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How to Create a Simple Stencil - to apply in textile (Tote bag, T-shirt, or make a print)

teacher avatar Cecilya Art, Illustrator & Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro - Class II - How to Create a Simple Stencil

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Printing & Cutting

    • 4. Applying the Fabric Paint on the Stencil - Bee Pattern

    • 5. Applying the Fabric Paint on the Stencil - Bunny Pattern

    • 6. Applying Glitter

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About This Class

Hello blissful people, and welcome to the class! :)

• In this class you will learn how to make a easy and simple stencil that you can apply in textile, wood, wall or make print of it!

Using handmade technique! 

I will show you how to print, trace, cut and apply the stencil to some tote bags ( I've made in the previous class) 


So join me and lets stencil something together! :)


• Acrilex Fabric Paint: Black 

• Printer and Printing Paper A4

• Acetate Sheet A4

• Small scissors

• Cutter - X act

• Paper Tape

• 2 A4 Sheets laminated

• Small plastic dessert spoon

• Ink Sponge Roller 

• Gloves



 So give it a try at this technique, and create unique stencil for your art projects 

I would love to see your projects and how they turn out!

Please share them with me ☺ 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cecilya Art

Illustrator & Designer



Hello, my name is Cecília, I'm an illustrator & designer, living in Portugal.

You can follow me here Website.


Here are some of the art related subjects that i'm going to teach

Tie Dye Techniques Craft Watercolor Engraving | Stamp Sketching | Drawing Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Premier


Mini Bio:

I was born in Portugal, but when I was 3 years old, my parents took me to live in Macau, where I lived for 11 years, so I have kind of a mix of cultures in me, do to its multicultural roots.

