How to Create a Picture-Perfect Instagram Feed That People Will Love (and Follow!) | Virginia At FashionFounder.Me | Skillshare

How to Create a Picture-Perfect Instagram Feed That People Will Love (and Follow!)

Virginia At FashionFounder.Me, Serial Entrepreneur in the Fashion Niche

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8 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Audience vs. Content

    • 3. Target Aesthetic

    • 4. Branding Your Instagram

    • 5. Content Creation

    • 6. Planning Your Feed

    • 7. Growing Your Account

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class

Are you unhappy with how your Instagram feed looks? Are you trying to create an Instagram feed that’s will inspire your audience, build a consistent brand, and generate traffic and income for your business?

Then this course is for you!

You will learn step-by-step how to: 

  • Define an aesthetic fits your brand and audience
  • Create and curate individual pieces of content
  • Plan an instagram-worthy feed that people will love (and follow)
  • Which tools to use for planning and automation
  • Use your feed to grow your following

The class project in the end will guide you through the process and help you apply each step of the process to your own account, leaving you with a clear plan on what to post and how to make your feed look and feel inspiring and on-brand in less than 60min per week.

Resources needed: mobile phone; Instagram app





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Virginia At FashionFounder.Me

Serial Entrepreneur in the Fashion Niche

I'm a serial entrepreneur in the fashion and digital marketing space and I help fashion designers, bloggers, and freelancers build more profitable fashion businesses. 

After completing my Bachelor and Masters degree in business, I moved to New York to study fashion design at Parsons. I worked at several big fashion houses and in 2013 I launched my own activewear brand, Akrovita (I sold everything in May 2017)

Even though I had...

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