like 15 days. For example, You can do that here. Um, you know, And then, uh, not three and 15. There we go. And, um, you can save that. Um and you were one move into, like shipping, for example. Um, I just do free shipping on everything because, like I've said in one of my videos, it's too difficult to predict how much my package is going away. Um, before you know, I take it so it's hard for meeting for Shopify that calculate what the shipping rates gonna be. So, um, you know, I just dio domestic free shipping, um and that's when I add my rate. And I just go free shipping rate and, um, call it, you know, free shipping and that's all that's available to people to check out. Um, if you want to do international shipping, then, um, you can set that up here in, uh, in your other countries as well. Um, we'll go back to that here and this issue. Rest of the world. Um, this is I I put just a flat rate. Um, you couldn't, you know, just at a rate that's ah, like $50 for example, as a flat rate, so great. And, um uh, rest of settings. I just want to go through and fill out all of those sales channels super important. Um, this is where you're gonna wanna connect your shop. If I store to a bunch of other stores toe add your products to so that, um you can broaden your reach, um, and increase your potential for sales. So you can, um you see all the different sales channels here. You can sell the Amazon buzzfeed Facebook house kink. All of these Pinterest, Andi. And then there's also a lot more in the APP store as well. So I encourage you to add all of those if if there are applicable to you. Um, so then once we've set up all the settings. Um, go visit our online store here, and this is where you are gonna build out your store. And so you can, um you can choose a new theme if you'd like, um, and there's free themes and, ah, obviously themes that you can buy and pay for. I like the free themes, and they're very customizable. So, um, I just I just go with one of those. You can see all the different, um, options we have here. I think I have from my website some minimal theme. Munches that one and then looks like there's three different styles. Vintage music, fashion. See what those do Music's kind, cool passion. Go with vintage. Looks more art. Like I'm gonna stall that. So, um okay. And then once it's installed, um, here, I can customize the theme. And this is where I'm gonna put in all my images and banners and logos. So, um, for example, I have, um asked me for a slide show. I think Yeah. I'll just, um, gonna do one slide here. So here. I have, um, image to put in here. The, uh, should be good for the band. There see images there. So I guess I didn't select it. Okay, Go. All right. And then very important for s CEO. You're gonna want edit. And this is, uh, all the images. You're gonna do this for every time you upload a product to, um, s CEO is search engine optimization. So on the right. Like James Corwin business. No, go site her website logo. Whatever. Um, that's just gonna help categorize you more easily in Google search results. All right, we'll save that. Um, go back and ah, in my header here. Um, I'm gonna want a logo. Is Well, so, um, I put that in, um, if I want that looks better there and actually might just leave that, then, um, you can put announcement of both here. Show you what that looks like. It's nice that, um, updates Thea preview for you Every time you make a change and don't know why it's not actually showing up. Both show announcement. There. There it is. Announcement. Um that's where you can, um, the, um, announce that you offer free shipping or something like I do. Great. So you can change colors. Um, you want you know, something more sophisticated looking See what black would look like loading that put in these black lines. It's got a nice save that, um that's going here. And this is where we can, um we didn't talk about brand here. So, um, you know about this course? And, um, this course helps you start grow and field a success or art business, right? So a little bit about it and course changes size. I love how customizable off this is. All right, go back. Um, so these air the future collection. So once we have collections and prints which will show you how to do next. Uh, Francis. Sorry. Artwork. They'll show up here in this section. Um, you can also add, um, in your social media icons. Um, and, uh, if you want to click any news letter subscriptions, which you most definitely want to do, Um, that's super important. See, where do we, Um, So icon. So in general settings, Okay, you see, on general settings is where Okay, so this is where we change. Um, all the colors. Um, if you want to use an image for the background and you want to change all your colors, um, if you want, like, black background. You know, you can change your colors there. Um, I I'm not gonna do any of these changes, but and see all the options you have there and change all the fonts and fabric on. That's this little icon right up here. You're gonna wanna select and create ah, small square image, and it will upload the image right there. And then this is where you put in the social media addresses, and then the icons will show up down here. And this is where you also want to customize your check out page. So they all have images and fonts in colors as well. So great. So that's how we, uh, customize our theme. And at any time, you can, um, preview your store cooking. This price didn't save any of those changes, unfortunately, but this is your store here. Hey. So, um, thinner store, we're gonna wanna create our well, we're gonna create pages and then create our navigation. So a pages like, about us or contact us, or, um, you know, if we have any events or exhibitions, I'm so you know, like about us about my art, and, um, save that um, you can edit the wet, Let's I s CEO. But that's a bit complicated, right? So that's been created. And then I'm gonna create, you know, a contact us? No. So it's showing us a page about us and contact me. So here, we're gonna do a contact page. I didn't see what that looks like now, and it gives us the form to fill out a contact. And once a sum, this form, it gets sent right to your email address. So