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How to Create a Personal Brand: Graphic Design

teacher avatar Lucas Almeida, Graphic Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (2h 19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project

    • 3. What is a Brand?

    • 4. Pesonal Brands vs Corporate Brands

    • 5. Akinator Effect

    • 6. Akinator Questions 1

    • 7. Akinator Questions 2

    • 8. Setting Up Your Brand

    • 9. The Language of Your Brand

    • 10. The Boards

    • 11. Moodboard

    • 12. Reference Board

    • 13. Style Scape

    • 14. Brand Manual

    • 15. Logo

    • 16. Color

    • 17. Typography

    • 18. Graphics Library

    • 19. Imagery

    • 20. Mockups

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About This Class

I will teach you how to create the graphic design for your personal brand. It doesn't matter if it is for you or for a client. Everyone needs a strong brand with a well defined visual communication, and this is the manual on how to create it. If you or your clients are working without a cohesive visual communication, then this course is for you.

In this class, we will cover the following subjects:

  • What is a Brand?
  • Personal vs Corporate brand
  • Akinator Effect
  • Akinator Questions
  • Setting Up Your Brand
  • The Language of Your Brand
  • The Boards
  • Moodboard
  • Reference Board
  • Style Scape
  • Brand Manual
  • Logo For a Personal Brand
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Graphic Library
  • Imagery
  • Mockups

