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How to Create a New Gmail Account and a New Youtube Account and Channels

teacher avatar ♛ Laurentiu Sanda ❾ ♛, Let's Learn Something New Today

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Creating a New Gmail Account

    • 3. 3. Creating a New Youtube Channel from Gmail

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About This Class


Hello and Welcome to my new class How to Create a New Gmail Account and a New Youtube Channel,

In this class i am showing you how to make a new gmail account and also how to attach to it a new Youtube Channel.

Also i will show how to Phone Verify your new youtube channel in order to unlock some additional features on your youtube channel.

So go ahead and watch the entire class in full, leave a review and complete the project!

So join me in the class right now and let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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♛ Laurentiu Sanda ❾ ♛

Let's Learn Something New Today


Hello ,

I am Laurentiu Bogdan Sanda and I am glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I am an Internet Marketer for almost 11 Years Now. I am Specialized into Internet Marketing, website design, custom website production and CPA/CPI Marketing.

Its time you start making what you love to listen yourself if you are even slightly interested in it.

I look forward to talk to you in person and help you with what you need to learn about and also very open to learn whatever awesome knowledge you want to share with me.



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1. 1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my new class. My name is lowered into, and as the title says, I'm going to show you how to make a Gmail account. Anuj, America for my past experiences an Internet marketer in the CPI industry. I continue that creating such basic things as a simple Gmail account can be tricky, especially if you don't know how you don't know what your drink. I'm telling you this is because in the last few months, Google did change a lot in order to prevent families from my Gmail YouTube account on autopilot. So you really can make this Gmail and were YouTube account on autopilot and the Google to put some verification letters in place. And the main one is the phone verification method, which is the most regular off the mark. So if you want to know how to make a Gmail account the right way, then go ahead and click. There are buttons right now and see how it is done the right way. I'm really into and thank you very much for what you might shouldn't reduction and hope to shear in inside and my new class. Thanks for watching by way 2. 2. Creating a New Gmail Account: Hello and thank you very much for your enrollment and glad that you made the right decision to learn something new today on that is making a new Gmail account. So without further delays, let's begin making out nuj America. So, first of all, you will have to, uh, toe visit. Move that and, uh, click this button. Your Gmail. Okay, we're just search in the search bar, okay? Either way, it just fine after that, you need to You would be presented dis patient. After that, you need to click the create an account buttoning here in the top right corner. So let me close this for you. And here are the This is the page where you can input your details in order to make your new account. Okay, so I'm going to Scorpy. I'm not going to use my real details on here. I'm just hoping pasting some roundem that I have already made five. I love female. And here I encourage you to enter your ah, full number. I'm going to undermine just a secret in order to this phone number will be used in order to very figure account and you'll see on the next step is to click the button next time. Bit much self explained to you. I agree. And here's Gipsy. He wants me to verify my okay, So I'm going to continue and then going to receive a short It's a mess on life phone. Um, so they find my new Gmail account. OK, I'm still waiting. Okay, The the sm is just arrived. I'm going to put the code and he'd continue here as well. You will see, you know, 30 seconds to one minute. Delays depends on your country and your carrier. How fast the cemetery will go to your phone and you can it continue. And, Vohra, we have just made our new Gmail account and I'm going to click. Continue to Gmail. Is not the death hard? This is the welcome page, but yeah, I see that I have tree. He males, uh, regularly. Jemele is showing here. Only one Welcome email. You can go ahead in. Start reading this email if you aren't really new to Gmail on what you can do with Jimmy College just deleted them in the trash. And from there you can empty them. Get I really think the great thing about the gym is that it has a lot of great settings. If you can click on this, uh, on this iconic here and you can go to settings, you'll find it here so much stuff that no other email provider is given across four feet. The most important, the most important, the great good to sitting that I I like are the signatures. And here you can set your signatures. You can say to a vacation responder, this is a great feature for your own personal email business. Similar. Whatever you like, you can arrange your your, uh, various categories for emails you can also forward and but your emails, your other emails. Okay, so there are a lot of stuff you can you can use your Gmail account for. So I hope you have, ah, learn something new in creating a new Jamila condo right way. I hope you enjoy it. And I will see you in the next session off this class, and I'll show you how you can make your first YouTube channel with this new Gmail account and how to create your now to create a new journal after your main duty general. So see you on the other station. Okay, think for watching my way 3. 