that's very nice. So now that we have these pages were gonna want to go toward navigation, we're gonna add these into our main menu here. In that at it, The main menu, the catalogue. Now we're gonna add it. Our bus that show, like, Okay, here we go. Pages. And, well, there's a contact us page. Make sure why the about us page is and showing up now, But, um, back maybe I just didn't save it. Anyway, um, the point is, is you add your pages and menus in here, and then they're going to show up right here along your menu. Um, there's your contact page. We're gonna go in, and, um, this is where you can buy a new domain and change its name. See, right now it's James Corwin Art business core stopped my Shopify dot com. My shop, if I attach is this to the end, But you're gonna want to get rid of that and have your own domain name, which is gonna be whatever. You know www dot my art dot com. That's where you ah, get your domain name. They're not expensive. I think it's a lot like $15. I definitely want to do this. This is a huge game changer. It's gonna make your site look much more professional and trustworthy when people are buying your products. So, um, also here, this is where you're gonna wanna talk about your page. So, like, home page title? Um, no. Uh, part business course, right. And then this is Ah, the again for s CEO. Helps you get better ranking search engine. So when somebody searches your website, um, we're gonna search mine really quick on Google and see James Corlin. So it's gonna pull up my website here, and this is what we're writing right here. Variance wildlife art like never before, right? That's this description of the home page. So, um you know, uh, take this business part course to become a full time artist, All right? And, um, Facebook pixel. This is where you put in your pixel when you're doing advertising, which is another video that I'll show you later. All right, so now you can start adding some products, and this is where we're going to start with our collection first. So maybe we're gonna have a collection for original art and then a collection for prints. So, um, let's create a collection for original art original art. Mrs. Reagan, Talk about it. This is national artwork. Me, etcetera. Um and, well, upload image for it. This is gonna be that image that shows up here. So these are our collections. This is gonna be the showcase image of it, and it's gonna talk about your collection down there, these air showing products, but it will show the collection name, which is original art. Once we save that, we can upload our first product worship manually. All right, so now we're in an ad. Products are in good all products. Add a product we're in a I'm gonna do. Ah, but my cape Buffalo. I added the picture of buffalo. I might talk about say, OK, it's, you know, it's a 30 bite 40 oil on canvas. You talk a bit about it. You know, this is Ah, Buffalo from Africa, etcetera. Um, so however you do that anyway, um, So this is where you and talk about it all. And then you wanna uploaded image. So open image here. Hello? Here. This one. There's an image. And then again, alternate taxed for s CEO about Kate Buffalo after co while Life art James Corwin. All right, And pricing. This is where you're gonna, you know, charge prices for your product. So, you know, 500 been charging taxes, inventory Shopify tracks inventory of this, and there's only one original. Right? So I put in one product does require shipping, but we have it on manual. That's the free shipping that we set up Variants. Variants are, um, what we'd want to do for prints. So say this was a print, for example. We might do the size and put in Okay, The size is a 30 by 40 here, but you can also get it as you know, a um what would be a size from that. Um, 18 by 24 is a standard size of that. So then we have those options there, Right? So and price for this print might be, um, for example, um, you know, $800 in size for this print is, uh, three and $50. So then you know you can track your inventory Sader's, you know, 100 of these and maybe 100 these because you're syriza's 200 prints, right? So then you're gonna This is where you're gonna add all your products to all those sales channels when you have them all set up. Um, this product type, we, um we add those here in the product. So we haven't done that yet. The vendor will make all those changes here shortly. But here's the collections for original art Course I just turned into a limited edition print. Butel. It is original art. This is tags. In case anybody wants to search, you know, uh, Cape Buffalo, Africa. Whatever. Search for your image in your website to see if, like, say, you know, for me, I'm paint wildlife. If somebody wants to find an elephant painting mind, they might search elephant, and then any painting that has an elephant and it's gonna show up because I tagged it with elephants. This might be like Cape Buffalo Africa birds, for example. So any time somebody even search birds, this is going to show up safe, right? So we don't wait for this toe load here, Okay? And there we go. Now we can go view it. Here are product so you can see our cape. Buffalo Year images loading. There we go on. You can zoom in and looking closely. So you're the two different size options. The price changes and we can add it to the card. This is, of course, the check out page. This is where you can proceed. The check out sat down. Great. Um, see, ah, Wintory. This trucks all their inventory for all their products. Collections, original art did that. This is where you can add, um, any discounts if you're having them on your products, which I do often. So here's our home page. It's gonna again we've been here before, tells us some of the things we need to do but also tells us when we start getting customers , how many people have visited our page that day. You can also go to analytics, and this is gonna become very powerful to you later on. It's gonna track all your sales. How many people have visited your store? Your conversion rate. You know, add to cart. That was me where your traffic is coming from, You know, United States. But then also, like, you know, from which websites Social Media three search