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lucas Almeida

Graphic Design


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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this new course that I have here for you. We're going to teach you how to create a personal brand. I'm going to start to explain the difference between ah, personal brain and a commercial. Our enterprise brand. They're very different. They have different objectives in their beauty in a different way. I will start to teach you how to do it and I'm going to go over the process. From the beginning to the end, I recommend you to watch my first course before you're getting to this one. The basics off graphic design. The previous course is very important because it has some basic and very important concepts that you are going to need in order to create a personal brand. And I'm going to teach you right now. This course is not only focused for graphic designers, it can be for people that are trying to develop their own personal business and personal brand. And you are going to be capable off creating your own brand on the end of this course. So if you want to create a brand for your business, if you want to create a brand's all around you all sets up for the things that you do when you love to do. This is the perfect place. And also, if you are a graphic designer that wants to know how to create a brand of personal brand for your clients. For other people, this is the perfect place for YouTube. So in the beginning, I'm going to try to teach you and to explain some Fiori co parts behind all brands but mainly focused on personal brands instead off just general brains. So in the beginning, I'm going to explain some theory that you need to know before your start, and then we're going to jump in the computer and going to teach you how to do everything step by step. Just a quick brief here on the on the content of this course, we're going toe to talk about understanding how our brand works, what's needed to create a brand. What is the thinking that you must have when you try to create a brand after you being able to understand the brain that you want to create for yourself or for your claims? I'm going to help you to translate these mindset. This identity and the personality of the brand into visuals and how to communicate visually with your brands. We are also going to talk about some practical points here, like the language that you're going to use on your brand because it's very important to know if you are wanting to create a brand for your own country or for foreign countries. There are some mistakes that I see a loss out there when it comes to language on your brain . After this fury part where you're going to discuss and understand a brand in your own brain , we're going to jump into more practical things, more practical aspect of creation of a brand. And we're going to discuss how to greet the boards in what they are used to, because boards are very important parts off the process, and it's going to help you to guide you towards the rial and final brand. We are also going to co ver lo those. We are also going to discuss how to choose and to speak the right callers for your brand, how to represent what you are into callers. We are also going to covert typography, identify with visual elements and how to use images in your brand. And I'm also going to explain to you why is it so important to create a brand manual? Even if you are not a designer creating for a client if you are creating the brain for yourself. So this is it. I hope you enjoy this course and see you in the next video. 2. Project: Hello. Thank you for being here with me in these course and let's jump right into it. The first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to explain how the project of this course is going to be. So as you may already know by the intro, and but it's idle off the course, I'm going to explain to you how to develop your own personal brand and the project for these courses going toe actual. Be your brand and what I want you to deliver to mean. The end of this course is your brand manual so we can discuss all the mistakes are the best things that you did. I'm going to review your brand for the purpose that you want to create. It can before any area that you want. If you're creating something like me, like an educational channel, if you are creating something like like some feet in this page or anything that you want to create online, even if you want to sell your own handmade products are anything that fits into a personal brand. And if you already got into here, you already know it. In the end of this course, what I want you to deliver me is your brand manual with all the rules that you want your brand to follow and the future designers that may be working on your brand follow with a rent and why. So I'm going to explain you step by step, how to create in the next videos. I'm going to explain to you some off the theories that's behind our personal brand and using the theory that I'm going to teach you in the next videos. We're going to start creating your own personal brand, so see you in the next video and get prepared for this amazing project off creating your own brand. 3. What is a Brand?: Okay, so you want to create your personal brand. But first, do you know what is a brand? Because to know the difference between a standard brand and a personal brand. First you need to know what a brand is for these. I'm going to tell you the story in how the brands appeared in our world. Basically, in the past, before even currency was invented, everything was made by trading, and different products had different values. How would people evaluate the value off each type off product? Because many different products has many different values. Even if it was the same kind of product, the value could be very different. So what's the difference between, like one cow in another cow? And why am I talking about cows right now? Because this is how brands appeared in the world. Brands started to qualify toe, evaluate the quality off cows off cattle brands appeared in the world to qualify into identify different brands, different producers and different people that has been created cattle to sell for meat or for other functions in the past. So let's suppose that I am a very good cardio creator. How am I supposed to make my cows in my cattle to be identified and to be valued more than the ones that spend less to create the same kind of cattle they created, a system off branding. They created a logo that it would Iran. They would hit the irony in mark all off the carols and all off the cows, bulls, horses and other kind off animals that they created to ensure that that cow, that cattle, that whatever that animal was, ah, high quality animal if you wanted a cheap horse, because that's all that you can afford, just like in everything else right now with cars, cell phones, technology and so on. So you would search for the brands that fits your budget, and also that feeds the necessity that you have right now. So you would look for brands and you would search for New Branch to know new brands that creates the perfect animals for your needs. And this is why brands appeared toe, identify different kinds and different categories values different qualities off animals and products. In the beginning, brands were only created and only used to identify the quality off the animals. But after some time, other kinds off vegetables and other kind of producers ended up also using brands for their products to position themselves in the market. So this is the main function off a brand. 4. Pesonal Brands vs Corporate Brands: now that you already know how brains appeared and why are they used for so they're used to identify the quality off your products. Now that you already know why they were created and how they were created, it's the time to explain you. The difference between a standard brand in a personal brand basically did function off a personal brand is the exact same off, um, commercial brand, our business brand, because you are just trying to identify your work in my case, because it's much easier to explain my own case instead of searching for other cases in my own personal brand, I use it toe, identify everything that I do on my social media, my YouTube channel and my skill share channels. So everything that I do must follow the same rules in order to people. Just look at it. Look at something that I created and know immediately that I was the one that created it. So when you see a temp nail off a video off my YouTube or ah Kovar off a post that I create for instagram and also the covert that I create for all these videos that you're watching right now, on skew shirt You possibly and you should know or should think and feel and that it was created by the same person because it follows the same branding. The main goal off a brand is toe. Identify what your work is and where you put yourself in the Internet or in the real world . So everything is made to identify and also to communicate without you being there. So every time that you see a thing that was made by me, I have thought about some visual kind off communication in some kind off graphics and shapes and colors. That represents the thing that I try to represent to you when I'm talking directly to you in my products. This thing right here, this course that we're watching right now is my product. This is my one of my products. But you see my face. You don't need my brain here to see that I am the one who send you the message because you are right away seeing my face all over the course. And I have my own personality. As you already know. If you watched my press courses and if you watch my YouTube channel also you're going to notice that I'm trying always to entertain people, not just toe educate in a very straight and boring way. I'm always trying to make something interesting and sometimes trying to make you left, like in the last course where I where I replaced my face by a monkey, go watch that course to how to create a cow herself. For Instagram, this is my brand. This is the reason I choose to to use some kind off graphics in my brain. This is why I choose to use my caller, the shapes and everything that I do. I try to just to pass this message. So what's the main difference between a personal and a corporate's brand? The main difference that you have when you are talking about the personal brand or a corporate brand is that when you are talking about the corporate brand, you are talking about a group off people in this group off people, they're responsible to give you the best value off the products. It will always depend on what you want to communicate and where you want to position yourself. But the biggest difference is that when you were talking about a corporate brand. You are talking about a group off people, and when you are talking about the personal brand, almost everything are focused on one person, and it's much more off a person to person connection than in person to entity like it is when you talk like, for example, with Apple or Canon or Sony. There are many different brands that you don't know the actual face off the brand, because in my case you are always in my face. Whenever you visit something that is related to my products, when you see my course, you are always seen these face. When you visit my YouTube general, you're always seen this face. And when you visit my insulin profile, in the end off all the educational culture cells that I create, you're always going to see. Guess what this pretty face. So these faces everywhere, and my brand is my face. The differences when you are creating ah personal brand, you have to think about about few things that we're not going to think about when you create a corporate brand, and when you create a corporate brand, you don't need to think about many things that you would think about in a personal brand. After all, if you already worked with both kinds of projects, personal brains and also corporate brands, you are going to notice that's much easier and much simpler to create a personal rent than a corporate brand. Because when you try to create a personal brand, you are just have you just have to study the person that's on the top of the brand, the person that we're creating, the brand four and also you have to study the audience that's going to to use the products and the services off this personal brand, because in the personal brand, you had just have to know one person. You'd have to know how this person behave with the audience off the brand. And when you are talking about a corporate brand, you have to evaluate many different things about the brand. You have to evaluate how how the society behind the brand behaves, how the products are created, so you have to assign personal characteristics human characteristics to something that's not human. That's a brand that's a logo. The face off a person normally is the logo off a personal brand or the signature because this is how people will identify a personal brand. And in the case off a brand, you are trying to give a face by using the logo because you don't know, probably don't know the face off the You probably don't know the face off the owner off Sony or Canon, and also there's a good sorry for that. Also, there's a kind off tricky solution that some rents finds to to treat you and to feel more connected and closer to the brand. If I ask you to think right now about the brand that you know who is the owner or the art of person in the front off the business, you are probably going to think either about Apple or Microsoft because of Steve Jobs and Team Cook on Apple and Bill Gates on Microsoft. And this is because they tried to create a kind off a person now slash corporate brand because they have a corporate brand, because there huge and they produce products that are technically technology. So it's very difficult to create a personal brand that's techno that's such to the technology field. So what they made to create a une zier connection with the audience that they have for the brand is that they created a kind off a personal brand behind the corporate brand. So they associate ID that brand apple with this kind off person that Steve Job Waas. Or did you never notice that Steve Jobs, behavior and the way to talk and the way to dress is very similar to the way that Tim Cook appears on the stage is OK. They are very different people, but they have some similarities. I'm going to show some pictures in the in the screen right now so you can agree or disagree with me. So this is a strategy that he created. They tried to make a personal brain out off a corporate brand. They try to mix the two strategies, but if you are just starting, there's no problem for you to create just a personal brand. There are huge personal brands out there, and this is something that mostly appeared because off the this new era off YouTube and content creators, that doesn't need the television. Actually, the brand, the personal brand, was created with television and with radio in the old times where you know people up in the brand up this person because they're famous, for example, like you know, many people from TV. You know, many actors and men and actresses. You know them because they have their faces and they appear, Ah, lot on the videos on movies, I mean. And when you see a film a movie off a person, often actor, you already can expect something to come out of it. So whenever you see a check Norris movie, you already know what kind of movie you are goingto watch. And this happens because they have their own brand. They don't want to appear in very different, kind off movies. And this is why actors and actresses, they almost always appear on similar kinds of movies because they have their own specialties. They know what they're good at, and they their brand. Their personal brand is to do that kind off movies thesis why and how brands differentiate from personal brands just to to summarize everything. Personal brains are brands focused on Onley. One person you don't need a complex logo, you can have one, but if you don't have, it's okay because you are already showing your logo. The thing that's going to a identify you is your face or maybe your signature, because it's something that's has more. A personal in a corporate brain is more off translation and assignment off human characteristics to something not human. And this is the main difference between a corporate and a personal brand. A personal brand is easier to develop because it's more direct. While when you create a corporate brand, you are trying to translate into a sign personal feelings, personal connections into something that's not a person. And now that you already know the difference between a corporate's and a personal brand, I'm going to teach you, and I'm going to ask you some questions about what do you want to create and what do you want to communicate? So this way you are going to be able to to narrow down everything all the correct heuristics off yourself as a person to convert to a personal brand. We are going to Norrell down so you can know exactly what you should do. See where next video 5. Akinator Effect: So now that we already know what's a brand? What's the difference between a corporate brand and a personal brain? I'm going toe start the thinking. The theory part not not started theory part because we are and started fury part. But I'm going to start to show you how in guide you towards the final brand that you were going to greet for yourself or for a client and to explain the effect and to explain everything. I'm going to use a very funny example that probably most of you already know. Or if you don't know, I'm going to present you right now. I like to call it the ACA Nature or a keynote or effect. And what is this You probably already know about this gene right here. These Jean right here And it is ah, website that was developed that makes a kind off treek, that he makes some kinds off questions for you and with the questions that this gene is making for you is going to guess and probably going to guess right, the person that you have on your mind right now. So he's going to ask you to think about a character or a person in your life, and he's going to guess who who this person is in. Probably. They're going to guess, right? And I'm going to explain to you, how does it work? And why does it have to do with the creation of your personal brand The way that the question is he does. I strongly recommend you right now to go to this website and to try a little, make this this game like two or three times. Right now, the Web site is this one. I'm also going to leave the link on the resource folder and try to play this game like two or three times. And how does it work? He makes questions, and he attributes some characteristics, two different