3. Creating a New Youtube Channel from Gmail: hello and welcome to the second session of my dress here. I'm going to show you how you can make a new YouTube channel, which your new Jamail can't be just great in the first session so that for the late delays , let's go ahead and make a new you took child so that when you you are here, it is simple. You can go ahead and click this, which are the Google Maps. Okay. And we go ahead and click YouTube in here, remind me, or simply just visit you took and for your first time that you can see where the new Gmail account is not linked to the YouTube or already. So we need to trick the signing button here. N Bala, you are now registered with YouTube. This is the easiest way to make a new YouTube, uh, account well from your Gmail account. I am not advising to make the other way around. If you want to make a new YouTube account, let's go ahead and watch the first station make a new Gmail account, and then you can attach your new you to become toe your newly created Gee Americans. So now we have our YouTube. Ah, YouTube account. But this is not the issue to become. Does not have you took channel, and I'm going to show you this. Okay, so let's begin. Let's go ahead. And from this year, you can click on your on your picture here and click quit creators to you so you can see you must be the Children to upload videos. Okay, so we need to click the great generally here, Or if you are here on YouTube that come just create might should just quit my channel and this pops up and the this is going use YouTube us. You can change your name here or whatever things you like. If you're YouTube, general is about the weight loss or forex trading or something like that. Got into promoting affiliate offers or your own offers. A za merchant can change the names in here with is and his great channel butter you. And what are you have a new YouTube channel. Okay, so ah, most of people don't know, but for my past experience as an intern marketer and I have done a lot of promotions on YouTube as well. This is your main YouTube channel. So it mean, what does that mean? Let's go ahead. Let's never get to the greater studio and go ahead and use the channel section here. So as you can see, you have monetization, longer videos, all the stuff which some of them are not enabled. But the thing is this. If you just want toe test some of techniques some India, if you find yourself in the position that you may break some cooperate. Ah, some copyright laws are community guidelines in here. As you can see, you have three strikes for each. And if you receive three strikes, one cooperate or or community guidelines, your main YouTube account is done. Would be disabled and deleted by you. YouTube stuff. Okay, show what you will need to do is create some secondary YouTube channels where you can test your own stuff. And if you are pleased with that, and then go ahead and put your menu to general from my own experience, I don't use this main general for testing or even for promotion, because YouTube YouTube these days is very picky on what you are doing or what you are promoting. And ah, you never know. You look you lose your YouTube general on all the other channels that are attached with. So I'm going to show you how you can ed another you took general to this main YouTube channel. So let's go. Let's clicking here. And after that, you'll need toe this YouTube settings again. So here, as you can see under additional features, view additional fister orchid in new channel going to create a new channel. So let's stay. Let's say this district Arjun 16 and hit the create. But, um, he here, um, so this is our new test 2016 general. These channels, I'm ah, from my person experience. I used this to test my own things before I do some large promotions after that. Okay, so let's see that I'm going to show you how you can see all your account. Although YouTube generals excuse me or restrictions under this menu to channel. So go ahead and click. This took the YouTube sittings again, and here you won't see the created new channel. You see all my channels or kid and you channel. So go ahead and click this. And as you can see here, here are or you're here, will reside all your YouTube channels. This is the address. If you want to write it down you took that comes less general on the underscores feature, Justin, ever get quicker. So this to this page And here you can create a new general. From my experience, I managed to create, like 78 additional channel beside the the main channel which is this dimensionally will be all over you ologists will always residing. Here is the mention, Uh, which stairs, right? Ah, right between the credential and new newly created channels. So I was able to greet, like, seven or eight new channels. Um, before the phone verification method, tricks triggers it. So if you want to create more than, let's say five, 5 to 7 testing channels you Oh, you'll need toe. Use your phone. Uh, right away to verify, as we used it on creating the our new Gmail account wasn't the first session discussing, so I'm going to show you how do Right now I'm going to show her toe phone. Verify your newly your main account. Go ahead and click this and you will navigate to it. And after that, we need to goto creator Studio and to the channel feature. And here you gets you connected monetization longer videos extend invitation custom Dominant for this, you need to verify your account with your phone number. So let's go ahead and very fight. I'm going to use text one moment, okay? And let's receive that and that message on the phone. Okay, so the sim is it just arrived. Okay, so the cuticle patricians, your YouTube account is not very fight. Continue going to you. Okay, so was it. Gets he monetization eligible. Now it it has this enabled about in here. The longer videos enabled externalization enable custom thumbnails enabled. And so I'm paid content. Ineligible because I'm not from yes content. I d appeals not enable, but your sa. So you start to create content and post regular to YouTube. You'll see this. We will be illegible and enabled. Unlisted in private life streaming on so on left him. Let's enable life streaming. Enable this great life event is after officially dispatch something extreme now. Oh, it z enabled already. Okay, Mice from my bed. How roading for us. Jim enabled. So, guys, this is pretty much this is pretty much about creating the YouTube general and form verify it. As you can see here, it says very fight. I hope you like my my new class about how to create the nuj American and touch Ah, main YouTube general in Crete. Ah, new additional channel to the main YouTube channel. I hope you enjoyed it. And go ahead and liver more your reviews below. Also, to check the project section off my my class and also do share it with your friends, your family, because you'll never know who will need to to make a new new Gmail account and the way not true to see for themselves on just created as you can. So I made my first session the things guys for for attending my my class. I hope you enjoy it. Leave your positive views below and go watch out for my for my new classes for my future classes and hope to see you in there as well. Thank you very much for watching my name is lower into your and have a nice day. Bye bye