you on Google. And then also what they which, you know, products they're looking at or pages are looking at the most. When you do get in order, your orders will be filled in here. Um, when she could see that but it just basically shows your order the order number and for the amount. And then you're shipping address and you start fulfilling those orders also shows abandoned checkouts. If somebody didn't complete your order, you can email them to get, uh, them to come back and fulfill their order. This also attracts all your customers. Um, and even those people that don't complete in order but sign up for your newsletter, for example. Um, Shopify sees them is a potential customer. So which is true? They're interested in your heart. That's why they signed up for the newsletter, because they want to keep updated on what you're doing. So you have great potential to sell them in the future. And finally, we're gonna goto APS. This is where you can add a whole bunch of APS to help you in your store and attract more customers or to make prints. It's pretty powerful, and there's thousands of APS you can choose from. Um, you know, this is like a sales pop up. You know, the thing that pops up and says, like, Sign up for my newsletter and save 10% off your order, actually, using one of those and it's great, I get a lot of boosted sales from that. Um, here's where you can add, like social media buttons to your, uh, to your page, um, can just see all the different up options you have for different things to help you. Some are free. Some you have to pay for. Um, looks like this is, you know, automatic invoices. Mrs. Teoh, create promotions. Human have things to help you with customer service. I have this Facebook chat. If anybody wants to chat with me at any time on my website can do that. She here. I pulled me website now can see. So this is still the same minimal fame. Second, see how live Put my logo up at the top and oh, my menu items across This is that slider, right? But you can add a button in there to go shopping. This is about me and then these are some images of my artwork, but then my collections write them addition, parents and, um and so it's a footer page. So here's that Facebook thing where you can message me. That's that, Uh, but in now you can see how all the pages this is the about page that I didn't get to show you. Um, course, you know, original art. This all the products when their grade out, that means it's sold out. I can click on him. You can add it to the car and talks about them. So this is how your what? So it's gonna look after you put in all the time, too. Customize it and add in all your products. But it's I think it's fun cause no where artists were creative, so have fun with it and um, all right, upload your website to the Facebook group so people can comment on it and give you feedback . And I really look forward, Teoh seeing what you create. Good luck. 4. The Power of SEO: the power of s CEO search engine optimization, commonly known Assess CEO is a very important part of running your online business. Its sole purpose is to drive traffic to your website and increase your rankings and search results. If you are selling anything online, you want people to find you and find you quickly above the other competition when they search for your product. S CEO takes a lot of work and knowledge, but you can hire experts to do this for you. They will be able to come through your website and optimize it for ranking and search engines and drive more traffic to your site. More traffic to your website means more conversions and opportunities for sales. Also, when someone searches wildlife art, for example, you will want to be on that first page of listings where you will be seen. A very small percentage of people look on to the second page and search results and even a tinier number of people look at the third page. Forget about the fourth. Now where do you want to be? If you are on the 16th page, who will ever find you and buy your products? Here are some things you can do right now. While the algorithms that search engines used to categorize your website are constantly changing, there are a few practices that do help considerably. You will want to optimize your website for relevant keywords. Use Google's keyword planner to research keywords to search the count and competition. While life art may be very competitive, but elephant art may not be, you will then want to fill out your website. Targeting these relevant keywords by including them in your written content entitles Google spots, come through your website every so often, and will pick up these keywords and then categorize them. Under that keyword, you will rise up in rankings with relevancy and back link supporting your matching keywords . Back links are links directing traffic to your website from an outside source. Any time your website and businesses mentioned on another website that creates a back link . The more back links you have, the more the search engine will increase your ranking due to popularity and relevancy. If everyone is talking about your elephant art, then the search engine will identify us a credible sores on elephant art and push you to the top. This is why a less competitive niche can be easier to break through rather than targeting something like contemporary art. S CEO is an ongoing process and never a one time job. This is why I recommend an expert to handle your ASIO and create back links for you. If you can afford to do so, hire someone to help. Most likely, it will provide you with a return on your investment by producing more sales. Don't expect overnight success, so it is a long process to slowly build your daily traffic count and relevancy in search listings. But it is absolutely necessary. If you decide to do this job yourself, which I have done, I recommend learning to do so and dedicating an hour a day to it. There are many more. Resource is on the Internet and in books that go into depth on this practice. Now consider it an investment and integral part of your business. If you intend to sell your art online, then you must drive organic traffic to your website. And the only way to achieve this is through a CEO