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How to Create a Job Board Website with WordPress

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

How to Create a Job Board Website with WordPress

Alexander Oni, Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert

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23 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course

    • 2. Choosing our Job Board Theme

    • 3. The WP Job Manager Plugin

    • 4. Adding the Google Maps API Key

    • 5. Adding Recaptcha

    • 6. Submitting a Sample Job

    • 7. Creating the Login and Logout Links

    • 8. Menu Items Visibility Control

    • 9. Customizing the Login Page

    • 10. Hiding the Admin Bar and Dashboard

    • 11. Importing Jobs Part 1

    • 12. Importing Jobs Part 2

    • 13. Importing Jobs Part 3

    • 14. Importing Jobs Part 4

    • 15. Adding Job Regions

    • 16. Adding the Job Application Contact Form

    • 17. Clean Up and Design Changes

    • 18. Go Fetch Jobs Premium Plugin

    • 19. The Application Deadline Addon

    • 20. The Resume Manager Addon

    • 21. Resume Manager Addon Settings

    • 22. Submitting a Sample Resume

    • 23. Job Manager Additional Addons

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About This Class

In this project you will learn how to build a job board website similar to monster or Indeed. You will learn how to work with the WP Job Manager plugin to create and publish jobs. I will show you how to also populate your website by importing jobs from other job board websites. I will also teach you how to customize your menu items so they are visible or hidden depending on certain conditions.

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Alexander Oni

Web Developer & Cyber Security Expert


My passion is teaching people through online courses in a fun and entertaining manner.  I have been teaching online for about 3 years now and during this period, I have created over 25 different courses on different platforms including my own personal platform - The Web Monkey Academy.

What would you like to learn?

Would you like to learn how to build and manage your WordPress website? Would you like to learn advanced skills that will make you a true WordPress developer? Would you like to learn how you can establish a successful career as a web developer? Would you like to learn the basics of information and cyber security?