personalities. So let's suppose that you are talking about I don't know Joan Jones, the UFC fighter that's supposed that you were talking about him. One of the first questions that he always does is there going toe asked me if I know this person personally in real life. So when I asked when I replied, No, When it's like that, I know I don't know this person there are automatically going to delete my my parents, my, my family, my friends. So they already know that these people are not the dance for for the person that I'm I'm thinking right now, do you get it? They're going to to Norrell down the possibilities. They're going to ask if it is ah, person related to sports. And if you once for yes, they're going to eliminate all the possibilities that are not related with sports. So all the actors that doesn't have a feat or sports background, they're going to eliminate all the scientists are all the people that doesn't have a background on sports. There are also going to ask you the skin call or the hair caller. And these things are going to to naral down the possibilities because taking into consideration the answers that you gave on the 25 I guess they're 25 questions that they make based on the 25 replies answers that you have that you choose on the game, they're going to Norrell down and they're going to present their going to say that the person that they think you are thinking about is the person that has the highest probability off being so most of the times they're going to get it right because they narrow down so much. This, the amount of people that could be in the 25 questions that they're probably going to get it right. And what does it has to do with the creation of a brand? Because the process is the same. To think about the brand that you want to create and to to know what you should do and watch you to communicate on your rent. You are going to do some kind off questions that's going to narrow down the possibilities off what you want to represent graphically and visually. So let's suppose that in my project, that's figuratively say that I want to create a gaming channel automatically when I say that I want to create ah gaming channel all the past, all callers and all the Saref with like huge spaces in between letters are automatically discarded. The first thing that you should do when you are creating a personal brain is right down all the characteristics off your rent. Is it a brand to what? What's the style? What's the the audience and these questions is what we're going to talk about in the next video, and in the next video we're going to discuss. What are this AKI Nater questions that you should do to develop the look offer brand in order to get a cohesive communication and to convey the message that you want and you need for your brand and everything that you should do right now is the process we have to do even before we start the process off. Treating logos, creating the identity, creating the callers and steps. So see you in the next video. Thank you for being with me so far. 6. Akinator Questions 1: Now that you already know why you should do these questions just to narrow down and to discard useless things from your brand, I'm going to tell you what are the questions that you should ask yourself. So I'm going to put them big here on the screen. I strongly advise you to take a notebook right now or write it on Ah, on a war document or a note pad war, whatever you want. But right this questions down because this is very important before the next video, not before the next video, because the next video is going to be the second part off the questions. So in the video, after the second leadoff questions, you should answer and try to search for answers for all the questions that you already made on your brand and don't go to the next video to the division next, the next one. The evident after the next one, without replying all the questions Okay, in the first question is what is your niche? It is very important to choose an each and don't confuse yourself on. Each is very different from, ah, field off knowledge. Let's suppose that you are a graphic designer saying that your niche is graphic. Design is nothing because graphic design is a full area is a complete area, it's not an each, and people should focus on a single neech off the market because it's much easier to turn now to be an expert. Because if you focus yourself on Lian one thing Onley in one needs. We're going to be the expert on this part because if you study like 10 years off a single need, you were going to be much better at this very specific situation then people that has general knowledge about the field like graphic design, for example, and when you are talking about graphic design. In my experience as ah, as a designer, I specialized myself in packaging for many years. It doesn't mean that I can. I must do packaging and Onley packaging for the rest off off my life. So I have 10 years of experience as a graphic designer turned to the Neech off packaging at this very moment, but also I tried a lot off branding. I studied a lot off branding, and this is something that I'm teaching you right now, because in the past three years. The main thing that I have been doing Waas branding instead off packaging. Now I'm trying to turn my my career into more are branding and self branding and personal Brendan Neech So inside off the graphic design feud mine Each right now is personal branding. So how answering this question will help you in the process of creating your personal brand ? When you know what's your niche inside off your area, you're going to delete many general concepts. Things on your area. Suppose that you are a mechanic, that's your niche is actually more towards tires in the mechanics fuel our cars field. It's going to set you apart from from mechanics That solves other kinds of problems besides tires. So the branding is going to be much more focused on a specific thing. But, like in your in your logo, you should avoid trying to be very descriptive. But let's suppose that you are creating a background, a texture for for your webpage or for your Instagram instead of making a photo off a car off a motor open that has many different things inside of it. You were just going to focus on the tires because thes is your niche. If you are a graphic designer and you are a Web graphic designer, your create where you are creating websites so you won't need to communicate anything that has some relation with branding or with typography. Maybe you are going to focus your communication in your visual elements, all towards the coding and all towards the Web development Web design. And this is why you should choose on each because it's going to make your life much easier when you are developing your visual communication. Now the second question is, what is your mission? So it's besides money. Why are you doing this? What made you jump into these fueled in? If you don't have the answer for this question, you are in the wrong niche and you are doing the wrong thing. Because if you're doing this on Lee 40 money, not because you enjoy the process and not because you enjoy everything that's related these to these area. You shouldn't be doing this in my example. My mission is to educate clients and educates designers. So what I want to do is to make people that are not designers to respect more. The work of designers because one thing that I know and I know this in my entire career in all the path that I had until now, is that designers are not often taking taken seriously, they most off the times. The clients just tends to disagree on designers just because of visuals, and they don't understand the importance off the message that they are trying to convey. Instead of just making something look pretty. Because Pretty is something that's relative. What's pretty for me. It's not free for you in what's pretty for you is not pretty for me. So it's relative. All the pieces off design should shouldn't ever be related to what's beautiful or not? Instead, they should work or not in When you go to the doctor and he says that you have a specific disease in these are the medicine to treat this disease. Normally, people respect the opinion off the doctor and then take the medicine that the doctor told them to take because they respect the doctor. And when it comes to design, many people hire professional designers. They spend thousands of dollars heroes or whatever your currency is, but they spends lots of money in that with that graphic designer and still the kind off disagree with many off the decisions. I'm not saying that you should take everything, but you should kind off. I understand the way the designer is doing the work and never do the thing off telling the designer to change it because it's ugly, because design is not about beauty or ugliness. And this is my mission right now. I want to educate clients on design. I once clients to give more value to designers into design. In general, make clients understand that using a local generator is the same thing as having no logo at all. Because it's not going to improve the communication off your brand. It's not going to help you identify your brand. Maybe it will help you to identify, but it's not going to convey the message off your complete brand because the logo should talk, should have the same kind of communication that your full brand has. So the logo is used to identify, and the brand is used to communicate. So what is your mission? Why are you doing this? What you want? And I also want to help the designers the new designers to understand the importance off knowing the theory behind design, because at this very moment, I'm seeing a lot of this. I seem this since I started on design. But many people that call themselves designers they never study a design not only own university, because I don't believe that you really need on ever in on University college degree to be a graphic designer, although I have one. I don't believe that it's something that's mandatory for you to be a graphic designer, but they don't even try to study for themselves. They just learned photo shop and illustrated and call themselves designers. And my mission is to make designers understand that knowing photo shop and illustrator doesn't make you what desire. And this is one off the the main thing, the mind, the main mission that I have. So the two missions that I have is trying to educate designers to be really designers, instead off photo shop users and illustrator masters. Instead, in calling themselves designers and educate clients to give the right value too graphic design and the next question is, who is it created for? And why is it remember that funnel the Norrell down that we are doing with the accurate er questions. Who is it created for? Remember, if you are. If your target is some kind off makeup blawg things. You are an influencer that is turned to the make over into beauty products and stuff related to beauty. You are not going to make something very rough and mail like and something very radical, like If you were parachute blogger her something more radical, so you would eliminate all the possibilities off using something more radical. More life callers. You wouldn't use more girly like more pastoral callers. More light callers less saturated colors because this is what's going to connect easier with your audience. So you not only has to take into account what you were doing, who you are, but you also have to take into account. Who are you creating it for? So you have to remember your audience. Always remember that your audience is who you are creating it for. And also the last question is, let's wasn't off these video because I have more four questions in the next video but the Lexx next. But the less question off these video is who are your competitors. And why is this question important? Because you should inspire on them. You should never copy them, but you should see what they're doing. See what they get right in what they get wrong and try to kind off understand what they're doing and understand how you should put yourself in the same field in the same niche off your competitors and avoid being behind. And also, I'm not saying that you should copy them. Never copy. But you should know what they're doing in order to know what works and what doesn't work. So be aware off your competition. These were the 1st 4 questions off the AC unit or questions, and I see you in the next video. 7. Akinator Questions 2: hello again. In the previous video, we discussed the four first AC unit or questions that you should have in your mind when you create your own personal Brent. And they were what is on each what is your mission? Who is it created for and who are your competitors? So make sure that to write down all these questions and you reply it, you can. You can write down the questions that I'm going to see in the second video right now, and you can reply all off them. But I strongly advise you to reply all the questions before you're going to the next video . Okay. And in these video, I'm going to tell you the next four questions that you should do before you even start developing in thinking about what you're going to do with your brand and the first question off the second video ISS. What is your pricing? Because, yeah, I really think that you should always think off monetizing your page in your content for your personal brand somehow because if you don't want the point of home what you are doing right now, so I certainly recommend you to think about what's the price. What? What's going to be the price range and what and where you're going to position yourself in comparison to your competitors. And this is why in the last video, I asked you to know about your competition because you should know how you position yourself on the market. Are you something more affordable, or are you something more premium on expensive? So you should take this into account when you create your brand, because the kind of communication should be according to the price that you have, because if you have something that's very premium looks very premium and actually you are a kind off affordable brand. When people get into your page, they're going to feel that they're being tricked, because let's suppose that you will have a premium vibe on your brand. But you are actually ah, affordable, kind off brand. When people get to your page, are your landing page or er, instagram or whatever they are going to have access to your products and services. There want to feel that they're being tricked because something should be wrong about this . They're not going to feel comfortable paying less in the thing that looks premium. They're going to be expecting something to go wrong because you're looking something very premium, although you are very affordable and this is a thing that you should avoid because people will not trust you and they are going to buy a last from you. And the thing that you want more when you have a kind off unaffordable brain is to get money from high amount off people buying you, you're going to earn less from each one. Each person that's going to each customer you're going to earn last from each customer. But you want more customers, and this is how affordable brands win. Don't try to treat people into thinking that they're going to get a premium service or a premium, broader out, often affordable price. There are strategies and brains that works with strategy is more for less. That means that you are providing more services or more quality on your services or products for ah cheaper value for a more affordable value. But they have a very specific way to represent this. Visually, they don't try to look a print as a premium brand. They try to look as, ah, high quality for ah low budget. So keep in your mind what is your pricing? Because this is going to narrow down even more. You're reading possibilities. And the second question is how you position yourself inside off your niche. Remember that we were talking about price against value. Well, this is a part off the value. The 1st 1 is the price. What's your price? But for that price, how are you going to position yourself? You're going to present a less for less like you pay less, but we're going to get less. You're going to present some strategy off the same for less. So it's, ah, average quality of product and services, but for, ah, for a more affordable price or you have a more for more like apple. This part is more related with the value that you can present on your products or in your services. In the third question is, how do you differentiate yourself inside off your niche? This is where you're going to think about what specifically make you highlight yourself. What make you stand out yourself from your competition, and this is very important because this is something that you were going to always keep in your mind when you are creating your designs. I have an example for you. I have a client that the marketing, digital marketing and for a very traditional kind of clients. So he disclaimed. He wants to set a kind of traditional clients into more off a digital world. So when I developed brand for him, I tried the most I can to make the digital part. But to have a little connection with the physical world to this was one of the questions the most impacted the creation for this brand because I wanted the clients his clients to think and to know that he's more focused on digital part. But he also knows how to deal with the physical part. Two In the last question for the questions, The ACN eater narrow down kind of questions that I need you to reply before you go into the next video is how to convey your specific message. This is where you already know how to position yourself. You already know all the answers. This is the last question that you should answer how to convey a specific message now is the part that we're going to to start thinking. Don't think about the visual part. Don't think about the design part yet. Just trying to think about all that, their answers that you gave before and what kind of things that you should do for a brand. What kind off off vibe would you lying to give to your brains? Taking into account? Oh, all their answers that you already gave in this video and in the past, video to all design all branding are made to solve problems in based on the last questions , you are going to create the problem that must be solved for this client that I used as an example for this question. I took into account all the previous questions to create this new challenge to solve how you're going to solve the problem off. And the answer for this question would be how to conveyed this message. And the answer is the problem. To all the previous questions, the answer for this question should be something like how to solve. Yeah, yeah. The other problem, using as an