How to Create a customized Christmas Card (Illustrator - beginners and intermediate) | Mariangela Sapere | Skillshare

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How to Create a customized Christmas Card (Illustrator - beginners and intermediate)

teacher avatar Mariangela Sapere, Graphic designer and Italian content editor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a nice background

    • 3. Create a simple pattern

    • 4. Create a nice cover using fonts

    • 5. Write a Christmas message

    • 6. Insert your photo and make it Christmas style!

    • 7. Create a ready to print file

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About This Class

Create your Christmas Card using Adobe Illustrator. This class is suitable for beginners, everything is explained step by step, and supplemented with written notes. The final result will be a high quality A4 pdf, ready to be printed and folded!




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mariangela Sapere

Graphic designer and Italian content editor


I'm a graphic designer and content editor. I've a degree in Communication and a specialization in Cultural Marketing and Economics. I live in the south of Italy, and I work as a freelancer since 5 years. I decided to work on my own, and be my boss when I was fired... and it was the best choice of my life.

I have a nice shop on Etsy, in which I sell my creations: customized wall stickers, and strickers for Macbook. I also create customized graphics, people can download and print!

This is my shop Scrivilosuimuri
And this is a part dedicated to my customized digital download: Digital downloads

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1. Introduction: Hi. This is Mary Angela. I'm a needle and graphic designer specializing in Vector graphic. I live in the south of Italy, and I work as a freelancer since 10 years in this class, I'm going to show you how to create a customizes Christmas card. The final output will be a completely homemade personal Christmas card you will send to your friends or relatives for Christmas. My like this. Okay, this is the cover. This is the inside. As you can see, there is a wet space to write something. A personal message in a picture. This is a picture of me, my partner, my daughter and my dog. And Larry's the back cover. All you need to create your own Christmas card is your laptop and a vector. Graphic software College administrator. If you don't, there are other Bill a straighter. You can download a free trial on adam dot com. You also we need a nice picture of you are nice picture of your family. If you follow me step by step, the financial self would be on I quality. Pdf You can pretty your place or you can send to a professional printer for a night. Quality result. I hope you enjoyed my class and let's stuffed. Working 2. Create a nice background: Hi. The first thing to do is to open other illustrator. My software is in Italian, but I'm guiding you using the English name for everything. Now let's create a new document file new in the new document Bannon. Let's right to the name of your card in your document profile. Select print to get the options off. Ready to print a document in a number of after birth. Select two. Then just the sides A four and the unit millimeters. Put the bleed at three millimeters and select horizontal in orientation. Then click. OK, there are the two are towards on which we're going to work. Click on windows and select tools. There are the main tools and holding down on each tool. You can see more options all down on the segment. Tool and selected agreed on the grid plan and put to the sites off a four paper zero in the 1st 2 cell and one in the second cell. Now we have a great using this election toe. Place it on the first, start the boat, then holding down on alto drug with your mouths and duplicate e. Place it on the second after board select the two grids and goto windows. Guides create guides distraction with. There are grids into guides, so we have a line exactly in the middle of the afterbirth in the tools selected a rectangle and create a shape of the same sides off the Arctic boat, including the bleeds. Then we got to the color here is erected the stroke, but we need to switch to the field color. Our shape is black. Double click on the field color toe. Open the color panel, then choose a red color. Using the selection tool. Darken the ruler from the top corner off the rulers and put to the zero on the left corner off the artwork Millo, then dragging a guide from the top ruler. Let's place it at 30 millimeters, selected the rectangle tool and design a rectangle following the guide, then color it with a nice green. We are going to design a Christmas tree shape, selected the rectangle tool and holding down a shift designer square that position the direct selection tool on a point off the path and click on the lady Turn Your came birth selected the triangle, hand holding down shift rotated, then holding down asked. Duplicated. Make the object bigger, holding down shift and drugging one point with the selection tool. Repeat the distractions for four times. We need to turn thes triangles in a shape, but the windows and open but finder. Select all the triangles. Olden shift, Click on the first option on the Pathfinder plan and unite Our Christmas tree is ready. Place it in the middle off the right side of your art birth and make it the sides. You won't then save your work. 3. Create a simple pattern: we are going to create a simple pattern duplicate to the Christmas tree, holding down aisles and dragging it using the selection tool. Make it smaller, holding down shift, then duplicate the small 34 times selected for threes on aligned them using their lying tools. First vertical allying, talk and then a result of distribute center, then right. Click on the mouse and select group duplicating group off crease fight times Selected five groups and use a gain in the Allying Tools First Horizontal Alliance Center and then vertical distribute. Said them. We're going to change in the color off the trees, open the color palette and select right clicking all shift selected. The five rows of trees right click on your mouth and select group opened the appearance final in window and said to the opacity at 20%. Duplicate to the world. Group off trees and place the copy on the other after boat, then click on the color palette and select dream. Now switch the field caller to stroke and select white on the tooth bar. Selected the pen tool said the points off the stroke at five. And position the point. They're out of the art. Both stuff to design a part like these, holding that shift to grow straight lines. Now select the rectangle tool and design a rectangle on the top of the pack. Selected mental again and throw the shape of a bow When you're finished with the direct selection tool selected the three object you just designed and group them using a keyboard shortcut comin G or controlled G. Click on the field goal or and open the color palette. Then choose a red colors holding down. Astor selected a gift box and obligated drug it on the second Dart board and place it like these. Now just wait to the stroke and the fifth caller on the Tools bar. We just finished designing the domain graphic elements. Don't forget to save your work. 4. Create a nice cover using fonts: we're going to create a nice front cover. Select everything on the page using the selection tool. I'm in the Black Arrow and Lang Click on Object Lock Selection now everything on pages looking so we