 If you want to do any of these things, just enroll in the course. I'm always improving my courses so that they stay up to dat... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course: Well, hello and welcome to this brand new course. I'm gonna show you how to build a job, but we're upset with WordPress. And the name of the central building is known as the Job Board, otherwise known as the biggest online jobs to victory on the Internet. So you can see right now from our front page behalf access to a wide variety of just been posted. We can filter jobs based on key wards, regions and even the kinds off job. We have freelance full time in gentry, part time and even temporary and on a side bar. We have special sections for our fit future jobs and also a section for the most recent jobs that have been posted. I'm going to show you exactly how you can import jobs from some of the biggest job upsets in the world, including indeed dot com and even monster dot com as well. We will be making use off a plug in known as the WP job manager Plug in to manage our job website. I'm going to show you exactly how employers can come into a site creating accounts and imposed a job. I will then show you exactly how candidates employees looking for jobs can coming to search for jobs and even submit their resumes so that prospective employers confined them and contact them. So by the end off this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge required to build out a fully functional, doubled website, and I can't wait to get started, so let's jump right in and begin. 2. Choosing our Job Board Theme: Alrighty. Welcome officially to this new section. We're gonna build out a job board website using what press and you can see right now this is a fresh Clinton solution of what press on my sub domain. The job board dog task Apia dot com. And we're gonna choose a theme that we're gonna walk with now. When it comes to themes, there are lots of different things. You can apply for your job board website specifically if you go to a stand. If i dot com slash products, you will see that they have premium themes for jumbled up sites. They have list. If I markets if I and especially jump if I if you have the money out stronger committee goal with Shopify. It's one of the best things you can go with for your job. Border upset. However, if you're looking for something free, I can recommend recommend ribosome themed by Galluzzo themes. It's free and you can see it's well maintained. That last update here was September 6th 2018. So this is a relatively well maintained thing that you can use to build out your what purse website. So we're gonna go ahead and activate the theme have already installed it. I'm just going to emulate their parents themes and go ahead and activate re bhosle over both. So I don't know how you want pronounce it. All right. So this is how the site now looks like and I like this particular thing because you do have some customization is that you can use. He also have the ability to go full with as well when it comes to page templates. So let's just jump right ahead now and begin to make some changes. I'm gonna come down here to sit ins. Let's Littlefoot prima links. I'm going to switch this to post name from plane. Ah, let's jump over to reading. Let's see. Okay, we're gonna change this later and Advantix video wins once when stole a particular plug in . Let's go over to discussion. We're going to go ahead now and on check all of this. We don't people posting comments. This is a double dips and other blawg and I think that's pretty much it for the settings. Let me come down here and save are changes. All right, now let's jump over hit you appearance and go to customize We're gonna make some very quick changes to how this that looks like right now. So I'm gonna click on general settings and cited Entity. I'm gonna change title to the job board. Okay. And then my tagline is gonna be the biggest jobs, Uh, Capital J jobs to victory online. That's right. We are the biggest gift of extra biggest jobs to victory online. I said, That's cool. It's click back now from here. I'm gonna go over to you the header. And if you jump over to the head, I image you actually have the ability to add a logo for your website. Now, if you're looking for logo's, you can get some for free online. But you can also go to Cannes, va dot com and is against. This is an application of used to build out different kinds of designs, full my courses and low goes and and so on and so forth. So our village, coming to get comfortable with, can vote. That comet will save you a lot of money a lot of time, and it is just one of the best website you can visit for designing logo's cover images and so on. So That's why I got my own image from own logo. So I'm gonna go ahead now and add the new image. And it's a committed to use 11. 44 by 29 pixels. As you can see, I'm gonna go ahead and add the new image. I'm gonna upload it right here, selecting cup and that you go. Let's go ahead and crop the image and voila. Okay, cool. Now go say that the header image here is a local. All right, let's do that. Now. If your logo was pretty small, you actually could center the local if you wanted to, but mine occupies to fool with. So there's no point in central logo with logo, white background. I'm gonna check this one. We'll just go to the same color. All right, let's go ahead and hit back. And we can also make some other changes in here. Like the top bar on social Aikens. You can see the by default. We have lots of social media icons and for a job directory, this is an overkill. They don't need to. What's up, for example, like really likes rescue bots up way? Don't need says we don't it pinch arrests. Who we don't need. Instagram, for God's sakes. We