How to Create a Signature For Your Blog in Squarespace | Allison Boyle | Skillshare

How to Create a Signature For Your Blog in Squarespace

Allison Boyle, Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

How to Create a Signature For Your Blog in Squarespace

Allison Boyle, Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction - How to Create a Signature for Your Blog in Squarespace

    • 2. Step 1 - Create Signature Image in Canva

    • 3. Step 2 - Crop Your Image and Create a Transparent Background in LunaPic

    • 4. Step 3 - Load your Signature into a Squarespace Image Gallery

    • 5. Step 4 - Add Your New Signature to Your Blog Post

    • 6. Conclusion - Class Project and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Creating a custom signature to display at the end of your blog posts helps you to connect with your readers and gives them more information about you and your websites mission. It helps to personalize the content for the reader and gives them further ways to connect with you and learn about you. This post is tailored for Squarespace users, but can still be applied for Wordpress platforms as well. In this tutorial I will show you the free tools that are available to you to create a custom, professional looking signature that doesn't take a technical background to make. Create a signature today, and start connecting more with your readers!

Join Allison, founder of the She Dreams of Alpine blog, as she teaches you how to create a signature for your blog. Whether you are blogging for fun or looking to take your blog to the next level, having a signature will help your readers learn more about you and further connect with your content.

Key lessons include:

  1. Creating your signature using Canva
  2. Cropping your signature and making a transparent background (if desired) using Lunapic
  3. Uploading your cropped images to a Squarespace Signature Gallery
  4. Adding your new signature to your blog posts

Please Check out the class project for further resources such as tools that I talk about in the class.

If you enjoyed this class and are looking for further ways to connect and interact with Allison you can find her on several platforms below:

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Meet Your Teacher

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Allison Boyle

Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger


Hi there. Allison here! I am the founder and primary author of the She Dreams of Alpine blog which is an outdoor adventure and travel blog. I focus a lot of my content on hiking, backpackin, rock climbing, and other outdoor related adventures. I also enjoy teaching others how to make their blogs better and improve their social media and marketing strategy. Thanks for visiting my page! I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned from blogging and my adventures on this platform. Cheers.