Since I was you... See full profile

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1. Intro - Class II - How to Create a Simple Stencil: Hi and welcome my studio. My name is Cecilia, and I'm an illustrator and designer. Today I'm going to teach you how to make some stencil at home with simple materials. I relieved a link down below with the leaves off the matures we're going to need. Also keep in mind that the design has to be simple, like you see in the picture a simple design off animal or flour or whatever you want. OK, this is a pretty simple technique to make Stansell homemade. Stencil. I guess, um, you can then apply it to any type of text, So I'm going toe reply until mix, but you could make it in T shirts, leggings, whatever textile want toe, apply it. Also, you can make Prince because you can print to the sensor into paper with a sponsor. Paula rolls punch. Um, you could create basically anywhere you want, even furniture. You can pretty there. Uh, Walt can put it on the wall. So, uh, you can make the standstill and apply in any surface you want with appropriate links for it . Okay, So join me in the next part of this video. Will, I will show you how to my descent. So let's make some Stansell's together. Okay. See you in the next video. By 2. Materials: Hello and I'm going to show you the materials. We got the tote bag, the printed sheet with the design, uh, the estate sheet with the bees already got out about a little Caesar. A cutter. How will be using part Wanted Inc Some say Paper tape. The Black ECHR Alexe Fabric Inc. You can use any think that it's for textile. Don't have to be this one to apply the ink. We're going to use this little sponge roller. It's pretty fluffy. A little ice cream spoon and two eliminated sheets, just one for a blind Inc and the other to put inside the back and protected from the other side. So the ink doesn't go into the other side off the told back. So these other materials were going to use. I previously printed out in a simple paper sheet, the the layouts off the design just to do a little test. If I like what I've cut out, if it needs any more good thing. And yes, I guess I like toe seven be easy enough for me. So thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next class by 3. Printing & Cutting: Hello and welcome to the stencil class today I'm going to show you how to make a stand, So ah, with a simple fracture drawing off bees, uh, you can use, uh, and enjoying you like, but he bit simple. Okay, So, um yes. First we print out, um, the design we want. Then we will put an elastic sheet on it and trace the lines off the beat so that after that , we can cut it out. Um, the little bees and we will be creating, um, appreciate that can use in anything. Can, um, using tote bags and T shirts in paper, Anything you like. So I will be using a permanent marker. Um, I didn't have a smaller one, so but you can use a smaller one if you like, uh, keep in mind. And DC's plastic, so other markers won't work. If you pass the finger, it will smudge your design. So we have to use permanent markers. So I'm going to do the traditional way and cut every little be by, So be sure me. Look, now I'm thinking that B was a bad idea because they have those little legs. I know. How am I gonna cook them? Well, we'll see how it turns out later. Forties is better to have, like, a more simple design. I don't have so many details, little details. Spirits have a, like, just a simple design with no details, You know what I mean? Also, you can cut it in a cricket machine or a plotter cutter. It would be much easier. Okay, so I just heated up me trying to be because I think it was really long. I don't want a bar you. So I spit it up. And there all the bees are tree stump. Now I'm going to take out that estates sheet and stuck the hard part that is cutting it. Those little bees by. Yeah, just take off the the sheet. And there we have a clear sheet plastic sheets with the traced bees. Now we're going to cut them out. So we'll be using, um, a really little Caesar and, uh, ex act. Is that how you sell it, X? She's at the site. Um, I will be using those two tools to cut out those little bees. Also, I will divide the sheet in half because I don't think I'm gonna use all of those bees in my told babe, I think they're too much years too much B's wanna told back. So yes. Um, I'm going to speed up the video so you don't have to be bored by me cutting bees. Um, just cut the layout off your design. Um, and there you have it. A simple stencil. Um, keep in mind, uh, just do simple designs. We know not that much detail. So it's not heart cut, and you cannot have details in the middle. Otherwise, this won't work. We need the simple plane. Uh, designs. As you can see, I just cut up in half my be sheet. Um, and I just be using, uh, the top, the top sheet with just seven bees. I think that's enough. I don't need, uh and that way's easier to cut the other bees by doing so. Win win situation. Yes. So, just going to show you that it's true to be I usually don't look bad that I might to show you. There you are. Show you that. Put this focus. Uh, show you it's cut. I could put my finger in it. Um, yes. So that's his for the first part off the class, which Waas tracing on the image in cutting it out. So thank you for watching. And I hope to see you in the next video. So by 4. Applying the Fabric Paint on the Stencil - Bee Pattern: so Hello, guys. And welcome to the class and this one I will show how to apply the fabric paint eso First of all, you have to put a laminated sheet into the back so it can protect it. And, um, the paint want going to the other side, or you can we use ah, plastic bag. Just put something to protect one side from the other because the paint will past true, the textile. So be careful. So here I have my l A tote bag where I went to applying to bees pattern. Uhm I'm going to put it right in the middle off the back and on the spiral that have made so with some a paper tape, I'm going to tape it down to the told bank so it doesn't move when we apply the paint. You can do like little small pieces of safe, or you just can tape it all around so it will be safer to apply the ink and, uh, they won't go over to the tote bag and you have a little safe space around. Ah, the design. So, um, I have their eliminated sheet. You can use Leymarie sheet or just, um, a glass or in a cruelly board is just a space where we can apply the ink and roll it up with the sponge pan. Apply in our design. So I will just apply, uh, like, three or four spoons off Inc in that cheap. Just make a little blob off paint. Now we are roller. We're just going to roll it and make sure it absorbs all the things we have in, Um, the laminated sheet. As you can see it, it will absorb all the paint. So I'm just were using it up and, uh, all doing that I have left that spoon. We are ready to apply in our design. So just make up and down movements to get the ink in the section that we cut out. As you can see, I just make up and down and and I will tap it up like that a little bit so that it will absorb all the ink in the shape of the B. Oh, yes. Just carefully. Just rule it by Agnelli. Up and down. Just get the thinking that a good thing section this is quite fun to dio actually. So there I think I made the seven bees just just up and down Langley. I will get all the ink in those little sections off the B, so I just make sure that I put on all the ink I have in my sponge in all those section off the bees. Um, as you can see, I just keep rolling in Orland until I I make sure they are black as I like, So I think it's done. So now we're going to take the S a cheat off to see the results. And there it is. Oh, so nice. And there they are, the seven bees in my tote bag. What do you guys think? I think they look kind of pretty. Um, so if you're going to use the at eight, asked a cheat