don't need YouTube. LinkedIn is good. Google Plus is good Facebook. Ah, no, I'm gonna move Facebook. We'll just go with Twitter, Google Plus and Linda and I think that's a bit more are professional. All right, but that's it. Let's go ahead and click back. I'm gonna click back again. I'm gonna come down here to content, all right? And OK, we'll deal with this if it later will do with the content section later. Let's go back to general settings and for colors. I'm gonna go ahead and change the theme color from blue. I'm gonna go with Golden, actually kind of like golden. Although feel free to go with a different kind of skin color you could go with. Ah, Did you go with drink? Although this would be very weird for it. Jobs are directory website. So anyway, I'm going to switch back Teoh Golden. I should let me quickly try or agency how orange looks like. Uh, no, I'm gonna stick with golden. All right, I'm gonna go with Golden and ah, that's its full. This particular section Let's hit back. We're gonna jump over here to fonts, and we can select funds as well. Another reason why I really like this particular theme. All right, so we have lots of different options. Let's try a boon to I've always liked the book to theme. And you know what? I'm gonna stick of the Boonchu for now. Well, just to get a bunch of fun and I kind of like the way it looks and ah, that's pretty much it. Let's go ahead and hit publish so we can publish changes. Let's hit back. Let's go over to posts. This is a new installation of WordPress for me, So I do have a default post. I'm gonna go ahead and trash that we don't need that. And ah, that's pretty much it for the very first video with selected our theme. We've made some design changes. We've operated logo when we've done some cleanup. So that's it. Jumping the next as well. I'll introduce you to the main pull again that we're gonna be using to build out our job board website 3. The WP Job Manager Plugin: All right, let's move on. So in the previous video, with Successful installed a theme, now it's time to choose the plug in the main chief big plug, and we're gonna be using to build out our job. What website and that plug in is none other than the WP job manager plugging Now there are different plug ins out there that you can download and used to build out your job website. But in my humble opinion, WP job manager is the best out of all of them. And best of all is the fact that it's actually free. You do have adults that are premium that you can buy to further extend the functionality. But at its core, the WP job on the job plug in is a very, very useful plug in. So you can either go straight to WP judgmental comb and down with the plug in, or you can just go to the plug INS. Directory. On the Web is a dog search for the BP job manager, and it is by automatic, as you can see. And uh, yeah, let's just go ahead, download and stolen activates the plug in. I have already don't that, and the very first page you're likely to see would be the set up wizard. All right, Now, you can either decides to help make WP job major better by allowing them to track how used a plug in. Or you could just get to sit up and you can sort of the plug in manually. I'm just gonna go ahead and skip this check box because I don't want them to track what I'm doing. So I was gonna go ahead and heat starts set up, all right. And the program that can automatically create three different pages for use and short codes . The first page would be a poster job. Pedreira potential employers can come in and post jobless things. You'll have the job dashboard, where employees can view the Joseph posted and to see whether or not people have applied. And then you can also have a jobs page. We are people looking for jobs, can visit and see all the available jobs does far. So just go ahead and hit creates like pages. And that's it. We're done with initial set in. If you go to your pages now, click on pages you will see the job. Dashboard jobs post a job created by the plug in, and I do have privacy policy and sample page by default. When I installed what press, So don't worry about the province permissible A C or some of page. For now, just ignore those these three pages. You should have job, dashboard jobs and then post a job. Now you will also see the job list sins tag. This is by the plug in so you can go straight to sit ins, all right. And the very first something we have is on the general. This is where you can change the date format, and you can add your Google maps. API key will talk about this in the next video, and then you can also choose to completely delete all data. If you choose to uninstall the plug in and again, you can enable usage trekking If you wanted to. Now job listings in here you can control how jobs will be displayed on your website. For example, lists per page. Do you want to go with 10 50 maybe even 100? You can do that. You can choose to automatically hide field positions, and I'm going to do that? Let's check that one. You can also hide expired listings as well, and in this case, expected listings will not be searchable. I'm going to keep this because sometimes people just want to search for the job that was made available. You know the details, things like that. So it is nice to have still have expat list since showing, um, just full research purposes, maybe? No. But you can also hide expired listings content. So what happens here is the title off the job list symbols to be made available. But the actual content itself, which would be like the description to pay things like that, will be hidden. I'm going to check this all right. You can also enable listing categories will keep this unchecked for now. Multi select. Keep down on check for now and yourself. Category. Filter type