example, declined that I told you before how to solve the problem off clients that are used to the traditional media to go into the digital media. How would you convey the message off turning something traditional into digital? And how would I make it convincing for clients that are more used to traditional media? This question is, the main question that you are going to have to solve is the problem that you have to solve with the branding that we're going to create in this course. You shouldn't think about how to solve it just yet, But you should think about what's the main question based on the old less questions. What is the main question? What's the main problem that you have to solve with your brand? I hope you'll get all the answers that you need right now to neural down and to have a more clear idea off what you should do on your rent in this course and see the next video where I'm going to explain to you how to translate this concept, this questions that you just answered into visual communication 8. Setting Up Your Brand: now, before we go forward, I already said it. But answer all the econ inter questions that I just made you in the past two videos before you were starting this. I'm going to wait, I'm waiting, replied to questions. Okay, the joke's over. Now that you already answered all the questions that you have, I want you to try to translate it into a more visual thing, um, or visual way to communicate the answers that you gave me on the less videos. I'm going to summarize everything that you should keep in your mind before you start creating the first thing. A corporate brand doesn't have a face. I already said this before, but it doesn't have a face attached to it, so it depends on the logo and this logo. It's what's going to set you and what's going toe. Identify you in the market and against your are their competitors. And what's the difference between ah, corporate brain and a personal rent? When it comes to a local, whenever you create a brand, a personal brand. What you were trying to do is to create a relation between you and your audience. So what? You should do issues your face as your logo. So you're going to see lots of personal brands on Instagram right now that the profile picture is a face off the person off the owner off the count instead, off the logo off a company, you are not going to see team cooks face on Apple's page. But you're going to see my face on my page like if you want to use some bigger examples, take Peter MacKinnon into account or Gary V into account. They use their faces everywhere. All the profile pictures are their faces. Instead, off a logo, they have a local. But guess what? Almost all of them used their signature or a kind off a signature as their logo. Because it's much more off a personal thing is much more off personal connection that you create with your audience When you're use your logo instead, your use your signature instead off your logo. Let's suppose that you are talking about ah, famous actor are a famous musician when you want them to autograph something for you. Giving you a signature is a direct connection that you have with this piece off graphic, like the graphic piece that they create is the signature. So what I recommend you to do is you don't need a local for a personal brand. And this is the first big difference between ah, personal in a corporate, Brent, you don't need a logo. You just need your face in a signature. When you are using your face, make sure that you are translating ho. You are in your business or even in your signature. And why is it it's because from my own experience, I spend the 1st 3 months off my page with a profile picture that I hated. And why is it it's because I'm not dis guy in this guy was present on all my content on instagram on YouTube and everywhere, basically, So my profile picture was this one here and is just me with this face, a very serious guy with a very serious business intentions. I never left, and this is what I appeared to be in that profile picture. So I changed to this new one that's much more off who I really am and who I really want people to to see in what I want people to see from me when they see this face right here. I don't want them to see a very boring guy. That's just trying to explain things all the time and just explain things on a very serious way. No, I'm just a more chill guy that's trying to entertain at the same time that I want to to teach things. So this is much more off who I am and make sure that when you use a photo off yourself on your social media or your use your face as your logo or your signature, you don't do something that is not who you really are. Take into account your own personality when you are creating the logo for your own logo, are using your image for your own personal brand. Also, you should always remember that shapes in in callers has meanings. They tell things about the brand that's using the shapes in the caller's. And as I told you on the first video, I strongly recommend you to watch my first course from skill share where explain the basics of graphic design. And there I explained how important it is to choose a cohesive message with the caller and with the shapes that you that you were going to use own your Brent, but just summarizing things. As I said, I don't like to seem like a very serious guy. So I tried to use more vibrant colors and also callers that has some reference to something more happy. Something more young, something more Ceni. This is why I use orange on all off my things off my brand, my brain discovered on orange because orange is the color off. Summer is the color off. The sun is the color off happiness. And also I want people to think differently. Remember when I said that my intentions as a designer is to educate graphic designers understand the importance off knowing actual graphic design instead of just knowing photo shop because they're not going to get anywhere with it, and also to educate the clients to give the right value to the design world into designers . So my main goal is to be something that it's something that should make people feel like different and also young and funny. And also I want people to know that I want to make a difference. And this is why my secondary caller on my brand is magenta because magenta is a color that's very rare on the nature. So whenever you see something that's magenta, your brain automatically things and feel something different. Something out off the usual, because magenta is not unusual. Caller. So mixing magenta with orange I tried to convey a message off something young, indifferent, and also don't forget that shapes talk a lot. If you want to be very serious, you should look for shapes that are thin and straight and not rounded. Not very bold, because text with Serif is something that is serious is something that's much more of, ah, formal, kind off treatment that you have with your clients. This is not good, are not bad. It will really depend on what are your intentions as a brand. In my case, I wanted something more bold and more curvy, not something very straight. This is why I use remote. Oh, this that is this fund right here that has turns off different weights, off funds and different ways to use these funds. And also it's not too straight. It makes this fund more funny and more easy to use in the kind of communication that I wanted to convey, and this is what you should be looking for. Two. This is how you're going to translator personality in your voice into visuals. You should think off yourself as a person and as a brand and as a professional that's going to provide some products or services. And how would you translate? What are the characteristics that would make you convey that message and we're going to get get more in depth on this field in the later videos and also, when you are trying to convey this message is and winning, you're choosing what color is we're going to do. Never forget to think about what the channels you are going to use, because depending on the position that you made your brand be in in the questions that replied before, you're going to have to take into account what channels you are going to use, because depending if you are are more off a physical or digital rent. The necessities and the things that you are going to use on your rent are much different. And depending on the caller that you want to use, let's suppose that you are positioning yourself as ah in average price for a more quality kind of brand. If we're doing this and you are in the physical world, you are going t face some kind off difficulties like If you want to look premium, we're going to give premium finishes to your products. You are going to have to spend more in graphics in varnishes, in gold medals and things on your packages to make your packaging look much more premium than a standard bread. And this is going to be a rock on your way if you don't think about the mediums and the channels that you were going to use before you start creating your brand, because if you want to position yourself as Ah Nev. Ridge Bryce for a plus for a premium result of premium product or service, we're going to have to keep in your mind that we're going to have to find a way around the finishes and the things that you should do on your brand to pass the same message as the competitors that are like more form or that are using extremely expensive and premium finishes on their package ings and on their brands. And this is for these video, the next video is the last one. That's just theory, and after that, we're going to jump right into action in New Year, going to start building our brand. 9. The Language of Your Brand: hello again. And in this video, I'm going to explain to you why do you need to take into account the language that you are going to use when you create your personal brand? The main point here is you should think about Will you create your friend for more off local thing or more off international thing? And why is it so important? Basically, when you are looking for a more often international brand, you have to take into account that various kind off cultures are going to have access to your content. And this will bring Ah, whole new level of challenges because you've never It's impossible to know into take into account all the different cultures and habits and things that they do, and things that the few likes is disrespectful is very hard to take everything into account . So when you are trying to create an international rent first thing when you're trying to communicate with your audience, never use two languages. If you are trying to access a more often international instead off a nation, national or local audience, I strongly recommend you to use English as a mean language, and why is it is But it's because English is one language that has the most rich around the world. Mandarin is the language that most people talks in the world, but there are many people that speaks Mandarin and also speaks English, but not the other way around. If you are like a native English speaker, where they're very rare cases where those people are going to learn, rendering in the same thing happens to other languages. So if you are trying to make an international rent to affect other countries, but yours always use English as the main language. And why is that so important? Because, besides the language, you should have in your mind all the culture out stuff related to some things that you should never know about because it's almost impossible to take into account all the different cultures in this world. And you have to be very careful to not be disrespectful with brands. And you should always also be humbled to to take back some some things that makes sense to to take back when you are using international brand, even if it doesn't make sense to you unless it's something that's just dump or that you don't really feel that you are missing the respect with your brand. But try to choose a single language for your content because everything that we're going to create on your range is going to be affected by the language that you shoot. This is a very short video, because it's something that's small, but you shouldn't forget about this. Choose the language before you start doing everything. Because if you create your branding document on the end off this off discourse in your native language and then you try to to hire a new international graphic designer to create the rest of your brands are to make it better or to make some changes. When you get lots off, work on your feuds to do. And you have Teoh to hire a different graphic designer to continue the brand work. They're going to have a bad time if you like. If you write everything in German, for example, and and the designer don't speak German, so make sure that you are going to create your document because you're going to write. Feel things on your document document Teoh. So make it sure that you are using everything in English for these cars who are going to have to make everything in English because I just speak in English. If you want to make the document in Portuguese, you can do it, too. But I strongly recommend you to do it in English, because if you want to hire another designer to create the rest of your brand, you are going to want to be the easiest possible to this designer to get the work done and use English. If you are going for a new international brain. And if you work with an international scale, this is it for this video. It's was a short one. We're going to jump right into practical part, and we're finally going to start to build or brand see you in the next video. 10. The Boards: hello again, and for you, it's just a click. But for me, it's the whole new day here. When I started discourse, I just thought that I was going to explain to you how to use the boards like Fiori Carly. But I thought that it would be better to show you actually something going on on the screen right now, instead of just me speaking to you just to make it easier and more clear the way that brands air created. So what I did Waas. I created a brand for my girlfriend. That's the one that you are going to see right now, and I I'm going to go through all the process of her brands. I'm not going to do everything live because it would take like, an eternity to get it done. So I'm going to show you the results off the brand and all the boards, and I'm going to explain how they create these boards, and I'm going to teach you how to go through the process yourself again. The brand that you're going to see here is a brand that I created for discourse, but to the future use for my girlfriends, brand before we start this part of the course, it's very important for you to know that there are many different ways to create a brand's many different with ways to think about the brain that we're going to create before you actually creating it. Because it's not just everything pops on your hand and you start doing things now. It doesn't work like this, and one thing that you should know is this is not the only process to create a brand. This is the process I use and I recommend to, because it's much easier and in clean than most off the process that I processed it, that it's right before. It's very clear the way that the brain is going to show up and to appear. It's kind of like a magic. So to get it done, I create three different boards in what our boards boards are. A kind off panel, a kind of ah, dartboard that has some images on it, or references are styles for this process for a personal brand. What I create are three different boards. They are the mood board, a reference board in the style escape, and they are going to help you in different phases off the project. The 1st 1 is the mood board. The first thing that I made here is ah, album to share my screen right now. I created a profile for the client because in your case, if you are creating the brain for yourself, this person that I'm showing right now it's going to be you in this case is Daniella. That's my girlfriend, and she is a client for these brands. So if you are creating the brand for someone else for a client for for friend or whoever you want to create a brand for, you are going to need to set up a profile for for the client or for the owner off the brand . In this case, it's Danielle. This is the information that it's a very superficial if you are going to use these in comparison toe corporate brands, it would be much harder to develop the profile off the brand because you would need to know about some characteristics that are not human because the company is not a human being. So it's much easier to understand and to deal with personal brains because you are creating things from humans to humans in set off a corporation to humans. And this is a profile that I created to her. This is the things that I thought that that I felt that is important to putting the brand. So her name, her age, what's her goal? What kind of bridges going she's going to build as some personal characteristics off her that should be represented in her brands like, Ah, the creativity, the fun, calm, smart and feminine that are some characteristics off her and also some goals with her brand . So the brand it has some goals toe to accomplish. The brand that belongs to Daniella has some goals. As you can see here, I'm using Illustrator by the way, to create this and this whole course is going to be thought on Illustrator. But you can use whatever software you for comfortable with if we want to create. Didn't kind of a our photo shop are I don't know. The corals grow any kind of software that you want and you feel comfortable with. You can use it. It doesn't make much difference. In this case. The goals off her brain is she's, she's going to create a page for Instagram. So I believe most of you that came here through my instagram are going to want to create 12 She wants to create a brand to deal with new creators on Instagram is going to teach things about growth on Instagram because many of the things that I made in my page about the growth, this strategy behind my page, many things were also advised by her and studied by her not only by me we are like a team, and in this case we are going to the lounge soon. Not now, but soon. Ah, a brand for her. And these are the characteristics. This here are the characteristics for her brand. She wants to help creators to grow their social media. They want to teach people how to get some some income, help people with the income from social media. All the things that she's going to do is marketing, but turned to the digital world the to organic social media growth and this kind of stuff she's not going to do like Facebook or Instagram ads. She's just going to teach people in a digital way, So she has a more modern vibe. And why? Because it's digital and affordable because she doesn't want you to invest like