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How to Create a Professional Video Title/Web Banner with Camtasia

teacher avatar Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Video Title

    • 3. Adobe Interface Introduction

    • 4. Designing the Banner

    • 5. Adding Shadows and Shapes Part 1

    • 6. Adding Shadow and Shapes Part 2

    • 7. Completing the Project

    • 8. Testing Title and End Note

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About This Class

This course is about sharing the skills and knowledge to equip you with Professional video title and Web Banner Designing skills and most importantly, to build skills for passive income.

This course will give you insight of Adobe Photoshop tools and techniques that i use to create an awesome Web Banner and Video Title with multiple colors.  

Background Knowledge

No previous knowledge is required, I'll teach you step by step the approach and technique to create a professional looking graphics and portfolio presentation

Material Included

Users are allowed to use the design for their personal use and also source material will be provided upon request. 

Course Structure and Timing and Why this course

It will take you approx 1-2 hours to complete and follow the steps that i taught during the course. we will adopt layer approach and will divide the project into small chunks and at final stage we will assemble them all.  

“if you want to earn more – you need to learn more”

What are the requirements?

  • No previous experience is required
  • Willingness required to learn new skills for passive income stream
  • Adobe Photoshop software is required to follow this course. You can access its trial version or paid version from Adobe website. Link to down is also included in the videos.

What is the target audience?

  • anyone who wants to learn graphic designing skills
  • Familiarity with the function and basic use of the software

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur


A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn Together - Grow Together - Succeed Together