types Multi select Listen, types. We'll just leave these as they are. Let's go straight, Teoh job submission. So when a potential employer wants to submit a job, you can require them to create an account first, which will mean they will have to quit in the count log in before they can do so, which is good. But you can also enable account creation the very first time they're trying to submit a joblessness, which is actually good. It's very, very convenient, so that's changed dramatically now. If you went with the automatic creation, you should also allow the theme to generate user names from the email address for that particular employer. So this would be good. And then you can also email news as the link set to set the password, which is good. The account will also knew people who create jobs opposed jobs will be given the accountable of employer. You can choose that you can change that to contributors of crabber if you want to, but employers makes the most sense. All right, so moderate new listings. This will do quite admin approval of all new listing submissions. These can be a bit of a company time consuming, especially if it gets in lots off us our job postings. But for the beginning, it's nice to at least go through the submissions before they're made public, because, you know, people can very, very fully that they can post different kinds off fig jobs like, you know, a job for a meth. Ah, meth producer. Oh, something pornographic away, you know? So it's always nice like this. Moderates. A New listings allow editing of pending listings, which is yes, but one down is also what happens here is seen as an employer has something to the job. It will go into dependent state. Be until the time it's approved. The employee can still make changes to the particle out. Listen, so that's good. But want to go with that? I allow published edits in here. You can allow users to publish edits without any for the approval you can deny them. It's really up to you. I'm just going to stick with the default where users can edit without the admin approval. This intuition is a month by default. You can change that in an application method. You can either go with the email address or website. You really like that as it is. Let's go to recapture. We'll talk about this in the very next into videos from now, but that we're all showed how to get we capture from Google and used this to verify that it's not robots that are creating jobs on our page pages by default you can do is change this to something else you wanted to. And finally we have the email notification. So whenever there's a new listing, the admin should be notified either by sending a rich text, email or plain text email. Which Texas Nice, our administers off updated list in Okay. If they knew Liston has been updated with new content, should be notified by default. It's good, and they can also have the admin be notified of expat job listings or also notify employers that they're not. This is about you. Ah, expires. We're gonna go ahead and check this on. Check this one as well. And if you unchecked both of them, you have the ability of changing the format and then notice, period the defaults, rich text, email. And then one day I like both of them as they are. There's nothing to change that. Let's go ahead and hit save changes and ah, well, that is it to have installed the job. Bunch of plugging to admit some changes. So Jimmy Avonex video A. I will now show you how you can add the Google maps, a P I key to your plug in 4. Adding the Google Maps API Key: All right, let me show you how to generate a Google Maps. API a key for your website. Now, if I already have a key, then you don't need to watch this video just coming here. Paste your key inside the white books in here and save it changes. And you're good to go. If you don't have a key units to first of all, log into Google. If you don't have a Google account, well, then you can to use Google maps a p I key. So I'm gonna bet that you do have a Google account off some sort, So please log into Google and then here don't click on this link directly because then this will take you straight to this page leaving Europe site. So you can either just decide to light clicking here, open this in in a new tab. Now, here's the thing. You could potentially get your key from this particular link, but the navigation around here is a little bit crazy, and it's kind of hard to get to that particular page. What other command is you go instead to the console door. Developers don't Googled off comb for slash ap. I sports slash library. In fact, this is all you need. Just put that in your browser. And this should bring you to this particular page recon sit for the AP eyes. Now, what you're looking for would be an epi. A key under the maps section, OK? And under the map section, you're specifically looking for maps. JavaScript ap I This is what you want, maps for your websites. You can click in there and all right, so this is gonna be a little bit tricky for me to explain, because I already have a key. Everything's enabled on my end. If you don't have the maps AP, I enabled, you will see something like click to enable or something like that just enable it. All right. And then once you do that, you will be brought to a page that looks like this. All right. And now in here, you will be able to create a new key. Just click on credentials. You go to the credentials section, clicking credentials, and then from here, you will be able to create a new key. You can see I already have a key for myself in here. And that's why I really don't need to create any other key. But what I want to do here is to show you another link that you can actually use that's very well detailed and can show you how to create. Are you a p a ki? This