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1. Introduction - How to Create a Signature for Your Blog in Squarespace: Hi there. My name is Alison. I am the author and founder of the She Dreams of Alpine Block. Now, you may have seen my first field share video, so you know a little bit about me. But if you don't just to give you a brief overview, the she dreams of Alpine Block is a outdoor adventure and travel log. And also on that block, we talk about some tips and tricks to blogging as we're kind of exploring that space ourselves and learning how to monetize or block. And so we share that here and we should not on the blogged. And so today I'm creating a tutorial for you guys to teach you how to make a signature on your log. You know how sometimes you write a post and at the end, you want to say, like, you know, say, somebody came to your blog's from Pinterest or something and they don't know that much about you. It's good before they leave, maybe they'll catch who you're about, what your blog's about, and they'll be interested to say or interested to come back. Or maybe you've interested to subscribe. And so, having a signature at the bottom of your block post is a good idea to give people an idea who wrote the post and kind of personalize it a little bit more so in particular. I'm going to be going over how to do this foursquare space users, because it's a little bit tricky to do in there and maybe not quite so intuitive. But the same principles could be applied to another platform, such as WordPress. So today M in building the signature will go over basically four simple steps that is creating the image in canvas first and then using some software called Luna Pic, we will prop that image and will make the background transparent that something wanted to do unless you wanted to use color on. And then we'll load it to the squarespace shy site, and I'll show you some tricks on how to kind of make that work and then add it to your pages. And then you can even make little features in your signature to, say, linked to your instagram or your Facebook or wherever you want people to go. Are you think your audience may be interested in going to next, so yeah, even if you're not a techie. Don't worry, it's simple. And that's kind of what I want to show you is that anybody can do it and you can add it to your blogging. I think it's a nice feature to have, especially for somebody new visiting your block who doesn't know much about you and may have just stumbled upon one of your posts. So go to the next post below and we'll get started Great. 2. Step 1 - Create Signature Image in Canva: Okay, so the first thing we're gonna do is create a custom signature by using Canberra. And if you've never used Camba before, it's actually a awesome, you know, creating images platform, and it's free. But I do actually have the paid version, and I really like it. You're able to have some more customize ability to having paid version, but you could totally use the free version. And it's no problem. So we'll type in Canada dot com first. And you can kind of see that I used this time I have lots of images in here, but let's just go to create a design. And I find that the Etsy shop covers the right dimensions for the signature, and I've already created one, but I'm going to just go through this process with you again to teach you how to do it. So click on Etsy Photoshopped cover. Okay, so they have a lot of preloaded templates in here, and you can use that if you wanted to, but I kind of know what I want mine to look like. So I'm just gonna kind of leave it white. The first thing that I want to do is add Wanna add a a border? So I'm gonna just go in here at a border, make smaller fit it kind of around the edges of my my rectangle here, maybe just center it perfect. Okay, Next thing I know that I want is that I want a circle photo here. Image of of me or something. So type in circle photo firm will use this one. I don't really see the exact one You could use this one. Maybe See, right now, the background showing red. But we could fix that. So we'll make this white. So Clinton, and we'll push this back so that the border doesn't get covered up. OK, so I have a circle here, and I know that I want to put a photo on it. So now I'm gonna have find a photo that I like. Let's just use this one for tutorial of the reason why that's not working is because I have this quit the border in the back right now. I'm going to move this into the photo. Sweet. Okay, then you can add some other things that you want. Maybe you want to add heading or something, like meet Alison I'm going to just kind of do this quickly. But I'll show you the one I created earlier that I spent a little bit more time arm. So maybe I'll put that Alison and Alison is the founder on author, uh, that she dreams of all time log connect on its Graham face the and interests just for simplistic sake. That's all I'm gonna put for. Now. Maybe I want to have that squared off that under here. Say I make this a little bit smaller. Too small. Okay, So more or less maybe way have more right written there. Maybe I make this something pretty you're looking like play with script Looks nice and kind . All right, we'll pretend that this is how I wanted it to look. Okay. Now I want I want some ways for people to connect with me. And so I'm gonna add in some icons and just kind of like you did with research earlier. Maybe you have a Facebook. So this one's free at it in Facebook. Image on instagram keep with themes of circles. Make this sort of the same size. I'm gonna top scoops over, and I kind of want these to be my blawg colored. So I'm gonna change those backgrounds meaty. I just have one more thing. Maybe I wanna put some text or something, Like, get join newsletter for something. Whatever. You have that toe offer that you want to put there, maybe I make this caps and definitely resize it and see what fits. So turn this. Put it over here. Maybe I a little bigger at sea. Go one more. Maybe a little too big. Okay, give me. I want to add something to make it pop a little bit more. Looks like a little rectangle around it in here. This steps white. Okay, so, basically, that's all there is to it. And you can customize it how you want. You know, they get however you see fit in the things that you would want people to connect with you on and then, you know, just title it, Alison signature done. Okay. And then all you have to do is download it and I like to download. It doesn't really matter. You can download Jake J. Peg or PNG either one. So we're gonna download that. No. Just takes a few moments. And then while we're here. I will also just show you the one that I created earlier today. Just give me an idea of what that signature looks like as well. So this is the one that I created. Day Zwart with us has instagram and Facebook and our names me and Michael because we're both work on the block and a little bit about us and what the blog's about. So that's what I created earlier today. This is the one I just created now kind of up to you, how you want to make it and look like and look at other people's blog's because sometimes you can get inspiration from there as well. Okay, that is the first part of our tutorial, and you move on to video to 3. Step 2 - Crop Your Image and Create a Transparent Background in LunaPic: Okay, So the second part of creating this signature and putting on squarespace is going to be cropping and creating a transparent background. If you are using a white background, if you have a colored back around for your signature than you can skip that part, but I'll show you both just in case you didn't know this tool out there existed. Um, if you go to this website called luna pic dot com, and you can just type in Luna P i c dot com and you can find all my resource is in the resource is having the skill share two links all to these different websites that I'm showing you. But this is a free photo editing website, and I use it for mostly making transparent backgrounds and sometimes cropping as well. Um, so let's look for that signature that we downloaded and upload that into lunatic. It's pretty simple, So OK, here is our signature Wait for it to download, so we're going to kind of bisect this into several different parts. That way we can make it clickable onto squarespace, so I'm gonna have one, too three different cropping section. So we'll first start with our first part. Um, just make it