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How to Create a Profitable Facebook Group From Scratch!

teacher avatar Sharelle Lowery, Teaching My Online Secrets!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons ()
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. Facebook Fundamentals

    • 3. Choosing a Group Topic & Income Strategies

    • 4. Module 4

    • 5. Module 5

    • 6. The Wrap Up

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About This Class

Create your very own PROFITABLE Facebook From Scratch!

This is a basic course teaching the student the WHO, WHERE, WHAT and HOW to make money from a simple Facebook Group.

People are using Facebook every day as a platform to make money from their various knowledge and to promote their businesses. If you would like to start a business, you should have a Facebook Group. It is the ultimate way to interact with clients and prospective clients and learn about new solutions that your clients want! It can also be VERY profitable! I show you how I have and AM doing it! Join Me!

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Sharelle Lowery

Teaching My Online Secrets!


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1. Welcome & Introduction: Hi. My name is Cheryl D. Lowry. I'm a blogger and online influencer, and I love to work from home today. I'm gonna be teaching the class how to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch. Honestly, I got into creating Facebook groups from scratch that are profitable purely by accident. Um, as I said earlier, I am a blogger, and I've worked from brands from with brands like Disney Target, Walmart, Amazing brands, Um, and with my Facebook following and just, you know, people interested and you know what I was doing they started asking me questions about being in business. I started attracting women in business, and so I started a Facebook group. It grew and grew and grew to thousands of women. And I realized that building profitable Facebook groups waas a business. I'm here to give you the super basics and tell you and to remind you that it absolutely can be. Then you can find me online at Cheryl online dot com span. What we're going to talk about today is super exciting and super interesting. So let me queue up my topics in this mini course. We are going to be discussing what a Facebook group can do for you how you can make money by helping people. That's the biggest and most important thing that I want to impress upon you as we are teaching this course and going through it. How to create your own Facebook group. What type of businesses are best created within a Facebook group? How that builds a good group and how to keep a group engaged. So as we get through our modules, let's have a good time. Feel free to ask me questions. I promise. I will try to respond as quickly as possible and let's hit these modules. 2. Facebook Fundamentals: welcome to Module two of how to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch. My name is Sheryl D. Lowry, and I will be your online guide to Facebook. Success in this short module, we're gonna go over Facebook fundamentals, some stats and a little bit about Facebook groups. So let's get into it. For the rest of this course. I'm gonna be going through examples online as well as presentation style. So advise you to crap some paper and a pen and start taking copious notes so that you can get your profitable Facebook group from scratch off to a running star. If you have a business and you are contemplating making Facebook a serious method of marketing, you better listen up. Ah, Facebook Group is a great way to constantly market a perspective, a product or a service. You should definitely want to know a little bit about the powerful platform that Facebook is. Facebook was founded on February 4th 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It started on its a site on Lee for college students. Today, the age of the average user is 40.5 years old, but about 65% of users are 35 older. So ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. This is a platform Decatur's that caters to people who are in the money spending age range . And that's exactly the demographic that we are looking for. Every month, 2.23 billion people log onto Facebook, about 10% of our waking hours. Americans spend 58 minutes a day on average on Facebook that he's like 1/10 of the time that you're awake, guys. So let's capitalize on that. 200 million people aren't Facebook groups. Facebook has an actual goal of one billion people in Facebook groups. Facebook knows that. That's where we're going. Facebook likes to define people in these groups, and the group experiences as very meaningful. Yikes. So if you have a product to sell, even if it's obscure, there will more than likely be a great crowd for your sales. You just need to find and defined your tribe. So what is a Facebook group? Facebook groups are everywhere, but besides that, they're places where people go to share and learn niche or specialized information, usually like minded. People will join together and talk about that one thing that they're into I almost cannot watch any show on television without being blown. Parted with enticing conversations about joining a Facebook group. Even on Facebook, they're using their own ads to motivate us to join a group. Facebook has been on the decline for young people while we're not staying around for our parents. For college, friends were definitely finding our tribes on Facebook in the form of groups. Facebook groups are basically online meet ups where precious and important information is shared from live event details. So how to start a weight loss program groups are the best part of Facebook, In my opinion, any Facebook user can make a group, so that means you can make a Facebook group. If you have an idea, let's get it started. And if you have a business, let's get your group created today. Some groups let anyone join, but others might be private. It depends on how the Facebook group admin have it set up. And guess what? You're the admin. Some groups are secret and can be searched for, and which case a qualifying group member must invite you. I would almost never suggest that you have a secret Facebook group for your business unless your business is somewhat racy in nature. Since you can see members and close groups, some people may not want other information disclosed. You know, if they're in a racing group, so also leaving a group will not notify other members, and you can also create events, upload pictures or video and share files within a group. So you're constantly able to market to these people in this group. Here's a couple examples of really profitable Facebook groups that I personally love. We all have some sort of institutional knowledge. We all know something that someone else wants and needs to know. We simply need to harness that information. Facebook groups make it easy, and since you're not on sitting on Facebook all the time anyway, why not make it into a small business? A lot of us have these personal Facebook pages that are extremely popular. Whatever you're talking about on your Facebook page is solving someone's problem. That's why they come back every day and chat with you. You're contributing to someone's life in some way. Use that popularity to build your own profitable community. Let's go over some of those groups that I love the 1st 1 is the six figure chick. I Love this group. The leader teaches amazing online fax and how to build electronic products. The group is free. Well, this one is anyway, but the products that she sells are not, and her products are absolutely worth it. The courage to earn. I love this group because they are not only supportive, but they're super knowledgeable. If you want to build a blogger or anything online, this should be your first stop. There are a few levels of support and coaching you can get first the free level then, but not so free level then the coaching high level from six figure bloggers who passed their knowledge and information over to you. I have learned most of what I know about working online from its creator, Brandy Riley. She also sells e books, journals and all things. Be a better blogger. I'm in this group, the six figure, the middle class matchmaker. I don't live in the greater Atlanta area, but for those people who do, she has paid events. Or you can acquire her services to help you get mashed up with a like minded professional. All single sounds like a lot of fun. So congratulations. You are about to create your own profitable Facebook group from scratch, and I'm gonna help you do it. See you in module three. 3. Choosing a Group Topic & Income Strategies: welcome to Module three of how to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch. Mining is sure L. D. Lowry and I will be your online guide to Facebook's success. Get this short module. We're gonna go over choosing a topic and a few different ways that you can create income. That's what you came for, isn't it? Now that you have washed the previous modules, you can see that creating a profitable Facebook group from scratch isn't how difficult you are about to make an important decision. What is your group going to be about and who are you going to serve? Remember, it's all about your members first when choosing a Facebook group topic that you want, make sure that you choose a topic that you consider yourself to the at least an expert in, or a topic that you want to share as part of your journey while growing in it. But remember, you need to be able to provide your group with content that will keep them interested and visiting your group every single day for something, be it information, entertainment or a combination of both a few topics. I do really well with Facebook groups include weight loss, fitness, business groups, learning a topic, teaching fashion, blogging or social media. Now these are just a couple examples. There's definitely tons of different options on, and I showed you a few samples in the previous module. You want to make sure that you want to immerse yourself in the topic and that you will want to do that. Do not choose a topic on Lee because you think that it will be profitable if you really don't enjoy it. Remember, you are serving your group first. There's nothing worse than taking on it. Income stream that becomes an albatross. Then you won't ends up making any money anyway, because it won't be fun. So make you sure that you choose a topic that is 100% you remember. Facebook is huge. There's someone who will be into your niche. Now that you have your topic, you need to have one or more specific income generating strategies to apply to that Facebook group. Here are a few strategies that I have used and how to use them events, business listings, directories, advice and information, affiliate programs, network marketing or multi level marketing and social selling. Okay, again one or more. So let's talk about events I've loved to host events live and online. In fact, people actually reach out to me to host events from wide events to professional networking events. I really enjoy getting women together and supporting, and I'm lifting them. You will want to have a brand that encourages people to spend time with you for this event strategy to be effective. Now Remember, I said, I like toe uplift women, and so it really works for my brands. If you like to do something else, make sure that it really works for your brand, for this strategy to be effective. For example, if you have a group that focuses on being a mother, host an event in a small venue. Maybe have a few vendors that will help you pay for the location and then sell tickets that will pay. You provide the mothers with a great panel discussion that would interest them like transitioning back toe work or how to start a small part time business as a stay at home mom. The opportunities are truly limitless. Asked members of your group what they're looking for or what they need growing this following is a process that may take some time. Be patient with yourself as you grow your group. You're literally growing a small business. Some people have events every year, every month or even every week. It really all depends on what your audience wants. The Internet is awesome if you have events that are exciting enough, sometimes people even ask you toe live, shrink the event. And, of course, there is a fee that goes along with that. Usually, Livestream tickets are less expensive than regular tickets, but you will figure out the best ways to price your events both live and online. If you're teaching, you can hold webinars that you charge interested group members for. Or maybe the group is formed for you to teach them. And you seldom a chronic inside of a webinar or a live stream that you hold on Facebook or on a separate platform like Zoom business listings. You can set up a local, national or international listing for a group of people who may want to share information among each other. If you have a business group for, let's say, Indian women, maybe they all want to do business with each other. You have an opportunity to harness all that information together in a listing on the website and sell advertisements. Leads listings or all three listings or directories are also popular for events like local live in its, and the Facebook group can support the listing. Advertising is the best method for this to be popular. Advice and information. Your Facebook group might be based on knowledge for advice that you want to give, and people are willing to pay you a monthly fee for again. Remember that courage to earn group that we talked about? That is exactly how they are profitable affiliate programs allowing other people to sell to your group. Ah hah! Maybe you don't have a program or something to sell, but somebody else does. Ah, feeling marketers love to partner with business groups and sell their products. They given online presentation, and you all divide up the proceeds at whatever percentage you both designed on. 50% is not an uncommon split, so don't be afraid to ask for the big bucks. So let's say an affiliate marketer cells ah, $500 product to your group. That means you received $250 of that one product sale. If that's what you guys agree on, I mean, gosh, if you sell 10 of those 2500 bucks, it's got profitable right side note. Please make sure that anybody that you bring to your group is properly vetted, as is the product that they are selling. You have worked very hard to build your group's trust. Do not let somebody come in and change that for you because they're selling snake oil. The uh, affiliate marketer should also be comfortable sharing their product with you so that you could test it out before you share it with your group. Okay, network marketing and supporting your MLM group on Facebook is really big. So in the instance, um, in this instance of the Facebook group is a phenomenal way to support your network marketing team. The benefit is that people will come to that Facebook group. They're coming to Facebook anyway, right? We'll come to that Facebook group all the time. You're able to keep them up today with information, new product developments and meetings. Obviously, your company will pay you more. When your team performs better, you're able to connect with people that you may not have an opportunity to connect with maybe over a conference call, because you can do alive and they can see you in person and you can interact with them on a regular basis. This is really an awesome way to have a profitable Facebook group. If you're an MLM, you should have Ah, Facebook group specifically for your team, and this is my favorite social selling. It isn't thank you guys. I have an example on the right side of the slide. This girl literally is selling items and then asking for the fun ones right there in the group via PayPal. Social selling is a thing. It's especially popular for fashion. People go live on Facebook. Other people will claim an item that they're selling, and then the seller will invoice them with a pay power email once the email. Once that pape out invoices paid. I've innocent. These groups are great because it's like shopping with friends in a closed environment. You see us, she says. Just comment. Soul with the size and m of the address. Like what? What? There is so many ways to create a profitable group from scratch on Facebook These are just a few options that are exciting and fun. I have either done them or seen them done very effectively. So jump in. Congratulations. You have now completed Module three. Choose your business and I will see you in module for 4. Module 4: welcome to module for of How to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch money. Michelle de Laundry and I will be your online guide to Facebook. Success in this short module, we're going to go over how a Facebook group can be profitable, acquiring matching social handles and how many people you really need in a group to be profitable. Now that you flush the previous modules, you can see that creating a profitable Facebook group from scratch is not difficult. So let's get into it. As Facebook groups growing popularity, they are becoming a place where people create and share content. And this way they're not very different from blog's or podcasts. In fact, some blog's or podcasts actually have a company groups. However, if the Facebook group is your major place for the gathering of your community, you want to make sure of a few things. The importance of an email list is a big deal. Okay, it is important that you are constantly asking group members to join your email list. Facebook and other social platforms are notorious for shutting a group or page down. I think I'm gonna say this again. Facebook and other social platforms are notorious for shutting a group or page down. This could be because you are breaking the terms of service banana boats have ever really read. Or it could be that you were reported. Or it could be that Facebook just felt like shutting you down and any of it. You must have another way to reach out to your community. We do not build something for it to be taken down. Remember, you don't own Facebook. You're just using their space on their servers. Always have an email list link that you are sharing. Share it at least three times a week and make sure that your members know that they will kid exclusive constant on a regular basis. If they do join your list, I will also be sure to put email. Referrals on the resource is playbook, so don't forget to download it. Matching social handles is also a big deal. First of all, what is a social handle or site? Every social platform like Twitter or Paris enables you to have a user or a site name. It is important that you claim your online site name with most social platforms for a few reasons one so that nobody else can squat on that name, too, so that your group members can find you in multiple places and three so that you can find new members and grow your group. This helps your members also experience your powerful content in multiple places online and also bring them back to your group. Such the conversation exciting. I also know before you choose a group name, be sure that your social handle is available. Be sure on Google your potential Facebook group name and also check out name check dot com to see if the handles are available. I'll be sure input that you are ill and the playbook is well, I want to share with you about named check dot com. It's not always totally accurate, and I have thought that a social property was available and it was not. So. Be sure and check yourself OK, but name check dot com does help a lot. Having matching social handles also is very helpful because people will want to interact with you on different social platforms. Every group will have different needs for some groups. Tumbler would be a great social handle on both to acquire for others, the Big Three or the best Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. Ah, Linda Page may also be a benefit to a growing and supporting a group. Find out the places that your group members play online and figure out if this is a place that you want to visit and participate in regularly. So a question that people have is how many people do I really need for my Facebook group to be profitable, right? Do you really need a crowd? The number of people that you need to have a profitable Facebook group is really going to depend on the product or service that you're selling as well as what profitable means to you. I would start with building the group and then adding people with their permission, of course, who would be the most interested in what you are sharing? Then I will start making sure that you put daily constant in the group to keep your group interested and engaged unless your product is very expensive or has a residual component like a payment every month, especially like for that listing situation, I would say that you want to build your group to a minimum of 100 members, and I'll start with that as a goal. Well, congratulations. You have now completed module for profitability Fundamentals. If you're taking notes here, some important takeaways and some things to do, get an email provided to help you stay in touch with your group members. Google the name of your potential Facebook group and make sure that nobody else has been named. Secure the social properties on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook and even get the girl. Check the notes for all the links that I referred to in module 54 I will see you in Module five. 5. Module 5: Welcome to Module five of How to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch Money. Michelle de Lowey and I am your on blind guide toe Facebook success in this short module, we're gonna go over building good group engagement and keeping your group fully engaged with good content. Now that you have flushed the previous modules, you can see that creating a profitable Facebook group from scratch is not difficult. So let's get into it. If you build it, they will come right wrong. If you build a good group, they will come. People come to Facebook group because they're looking for something very niche. Very specialized single moms who also swim people who sell the same type of health products . How to teach my kids Chinese. These are all different types of groups that will keep people coming back to your Facebook group because you have the secret sauce of what they need. Your group will not become profitable simply because it exists, but if you build and its good, they will come. We'll get into a few tactics shortly. So what is content? Aside from being king content is any of the juicy things that encourage you to visit Facebook and stay there. Pictures, thoughts, links, information. Live videos. As the creator of this group, it's really like your own little social media site. You control the conversation. You had a piece of content and hope that your readers will start engaging. People love questions. This will grow your engagement and help you to create more content before your Facebook group will be profitable. It must be a service. So think about your group members first. Before you create any content, will this serve them? No concept, No problem. Do not feel overpressure to create all of this content. Before you have a lot of group members at a few members, ask friends who might be interested, at least on the fringes to join your group, even ask them to ask their friends As people join your group, ask them what they're interested in. Within your group's chosen niche as a group owner, you need to make sure that while you foster conversation that you also keep on target. If your group is about single moms who slim do not let some very excited group member hijack your group, I start talking about doughnuts. It has often been said that niches built riches, so keep your group very specific. Every group is not for everyone. And the more special your group is, the more interested your members will be. Let's keep your group good. Okay, so here's some quick tips for keeping your group good. Use appropriate