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7 Videos (20m)
    • Intro

    • Inspiration Tips and Tricks

    • Shot and Draw

    • How to vectorize drawings

    • 05 Palette

    • Export icons

    • Conclusions


About This Class

Illustrator is a wonderful tool.

But everyone just use it for its geometry capacity. Illustrator is more than that!

Do you know you can create wonderful vector illustrations by drawing them?

I created hundreds of icons with this method, in the last three years. It's so funny and relaxing doing it!

Let's see how to create a set of icons that you will NEVER see in other places!

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I loved the whole creation process and tips for websites!
A really brilliant and exaustive course! Thanks to Manuela i've learnt a new way of work and starting work, expecialli for her suggestions about inspirations metods. Really, really clear and simple. Thank you Manuela!
Great class with clear instructions. I would recommend it to those who are just starting with Illustrator but also to those who already have some experience, as it shows a different personal perspective.
Jelena Obradovic

Vector illustrator and surface pattern designer





Manuela Langella

Vector Illustrator & Digital Designer

I'm a Vector Illustrator & Digital Designer. Created a lot of vector stuff in last years, and drawing and vectorizing let me have so much fun! I love what I do, and I'm looking forward to teach you what I know to have fun together!

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