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How to Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation Part 2


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    • Part 2 1

    • Keep It Simple

    • Lists

    • Contrast

    • Pictures,Sounds and Transitions

    • Tips and how to create graphs

    • Summary


About This Class

How to Create a Professional Presentation Part 2

You will learn in this course how to create a professional PowerPoint Presentation, at the end of the course you will be able to design a professionally sound PowerPoint Presentation, you will be given many tips and techniques to reach mastery in PowerPoint creation, and you will be able to capture the attention of your audience by:

Part 2

  • KIS (Keep IT Simple) : You will learn how to (KIS) the presentation by keeping it simple this is will be done by not using many types ,and colors of Font .
  • Lists : You will learn the difference between bullet-ed and numbered lists , when and how to use them , by: knowing the difference between bullets and numbers ,limiting the number of list items  ,emboldening the main point ,keeping text to a minimum then will give you given an example from the course Presentation .
  • Contrast: color contrast is the difference in lightness or darkness between a foreground and background color in Chapter Nine you will learn how to use Contrast to make your Presentation readable and the Color Wheel will is discussed briefly .
  • Pictures, Sounds, and Transitions: You will learn not use : Pixilated ,small, and stretched images , in addition to that you will learn not to use many images on the same slide, how to use sounds, and transitions, then a demonstration will be given to you to show you how to handles pictures when inserting them into your slides without stretching them.
  • Tips and Graphs:  You will be shown how to create a professional Graph in eight steps, these steps are:
    • Removing Back Ground Grid Lines
    • Adding Data Labels
    • Deleting Vertical(Value) Axis
    • Adding Chart Title
    • Resizing the Graph
    • Formatting Data Cells
    • Re positioning Data Labels
    • Changing The Fill Colors
  • Summary: You will be given a quick recap of the whole course by screen casting the course presentation showing you how the tips and techniques discussed in the course were used, the course presentation is uploaded in the resources for you to view , read the notes they will give you more insight to the course ,in addition to that Presentation1 is the example that will used to create the Slide Master will be kept in the project section for you to view and use 

PowerPoint has achieved its status because:

  • We are in the Information age and we’re processing more information than ever before.
  • We don’t have as much time to read anymore, thus a visual medium is more powerful.
  • We use presentations to talk and read less ,
  • How many minutes you will spend on each slide
  • What to write on each slide
  • What to say when presenting each slide.
  • Which resources you will needed for each slide.

In a nutshell, in PowerPoint  Presentation just you need write the key points that you want to discuss don’t read the text off the screen, that’s an insult to your audience.

Face your audience when you talk , try not to look at the screen you have to give them added value by discussing the presented text on the screen in depth , you can write a script or use notes in power point then print them on paper , do not forget to Plan.Plan and Plan

The magic recipe to a perfect presentation is to


Keep the presentation simple , this is done by not using many types of fancy fonts , colors , animation , and slide transitions , last but not least use the DIM option to give focus on the point being discussed 





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