thousands of dollars or your own currency in ads. What she wants is for you to grow organically. So these are the characteristics off Daniella, and this is the characteristics off her brand. If you are doing this brain for someone else, I advise you to create a kind of a sheet like this where you are going to feel these up with the information, with personal information, with the business information and with some personal characteristics off her personality, like this part right here. So after you create the profile off the owner off the brain, what you're going to need to do is we're going to need to create a persona. And what is a persona? Us? Me. The persona is the ideal clients. So when you think about the people that's going to use your brand user products are going to follow you in social media and stuff. Who is this person? What's her name or his name? Is he or she a male are female? What's the age? What's the job? What's the is him or she married? Married are are single and stuff like this, so you can see right here I created a personality. So for these example, I created Claire. That's Ah invented person. She's a stock photo person. Her name is Claire. She's 28 years old. She is a copywriter coach, so she teaches people how to do copyrighting. Also, she's single. She has no kids, she has a college degree and she makes 50 k year. And these are some characteristics of her personality and every everything that is in here . It's very important when you are deciding what we're going to use to create your personal brand, because when you create a personal brand, you don't create it for you. You are going to create it for Claire. In this case, many of the things that I'm going to present here on this brand is not on the taste off. Daniella. Most of the things the things are just thought to to be on the taste off, Claire, because Claire is the ideal customer. Claire is the center off the universe off these personal brand. So everything that we're going to create here is for Claire instead off Daniella. Okay, Daniella can have some things that she says there. But everything should work. Not for Daniella, but everything should work for Clear. This is something that you should always keep in your mind whenever you feel. 10. Attempted to to do things because you like it, are you don't or don't do something because you don't think that you are not the center off the experience off your brains. The center of your experience of your brand is the person who you are creating it too. So in this case, I'm not solving. I'm not selling things to Daniella. I'm selling things to clear. You should always think this way because you're not creating for yourself. If you are creating the brand for yourself, you have to think this way to your taste is not important here. Everything that may be done here is the thing that should work for clear instead of you. I'm not saying that you are not important on your brand because you are. Your brain is a personal brand in It's all focused on you, but you should always think about your customers. And what you should do about you on your brand is you should always try to think about ways to represent yourself in your brand. In my example, my main caller is orange in my favorite color is orange. But I didn't beak orange as the main caller of my brain because it is my favorite color. And the proof of this is that I hate magenta. I don't like the color magenta. I think it's ugly, but it brings some values that I wanted in my brand. So I implemented magenta in my brain to my brand has two colors orange and magenta. This is the color palettes that I use, and it has a color that I personally don't like, but I know that it works. So this is why I choose that. And this is something that you should keep in your mind to. You are creating for your audience and why we're doing this. Because we need to create a style of visual communication style for your rent. And what you're going to do now is I'm going to present you the first board in the next video. But I'm going to show here on the next class is the mood board. A mood ward is a thing that you can see right here on the side already, it's going to show the first direction to the creation off your brand. I mean, this is the first direction you already have the profile off the owner of the brand and also the profile off the user off the brand. And now we're going to mix this characteristics off this to people how to how to use the personal characteristics off the owner off the brands, to convince Claire tow by for from her and to consume her content on social media and stuff . So in the next class, we're going to talk about mood boards. 11. Moodboard: in this class. We're going to talk about some things that you need some characteristics in some specific things that you need to build and to understand even before you start actually designing the visuals off your friend. Not that you already know who is the owner of the brand, and you have all the characteristics of the owner of the brain. And also you created a persona. I don't know if I talked about this on the last class, but you can use the smoke up. And normally, when you create the percent of for ah, corporate brand, it also is much more complex than this. This is just for a personal brand that's kind off a simplified persona that you can create . You can if you can, if he wants to create something much more complete than this. Go on. Because the more you feel on these, the more precise we're going to be with your brand. So if you if you think these characteristics is not enough for you, you can feel it more so after you doing the things on the less class we're going to pass on to the mood board, and this is a Mood board. What is the mood board? Us meat? The mood board is nothing more than a kind off aboard where we're going to look at it and we're going to feel how we were supposed to feel in a brand. Nothing that you are seeing here was created by me. I don't have the rights on anything that you are seeing right now. This is only a thing that we use to try to understand the vibe off the brand. In this part of the process, you are already going to use many of the characteristics that you defined here about Daniella. In my case. In in your case can be about you or about your clients and on Danielle's clients, or, in your case, should be declined. Your clients are declines off your client if you're creating the brain for someone else. And here is a kind of what should you feel when you look to the final brand? This is not a friend. This is not the final brand it are going to create. I mean, this is this has probably almost nothing to do with with the final brand, but some of the characteristics that I'm seeing here can be used on the brand after sometime in this situation. What I want you to do is go over some inspirational websites like Dribble or maybe pinch rest. They are the best to do this. And if you want to, you can go to some free or paid stock photos and try to think and to find images that you think that's going to create the few that you want for the final brand. You are not going to use anything yet from this because it would be coping, and you don't want to copy anything. So the first thing is just greatest finds and images make an interesting composition with lots of images. If you don't know how to cut images like this doesn't matter. Just taken Art Borden Empty Art board and create and but the images on the side of each other. The board just has one objective. Make you able to feel the vibe off the brain, and what you should do is try to type some off the characteristics that you see here like woman young woman. In this case, in your case, came can be the your your persona and try to to search for things like copywriter, our coach or writing or young woman are in the personality you can also use some kinds of things from here are even from here. Creativity. Funny, calm. These are the things that I used to find these kind of images on dribble and Pinterest. So you type this, and after that you talked design. You type Ambien to type foods, graphic design landscapes or any other thing that you should think that would help you to get the vibe to the off the brand that you want to create. Because with this kind of information, if you are not a graphic, this annually are going to have some difficulties. It's going to be hard for you to understand how these these characteristics in these characteristics would look like in graphic design. So what you should do is just type some off the characteristics that's appearing here. You just type it on Pinterest or dribble, and you're going probably to be good to go. And after selecting some images, I advise you to select from I dunno. 7 to 15 images tops to have a reference from watch you wants to do and also here, you can create a color palette like him creating here. So I took this caller from here. The scholar took from the sky These I took from this donut these I think I got from these microwave by them. I'm not sure anymore. Yes, it's a microwave. So you use the pallets that you find the colors that you find interesting and as all this images work well together, if you see you see in the harmony here, it's very important for you to create the thing that looks well together because looking well, yes, it's relative. But you can know when when a image has some kind off harmonious combinations like the callers in the shapes on these images that I'm showing showing you right now you can you can notice that the palate the caller's work very well together in those different images. So what you could do also is trying to find the images by the callers. So in this case, I think many of the images these three images from these I typed pastel colors because I thought feminine and digital. They're very related to postal colors. But if you can to make these kinds of assumptions. There is no problem. Just type the characteristics that you choose for your persona and also from the profile that you created for your own or your clients provide that you profile that you created and you're going to come up with something like this. But don't forget visuals here on the mood board is very important. You should look for images that has similar styles. This is it for the mood board. It's very easy to create can be very time consuming because it's very hard to find similar images on stock photos and also, and being terrestar other inspirational websites. But you can do it. It's going to take a while. Don't don't be in a hurry, because if you put it in a hurry right now, you're going to reread later on. The next phase is on the next boards is going to be much harder for you, so try to to find things that really it's related to the personalities that I told you before and you're good to go and this is it for the moat board. It's is something that's specifically made to define the mood off your brand. It's not the final grand, not nothing near to the final rent. Even in the next class, I'm going to teach you how to do the next board. That's called the Reference Port. Thank you and see with an X Class. 12. Reference Board: Now that you already have the mood board for your brand or your clients, whatever. I'm going to stop to say this. I'm just going to call it your brand. Doesn't matter if you really yours or your claimed. I'm going to start calling it your brand. And now that you already have the mood board for your own brand, what you were going to do is we have to go a step forward and we have to start deciding a few things for your red. And what we're going to do is we're going to create the second board and this is my method . And this is the part where things starts to be a little different from the standard because many people jumps from the mood board to the style escape. That's the final style that's going to guide the brand. But even this style escape normally, that doesn't have anything to do with the final Brent, actually, And when we mix them mood board with the reference board, we're going to come up with the style escape. But this style escape is already very close, very, very close to the final brand, in my case because I use the reference board in the place off the actual standard style escape. Okay, I don't know if you noticed it on my first course that I made here for a skill share. Basics of graphic design. I created a style escape for a brand, and it was already almost a complete brand by itself. So what we're going to do right now is we're going to take the character six off your clients and we're going to resume them here. You're going to summary them here. It's not the complete thing that we can see here. It's just some some key characteristics that should help us to come up with a brand. So from all their last information, including this, this and this, what we're going to use is just some characteristics from the client and the mood board at the same time. So what we're going to do now is we're going to create the reference board, and you may be asking you right now what's the reference board and a reference board is when you take some key characteristics off the client are the persona for this brand, and we're going to try to translate some off the characteristics into something visual, and this is how we do it. I take the creative term that is the first year from my list appear and what you're going to do with the creative word. You're just going to take this word creative. That's very important right now. And what you're going to do is you're going to paste these in the same sites where you came up with these images here. So dribble and Pinterest, for example, and also some stock photos. If you want in the research folder, I'm going to leave you text file with the name off all the Web sites where I took these images from. So what you're going to do is you are going t take each one off these digital creative funny income in things like this. And you were going to type design after this are even just a word. You you're going to make to searches, at least for each one off. These words appear and you are going to take the best results, and you are going to translate it into some images and you are going to try to find some kind of pattern in in all the images that you can find on dribble Pinterest and other stuck photos websites. And what I noticed is that when you type creative, most of the things that's related to creativity are artists. So I looked for some kind off more handmade things. Instead, off straight lines, digital lines. I tried to find things that warm or handmade in things that were more artsy if he makes sense for U. S. So I tried to find things related with arts, and I tried to understand the difference between some standard characteristics from arts and from other kinds of things that could be related with creativity. So here, normally, creativity is associated with arts and handmade pieces, so the use off irregular shapes and handmade lines would bring the brand towards a creative style. This is the mindset that I I kept when I was looking for the images. So I always tried to find things like this indeed, Reference board. Nothing more is than a bunch off images that you are going to find on the Internet to represent these word. The keyword okay. And in this case, you can see here. I think I found this on dribble and you can see that the shapes here, the drawings, the shades on the drawings are very They're not very linear. They're very artsy. It seems like it was made by hand for someone or paper cutting are something like this. And also here you have like a brushstroke. So this is where I took these text from. And this is also something that I found When a type creative and the same thing can be seen here, you see lots off handmade strokes. Handmade dots are like brush like dots, and also it seems like it's paper cut in this person, and it mixes with digital shapes here. But most of it are, it looks like, was something made with brushes. So I thought that to represent the creative part off the brand, it would be very important to have a a kind off a brush or artsy shapes on the brand, as we already choose some off the characteristics off the shapes that's going to be handmade here on the creativity I was trying to find. Other things that could be interpreted as fun are informal, and what I came up with was using illustrations. Normally, when you have something that's more fun and informal. It uses like handmade typography. And as you can see, many of the things from creative can be interpreted as fun or informal to many of the characteristics that you're going to see here on. This reference file could be for more than one thing. So these kind off lines, handmade lines and these kind of funds that I'm going to try to find that are more handmade phones that they're called script phones or handwriting funds. They normally are associated with more fun and informal usage than sorry for Sand Saref, and it also could be used in the creative part here. But I associated with this. So here is the text. Every time that you were going to create and to put some characteristic here on the reference on the Reference board, which we're going to do is you're going to create the title off the key word that you were going to search for the information in the visual references and you are going to type of description. A brief description 2 to 3 lines is is just okay, But don't forget that we are not going to copy this we're going to to inspire by some very specific characteristic from these that we can see here. And I'm going to show you after that. So to continue digital, I found that many digital things has this kind off pattern with plus signs or dots liking here. I think that it feels like a very digital vibe to Although it's something made by hand. You can see these dots here in these dots here, this kind of patterns here, the same thing I tried to create. This is already a thing that was created by me because I saw it in many images and I thought, Okay, I can add something made by me on the reference board and also these awesome illustration that I found on dribble that has some kind off neon colors, ingredient colors. So the Grady and Callers thing makes everything look like digital is not something that's very natural. You see these in very futuristic slash digital things. That also is another characteristic that we're going to see in the future. Income income is a very different thing from the other styles. And as you can see in the reference in the Reference Board, we can see that we are mixing things that is that are very different from each other. These has nothing to do with this. That has nothing to do with this. And these And these These these this so they are very different styles that are going to be combined together, taking some characteristics off each one of these different styles. I'm not going to copy anything. And