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1. Course Introduction: Hi there. Thanks for joining. This course is about how to design an awesome professional video title or if that banner on this will cover step by step approach from basic to advance. So the whole idea is to share the skills I have to enable you to make passive income by designing banners or video titles. To me, portfolio diversification is a very important, and I would like to share this recipe of success with you to attend the scores. No prior knowledge off designing is required as I will go through step by. Step on, I will teach you how to design them. Incoming videos. We will learn how to designing from scratch. This step by step approach will help us to quickly start and learn, adopt for the shop, getting familiar with the necessity tools with hands on practice. And finally, we will learn how to produce the final product into different color combination with a single click. Okay, now, and if breaking about this course and let's start this course on this north that if you want to earn more, you need to learn more. I will see you in this course, Chow 2. Introduction to Video Title: Okay, so welcome back. Excited. Now we are going to learn how to design this banner. This can also be used for the video titles on. I will show you that how we can transform the video titles into really cool effect. So without further ado, let's start this course. Okay? It's the first thing first, I'm gonna move this out. This is our reference document. Now we are going to create first files file new and the words we're going to select 1000 pixels in height 500. The reason we are creating this banner on the high resolution, we can use it for the multiple purpose without losing the quality. Okay. Suppress. Okay. There you go. Our main chemists is hair. So first thing first, let's put the background, I'm gonna put a white background just like the white color. I'm going to select this paint bucket too, and click on the screen. Bingo. Okay. The next step is I'm going to add a layer. I'm there. I'm going to draw a rectangle. Okay. There's my shape tool, and I pressed the rectangle. Okay, So click Gragg. Only I'm going to change its color taking on this book's gonna color it temporally. Just give it a great color. Okay? But it said it in the middle gruffly. Okay, so, no, I'm going to select this left two edges. I'm going to select the anchor points with selection to direct selection. Do click, click on the screen and drag and select both corners. Now, both cars are highlighted. If you can notice a Mbesuma, this anchor point is dark black and the other one is empty hollow. Okay, so this mean this anchor point is selected? Okay, Zuma. So once these two points are selected, I'm going to press control t or transform, and I'm going to hold Ault button or option button on the Mac on click and drag. Okay, Now leave it somewhere there. Okay, It will give Nice zoom out or expansion effect. OK, so this bridge is ready. Now we are going to do is to add another layer, and we are going to draw another rectangle Sheftel rectangle click grog. Believe. Okay, so the color is vital. Gonna change it a little bit? Yeah, I will do Andi now I'm going to select this edge. I'm going to use the left arrow keys from the keyboard. The moving it on the left side. Okay, I'm going to select this point again. The up arrow key. There you go. Okay. I'm selecting the boat. Point from the bottom. Right. Arrow key, but down. Okay. Not say this is ready. Now I'm going to create a duplication off this layer. Select earlier drag and drop it on the layer icon. It would create a duplication. Okay? Or we just delete this. You can also press control. J. I don't have created Copia, Fred. OK, now I'm going to press control T right click, flip horizontal, and I'm making it bigger. Press enter. I'm going to move this layer behind my main layer. A stream in them. This is our main ship. That's where we will type the text or title etcetera. OK, so this is our hi lightly or picture earlier. Okay, on this is our right down there. Okay? So let's change the color of the background. We can distinguish. Okay, Now I'm going to move this pressing the shift key, and I'm going to move this anchor point right arrow key off the keyboard so the effect would look like it's the paper that is it wrapped around the main background layer. Okay, so next level it Yes, I do mean go for perfection. Okay. Selecting selection tool again. This anchor point left a rookie till this goes behind the main there. Okay, this will do. OK, zoom out. Now. We are pretty much ready. Okay, let's do some coloring. Now The main background change its color to white. So you're not this one. This is the main background men. Shit basically changes color to white. That's where our text will appear. Double click on the layer and I'm going to change the layer style option Stork. The option I'm going to select is this Grady int. Okay, click on this Grady int. You can see the color selection. Okay. Click on this one. Okay. This is a color that I'm using On the left hand side on. This is a color 3594 double E. This is a color. It's a hexi decimal cold for this color I'm using on the right hand side. Okay, so click. OK, press. OK. Our main border is ready. Okay, Let's do some coloring for the other banners. 