How to Create a Winning Presentation for Venture Capitalists

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship

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12 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. How To Create A Winning Presentation for Investors Introduction

    • 2. What Do Investor Want to Know?

    • 3. Outline Presentation Checklist

    • 4. Sixteen Magic Buttons for VCs

    • 5. AIDA

    • 6. Pitching to Win

    • 7. Selling your pitch

    • 8. How to Run the Meeting

    • 9. The Management Presentation

    • 10. Defending Your Plan

    • 11. What Happens Next

    • 12. Activity Create Your Own Management Presentation


About This Class



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When you pitch to investors, you first need to place yourself in their shoes to understand what it is that they want from you.  Only then can you begin to craft your presentation.  

It is important that your Management Presentation covers the critical information that the VC will want to understand in an organised and structured presentation.  To make sure you don't leave anything out, here is a check list of topics which must be included, albeit this is not the exact sequence or style of presentation that I would recommend.  Check out the later video on the Management Presentation for that.

The acronym "AIDA" comes from copywriting but its a helpful tool in this context.  It reminds us that we have to draw our audience into our world and get them excited about what we have to offer them before we try to sell to them.  I also share with you the parallel scenario of the car salesman, the master of the art of selling - and help you to understand why he does what he does before closing the deal.  Remember, you are in a sales meeting too!

You pitch is so much more than just a recitation of the fact, features and benefits of your business. You are in a sales meeting and you are selling your equity in return for cash - so treat it like a sales meeting and make sure you do everything you can to sell!

I want to share with you some key tenets which will help lift your pitch above the average.  I want you to use stories, to humanise your pitch, make it more interesting and engaging.  You need to connect with your VC audience so that they become passionate proponents of your project and this lecture will help you to achieve this.

Before we talk about the management presentation itself, I would like to discuss how you should run this first meeting with the VC.  It is very important that you take control of the agenda from the outset and that you make your time limitations clear.  I share with you how this all works and why it is important in this lecture.

Now its time to bring things together and I want to walk you through the key parts of your management presentation so that you can understand its construction which will make creating your own so much easier.  

Try to remember what has been covered so far and weave those components into your narrative as well.

You must not forget that you will be challenged on your plan and your financial model assumptions and I do not want you to forget this.  Make sure you are in command of all the detail because, sooner or later, these questions are coming your way and you cannot afford to flunk this test of your competence.

The process does not stop after the first meeting and this lecture briefly explains the steps you can expect to follow a successful first meeting.

Finally, I want you to consider preparing your own management presentation and as the project for this class, I have provided templates for your use in PDF, Keynote and Powerpoint formats. 


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My followers are the first to hear about these opportunities!


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