go all the way to the edges, All the later the left, and just keep in mind kind of where you're cropping it. I'm just gonna do midway between this text and Facebook on crop, and then I'm gonna make this background white this transparent. I'm gonna make this transparent. So you do that in Luna picked by going to edit and then transparent background. And then once you click on that, it wants you to click on a color to make it transparent. So, like, if I click the blue, make that transparent. But I want the white to be transparent and click the white and you'll see those little boxes in the background. So that means it's made it transparent. And I'm gonna click, apply threshold and safe. Okay. And then we got to do that a few more times to get the rest of our photos done. So we'll just go ahead and do that for this. Choose file flowed in my original signature. Do you do when a crop I'm going to bring to the edges and that cropped in the middle somewhere on I'm gonna do the middle again and made a quick crock image and at it transparent background. A fly threshold save. It's an upload again she's filed. Took my same signature open Rob. I really like Luna pic because I actually find it's pretty intuitive to use. And it's actually hard to find software there that's agree that you could do this transparent background thing with. So if you're looking for something like that, it comes in handy, especially with making these little circle images. So I'm gonna crop this, uh, at it transparent background like threshold and save. And one more time for that final little bit of wording at the end of my signature, and we will be done with this portion. So cropped one final crop all the way to the edges. Move this to the end and get in the middle there and crop image and it transparent. Background. White ST. We'll see in my downloads. I have all the little pieces I have. Open this up. So this was my original signature on May just center. This were you original signature. Then we cropped it. There's the Middle Instagram and and I'll show you how that all kind of pieces together and the next video so you can move on to the next video when we create a gallery in Squarespace to load our signature into 4. Step 3 - Load your Signature into a Squarespace Image Gallery: okay. Hey, guys, welcome back. And now we're on the third portion of our creating a signature. So you're gonna want to drill down to your squarespace page or if you have a different kind of platform, whatever that looks like for you, I'm going to show you what it looks like. It's squarespace. But I'm sure this is very adoptable to WordPress as well. So in Squarespace, you can go to a section called Not Leaked and create a page. So that's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna show you an example. So I'm gonna create, um, you're gonna not gonna create a page. You're gonna create a gallery. So you're going to go on that plus icon and go to the gallery and, like, I already have one here cause I've already done this, but we'll just call this, um, demo signature for now. But you can name it really whatever you want. And so this collection is empty. So now we're gonna upload our signature items into there. So I'm gonna upload all those different little pieces that we just cropped and load them into here. You might be wondering, like, why we're doing it all in little bitty pieces, but it will make sense if you just hang on to the end. So now this this gallery is not gonna be available for anybody you see, because you don't have it linked anywhere. But it will. You can pull this in when you're pulling it into a page, so I'll show you how that all works. The first thing I'm gonna dio now is I'm gonna go into each of those little images I always like to write an imaged idol. Um, just, like, need Alison signature, and I just coffee that and I don't like this. I'm just gonna clean it up meat outs and signature with Majerle, even though probably won't use it. And I was thinking maybe I want this to go to my about me page. So in another tab, I'm gonna open up my website, find my about page your l copy it and paste it into this Your l like. Okay, so now this image is clickable. And when somebody clicks that that part of the image, they'll go to my about me page. So I'm gonna save that. Um, next I want to do Facebook, so we'll title this Facebook. She dreams of out options. Just please that ugly girl and find a Facebook age Dio these books slash she dreams about. I knew that would come up quickly if I just did it through there. So this is my blog's Facebook page, and I'm just gonna link that into this. Click through your URL and I don't mean to click a feature image. So six and you guys are kind of trying to get a picture here, but I'll just continue on So instagram she dreams, uh, Alpine. Replace that ugly your l and similar Teoh Instagram's last she dreams about fine coffee that euro and load that into here. Save and finally join our use. Yeah, place ugly Earl and then put through see what I have subscribe Age. Take that girl and I'm just gonna put it in there. You could also probably find these things if you went to your content like I could probably find certain pages if I wanted to link through, like, this subscribe pages here. So that's another way to do it your way. So click save And there you go. So you're galleries set up and everything is linked every one of your images. It's linked. Now there's just one final video. And if you go to the next video, I'll show you kind of how you piece all of those little pieces together to make one cohesive, good looking signature. So, yeah, you could move on to the next video. 5. Step 4 - Add Your New Signature to Your Blog Post: okay, the last and final step of putting a signature and one of your block post is actually putting it in the block. So if you go to your blawg and you find, I mean essentially, I mean, I'm eventually gonna go back and put my signature. And so my older post, But I'm going to use one of my older post to show you how to insert the signature into your post. And typically, I like to put these at the bottom of my posts. So if you go to your post that you want, you click at it, you can scroll down to the bottom. You see if some of my images take a little bit of time to load here, that's fine. It's you. So all right. Probably gonna put it right here where my name is. So let's go to. In Squarespace, you have these lines and you click on one and I'm going to insert a gallery. And I want to answer a gallery carousel. So gallery and then carousel to click that, and then we're gonna use an existing gallery since we've already made it. So I have to We're gonna use our demo one right now, Just so to be consistent. So I'm gonna pull that demo gallery in here, and at first it's gonna look like Well, hey, that's only one of my things. So but just bear with me. If you come back to your post and you see this little up and down arrow, you're gonna just kind of make this smaller until all of your pieces fit in there. So, see, how wise can I make a good theory of right now? You see, it all looks like one Nice piece. That's how I want it to look. See? Are there any other features I want? No, I'm just gonna leave that as it is and click apply, and really, that's it. And I did check it on mobile, and it does look like the sun mobile. It re sizes and it keeps the full image on there. So let's, uh, let's save it and I'll show you what that's like on the block. So I'm gonna go look for that post telescope people and it was located in this one. So let's look for it. So it's supposed to be at the end of our block post do you. And there it ISS So you have your signature at the end of the post. So people are like, you get to the end like maybe they like it a lot. And they're like, Oh, wow. Is this Alice in person? So this is me, um, a little bit of information about me. And if you click these different parts, it goes to those linked places that you told it to go to. So go back, show you one more instagram, for example, took to instagram. So there you go. That's it. Um, please check out the conclusion. Slides will just kind of summarize everything up. And don't forget to show me your examples. If you've made one yourself, I would love to see them upload. Um, leave a comment. Let me know how you like this tutorial. Any feedback is great. Okay. Yeah. And you can move to the conclusion sides now 6. Conclusion - Class Project and Final Thoughts: