How to Create a Profit and Loss Sheets for your Shopify Dropshipping Business

Adam Reed, e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

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2 Videos (37m)
    • Create a Profit and Loss Sheet Part 1: Monthly Summary

    • Create a Profit and Loss Sheet Part 2: Daily Summary


About This Class

If you're running any type of online business you'll know how important it is to keep track of your finances. Unfortunately, most people are so eager and excited to get started with their business, that they forget to track their finances. Then, a couple of months in to their new venture, they realise they have no idea how much money they have made (or lost!) so far.

This short class will provide you a step by step tutorial on how to set up a Profit and Loss tracking sheet using Google Sheets. The principles and skills learned here can be applied to any business, but I use a Shopify Dropshipping business as the example here.






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Adam Reed

e-Commerce and Digital Asset Entrepreneur

A 22 year old graduate and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in online enterprise. Adam was quick to launch his first online business at the age of 15 and has developed various online ventures over the past 6 years.

Most notably, Adam has demonstrated his ability to grow a business's turnover from £0 to £8,000 in under 60 days.

Through starting and running online enterprises, Adam has developed a wide range of skills and expe...

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