would be the u R L Go Fed dropped on com four slash documentation and then genetically maps API key. And this is a very well detailed explanation on how to get your key So you can see right now you would have to go Teoh credentials and different credentials. You'll have to click on something called Create eight Credentials. The reason why you don't see that on my ends because I really have the credentials. But you will see something like create credentials and then you'll have to create an A P I key. You'll have other options available, but then, AP a key is what you want, And then finally, you will have Teoh secure that a p I key and what am I talking about in here right now? You can see that this is set to orange and say, Is this a P? A. KI is on restricted to prevent unauthorized use and court of theft to restrict your key to limit how it can be used. So what you want to do here? Is this all right? You can change the name, by the way, from a peak iwant to something else. In fact, I'll change mine too. Maps key. All right. And now over here for the application restrictions. You want to restrict this to eight TTP so this can only be used on websites. So you click in there and now in here, you'll have to add the u R l for your website. So I'm going to jump in here, and I'm gonna grab, Okay. My you are. Well, let's go back in here. I'm gonna pay stats. That's it's gonna go ahead now And he's safe. No. Right. All right, cool. So I'm just gonna go ahead now and copy my a p I key. And I'm just gonna dump that in here Fala and save my changes, and that is it. So once again, you want to go to console dot Develop oz, the google dot com four slash ap eyes four slash library such for your maps section and then look for the general script AP a key for your maps. You will have to quit a credential and then you'll have to secure the credential by limiting its access to http inferiors and, ah, you'll be good to go. You'll have your key go to back to your plug in and place it. Any a surgical gonna disappear Key. Now again, you can go to this link. Go federal dot com four slash documentation for slash and dash. Google. That's ma'am stash AP I dash key to get ah, hold of this recommendation. Or you could just use Google to find out more how you can do this. Now, if you have any questions about this, please let me know and this was a bit technical. But please let me know if you have any questions of more than happy to assist you and help you in any way that I can. Thank you for watching. Let's go on to the next guys, but I'll show you how to generate a key for your recapture 5. Adding Recaptcha: Okay, so the next step now would beat you. Add all the capture keys, and to do this, we're just gonna go ahead and hit this link, which is the Google to capture at me And dashboard. Let's open is in a new tab. All right, sir, From here, we're gonna have to go ahead and quit. Eight key. So you have the label in him gonna go ahead and create my which is the job board that's gonna be my label for this one. And my capture is going to be the recapture vision to was Go ahead and hit that. And for the domain gonna go ahead now and grab. Ah, the job board the task. Apia Com. That's all you need. You don't need the https. So I'm just gonna go ahead and pace this right there. So it's the job board. It has competed dot com, except that it captures terms of service. Even though I have no idea who would be our I'm gonna heat register. All right. All right. So from here automatically, you will be provided with the psyche and the secret key, but you'll have to do something, which is to add the key or a sort of script to the head attack off your website. Now, to do this, we're going to make use off a plug images, the insert headers and footers plugging by. WP begin now, please go ahead and stole. Activate the plug in. And if I did online and you can see if you go to settings, you will see the insert headers and Putin section just cooking there. And now in here we can add to the script for head us. I'm gonna go ahead now and grab this one right here, which is descript source. I'm gonna go ahead and copy this jumping here, and I'm going to paste that right there. Let's go ahead and hit safe and that's it. Now you don't need to worry about the civil side integration because yoga posts, I believe, already have discovered if your Web hosts don't have seven said integration for captured and there's something terribly wrong. So I do believe your Web hosts will already have discovered. So all you really need is a client server integration, right? Let's go down here. And I just go through this that labeled the main the owner and that looks ever changes. Ah que That saved. I'm gonna go ahead now and do what I have to do, which is to grab the site key. First of all. Ah, come on, That's copy the site key. It's jumping here to appearance on a job listings set sentence we kept. Ah, let's go ahead and paste that key. Then I'm gonna go ahead and paste the second key right here. Let's grab that. Copy that, NLP is it in here? Awesome. Make sure this box is checked riches to display the capture field on your job submission form. Let's go ahead and hit, save changes and that's it. So let's test this. Let's make sure it's actually working. I'm gonna sign out. I'm gonna log out. And now let's go to the front end. All right, so let's just zoom where somebody who's locked out and we want to submit a job. Let's go ahead. Kids posted job going to scroll down here, and you can see that the capture is walking because it's asking, Are you human or are you a machine? So that's how to add. We capture to your war per strips. I thank you for watching the video, and I will see the next class 6. Submitting a Sample Job: What I would like us to do now is