How to Create a Survey To Understand Your Customers and Users in Under an Hour! | Kristopher Saber | Skillshare

How to Create a Survey To Understand Your Customers and Users in Under an Hour!

Kristopher Saber, UX Professional, Statistics Tutor.

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12 Videos (58m)
    • Surveying intro

    • Why Survey?

    • 6 Question Rules.

    • 6 Question Rules contd...

    • Categories of Questions

    • When to Use Open Ended Questions

    • How to Form Questions

    • Competitor Research for Demographic Information

    • More About Questions

    • Intro to making Survey Online and Getting Respondents

    • Creating your Survey Online

    • Finding Respondents for Your Survey


About This Class

Surveying can be used in a variety of contexts, and in 2018 you can get results quicker than ever before.

In this class we'll be going over how to make a survey that you can use to learn information from either your customers, potential customers, or just people in general. Fundamentals of how to form questions, as well as rules shall be covered. Platforms to use for surveying will also be talked about, as well as tipsĀ on how to recruit participants.

Anyone can take this class. No prior experience necessary.





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Kristopher Saber

UX Professional, Statistics Tutor.

Kris graduated with his Bachelor's in Psychology (with a minor in Cognitive Science) and then earned his Master's in Human Computer Interaction at the State University of New York at Oswego.

He's a published author in the Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation with four years of practice tutoring students in Intro to Psychology (Psych 100), Behavioral Statistics (Psych 280), and Psychological Research Methods (Psych 290). He has a total of three years of UX experience between w...

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