indeed, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take thes and mix with this. And the mix that I did between these two is going to be mixed with this and these and something new is going to born. That doesn't look like nothing like these one here, and you can see a spoil right here. So from here I felt that these shapes here that are very usual when it comes to money and to investment in Bitcoins and stuff these bars, these graphs, they're very interesting. What can we could use this kind of shapes to decorate our brand and to try to separate things and to try to guide the eye off the audience towards a specific region off our design pieces and from thes income situation here what I took war was the shapes off these kind of bars, graphs, these lines here. So I tried to to inspire by a software that is used to manage money and also feminine. This is another characteristic I found when I when a road feminine in the description on the search bar off the dribble and Pinterest many things in I also typed design. After that, many off the designs used serif fonts with high contrasts. So I think. Okay, Lucas, But you already have a fund that we're going to use and it is script funds, but yes, it could be. But we can combine more than one style of funds. They thought, because in the situation, we have to use some characteristic to guide us towards more feminine style. Why not using a seri fund for the body texts and the script fund 40 titles. And this is what I did in Mother. And when I found things like modern, you can inspire yourself by something like neon CDs, ingredient space and things that are foot touristic in modern. Normally, you can see this trend on everything that's futuristic, slash modern. They use many lights and you can see the pattern when you open the websites. I'm going to give you an example right now. So as you can see here, I just got into dribble dot com and I typed digital in here and I can see immediately neon colors appearing everywhere here, here, some kind of new callers. And as you can see in these animation that the things here going on on the movement off the light and stuff here, you can see very immune callers notion neon shade callers here again lights and neon colors everywhere. When you type digital these noon circle here to and as you can see digital here is the image that I found and many own callers in digital callers here ingredient everywhere you see these really in here cities greedy int here to in this part in these parts in thes walls, so radiant is very present when you typed digital and if you if you type modern also, you're going to see neon colors everywhere. So very strong callers, some possible callers to and this is the kind of thing that you were looking for. So you are going to take many references and you are going to to try to check in, to inspire in very specific situations on this inspiration because we are not going to copy anything because the concept in the end, is not going to look anything like this. We're going to take these kind of funds as inspiration, but we're not going to actually use any of these fronts. So we just Duke in a very wide possibility inspiration, and we are going to narrow down me to, ah, perform that we like. That's a serif with high contrast here. You can use these bars, but this doesn't belong to these people because everyone uses this kind in this kind. In these kind of bars, we're not going to use the same shades, the same callers in this situation. We're not going to using the same purpose. And these are seeing everywhere. So it's not actually copying here. We're just going to choose some off these callers, or maybe not even the colors. Just the concept off using ingredients. So we aren't copying because you're creating. You're taking the very wide concept off, using radiant colors that are very common on digital on digital pieces. Here again, I just took the inspiration off, okay, saying that I'm going to use A s, a script fund. The characteristic we do from here is OK, we can maybe use illustrations. We can or cannot use illustrations in our brand in the end. But what matters here is we're going to use illustrations. Even there has nothing to do with the specific illustration, The situation, the same thing. We're going to use some kind off irregular shapes. But we are not going to use anything from here besides the irregular shapes and thesis, what we're going to use to guide our brand towards the final style escape because we're going to take this characteristics that we right down here on these documents and we're going to create our brand right now. So in this very moment, what we're going to do is create your reference board, go after some references on dribble or intrest, or any any other off the websites that I'm going to let you know on the document document that I'm going to attach on the on the resource folder and then after you having all the images and all the texts to explain what are the characteristics that you are going to inspire from each one of the images that you are using. We're going to this soundscape. They have to advise you here. Don't rush this. Do it on your own. Read, um, and do everything until you find some characteristics that you feel that's going to easily represent the characteristics in here. And another thing that I have to say to you is you can write down and use many references here, but not everything is going to be used on your final Brent. And in the next class, we're going to talk about how to create it in the practice. So we are going to I'm going to show you what I did in how he came up with this style escape that I used for the Nellis brand. And you're going to see that some off the information that is on the reference board is not going to be used on the style escape. So see, when the next video, Thank you for being with me until now, and I hope you are enjoying this 13. Style Scape: Hello again. Welcome to these new class. And in this class I'm going to show you the process and the style escape where I'm going to present you how the brand looks like after the mood board and the reference board in all the Yoriko part off the brain before we actually start to designing the first board. And everything mixed together is going to give birth to the brand in the final stage off it . It's not the final project yet, because after it is, I have some new things to explain to you. Okay, so you already just seen my face and we are going to gym to the computer where I'm going to show you the final result of the brand. And this is the final result off the Brent using all the characteristics that I took from I actually made to because I wanted to create two different caller styles, and I think we're going to to use the top one and keep it in your mind that you have this style escape. But even if you have a style escape that's very, very close to the final brand, this is not the final brand yet. this is very close to it and we are only going to define the final brand when we create the document, the Brendan document and I'm going to present you in the next glasses in. We are going to need some videos to go over it. But I'm going to explain to you how did I came with all this so you can translate Thies to your own. I'm going to go through it very quickly here every big, so you can see it. So here's the name. Here are some graphics that I'm going to use to help people to understand into to guy de I , and also to do some decoration and some personality off for the brand. Because you know these kind of things. It has a reason is to to make people understand what you're dealing with when they see your brand, and also it makes your brand unique. It makes the people that are going to use the content from Daniella. They're going to know that the content is hers and not someone else's. Her brand is going to help her to in the identify her in in the middle of a soup off other creators and stuff like this are other kind off brand if you're not going to create Ah personal brand for for a content creator because you can create a personal brand for a business if you want, it depends on your goals. So here, I'm going to explain. I'm going to use this video to explain this style escape, and you're going to be able to see that even if I used the stop one, some of the things that I defined here is going to be a little tweaked when he go to the actual final design and the final brand manual. So one of the first things that you can already see is that this one used many off the colors off this, So I felt that it was a little two inspired on a single piece. So this is why I'm going to the top one, because I didn't want to t to be very similar. Although this style is completely different from these thing here, I wanted something more unique. The first thing is the color palette that you can see in both off them. You used ingredients that is from this kind of image, but as I told you before in here you have this very dark images on the on the greedy INTs. But in Daniel's brain, you can see that it's much of Ah ah, large, lighter and different shade Here I took some characteristics of these lines inside from these image here where you have a line style illustration, these graphics here. I took it from the style of this tendered usage off the graphics on the this kind off money investment APS. I used a very specific funds that I found on in Votto. I think I think this one is from a broken Votto can. I used funds to write the logo and I'm going to explain why the logo can be done this way are very, very simplified Way to use a low, going to identify yourself in the next videos. But don't worry about this now. This is going to be the logo that I'm going to use for her, and it is, ah, script fund with the name and this is it. This is the name off the front that I depict if you wants to store it somewhere, and also the feminine funds that I used it was play for. But in the end I end up changing it because it is, ah, display fund and a display funds on textbooks on long texts. It is hard to read, and it was actually not made for writing long text. I thought that it would be better to change the play fair from for another different high contrast serif. Or also I used these pattern that I found in many different images from pluses, signs and dots with them kind of shapes that I could find the inspiration here. And as you can see from the inspiration that I took from these dots and plus signs, it has nothing to do with the final result. These also these brush marks that I took from thes thing right here. It's very different at me. Show the final one the color palette. I'm going to explain to you what I did. Ah, some kind off image that helps you understand the business a little bit. So I used ah screenshot from my instagram page from the PC up just for you to be able to understand that this brand has something to do with social media and also included some very simply fighting fest made mock up here that in the final brand is also very different from this. But as you can see here, you can see the greedy and colors. You can see the neon here, this line that's going that's glowing out off the the shapes you conceded text. You can see a mock up a very quick moke up from from the final brand, the way that images behavior here. So this is what we're going to look for in style. Escape a very simplified version off your brand. It's going to be many alterations in the final results going to be very different, and I'm going to show you in the next videos. But this is what you are looking for. You are looking to create a composition that includes the person that is your target, your persona that, in this case, is thes woman here called Claire. This is what we're looking for when you greet the style escape. By the way, all of these graphics in this case in this situation and I already advise you to create things yourself. Don't don't take any of the things that you are going to use on your on your style escape from other sites because this way, you are going to avoid to copy things, and you are going to start to create things by yourself again. Don't rush this because you need time to do this. It is, ah, a long process. It's a hard process to to to You can come up with final results like this one. But here we already having a very close look off the final brand. We are very close to the final look of the brand. I feel very well about these. The style escape, the next class we're going to talk about. The branding document is the guide with all the rules, the final rules, that evolution from your style escape to your riel final Brende Thank you for being with me and to now in suing the next class 14. Brand Manual: Now we are closer to our final brand, and we're going to talk about the final brand manual. This is where all the rules are going to be created, and this is the place that we're going to probably lose, the longer, because it's where you're going to create the actual final Brende. The first thing that I have to say about this is this is not the way you should present your brain for a client in this course, I'm not going to include the way the final way to present the brands to a client. But I'm going to cover it very quickly right now. One thing that you're going to notice here on this file that I'm showing you in the screen , he said. You already can feel the brand Onley with the cover off the document, and you shouldn't ever present the brain on the cover off the presentation off the brand to the client. And why is it it's because you should always try to keep a mystery and try to show the evolution off the brand along this lights on the presentation so the client can see that that you didn't just took something from the Internet, and you need to make her clients understand how hard to process Waas. It's not just getting there on the software on Illustrator opening in Everything will appear like magic. No, it has all a thought, ah, mindset behind the brand and needs to make it clear for your clients that you had a process behind the creation off the brand. And this is something that you were going to avoid to show on your presentations. You don't want your clients to see the final logo on a covert. This is the kind of file that you create for yourself or to send to the client after you do the presentation off the brand. The first thing that you see here is already just brand and inish nets that she's going to work with. And you already feel the vibe off the brand. If you stop to think about this artist look like crap, so probably has something to do with money, possibly and also these blows signs in this digital things here, these handmade shape that is it was actually handmade, not not hand handmade, but made with the pento. So here we are going to start. So create, um uh, cover over that. You can feel the brain with The first thing that I I normally do is I put one key sentence that would make people even more into the brand, the brains vibe, like it was the kind of a mood board for your bread. Remember the goal off the mood board? So this is what we're going for here. We are going to want to create something that already can make the client or the person who is seeing these documents feel the brand even before they know the brand. So here you can feel the vibe off the brand with this script phones with these shapes, with again with the shape and this brush on the background, these collars and so on. And this is something that I like to include on all my branding documents. And here is the key part for this class, because here is where I'm going to present you everything that we're going to do in the further classes. I'm going to send you this file. Don't steal anything from here because this is my girlfriend's brand. So if you steal something, I'm going to notice it. So try and help to steal something from here. But I'm going to include these on the resource folder so you can see all these topics and you don't need to remember them by Had. The first thing that you wants to define on a personal brand manual is the logo, and you are going to notice something very different from standard logos on Personal Brent . You can use the same process of creating a corporate logo for a personal brand, but it's much easier and a fuels much more effective to do the way that I'm going to explain on the next class. So these are the basic characteristics off a personal brand that you needs to include in the brand manual, the logo, the identity, the imagery in the mock ups and they have subdivisions and in logo. We're going to talk about the scale, how big or small we can use the logo eligibility. That is the part where we're going to talk about how to make the local ledge a ble, are being able to understand the logo and making it easy to understand the positive and negative versions. That is the part where we're going to talk about how to use the logo in light backgrounds and dark backgrounds. All those rules. They are very important to to write down and to have a document to control it. Because let's suppose that Daniella grows her brain too much and she need to. She needs to hire a graphic designer, although I'm a graphic designer, and if she had to hire one, it would be a bad sign. Probably, I don't know, OK, but if she needs to hire another graphic designer, the designer that would work with the brand should be ableto work properly with the rules created by the first designer that worked with the Brent that indicates it was me. So any other designer that takes these brains and works with these brain, even if I have to hire other people to work with me, they should be able to create the things, create the pieces off design that looks the same and doesn't look like it was made by Coca Cola Oh, Sony or any other brand that was not made by skew share, for example, this should look like it was made by the same person that created the brand so it should convey the same message. So they need all the information on these documents to create the full brand with this characteristic and the don't are included, what are you not supposed to do with the logo? There are some rules off things that could not ever be done, and they're going to be on this manual. The background colors because you need some rules to put on solid callers off backgrounds, the background images, because you need to make sure that people are going to use the local in the proper way. Let's suppose that Daniella Higher is a designer, and him he or she makes something completely different from this brand. She's going toe open the manual, and she's going to show the designer why she don't want these. This is the work that the designer made the way they made it, because it's not. The brand you need is in all the rules are on the brand manual, and they should respect the rules created in the Manimal. So it also teaches how to use watermarks icons. It helps to create identity with the color