again. Please, just go and clean it up with water and soap in a sponge. It will, uh, go off easy. Um, I'm not going to leave the bees all black. I am going to apply a later on top after they dry out. So remember to see the labels off your fabric, Inc and let it dry. This one has to drive for 72 hours before washing are using it. So, um, after I laid dry, I really apply some glitter. Some, uh, collects glitter, As you can see that in the end result that I'm going to show you. So here is the be with the glitter. I just love to put on little sparkles everywhere. So I love to use later. Um, if you made it this far, Uh, thank you so much for watching my class. I hope you learn something today, and I hope to see your projects. Um, how you used this technique. So here is the told back. Ready to use. Um, So thank you so much for watching. And I see you in the next video by 5. Applying the Fabric Paint on the Stencil - Bunny Pattern: Hello and welcome to the class. This is the second pattern I made off bunnies. As you can see, the printed sheet and now the estate. She'd already cut out the bunnies. I couldn't have to be easy to cut out the little bunny. So the next step is to glue the design to the tote bag with the paper tape. Don't forget to put inside the bag protection sheet, eliminating sheet or, ah, plastic bag so the ink won't pass. True. Uh, the other side. So as you can see, I'm just taping out the middle toe so they can me together and the line. Now I will just tape around on the edges. You can also say all around to have a little protect protected zone. It's up to you if you feel comfortable this way or the other, right? So it that's pretty much it. Just step it up and we real apply now, uh, the ink in the textile. So certainly you pretty much can do anything. Issue, desire, any animal, any type of I know the design that you want, but don't forget to make it simple because you have to cut it and it can have details in the middle off. The design has to be a plane. Blake. Ah, design. So as I'm going to put a little bit off black in the estate sheet, the reason I use a nice Achuthan because it's plastic and easy to clean afterwards, um, you can also use Ah, um a glass or, um, acrylic base? I guess so. Now just roll up the expunge and ink. Make sure it absorbs all the paint because we have quite a few bunnies to put ink on. So just make motions up and down diagonally just to make sure, uh, section that the bunny it's cut out, it's full. With the ink that you chose. I guess I chose back for this one. So again, I'm just going to feel up all the bunnies weight. Black point. So I just wanted to talk about a little bit about the stencil. You can use these pattern for any kind of surface. You can apply it on furniture on the walls, make a print off it with different Stansell's in different colors. Um, I guess your creativity and imagination has no limits for this technique. Also can apply in t shirts or in leggings, or I don't know anything you want to put a pattern on. It's an easy way to do a customize, uh, cut out Stancil and apply it to any surface you like. Now I'm thinking the bunnies would go great in a T shirt, too. A bunny T shirt. It would be nice. So, as you can see, I just feel it out. All the bunnies with black paint, Um, and now I'm going to remove the Stancil carefully so I don't put black ink where I don't want it, and we're going to see the final result. After I take it out, make sure you wash it again. Uh, if you want to use it right away, because it's easier when the Yankees were to remove it when it's dry on the estate sheet, a bag full of bunnies. So this is the final result. You have many little bunnies on different positions. Um, yeah, I think it looks life. So after ah, I let the drink try for 72 hours, I will apply some later on each of everybody. And here is the final result. With the sparkling monies ready to go shopping So this is another tote bag that I did with some passel colors, the purple and the pink I was trying to do, Ah, radiant with these two colors. So the Bunning's would have so colors and them, but they're so, um, light in the bag is it's ah beige, not white. So the colors come fumed, confused himself with the background. Um, so it was just one experience in. I kept respect for myself. So no problems. It's not Ah, really, uh, shocking bag to go shopping with, I guess. Um, I just experimented with these two colors to see how just they would turn out. Uh, India told Meg if it waas a white background, they would look more alive. I guess so. As you can see, I will just put one color in the end of sponsors and the other in the other end and just absorb all the in creating a radiant in the sponge. And now I will apply it in everybody in every little bunny to have some grade in color. Too pink and purple. Yeah. So this time I, and trying just to do movements up and down so I don't mess up the grading that I created that goes to pink to purple and now just put a little bit more ink because there are more bodies to plane. Um, and I will do the same. Just roll it up. And and there it is, all the bodies in a pink, radiant tone. Just making sure everyone has and gun it because it's it's so light. Uh, now it's done. I'm going to take out the Stancil and see the fire was old. - So you're there. All the bunnies. Um, as you can see, Ah, the colors are really light in the background east page, so it's not really noticeable. Uh, it confuses with the background forties technique. I recommend use more dark and colors because off the bag the bag If did the bag is beige. You need more darker colors. Ah, and now I'm just using up all of the ink I had left in my sponge and applying more color to the bag. Just ah, randomly applying caller. So it's not just the bunnies. It's like a more, uh, I don't know, have a little bit more color because it's so light. Um, also after I finish, I will be applying the Witter in each of everybody, so it has a little bit more sparkle. And this was a personal project for me in to experience this, um, type of colors, special colors. And I didn't mind at the end my talk back looking a little bit more like a noticed. I guess not getting that much of tension because it's not doesn't have any bright colors. Um, I didn't mind. So for me personally, I didn't mind, um that so here you can see the final told back and the glitter in it. I hope you enjoy this class. And I will teach you how toe I apply the greater in the other one cell. See you in the next class. Bye. 6. Applying Glitter: Hello and welcome to the final step off. This class is applying the glitter. So this is the greater I will be using its accrual x for fabric. Um, yeah. So I would just be using a simple brush. Really cheap one. Um and I will paint just directly formed, uh, the lid off the bottle. Ah, and pain every little bunny. Wait. Ah ah, Gleacher. I want sparkly little pink passel bunnies week later, all over the place. So that's that's what I do. Ah, this has to try for 72 hours. Um and that's it. I just bring everybody with the glitter and my tote bag is done and sparkly as I wished. So um yes, that's it. No secret that so if you've seen the previous video you will see that I also applied the greater in the black Stancil, the bees in the black bunnies. I think it really works very well. On top, off the black the the glitter really sparkles Ah, I get it takes it takes my told back to another dimension with glitter Ah, I love you later so Ah, I don't mind it. And I think it makes ah the back prettier with glitter, then with no glitter. That's my opinion. So if you want to use it, you use it. If you want to put metallic colors, you can also add them, Um, and just play around the clock colors in, uh, I said, sure. Creativity, Freon, Enjoy, uh, creating stuff, I guess. Um, thank you so much for watching my classes. Uh, and I see you in the next, less so by