to try and post our jobs. We're gonna pretend like we are an employer, and we're looking for someone to employ for a certain kind of job. So let's visit the job board that was completed dot com. We're here. We can see post a job. Okay. I'm gonna go ahead now and click post a job. All right, So it stays. Ah, Signing. If you don't have an account, you can create one below by entering your email address and your name. Okay, let's go ahead and fill this out. My email is Alex at the web monkey online dot com. Ah, job title. We're looking for a software engineer. Oh, yes. We need some engineers. The location here is going to be in Tokyo, All in Japan. Okay. And then the job type or Colette. Syria. Full time internship, part time. Temporary. It's gonna be full time. Full time for the description. Let's just go ahead and grab some text in here. Some limits, Some text. Let's just grab this. Let's go. Not everything. That just copy this. Okay, let's copy that. Let's go ahead and pay step in here. That's the job description. Okay, the implication. Email. All right, send applications to Alex at Web Monkey. Elemental Comb. It's a company. Details. We are the web monkey. All right. And then our websites is going to be http Web quarters doctor Scoppetta dot com for the tagline. Ah, software software is our business. Oh, yeah. Alright, video optional. No, we don't have a video Twitter. Yes, we have a Twitter account. It's at the Web Monkey own line. Ah, Logo. Yes, we do have a logo. That's ah, logo by day. Let's go ahead and open that. Okay? I'll be human. Yes, we're human. Okay, so it's a select all images with mountains or heels. This is gonna be tricky. This is a hill. This is a hell. Ah, this is a mountain. Yeah, We're just going to choose this one. Verify and cool. Let's go ahead and hit preview and let's see what we have. Okay, So it Cesar software engineer full time. What? Monkeys? Soldiers. A business? That's the description. We have the Twitter account and then the link to the website. Okay, this looks good. Let's go ahead and hit. Submit list in. Okay, so It says jobs similar successfully. You're listening. Will be visible once approved. And you can see right now that we've been ultimate automatically signed in. We have the account, Alex. Right there. Credit was automatically. So if we go now to job dashboard, you can see that we now have our posting right day. It's a software engineer, but it's pending approval. Okay, so I'm gonna pretend now that I'm the actual admin. So let's not go back to come right here. I'm gonna jump in here to the back end, and you can see right now we have the indication won't telling those that one listen has been made. Okay, let's go ahead and eat all jobs. So what's this? Oh, so strange. Nearby. The butt monkey locations in Tokyo. Okay, this looks legit. Let's go ahead now and hit. Approve and ah, Okay. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. OK, so it's approved right now. Let's go back to five. Fox. And now let's pretend way. Ah, Alex on Web monkey. Let's refers this page and see what's going on. And ah, OK, so it's been approved. We can edit. It's we can duplicate it if you want we can delete it through comac as filled. Awesome. Right. Let's go ahead and log out. All right. And now I'm gonna pretend that I'm an actual employees looking for a job. So I've come to Joe board. Let me go ahead and click on Jobs Page and let's see what we have in here and what's this? Oh, wow. Software engineer from Web monkey. Okay, let's click on stuff to engineer. Let's see what's about. Okay. Okay. Okay. It Cesar. Okay. This job requires this, and that's okay. I'm qualified. I think I like this job. Let me go ahead now and hit the apply for job and say it's okay to apply for this job. Email your details to Alex and a monkey lyinto combo. Wow. Okay, awesome. I will do just that. All right, So that's me. Just pretend to be some looking for a job. Let's now go back to chrome. Let's come down in here never coming over here to uses, and we click on all uses. You can see that we now have Alex, who was instead as an employer. And in fact, if I go to my email address my web monkey online email, you can see that the credentials has been sent to me. I have my user name, Alex, and now I can set my password by simply clicking on this link right there. I click on it, and every right now I can sit my new password to access the job board directory websites. So that's pretty much the process. Right now. You can see it's a very smooth potential. Employers can come in creating. I can't automatically submitted jobs. And then employees are not looking for a job can simply coming here and go to the jobs page , and then they will see all the available jobs. So so far, so good. Things are moving well, I will see the next class. 7. Creating the Login and Logout Links: All right, So now that Alex from the Web monkey has submitted a job, ideally, we need to be able to allow Alex or any other potential employer to be able to log in and log out as this. Right now, there is no way to log in unless they go through the conventional WP dash admin and then low again. And then they come in here and look out from the admin dashboard. We need to be able to provide, log in and look out links from the main menu. So in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can create custom log in and log out links on your main menu. So let's do this. I'm gonna jump into appearance, go to menus, all right? And, ah, let's just do this. We're gonna go ahead now included in new menu. And this would be, ah, the main menu itself. Let's just do this quick menu. And while we're it is, I'm gonna go ahead and add jobs, job, dashboard, and then post a job as well. Let's add those. And now check this out. I'm