How to Create a Torn, Weathered, Outdoor Postered in Photoshop! | Marty Geller | Skillshare

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How to Create a Torn, Weathered, Outdoor Postered in Photoshop!

teacher avatar Marty Geller, Blue Lightning TV Photoshop!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Weathered Outdoor Poster CC 2018

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About This Class

Photoshop CC 2018 tutorial showing how to create an authentic-looking, weathered, outdoor urban poster.



Meet Your Teacher

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Marty Geller

Blue Lightning TV Photoshop!


Marty Geller, Founder and Director of Blue Lightning TV Photoshop, has had a long career providing on-air and print work for the television and entertainment industries. Clients have included NBC, ABC, CBS, VH-1, numerous advertising agencies, national magazines, recording labels and major book publishers. His television work includes "Late Night with Conan O'Brien", "Saturday Night Live", "Dateline NBC", "Today", VH-1 and Paramount Television. Marty has designed record album covers, book jacket covers and logos. His illustrations have appeared in "Psychology Today", "New York" and on theatrical posters that have appeared on Broadway and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.. Marty has received Emmy Awards for his work in television and numerous awards for his w... See full profile

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1. Weathered Outdoor Poster CC 2018: Hi, this is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. I'm going to show you how to create a gritty, weathered outdoor poster on a grungy urban wall. This is an update of Victoria like quite a while ago. On an earlier version of Photoshopped, this version is more powerful and flexible. I provided this voter shop file so you could follow along. Its link is in my videos, description or project files below. It includes this brick wall and a white, puckered paper texture that we use for the base of our poster, as well as for a displacement map. The displacement map will wrap the text and any graphics of the poster around the contours of the paper texture, which will give it some dimension. In addition, I provided a link to a set of grunge brushes that will use to reveal the brick wall behind our poster, since you'll need to restart Photoshopped to see your new set of brushes. My advice is to close Photoshopped now, install the brushes in the preset brush folder and then reopened photo shop. Before we begin, I want to mention that I'll be moving a bit faster for more advanced users Could the icon at the upper right of the layers panel and click duplicate layer. Click new and type in displacement. We'll convert it into a smart object so we can modify it, not destructively, and adjust the filters that will be applying to it at any time. Click the icon at the upper right and click Convert to Smart Object will increase the contrast of the paper and slightly blurry. This will give us a more effective displacement maps. Click the Adjustment layer icon and click levels in the input shadow field. Type in 63 for the input mid tones, type in 0.75 and for the input highlights, type in 2 23 Make the paper base layer active and go to Filter Blur and Gaussian Blur. Blurt four pixels. Go to file and say that save it to your desktop for easy access, save it as a Photoshopped PSD file and click save. If you see this message, just click. OK, open back the Photoshopped template I provided. We're ready to add text to our poster. Open your horizontal type tool and pick of Funt. I'm picking birth hold accidents. Grotesque, bold. I'll make it size 156 points. The anti Ellie acing crisp right alignment and black for the color. Click on your document and type out your text to adjust the space between your lines of text. Highlight all of it and click the character paragraph icon or go to window and character. Drag the letting icon to the left or right to adjust the space between all of your characters. Drag the tracking icon to the left or right to slide a line of text to the left or right click to the left of the first character in the line. You want to slide over and prince and hold bolt or option as you press the left or right arrow key on your keyboard. Repeat these steps for each line you'd like to slide over to change the color of one of your lines. Highlight that line and at the top, click the color box. Pick a different color. Since I already know the color I want, I'll type it into the Hexi Decimal Field, then click OK or press enter or return to reposition the body of text. Open your move tool and move it to adjust its size and or its angle. Open your transform tool by pressing control or command T Teoh. Angle it. Go to a corner, and when you see a curve double arrow rotated to an angle, you like to reposition it. Go inside that transforms bounding box and drag it. Then press enter or return for this example opposition ing a bit of my text outside the boundaries of the paper base. Later, outcrop off those parts that extend past the paper at any other text and or graphics to your poster using the same steps. When you're done, convert it all into one smart object. To do this shift, click the bottom text or graphics layer to make all the layers that comprise your design active. Then convert all of these into one smart object. Change its blend mode to color. Burn double click on an empty area of the layer toe. Open its layer style window. We'll bring out the texture of the paper by using the blend if feature blend. If essentially clips one layer into the one under it. Based on the tones of the two layers, make sure the great channel is picked. The Grey Channel is the luminous channel. Go to the triangle slider of the white underlying layer will create a smooth transition by splitting the triangle icon in to To do this, press and hold ault, or option as you click on the middle of the icon. This splits it in to drag the left half of the slider to the lift. This pushes the light values through. Feel free to experiment with both bars to get just the right amount of blending. If you have text or graphics that extend pastor poster control, click or command, click the thumbnail of the poster base. To make a selection of its shape, click the layer mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to the active layer. Make the graphic slayer active and go to filter, distort and this place. Make the horizontal and vertical scales. Three. Stretch to fit and repeat edge pixels. Click the displacement file that you saved at the beginning and click open your graphics or text now has a subtle effect that follows the contours of the pucker texture of the paper. Keep in mind you can increase this effect by increasing the amount in the horizontal and vertical scales of the displaced filter who convert AC graphics and poster base into one smart object. Let's close the character panel, since we don't need it anymore. Teoh angle the entire poster. Open back your transform tool and rotated. Click the layer mask icon to make a layer mask next to the poster, hoping your brush tool and brush picker. Click the gear icon and click the brush set I provided that you installed earlier. When you see this message, click OK to open it. If it's folder isn't already open, open the folder and click on any of the brushes toe. Open it. Press enter or return. To make the brush bigger or smaller. Press the right or left bracket key on your keyboard. Make sure the caps lock he is off. Otherwise the brush size won't change. Go to an edge of the poster and click once to reveal the brick wall through the layer mask . Continue to click on areas you'd like the brick wall to show through. Pick a different brush toe angle it. Rotate the arrow on this icon. The arrow points to the direction your brush will be angled. Then press enter or return. If you want to restore areas of the brick wall, Press X to invert your foreground and background colors. Continue these steps until you're happy with its look. Lastly, let's brighten the overall image. Click the adjustment layer icon and click levels in the input highlight field type in 2 32 I think this is Marty from Blue Fighting TV. Thanks for watching.