3. Adobe Interface Introduction: there are four panels or tools I'm interested in. Okay, on the number one is layer, which is this panel and then tools. These are the tools that we will be using on, uh, no, all off them, but some off them. And then we have panels, which are these panels? Character panel on info panel again. If you double click on them, you can drag them outside. Okay, So these air expandable as well, or you can drag them individually and you can fit them wherever you feel convenient. Okay. I normally keep them next to the tools so there and drag on next to the tool. There. Okay, on. You can see these small arrows. If you click on them, they will collapse. You click them again and they will expand. Okay, We normally collapsed them just to have a more area off working. Okay, But it's saying, darling, your preference. So the four tools, As I said, we're interested. Layers, tools again. Info battle that help us to calculate the dimension off the objects in peg salary ranges on . Then we have a character panel and character panel helps to change phone size, the distance space except ironic Second. Okay, we'll go into detail on just in case. If they're not a reasonably there, there is option if you click on the window menu, and there you will see all the panels and options. Um, you need to check info. You need to check layers. You need to check tools that will give you tools panel. I think that's pretty much it. And then select the characters as well. Okay, there's some further palace that are check. Most probably won't be using them. Okay, This is how you can set your interface. Mostly will be working in layers on. We will be using the tool, but as we will progress, we will see how we can use the shortcuts to make it more fun. Um, and again, the idea is to work as a pro. Right? So let's get started. 4. Designing the Banner: okay, since our main shape color is pretty much ready. Now we're going to focus on this. The top patch, which is over highlight picture. Let's change its color. So I'm going to double click on the layer. It will show the layer style properties on there. I'm going to select the radiant overlay. Okay, leave the opacity 100% on the radiant. I want you to select in this color. Okay, If I double click on the radiant again, the calorie seem as we have just noticed in our previous video, you can choose the same Hexi decimal for the color. Another thing I want you to look at, you can create your own preset. Okay, let's say the color hair. You want to change a little more blue click, OK? And you click This option knew and could create a new preset. Okay, but for this tutorial, we're going to stick to this one. It's OK on DA style would be linear. And the angle I'm going for minus 90 degree reason I want to go for the opposite side is I wanted to create a light effect. That light is coming from the top. That's why the bottom area is a little bit darker. Okay, While the grading is selected, you notice if I click on the object and move them out, up and down, it's changed the greedy int of rebel. Okay, so the brighter the top dr at the bottom, that's OK. And press. OK, so ingredient color is ready now just to create a more wrapping effect. What I would do of selected layer Mosque on section two and exactly the bottom corner trying to move it for the down. Okay. Like this. This side, A morning blood, but left top left. Okay, Okay. The reason is, I want to create a shadow at this end. Others occur from this end as well. Okay, so let me show you what I'm talking about. Okay? I'm going to create a layer. This layer I'm going to create under the main shape. I'm going to select polygonal lesser toe, which is this one. Okay, second, I'll click. There. There, There, There. Okay, So what I've done, I've just created and murdered triangle selection. Them is women, okay? And I'm going to color it. Precip in booking tool. Change the color. Make it darker blue. It's gonna do press OK? And pent. What happened? Is it not a bit okay, if you notice, it has created a nice, darker background. What I'm going to do, I'm gonna move my radiant. Not on this one. I'm going to move my great in color a little bit up. Okay? So this bottom color and this color will match. Okay? This is fine. And the same thing to create a curve. I'm going to create another patch there or what I can do. I can move the corner, respect both corners, bring them down. I'm pressing the right arrow key sticking out a little bit. I'm, uh, Specter the layer, and this will do. There's color that one as well when the others over. Background layer, double clicking great into ole opacity is 100. And we're going to change this to the grid in color. We how created go from minus that will do its ok, Let's compare it. We are almost there. OK, with comparison, I'm observing the great indifference. Might I'll have to increase the darker side a little bit more. So what I'm gonna do, I'm going to select Just move it out of the screen so I can see both at the same time. Okay, this will do. I'm going to select top player. Double click creating trouble. A moment slip away. I'm going to move it up there. Okay? And it's somewhat near to Yeah, I think almost there. That that will do that Will do. Press. OK. The same thing I will do for the bottom one. Moving it up. I think this should be fine. OK, now click. Okay, A Let's move forward. 5. Adding Shadows and Shapes Part 1: Okay, Now, let's add a little bit taxed for this. I'm going to use the type tool. Click this T add a text click on the screen. It would display you option to Tibet's their type two. The color I'm going to use is light. So on the character panel, I can change the color white press. OK? And I have to move this layer on top of my mentioned so I can actually see my text there. Okay, so there is my text. Let's increase its font size. I'm going to select 90 on. Um, we're going to add a little bit of fact in her shadow, so have double click on the layer. I'm going to the layer sell properties I'm selecting in her shadow. Okay, okay. For capacity, we are going to choose 50 nine. Order sported 60. Andi, we're not going to use a global light. The angle we are going to use 90 degree distance. We're reducing to two chalk. Let it be zero on size three. Okay. So it will give us a nice a little bit inside shadow effect or get like, inboard interim borsa factor. Okay, Press OK and place this too. in the middle. Well, I'm going to do selected my text layer, and I'm going to select the top layer on a Were to go in the middle and horizontal in the middle. I'm good. Okay, Texas. Ready? Okay, Now, let's add the folding patch on the top and the way we are going to do it, I'm going to select my shape. Tool rectangle. Click drag. Andi, drop here. Okay, I'm going to select the Layer Mosque and my selection tool. So what I'm about to do, like so many. Let me, selectors, I'm going to remove this anchor. Point on for this. I'm going to select the pen tool and the fourth option, which is delete anchor point toe Klik this and click on this anchor point once on what it will do, it will remove it, and we'll try to make it into a triangular shape. Okay. And that's what we need on the reason we are using this shape toe. Uh, this will give us a vector base authority, which means if we have to expand or reduce this manner or video title, it would not affect or damage the quality, as you might already aware the difference between the rast arise image on the vector base image. Okay, so the vector base image is basically mathematical calculation off the big sales. So it retains the quality and for rest arise image if you reduce it or expanded it destroyed the pixel or hence affect the quality. Okay, so I'm going to select the selection tool. This anchor point, I'm going to move it so I can see Well, it'll fit. There you go. Okay. On I can place it. Something here, little bit outside on This will do. Okay. And now a rectangle is ready. Okay. Now let's change its color double quick on the layer on the great in color. Again. We're going to select the color rehab selected already on and go. I think it worse yet. 90 degree. That will do. And I'm going to move this greedy and live it up. This will do. Okay, Now we're almost now. What we have to do is to add shadows and this is very important 6. Adding Shadow and Shapes Part 2: Okay, Now, let's add some shutter effect for this. I'm going to zoom in Oppress Zet from the keyboard, and then I can click on the screen, and I was zooming all alternatively, I can use, uh, the option here. Okay, so just pressing is aired. Will enable the zoom option. Givens, I'm in. I'm gonna use the polygonal too. Click. I'm going to create a new layer under this shape because the shuttle will come underneath this layer. Okay? Create a lair. I'm going to create a shape. Okay, Try to fill it with a black color. The color black Here is my paint. Book it. They're like, unclip present control de for these elections. Okay, it's a justice Press Control P holding and control button on. I'm moving this there. Likely they're good. Press center three. Go. Shadows ready. And I'm going to add gogean. Blur filter, So filter blur. God, Schindler, On this window, the more you increase the radius, the broader the spread would be okay to make sure the spread is under control. I think this will do. Four warned. What about 4.5? I will do. OK, impressing. Okay. Now can you see the blur is coming out from these edges. Don't worry about it. We can use the layer mask to hide them. Okay. Also, we introduced the opacity if we think that's too strong. Okay, that will do. Let's add the rear mosque on impressing the layer mosque. Click on this. Selecting the black color, which is already selected. I'm going to use the brush tool there. I can reduce or increase the size. Going to do the hard brush. I'm going to paint edges. There you go. Okay. Nice and easy. Okay, let's add shed with this side. Okay, so for this. Yeah, that summer I mean, there, I'm going to create and they're under leave. Same same thing. I'm going to use the polygonal toe click like click click on Click. OK, Gonna fill it with a black color. There you go. The same thing going to apply. The guardian. Blur, Blur, Guardian blur. It's used the same 4.5 and we could reduce the opacity. I think the past we used 55. Let's reduce it to 55 as well. 55% door. Okay, on. You can move it. Bit up there. Okay. Nice. We zoom out. I didn't see the shadow is coming out. Okay, so we're pretty much done on this one. The last thing we need to do is to add text, select the text tool click. It's called it Global View. Okay. Of course. We need to reduce the point or the size. Let's take it. Do people do well, maybe 80 points? 74. Or we can press control T on select, appropriate size. Okay, I'm Virginia to color two. Great. I agree. Okay. Okay. Lets types, um, for the text. So click textual click drag leaves. It will select a nice area. You could choose it there. 20 points on left a line because they first learned. Then you earn Okay, change form, size to normal. Mary, let's go for Ariel. We're good. Now. If I copy paste, what would happen? Okay, so it's basically the Texas wrapping in between this box, the word spacing line spacing is 75. We have to reduce it. Number 20. Let's do it. Tourney. Double click types of more text could be based on paste. Should do. Okay. And as I said, the idea is you can type sale here. Andi, you can change a global view to they grab this amazing deal. You can put some text around here. You can also put any graphic in this box. Okay. Again, The idea is to created promotional banner. Okay, if you want to use it for the title and of course, we can change this to where there were the picture. I'm going to show this how we will do it. Okay, let's compare this with the original ban it. Okay? We are pretty much done. Um, on, uh, all we need to look into now is basically yeah, I can see the difference here. The shape is going up. What? We have Put it down. It's fine. Where? Now you know how to do it. Okay, So another thing we have to add this shadow to give her, like, three D effect. Looks at the shadow. Um, So what we're going to do is I did it too. I'm going to create a layer under man there, Okay? And I'm going to select the brush tool just like the soft brush. Okay. The color is black. Index less increase of size. More, more. I will do clicking on the screen now. I'm going to press control T. Okay. Squeezing it down here, moving in there. I'm pressing to control Gooden on dragging this anger to the left. Nice lips, shade press enter. Who can squeeze it a little bit more. Do Andi, that's reducing capacity a little bit more. There you go. Well, I think we are ready. It's gonna give you a sort of three d. Look, another thing we can do. Now. Watch this. Okay, I'm going to create duplication off this layer. Present control T. Right click. Flip horizontal. Okay. And now I'm going to press enter. Okay. Off selected delayer mosque selection to we reflect these two anchor points control T press The old key an expanded outward. Okay. And I'm going to increase it by pressing shift and old key. They go. I'm going to move this down. Well, there. Tell me what happened. There you go. Okay. One thing I've noticed about this, uh, player. Okay, let's find out. We're not there is. OK, this is over. Cup side. Chicago. This is a friend. Ah ha. This one. Okay, so this will go there, and I think we are pretty much okay now, So that's another week to design it. Actually, I want to reduce this. That's too much sector mosque tool. I'm going to select the selection tool Click drag selectable to anchor point Control T press. We're hold old key on moving. Squeeze a little bit down. Okay. There. Nothing this will do. There you go. A nice effect. Nothing. I'm like this one more, uh, addicted to do. OK, so our banner is ready. Now I'm gonna show you how you can turn this banner into a video title. Okay, let's check this innocent next radio. 7. Completing the Project: Well, welcome back. Now, this is a very interesting video. We're gonna let's make an awesome video title. Okay, so first thing first we need a couple of files for this. Well, let me move it Hair for this video title purpose. I'm going to use my picture on this background texture. OK, so let's start the first thing. I'm going to remove this photo. Let's find out this text. I'm going to hide this, okay? And instead of this layer, I'm going to move my picture. So what I'm doing click, drag and drop. Okay, but this is a PNG file. Have already removed the background. Okay, so I'm gonna place it here. This is me. Uh, let's make a little bit slightly bigger. Okay? So this is awesome. Picture. Okay, so the picture is there. Okay, Now we are going to change the text. So DoubleClick for the text. I'm going to use this text, which is basically an altar off for extorting pattern sharing practical ideas off passive income direction strategies. Okay, though, and grow and succeed together. Okay, So move this to another line that would do. That's increase its formed as well from 14 to eating like it. Fine. My Texas there and sort of global view. I'm going to change it to my name. Okay, Now, this is looking cool. Okay, Now, let's add Awesome. Nestor, this Okay? Uh, first thing first, I'm gonna choose my background. Um, shape this one. Okay, I'm going to move. Sorry. I'm going to place a new layer on top of it. Okay, so there is mild window. I'm gonna move it. Click drag girl. Okay, I'm making slightly bigger. So it's fits in to the entire shape. Gonna reduce its capacity so I can see through. Yeah, it's gonna cover, then dark area. That's fine. Now I'm going to make it a clip mosque Way I'm going to do it is I'm going to press old button moving my mouth's to the edge off this layer. Okay? Can you see the icon is changing. That mean it is ready to become a mosque for the bottom layer. So click Walla. Okay, so our genes texture is basically wrapped in the background. I mean, assuming looking cool. Okay. So I'm gonna create a copy if it again. And this time I'm going to create mosque for the top shape. OK, old lake. There you go. I know this must be looking cool so we can change the color. Okay, so let's go for lighter. This will do. Okay, copy. Change this color as well. Through the same. Okay, there is our video title. It looks cool. Okay. The way we're going to use it in our video is we have to remove the background. Okay, on how you gonna remove the background? Simply hide the background layer. Okay, Now we're going to save the entire canvas. We're going to save as demographic folder. We're going to save as PNG file. Okay, this PNG file and let's call it video title video title. Okay, press. OK, Now our video title is ready. Now, make the background layer visible. Okay, no less. See how we can use this banner in the video. 8. Testing Title and End Note: right. Welcome back. Now let's have a look. How we are going to use the PNG file or the title we had created, Which is this one? Okay, okay. I'm going to drag my video editing tool. What? We out like some other thing? OK, I'm using Camp is your studio for video dating. And this is my interface. You might be using some different video package. It could be adult premier. OK, but the basic method is pretty much same. Okay, all you need to do is to import the media. You go to file import and you go to the particular folder and select the file. You are interested in our case? It's a PNG file. Click open air. It will add to the media library. Okay, You can also click. Drag and drop is well, okay. It will create a copy of it into the library. Once the images there, you have to place this image on your timeline. Click drag on drying hair and move it up. Okay, so it has placed on the canvas for this purpose. I'm removing my logo unless it replace the logo with the video title. Okay. The video title is going to be appeared on the left bottom corner like this. Make it smaller. Let's make a little bit smaller. Okay. There you go. On. We want to stop this. Okay, let's add a little bit transitions. Um, we want it to slide in. Pixel ate big select from the start. Andi at the end, We want a to slide left. Okay, so let me play this How this look like, here's our banner. And, of course, we haven't set the timeline. Collect reduced the time line as well. Okay, like this plate is your awesome banner appeared, and after a few seconds, it will move to the left. There you go. Okay. And now here's one. Be your continue. So let's view it on a bigger scale. Let's play it. Okay. Here is your classic beautiful banner on with the field seconds, it will move to the left. There you go. Okay. So we can add a lot of variation. We can play with transition, but this is how you going to add your video title onto your video? Okay. Now, the question is is that the only color we can use in now? Let me share with you a tape that will allow you to produce this banner into multiple colors. Okay, so let me share this with you. Is pausing this well in this away, going back to the file we were working on? Okay, okay. I don't want to change the color of my image, so I will place my image right on top, which is already on the top. That's fine. Okay, Now I'm going to select all the layers. Um, we go all the layers. Andi, I'm going to group it. Control G created group. This is our Brunner. Okay, now I'm hiding the background on pressing shift control. Old and pressing E. Okay, the shift control old press e what it will do, it will create a snapshot off everything again. Here is a new layer with a complete snapshot. So what I'm going to do become this layer. We are going to add a clipping mask off you and saturation the way we're going to do it. I'm going to press old button this icon Click you saturation. Select this option. Use previous layer to create a clipping mask. I click. Ok, Okay. So what it has created is basically a clipping mask off you and situation for our previously Now look what happened here is the magic. If I'm going to chained to here, it will change the color off the banner. Let me just try to raise killing the beauty. Okay, With one banner, you can transform into different colors again. We're using the dark colors at the movement. You can reduce the saturation. Okay, Vice versa. And similarly, you can increase or decrease the likeness. Okay, Uh, let it the default on there you go to school as well. Okay, so this is how you change the color bonsai calories selected. You can save this file. Just remove the background file, save as PNG file PNG file and re grow your another. Um, I'm gonna say, Well, let's let's save it with the titled, okay. Click, OK? And now you have your second image ready? With a different color. Okay. There you go. That's your first. This is a second. Okay. Okay. On this note, this course is complete. I hope you enjoyed. I know in the beginning, the course was a little slow, but I had to set the foundation so I can accelerate slowly and gradually. Okay? So the banner is completed. We can use the same matter, toe produce, different manners or the video titles like the concept is pretty much same. Also, I have recently launched a website on logos. Let me share with you. This is my website is old premium logos. So it's a local house, doc teachable dot com. Okay, a few are enrolled on any of my graphic designing course. You are entitled for 50% discount. Okay, so any of the logo that you like all you have to do is to send me the girl, and I'll give you 50% discount, and I can customize it for years. Well, these are all premium class logos on the quality is high definition quality reflect any offense you will notice. I have producing on different colors so you can have multiple ideas that how you can use them with what color schemes. Okay, that's pretty much it for now. Thanks a lot for bearing with me on Duh. I hope you're right. The scores please do rated on bond. Follow me other courses as well. A graphic designing it's less work together. Let's grow together and let's succeed together. Thanks a lot for your valuable time