palettes, the topography graphics, graphics artist, kind of things that helps you to identify the brain and also sometimes to communicate something not always but sometimes to communicate something to in imagery part. It's very important to to set some kind off rules off the images that are going to be used on the brand. How to use and take photos for to use on the brand on landscapes and poor traits and all the styles that should be used in images and also one very important thing that you should include on all brand manuals. It's the best way for the clients to understand how the brain works in real life is to include mark ups do. In this case, I created her personal brand that's just going to be used for social media websites and mail marketing and things related to the Internet. So it took all the characteristics of her brand and where she's going to use the brand. And I included some kind off more cups that are related to the work that she is going to create in the future. If I'm going to create the brand a personal brand for a clothing brand, I could include here instead off email marketing, for example, I could include some clothing, and there's no problem. And these are the characteristics that you need to include on a brand manual, and we're going to go over all of them in the next class. Thank you. 15. Logo: remember when I said that there was something very particular and special about locals for personal rents? The main goal of creating a personal brand is when you want people to think of you as a brand. A person should be a brand. And how do you do this in? Why do you do this? Mainly it's because you want much more of a personal connection to the audience into the clients off the Sprint. So what we do to keep on the track off a personal brand is we can use, like script phones to write the name off the person instead of creating a logo, because it's much harder to connect with the local than it is with a person. So what we can do here to create a more close connection with the audience in with the clients off the brand, we can use a script fund to make it look like the person the owner off the brand wrote his or her name in this case, her name with her handwriting. So it views much more off a personal thing. If you want, you can even do it. Actually, you can hand write your name and you convict, arise it and use it as your logo, and you can also do it with your signature. Many people do it like Gary V, for example, so there is no problem on the Windies because it will actually create a much closer connection with your audience in with your brand in these very specific situation, because you actually have a person behind the business. The brand is the person you can't do these on. Ah, corporate brand. I mean, you can I conjoined some. For example. I think they used this this strategy because John Sons, it's belongs to Johnson. I think he wanted a much more of a cools connection with the audience. And this is one reason that you can just type the name with a good script fund that would look like it was hand written by the owner off the brand in these documents in the brain document. What I recommend you to do is who always make the main thing here the main characteristic off each page here, the topic, whatever you want in the top and some explanation off what this page is about. I wanted to explain why I used the signature our A script phones instead off a complex corporate brand. This case I have heared explanation simply fight from what I just said to you now, after that, what I'm going to equal include is the scale off the logo and how to use the local in different scales. As you can see here on this page right now, I was decreasing the size off the logo in each one of the versions because we need the logo to be a responsive local, because every time we use the logo in a different shape or in a different size, we can lose some off the characteristic. And it could be very difficult to understand the logo. If we just took this thing right here. The logo and we just in grade. You can read it, right? Yeah, but the real size is not this the real size this one. Can you read this? I don't think so. If you can. Congratulations. You have super I. And this is why I created multi form on the logo. Because sometimes we need a vertical vertical logo and sometimes we need a more wide logo. So with different sizes, it comes different forms off the when the situation here they are the same low. But it is just to show that you can use these. Even if he's it's smaller than the standard one. We want to include different versions that keeps it readable. Here. I'm going to help you with eligibility. And what does it mean? You shouldn't include anything around the logo that doesn't respect these margins? And how do we make this margins in each file that I'm going to create? What I do is I take these. Oh, is that a row? And I just place it here and I give these margin So any other kind off images or shapes or any other kind of elements should be closer to the logo than these line. There are some exceptions in this document that's going to be shown later. It's good to keep it here. There are some exceptions. If we don't say this so later, I'm going to present the exception. So people in the future don't think Okay, you didn't warn us before that it could be exceptions. So all the exceptions should be presented here because otherwise new designers can come up with very crazy things in the future, and they can, like, take all the essence off the brand away. I also like to include the minimum size to use on each logo because I have the same thing here. They're the same thing, but with different versions of the local ER. How to use the positive and negative version of the logo in this situation is very easy, because the logo just have one caller, and it is very easy to understand because it's just the handwriting topography. But if you want something more complex many times there are some things that change from positive versions to negative versions. For those who doesn't know, a positive version is when you have a dark text or dark version of the logo over, Ah, a light background, and the negative version is when you have the light logo over a dark background. Here we have the donuts. This part is amazingly important because apparently many people like to deform the local wind when the logo gets to them, and we should avoid these at all costs, cause the logo should be something very uniformed that you should use equally the same way in all the pieces that you create and these are the dont's this don't stretch are transform . It's not just a really for logos, but don't do it with anything, don't you? With with images, please don't do it with funds and don't do it with locals because logos and fonts and images were created in the first place to be used in that specific ratios. So don't change it because you're going to take all the work from the original designer away and you're going to destroy the phone. And it is even hard to read the name in this situation. Also, don't ever change the position because if you change the position one in relation to the other in these cases, many people will start reading the downward the world below. First don't add elements, so these kind off elements maybe Kuhlmann look cool, but it would be something else. It's going to be a different brand because the original logo doesn't have this this line below it. So it's very important for you to make sure that these kind of things not going to happen to the logo don't use low contrast to, because this is very hard to read. don't use outlined versions because also, it's going to be very hard to read indefinitely. Don't change the front because if you change the front, it's another logo. It's another brand. And if you want to include other rules that you think along the way off the creation off your logo, even if you characterized your signature or even if you just use a simple creep fund like I did, it's very important to maintain the same look over. All the logos also include the logo usage over colored backgrounds, and this is a place where I choose. Okay, this is OK. This is OK. This is OK is OK, but this is not because the contrast is too low and can be difficult to read. So I choose to to forbid future designers to do used black local over the purple background and the same thing happens here, Here, here, here, here, in here. Here I defined how to use the local over colored backgrounds and here is how to use the logo over image backgrounds. We always should search for the most contrasting way to use the local. So in this situation, I want to use the yellow here. Okay, No problem. But you would need to set something behind it in order to make their local readable. Okay, I want to make the lower period. Yet don't use this color in this situation because light backgrounds with light colors, it's very hard to read and hear the same thing. Don't use dark locals with dark backgrounds. Otherwise you're going. We're not going to be able to read it. Finally, in Watermark. This is an exception to the last one to this one. Because here I said, don't use local interest. Don't use local interest without an image in the background. Okay, so I'm not very clear about this, but you can be, as they created this for myself, it for this course. I I felt that I could explain these for you right now and also from a girlfriend. So she knows that this specific situation here also, What I did is I created a Nike and to be used on the web. If we open here, we see the dribble icon in here. This is what's going to be shown on the top off your browser and also on the favorite Aikens. This is the reason the name is five Aiken, and I like to include these in all locals that I make because it's much easier to understand a very, very small version even smaller than these version here. It's much easier if we take something bold in both on the background and frame it in the right way. And we are using some organic shapes that is on the on the brand manual and finally, the last thing for this class. The exceptions for the rules that we created right here. These are the only things that should be used or that could be used behind the background. Besides images, of course, these kind of shapes are shapes that were created along the brand, and they also kind off has the same feeling off the local itself. These handmade thing. So these are the only things that could be included behind the logo, and this is it for the local class. I know that it can be overwhelming, but you should define all the rules that you are going to use on your on your brand on your logo, because otherwise someone is going to take it. Someone is going to use it bed and you are going to be very pissed off because you don't want people to destroy your rent. So this is it and see you in the next class. 16. Color: no. In this class we're going to discuss about caller inside of the identity part off or brand manual jumping back to the computer. Okay, as we can see here now, we're just after the last thing that I showed you. And we are in the identity part where we're going to discuss the color palette, the color usage, topography in graphics. We're going to split these in separate classes. He's doing one class in this one in one in different classes. So now we're going to talk about the colors and I'm going to teach you how to pick the colors for your brain. The first thing that you should know is here when you arrived. This document, you already should have your callers picked And how do you do with the first thing that you should do is when you are in the face of the creation off the boards. The reference board is one of the most important parts. And why is it it's because it's where everything is going to be born from, And how do you choose the colors from the reference board when you are going to try to search for references, you have those characteristics, the main characteristics that you are going to use to develop your brand. Remember when I said before that we're going to use, for example, digital to pick some kind off characteristics to represent visually, you have to pick one off the characteristics for from your brand for in the brain that you are developing to be the horrid gin, to be the main point where you're going to pick the colors in this case, in the situation off these brand, What I did is I created a brand that was digital, and I searched in dribble and pinch rest for references on digital and modern graphic design pieces. What I noticed is that most of the brands that I found on Dribble and Pinterest is that they use meal and in pastel colors to represent digital and modern loop. When you are able to to see a pattern created on many graphic design pieces on the Internet , it's probably because this characteristic is usual to be used in certain situations. And this is an example. The simple off what callers normally are used in modern and digital environments. But you could choose a different characteristic to represent the digital part. You could use the shape instead of color, and you would still giving the same visual meaning to the brand in this situation and choose the color to represent it digital. But I could choose the imagery. I could choose the shapes. I could choose the funds, but I choose to be the color. So I used the handmade part handmade creation doomed to represent the creativity, and I could use the colors instead. They are choices that you make along the way. What characteristic off your brain is going to be represented by which kind of graphics. This is how this is what you're going to doing that face. So in this situation, I picked the color to represent the digital part off my brain, and the first thing that you're going to notice here is in the old boards I can show you. When I was talking about the style escape, I changed from these colors to these colors. And why was it? It's because it was because if you look to these board right here, it's very hard to make a connection to the mood board and the mood ward should sets up the mood for the brand and this brain right here was not representing anything from this mood. Right here are just a little. So I decided to change. All the colors are almost all the color from this palette to the pellet that I took from the mood board. And this is why you are going to notice some changes from these two here and also in the branding Manimal. The first thing that you are going to do when you pick the callers for your brand is to go to Pantone's website and find the closest matches. And then what you're going to do is you're going to use all the caller systems here to represent the color that you're going to use. They're not all in the world, but they are the main to seem like a RGB in the hacks combination off colors. These is used by to print. This is also used to Prince. This is used for screens, and this is used for websites and APP development, so you can write code with it. After that. If you have some special uses for your callers or special rules for your callers on your rent, you should also include these here because in the case off the specific brand, I use Grady in colors to represent that digital feeling that I that I told you before. So what I did to to maintain that digital feeling even if I changed the colors to the past the pastel or pastel colors that I showed you before. What I'm going to do to keep these modern and digital characteristic in the brand is I'm going to use these soft Grady and colors and I'm I here. I teach how to use them, not teach teach, but I show how they should be used. And yes, this is it for callers. This this is what you should include about callers on your identity, part off your brand manual. It's not everything because there are some things that's going to be covert after this glass, but it has much more to do. It has, but it has much more to do with images in coloring images, so I'm going to talk about them on the the imagery part. So this is it for this class. In the next class, we're going to talk about how to include the typography and how to represent the topography in the branding mineral. See when the next class 17. Typography: in this class. We're going to talk about the topography, how to represent it, topography inside off the bringing manual. And also why I changed. Is that Playfair phone for the Noto serif that you're going to see on the computer right now. Here, you can see that I'm using three different styles but Onley two different fund families. And this is why all my titles is going to be with this Ballymun phone that you're seeing up here. What I normally do to show the topography and the funds that I'm using in the brand is what you're seeing right here. I just type the title. The person who sees it can see all the possible situations here. He can see all the upper case is the lower occasions in here. You can see how this the fund looks each one off the characters. That upper case lower case is the numbers, the punctuation points and stuff, and you can see the same situation here. So just control, see from here and control V two here and two here and everything's just fine. So here are the titles that I used, so all the titles is going to use this phone to the bellman script after that. The subtitles That is, these kind of things. Here, the tip ball Refute that you're seeing here on the left. I use a black version off the Noto or Noto. I don't know how to say it properly. Then Noto Sarah fund in the black version is for the soup. Titles are subheadings and you can see the same system. And regular is the one that I'm using for the paragraphs that that you can see here. So I choose this fund because it's a very feminine one because the contrast is very high. So as you can see here, the contrast on the A you can see this very thin line. This is very thin. Line up the a letter, and here you can see these very wide and very bold part off the funds. And these gives more of ah ah, feminine, more clean look for for the funds. And why did it change from play for two notto it was because the Playfair is ah is a display fund. Display funds shouldn't be used in long text. And because of these, I try to find a replacement to the Playfair style that is also funds that has these very contrast e with this kind of serifis that's not very angular and not curved here on the on the stamps, off the letters and so on. This were the best replacement that I could find. Four difference. Also here you can see how to use the funds, and here I explained all the standard sizes that can be used on the brand. The designer who uses this is not going to be able to follow these rules the specific rules in every single situation. Mainly this part is not going to be possible to follow in every single situation, but they're good to be here because D. C. Is the ideal here. I say that the title should have