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How to Create a Signature For Your Blog in Squarespace

Allison Boyle, Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction - How to Create a Signature for Your Blog in Squarespace

    • Step 1 - Create Signature Image in Canva

    • Step 2 - Crop Your Image and Create a Transparent Background in LunaPic

    • Step 3 - Load your Signature into a Squarespace Image Gallery

    • Step 4 - Add Your New Signature to Your Blog Post

    • Conclusion - Class Project and Final Thoughts


About This Class

Creating a custom signature to display at the end of your blog posts helps you to connect with your readers and gives them more information about you and your websites mission. It helps to personalize the content for the reader and gives them further ways to connect with you and learn about you. This post is tailored for Squarespace users, but can still be applied for Wordpress platforms as well. In this tutorial I will show you the free tools that are available to you to create a custom, professional looking signature that doesn't take a technical background to make. Create a signature today, and start connecting more with your readers!

Join Allison, founder of the She Dreams of Alpine blog, as she teaches you how to create a signature for your blog. Whether you are blogging for fun or looking to take your blog to the next level, having a signature will help your readers learn more about you and further connect with your content.

Key lessons include:

  1. Creating your signature using Canva
  2. Cropping your signature and making a transparent background (if desired) using Lunapic
  3. Uploading your cropped images to a Squarespace Signature Gallery
  4. Adding your new signature to your blog posts

Please Check out the class project for further resources such as tools that I talk about in the class.

If you enjoyed this class and are looking for further ways to connect and interact with Allison you can find her on several platforms below:

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Allison Boyle

Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

Hi there. Allison here! I am the founder and primary author of the She Dreams of Alpine blog which is an outdoor adventure and travel blog. I focus a lot of my content on hiking, backpackin, rock climbing, and other outdoor related adventures. I also enjoy teaching others how to make their blogs better and improve their social media and marketing strategy. Thanks for visiting my page! I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned from blogging and my adventures on this platform. Cheers.

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