keywords in your group. He words are important because it is how people will find your group on Facebook. Good keywords. Equal good quality group members. Ah, quick way to figure out if your keyword is being used good on both Facebook and instagram and enter in the key word in the search and search it as a hashtag. For example, Asian women in business. You can set up the keyword as you're building your group or while you're creating them. You may even change them as your group changes. You can only have five keywords to define your group, so be mindful. Let's go ahead and make sure that we keep an engaged in profitable Facebook group. It's easier to start than it is to keep a good group, and a Facebook group that is good can be profitable. There are many ways to keep your group fully engaged here are a few. Go live by showing yourself to your group. They not only realize that you are a real person that also begin to trust you and the fact that you should be talking about your chosen subject. It's also a wonderful way to build camaraderie and can help in sales and social selling. It is almost all done live via video. Create challenges in the group. Challenge people to be great in a network marketing centered group to encourage members to get five more leaves. This week, I'm meeting people in the grocery store who might like your product or may want to join your team. This can be motivating competitive it and can result in more success to your individual team members, which will result in success for you share content that benefits your group and gets them talking. It doesn't always have to be so heavier. Professional people, cancer groups to be informed and entertained. I'm a big lover of pop culture, so I might share a pop culture mean that might only loosely be tied to my topic. Make sure that you're engaging with your Facebook group offline as well. Meeting with your Facebook group members is a great way to keep the group engaged with some groups. This will not be appropriator doable because of location parameters, but if it is an option, this can be awesome, like brunch or activities. Any photos or even live video from the event can be awesome and excite members who didn't have an opportunity to come. This is really powerful for events where you charge members such as networking events or girls night Out. People who didn't make it this time will surely make it next time. A little advertising for your group when you have events. Advertising for your events is very powerful. This is sure to grow your list, get greater exposure to event to your events and help you to receive more notoriety and to grow. This definitely can equal profits. Facebook will help us sometimes to they'll advertise our groups alongside other groups. I have most definitely joined groups just because they were being advertised to meet on Facebook. I am not the only one addicted to Facebook groups. Okay, so congratulations. You have now completed Module five growing your Facebook group fundamentals. If you're taking notes here, some important takeaways and things to do And remember, think about the text of content that you were comfortable creating thoughts, links, images. Video. Developed five good keywords to define your group and help people find your group on Facebook. Do a search on line to see if anybody is following your hash tax to see if they would make good keywords for your group. Locate a place where you can go live in your home so that you'll do it at least once a week . Check the notes for all the links that I refer to in this and passed modules. See you in the wrap up. 6. The Wrap Up: welcome to the wrap up of how to create a profitable Facebook group from scratch. As you know, my name is Cheryl D. Lowry, and you can find me online. Cheryl online dot com. I want to go over five rep up tips to get you started on creating your group today. Now that you have washed all the previous modules, you can see that creating a profitable Facebook group from scratch is not difficult at all . So let's get into it. Step one. Figure out a good topic for your Facebook group. Make sure that it's topic that you either are a master at or simply want to take a lot of time researching. Or, hopefully both Google, a potential name of the group. Look on Instagram and Facebook and check out the hashtag ecstasy of people are using them or anything similar to them. If it all looks good, then go ahead and create your group. Get those coins said to figure out what business strategy you believe would work for you. This will help you determine how to share content with your group. You may focus on one specialty or several Holston events, business listings, advice and information affiliate programs. MLM Support social selling You'll know what to do to make your group profitable and great for your members. Step three. Make sure that you have an email list set up for your group. I have a great link in the notes. Acquire a matching social handle and the u. R L. Use name check dot com to check on the availability of your social handles. Figure out what social platforms are best for you and your group's needs. Figure out what your people party online and make sure that you are there. Step four. Builder Group Slowly start adding a few friends. Start adding content pictures, thoughts, links, live video. Ask people questions. Choose good key works. Go live and I'll forget me. It'll fly. The great part about Facebook groups is that they are made of actual people. Yeah, we don't have to just be online with commit offline. This can be very profitable for you, especially if you have events. Step five. This is the most important step, and I really want to impress upon you that this is really why we do what we do. You must be in service to your members you must provide a service first before you earn $1 . This is not a get rich quick opportunity. Creating a profitable Facebook group from scratch takes time and effort. Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to join me happy Face the grouping and I'll see you online.