three times the size, and what I mean is three x. You know, this is one X. Let's suppose that this one here is in 10 points off size. This one should be 20 and this one should be 30 or more. But if it's 100 for example, they should be 200 this one should be 300 or more. In this way, you are going to always keep the same hierarchy in the texts off the brand. So this is a very important thing to be here because otherwise people could mess up the hierarchy and the hierarchy. Off texts are something that says a lot about your brand in the behavior off the identity off your brains. So it should be a standard on your brand. When you have a subtitle and in a text paragraph, they should have these proportions between each other. The subtitle should always be twice the size off the paragraphs, and the title should be at least three times the size of the parents. Also, I repeat here the weight off the the text. This is black. This is regular, and this is the only version off this front. The bellman just has one text. Wait. I know this is a very short class, but this is it for the topography. You just need to show all the characters that you can use with all defense show the family . So the person who is going to work with it are able to see the complete context off the off the phones that you were going to use in here. You tell the new designer Or remember yourself from the future. How dio how to use how to set the proportions off the texts between titles, subtitles and paragraphs. This is it for this class in the next class is going to be a very short 12 because it is a very simple question that we're going to deal with in the next class. See you on the next list. 18. Graphics Library: in this last, we are going to talk about the graphics library, what it iss, what is used for and how to do it. Let's jump to the computer. So, as you can see here, this is the graphics library that I created for Daniela's brand. And what does it mean, What what is it used for? So here I created some standard graphics that should be used on the brand in order to make it recognizable. So every time that you see a style that uses this funds, thes collars and these graphics, they are going to make it easier for the audience to recognize the brand. So I created them, and I already used them on the the previous slides on here and also in the style escape that you saw. It's where I took them from. This is a very simple thing that you can create, and it's mainly used if you want to create a new design based on the brand that you were creating right now, if you don't remember any place where you used any one of these graphics that you are seeing right here, you don't need to find and spend lots of time searching for the file where you use some off the graphics that you see here, you can just open the brain Emanuel and take them from here. So let's suppose that I want to use these graphic here. I just opened a manual copied from here and paste it on the on the final project that I want to use it with. I just realized that I had, ah, layer above everything. No problem. It happens because of a bug on illustrator that I don't know what happened when I was creating it. Whenever I create a shape or any kind of object or elements on the illustrator file instead of creating it on the top on top off other other objects like you're seeing right here, it created beneath it. So it doesn't matter for discourse, but you're just going to create this so you can have all the all the graphics in one place . And also don't forget these graphics are not only for decoration, they're not useless. They're not just junk that's going to to make everything harder to read. It's going to make her your brand more memorable, and it's going to make your brand more easy to recognize along other brands. And I'm very quickly going to tell you why I did big each one of thes shapes in this situation here I picked these. This brush stroked represent the creative part because mostly creative people are associated with arts. This one is used to represent the economy part just as thes in these because they're normally in distended use off. These graphics are in software to treat off money, to deal with money like investments. And this is why I picked these specific graphics to do it. This is the same reason as this, but mixing with this so this Plus this equals this. This one is kind of a paper cut thing that happens also to represent more of a personal feel or a creative feel, you know? So this is what I what I created this shape for in these in these are more for the digital part. But also the digital part is present in every single one off these graphics. Because the ingredient is digital, these neon behind off these graphic is its modern and also futuristic and also digital. This this here is a combination off the monetary with the organic feel with the brushes and also with the digital because of the color that it has. So as you can seizure. I took many different reasons to create these the way I did. And this is what you should do, too. When you create the shapes, when you create the the elements would identify your brain. You should always be thinking from the characteristics that shoes on the beginning off this process, when you were creating the persona and when you were tracing the profile off the owner of the brand. So this is it for this class concealing the next one peace. 19. Imagery: welcome toe. One more class here with Lucas, where I'm going to talk about the imagery for your brand and how to represent it on your brand manual jumping into a new computer here on this imagery thing, I always do these divisions to the person who's using this document. No, when I'm going to talk about different subjects, and in this situation, I'm going to talk about the imagery, landscapes and portrait's and how to use them. So here is how I use the landscapes. One of the most important things that you should know about this brain, at least, is that one of the greatest characteristics are more important characteristics off the imagery off this brain is as it has a very personal feeling, as it has a very artsy feeling, too. Because of the creative part, all the images should have a more natural feeling. Instead, off that hard and strange feeling that stock images makes you feel always try to go for images that doesn't look like they are stuck images. But in this situation, this is one of the most important things that you should keep in your mind when you are looking for images to use in the Brandt. Not only they do not look like stock photos, but this one actually is not. I took this photo so it's ah, everything but a stock photo. We're trying to search for photos that has local trust, and they represent things that are in great scale, you know? So big mountains, maybe Seti's They're not here, but they're further in this document CDs with high buildings and stuff like this mountains thes thing that I don't know What's the name in English? I'm sorry, but but you can see it here. It's the thing driven by the wind that generates energy. It gives you a sensation off growth off big things off, getting bigger into some things because it needs to turns me to this message to the audience because they are talking about growth on social media. So they need to know about growth. So this is why, when it comes to landscapes, the images should always tried to convey something like a message off something big. You should talk about the way that they should be grated like low contrast low callers. If you want the only our images to have a specific color. You should introduce this here, too, so all the images that that I go I'm going to use in my brain must be blue or must have blue. In some parts, though, the lens gave images that I'm going to use should be about. Buildings are about mountains are about big. Things are with low contrast and something about the grading degrading off the images to in here the images off people poor traits. And this is how they should use whenever a new image is going to be off a person. And they're not going to cut the person like this because this one is a cut out person without a frame. They should use some kind of graphics to frame the image when they are without the background. There should use this future known as the dwelt on future. This is a future that that replaces the dark colors for one caller and specific color and the light callers for another specific color. And this is what you should do in the port. For its part, you should teach the new designers that's going to work with this brand. How to work with the images on the brand here. The grading part here. Also the greeting part off the images. As you can see here. It also is a very low contrast because the blacks not black, it's kind of agree, are dark gray. So if this is a local interest or they are dwell tone that has a specific future on the image, If you have any extra rule about your about your brand that has to do to imagery, this is the place that you can use. I'm going to give you some examples off rules that you can have on your brain that I don't have in the specific one. For example, you can see okay, I only want images off black people. For some reason, let's suppose that your brand is a brand for products specifically for Brett, for black people or for images. Off girls are white, people are or it should always include people, or it should always include tall people or it should always include cars. So there are specific objects are specific situations that you need to create the brand for even have a brand that I worked with, that they want me to create the social media and each one off the posts. I have to use people with different characteristics. So in one post I use a a nation P person and in the other pools they use a black person in other polls like use Ah, white person. It can have these kind off inclusive rules in the brand. So if you are creating a brand that has as its value anti racist racism, this is the place that where you could introduce this kind off messages here because this is a place where we're talking about the images that we're going to use in how to show people you can create crazy rules here if you want. But all the rules that has to do with images, they should be in this part off the brand manual. In this point, you almost have everything about the brand, because in the next one, as you can see here, we're going to talk about the mock ups, and here you are already supposed to be able to create anything for the brand. So see you in the next class 20. Mockups: hello again, and this is the last part of this course. Thank you for being with me. Until now, we're going to talk about the mock ups and how to represent them in your branding manual. Jumping into the computer, we're going to talk about Instagram websites and newsletter, but you could talk about any kind off more cups that fits your Brent. And here is the place where you're going to talk about the mock ups, and this is what it issue. Just create an example off a thing off a product off the brand in this specific situation for this brand, what's going to be created is an instagram page on social media growth. The main way that Danielle is going to talk to her audience is through instagram posts, so it's very important to include this here. If we're creating something for Ah brewery, for example, you could create a can off beer, for example. But it's up to you. Each brand, it's going to have different needs. If you are creating thes personal brain to grow on social media, you always should include a kind off a single post and Carlos L. Because they look kind of different in many cases. In the specific case, they're very similar, but they could be very different. And in here I have these two examples. If the owner off the brand Bland's on creating many videos, you also should include a kind off, a mockup, off video frame or any other kind off video content here, too. If a war creating my own brand today, I would probably include on the bringing manual the covers off the videos that I imposing here owns future for you and also on my YouTube channel. So these are the kind of things that you should take into account when you are creating your your brand Here. As you can see, I used the shapes I used. The images withdraw tone, and here you can start to see that there are some differences between what's here in what was in the style escape, because in this time escape, I didn't use the dual tone future on the images, and the colors on this illness style escape were a little different to, and here is where I need to remind you that this style escape is not the final design. These is the final design. As you can see, this is different from what we saw in the soundscape, though it's very close, so you can see it here. They're pretty different. This one had these. It was a little messed up because it had too many shapes. Too many off the off the graphics that we created and it turns out very confusing. And it's much more clear than this one. And I really feel that these and these are much more well balanced. And they work much better than this one for the bread. And this is an example for ah website. This is ah, how the website could look like. As I said before, you should provide the sensation off large scale objects like mountains, CDs and stuff like this. It will depend on the content that you are sharing in each specific situation. In this case, I'm just showing up how she could sell some products like discover how these a call to action in the titles and a website. The covert a hero on the website them in using the logo. How would it behavior along other kinds of platforms that wasn't shown until now? Here is the second part. As you can see here, this is the rest of the website. So here is more coal, traction, maybe a product. But in a very simple way, it could be an image instead off these weird illustration that I made right here I can see that it has some text extra text. I don't like we those for try toe Always right. Try to avoid in all your designs these kind of things Here Ah Lohan alone Ward here on the end of the text there called whittles and dare not welcome in design In another advice that I have to you is when you are creating the markups avoid to use the Lauren Gibson dollar seat. A mad thing. Thes standard textbooks that is created with illustrator are other Softwares that I don't know in Illustrator, they automatically create these texts the standard text avoid to do this, make the sensation more riel. Try to make this incision more real off having actually something that it's a final version . Because when we have this, this is the final thing that we're going to present our client or the final thing that we're going to greet for yourself when we are ending the brand. This is the final thing, so always tried to write a text that's going to represent something that's related to the brand. This is the newsletter that I created for a style very based on the website, but with different proportions in different cult elections and different ways represent the same thing, and this way is everything. This this is everything half of the brand. So this way, when the people reach this part off the doctor documents, the person who gets this document will know what they have to do to create new things. And this is one concept that I need to explain to you right now whenever you are. If you are a designer and you aren't taking client jobs, you always need to put a next trophy when the client doesn't have a brand's defined. When the client doesn't have these specific documents, you should always charge more because it's going to be ah, hell of a lot harder for you to create all the content that you should create for the client. And it's I promise you it's going to be much harder because you are going to create things that the clients not going to be satisfied with because it doesn't feel that this what you created wants his brand because indeed, it was not because the client doesn't have a brand yet. So it's much harder to create because you are going to lose lots of time when you are going to trying to figure out what you are supposed to do. And the thing that should be done in one or two hours is going to take you one or two days off work if you don't have a brand manual like this to work with. So if you are a personal brand, be aware that many designers are going to charge you more for the designs if you don't have this, so it's very important for you to have these. Even if you are hiring a designer to create these for you, keep it in your mind that paying for this kind off off services it's actually a thing that's going to be a way to spare money in the future. And if you are a designer, try always to convince your clients and to explain to your client how important it is to have a document like this because it's going to be much cheaper for declining to to develop the next designs. And also it's going to be much easier for you to develop a thing that's actually good for the brand. Because if you don't have this, you're going to just create random things that there's an feeds the brand off your clients because the kind doesn't have a brand yet. And don't you ever forget that if you have a company, it doesn't mean you have a brand. They're two different things, and if you have a brand, it doesn't mean you have a company. So after demo Cups, you just make a final ACC over final thing just to to close up the thing. And this is it. After all these things that I just explained to you. If you are able to do everything just like I said, it's going to be much easier for you to create your brand and also, if you are here to create content for your for your instagram, if you are creating color cells, you have my other course on how to create a car sell. And if you have this, if you create a brand manual to understand how to deal with your brand. Creating a cover cell is going to be much easier. And creating everything for for your brand is going to be much easier because you are already going to have some rules to follow. Many people like to. I I don't follow rules. I don't like rules. I like things organically. Yeah, but organically doesn't work here because with design you need to communicate in. People need to remember who you are, so you need an identity and this easier identity on visual communication. Besides just your face, this is what's going to help you. You may not like to to have rules, but keep in your mind you were the one who created the rules. What I need you to do for the exercise off this course is create your own brand and send me this file right here. Send me your brand manual so I can see what you came up with. Send all the boards that you created him that I showed you before from the previous file. I mean and also includes the brand manual. Thank you for being with me until now and sealing the next course