can work better. Using the total. Make the cover beaker, then select the text tool and design a rectangle in this area. Now you can start writing your Christmas message, select the text with selection tool and then turn the color from black to white. Now we get stuff they did in the text. Select one or two words and open the diaper main. Select the phone and choose a phone to, like repeat that. These actions for each world choosing different and nice phones If you don't have nice phones in your library, there are lots of websites that tell of you to download free phones as 1001 free funds that come or the front dot com. You can choose among a lot off styles as fantasy. Got IQ and Britain exotic. Don't not the front you like and put them in the Fonts folder or in the front book of your laptop. When every word has been edited, Select the text, right click on your mouse, then choose. Create outlines in this way the text as being turned in a graphic object. Now we need to start working on every single world. Use the direct selection tool, the white Arab to select a single word. Then press contra Lex or common X on your keyboard to cut the world and separate it from the whole object. Then common be or Contrave toe based it. You think this electron tool black arrow, recite it as you like and put it somewhere on the page. Repeat the deception for every word, placing diamond over in a nice way when every word the looks OK, selected them. All right, click on selection and group them. Now we will apply some effect. Go on the effect me Nuk, then still IEDs and select shadow on the shallow panel. Klay compare view so you can see how the shadow looked while you change the numbers and you can get a nice effect. I put opacity a 75% and woman limiter in each cell. The cover is ready. Goto object toe are lock everything on the page clicking shift on the keyboard. Selected the gift. The boxes goto effect and select Apply shadow on the first row. In this way you will apply the same effect you applied before on the text. Now you can save your work. 5. Write a Christmas message: we should write a message on the inside of the car someone the page clicking common bleus or contract. Loosen your key birth and selected the text tool. Create a rectangle and start writing your Christmas message inside when you finish it. A writer message selected and go toe type fold and just your favorite fold. Make your text Big Girl, increasing the points in the character options. Then, in the paragraph, options selected A aligned to the center, too. Selected the first part of your message. I'm using the eyedropper tool, still a green collar on the other. Arterburn. Using the direct selection tool, click somewhere to see how it looks that selected the second part of the text and using again the eyedropper tool copied red. Make some adjustment to the text so that it looks the way you want and then select it with the direct selection tool. Click on the right mouse bottom and select creator Klein's. In this way, the text has been turn it into a backdoor object, and you can pretty eat as a graphic element. We are going to create a frame. Select the direct angle tool and the sign a rectangle a little bit smaller than the act board. Switch the dollar from feel caller to stroke on the appearance panel. Click construct toe open the stroke family. Put the stroke it to Boynes and then click on the should line right to in the dust a cell and three in the gap for sale and take a look to your frame. You can change it easily again on the stroke panel, changing the points off dashes end gaps, then select your frame and go to the allying tools on the menu above and choose the option aligned to the art board. Then all I need vertical and horizontal. Let's move our frame behind the other objects, right? Click on your mouse, Select a range and sent to back. Let's take a break now, save your work. 6. Insert your photo and make it Christmas style!: Now we are going to put the picture of you in your card. Goto file Insert and selector. Picture olden Now shift to reside your photo using the selection tool and place it below your Christmas, my such selected Ben tool and a black stroke color and started designing a path following the outline of your body holding down Common Plus or country of loose on your keeper. You can zoom on your photo so you can design a more precise outline. Create a close it up, joining with the last and the first supporting you. Design. When you finish selected the ballpark using with the direct selection tool and holding down shift on your keyboard, select your photo to click on the right bottom of your mouth and select Make clipping mask . In this way, you will cut off everything but things you outlined. Go on the effect menu. Select steel lights and then fader on the feather. Pamela, Click on Prevue and put the federal produce at one millimeter. Now we're going to draw Nice and the cloud set to put on your heads, selected a pencil tool and designed a kind of triangle. Then click on the field caller and choose a red. This elected the object. You just design it, clicking outside with your mouse and take the pensive toe again. Now designer kind of over, which will be the head for Fill it with white collar and then designed the pump on, then used the eyedropper tool to copy the white color. Selected the three parts of the heart and group them duplicated the heart many times you need and place a new hat on every head in your picture. Now try toe, adapt it, changing the shape a little bit, reciting, rotating, reflecting. You can also do more changes selecting apart with the direct selection tool and over of writing it with the pencil tool. We are close to the end now. Don't forget to save your work. 7. Create a ready to print file: now everything is done. We have the co over the my such the picture. We can finalize this card with a kind of signature using the zoom to someone on gift the box on the back over selected the text tool just found and selected to the sides. I think 10 points will be okay and write something like created by your name. Select your text and change the caller from like the white. Then align your paragraph to the center. Place your text in the centre off the lower part off the gift box and save your work. Now we are going to save this file as an eye quality pdf goto file. Save us and then on the apartment. Select Adam pdf and select all the art boards. Okay, on this new partner in adobe pdf for preset choose I quality print and then in Mark's em bleed select proper marks on below. Use document bleed settings. Save. Now you can open your pdf with our media, Frieder, and check that everything looks OK. You can see on this fine of the crop marks. Now it's time to print your fine goto final. Bring the try the best setting off your own printer, and I hope you will like your car. Hi again. We finally have our car. You just need to for the and put it into an envelope and send to your friends my suggestion for a better resources to not use the normal A four paper Because it's a routine to light, you can buy a heavier paper. This is a 200 grams paper, a kind of car. Both the pits heavier and more resistant. Andi will give you a better result. You can also choose this lightly colored paper. This is a light, light yellow adult do. In my introduction. You can print it using your home printer us or send it to a professional printer. I hope you enjoyed my class and that you will create a nice Christmas card. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year toe everybody by