gonna come in here to custom links. All right, Now, the link text is gonna be log in and I do have here my note pad. This is going to be the U. R l for the log in link. I know that you don't need to add your actual domain name. All you need is just four slash tablet Padesh admin, and that would be fine. Let's go ahead and add that to the menu. And then I'm gonna do something similar now for log out all right, and then for the text for log out. It's a little bit more complicated. It's going to be this one right here, which is Ah, fourth slash WP Dash Logano PHP questioner, actually calls log out. I am glad and peace that Let's add that to the menu. I'm gonna drag low gain here and then look, at last, we're going to set this to our primary menu. I Let's save the menu and OK, so I'm gonna go ahead now and look out and let's go back to the front page and cool. So we have Logan now and we have log out less test this links. I'm gonna click on log and first of all, okay, cool. So we can log in here. We have an email password. Let's look in. Fantastic. Okay, let's go back to the front end. Let's refresh. Make sure you logon. Okay? Now, let's try to look out by clicking in here. Log out. Do you really wanna look out? Yes, I wanna log out and voila! We have looked out so that we have successfully created costume Logan and log out links for our website. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 8. Menu Items Visibility Control: now that recruited the costume Logan and Logan links, it is time to enforce some control, and when I mean by this is it doesn't make any sense for a locked in user to see log in on the main menu and every log then and likewise, it's not gonna make sense for a logged out users to see log out in the main menu because they're really locked out. So we need to figure out a way how we can show certain menu items to use us, depending on setting conditions. And there's a fantastic plug in called the If menu visibility Control for many items by lay ahead. And this is a fantastic plugging with which we can determine who will have access to set in menu items, primarily based on whether they're locked in or locked out. So I would like you to go ahead and download and stole and activate the plug in. Now, when you do the same, all you really have to do is to go to your appearance, go to your menus and then from here. All right, so for me right now, for log in, I can click on the drop down arrow, and now you can see we have the option off enabling visibility rules. I'm gonna click the checkbooks right here. So let's do this now. It say's show if and now in here, you have the different kinds of scenarios, so we only want to show the Logan linked to users who are locked out. We don't have the option off. Choosing is locked out. However, we can change show to hide instead. So this will be the inverse. So right now, we're gonna hide Logan. If the user is logged in right, that's the whole point. So that's cool. That's done. You can also add additional conditions. It all you'll have to do is to click the plus button, and you can also say either this condition and this condition or this condition or this condition so you can apply logic Our whenever you're determining who will have access to setting menu items anyway, let's move on. Jobs should be available to everyone. This is for both logged in and logged out users. The job dashboard, however, should only be available to our logged in user. So we're gonna go ahead now and enable physical its evils and we're going to say showed that, but on Lee to a looked in user and we can also say this we can also go ahead and say, Plus ah, a user who is an employer, plus all a user who is an admin. So basically, the way this works right now is as long as the user is ever logged in is an employer or an admin. They will have access to this particular menu item. However, if we wanted to say, you know what Onley logged in, users who are either an admin or an employer should have access to job dashboards. So to do this, all we're gonna have to do is to switch from or here, too. And so the user is going to be, is going to be, have to be locked in, and they love to be either an employer or an admin. So this is another way. How you can play with who gets to access are setting kinds of menu items. So that's what job dashboard are posted. Job should be available to everyone so that logged out users can post a job, and in the process that will quit in the can for themselves. And then finally we have look, outs, a log out. Should Onley be available to are looked in user, So show if the user is looked in Awesome. Let's go ahead and save the menu And let's make sure this actually works. I'm gonna click on the job board. Oh, I Let's refresh this page. Okay, so we're locked in and you can see it. Look out is no longer there. Logan is no longer there. Awesome. Let's go on, Lookouts. Yeah. Times le gout. Yes. We're gonna go ahead and look at it right now. OK? So I looked out. Let's not go to the front end and see what we have. And cool. All right, So now we only have access to log in jobs and then postage or because we are looked out. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So that's how to enforce visibility. Control for your menu items using the if menu by layered. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 9. Customizing the Login Page: all right, so check this out. The default log in page for what? Press is very bland, and it's always a good idea whenever you're building on the website, whether it's for your business, a membership side to a troubled upside. If you're going to require users to look in, it's always a good at it to brand the logon page. It's a good opportunity for a to market you'll website and just give you a unique feel right now. The default war, personal gain pages. It's boring. You have the Clippers logo and then you have a great background, and that's it. Thankfully, though, there are plug ins we can use to customize a log in page. And then we're gonna use. Here is the costume log in page customizer by logging Press order by WP Brigade. All right, this is a fantastic plug in for customizing the logon page, and I'd like you to go ahead download, activate and install the plug in. Now, I've already don't mine. Ah, thinking to activate Islam. Just come here to plug ins. All right, let me just jump down here and activates the plug in. Okay? So once you activated plug and you will see the Logan PressLink right here. You can click on settings and so you're gonna find this message saying, Hey, would you like to allow us to get you know, that's a usage how you actually use in the plug in you can allow and continue, Or you could just keep the step. I'm gonna skip this step and go straight in here. So for the settings you can set your session expired. The default is set to 10 minutes, which is fine. You can enable custom passes fuels on the registration form. I'm just gonna leave that as it is. And then he can choose to either allow users to only log in with the user name on Lee with the email address or both. I kind of prefer both. And then you have the option of removing your custom sets ends and then also removing all sentence if you choose to uninstall the plug in. I'm not really going to change anything in here, So bulldoze come straight to appearance, go to customize. And this is where we can customize the logon page. You'll see ah Logan press right here. So click in there and then you can go straight to the themes. Now there is a pro version of the plug in that will provide you with a lot more features such as extra themes. You do have these default theme, but you have the background image with the flower. Anyway, ideally, we should be seen the logon page right now. We should be saying that preview. Um, let me just go ahead and close this. I'm not sure why this is happening. Just close this and tried Teoh refresh again. Okay, let's go to what? Chris customize. Ah. Okay, cool. So there you have it. So now you can see the actual log in page. This is exactly what it should be seen. Cool. So now we can begin to see a preview off how long it's gonna look like. So by default. Like I said, you do have these theme right here with the flow in the background. And ah, this doesn't scream. Job board. It doesn't discriminating about businesses resumes job applications. So we need to customize this even further. So let's do this All right. Gonna jump in here to the local first of all, and I'm going to choose our own logo, which is the job, but logo. Let's choose the image. Okay. Now the local with I'm gonna go ahead and increase this all the way to 331. 34 pixels. Fine. The local height and space bottom. It's fine. I'm gonna hit back. Go to the background, All right? And check this out. I'm going to go ahead and choose a bag on image, which is this one right here. What about this one? The gentleman with the hands. I'm going to choose that image. And look at that. Just like that. The background are Logan from is really looking so much better. And if you want you where I got this image is from, you can get them from picks. Obey, Go to picks up radio com and just type in your key ward in the search bar and you'll find different kinds of images that you can download full free. It's a fantastic, fantastic website. So let's go back in here. We have a bigger an image. Awesome. I'm gonna click back. Just make sure that your Baghlan images large. It should be ideally 1920 by 10. 80 pixels at least. So let's go ahead and customize the look and form. Now let's make it a bit wide. You can see that the logo is searching out of the borders of the log. Inform self the farm with We're going to expand this a bit further. Too much. Let's bring this back yet. Just a bit more. Okay, that's fine. That's OK. So you can do additional things like add in a form radius like this. This will make the edges circular. You can see them. They around it right now. That's good. You can add your form, shadows, padding and so on. I was gonna leave all that for now. I click back here and I'm gonna go to Button Beauty. And I'm going to change the color off the bottom right here from the default blue to this particular color right here, which is 553 e 98 which matches the public alone off a logo like that as it is awesome. And ah, that's pretty much it. Let's go ahead and hit back so you can do other things like you can customize the foot the text right here so you can change. Lost your password to something else. Ah, you can change the back to cite text. You can change the call off the text. You have so many options available for two. Customized. How this page is gonna look like how you're looking from is gonna look like now There are other features in here likely capture, which unfortunately is only available with the pro vision of the plug in. So is I believe Google funds. This is only available, really prohibition to plug in. So if you're interested, you can always buy the prove vision off the plug in. But the free one is more than enough. I think are looking from right now. Look so much better than the original one. So that's it. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit, Publish and Ah, there you go on, disclose this and I'm just quickly look out and yeah, look at that. This looks so much better than they stand at. Ah, what press? Look in page So that that's how to customize your log in page. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next class. 10. Hiding the Admin Bar and Dashboard: Oh, it isn't a people's video. We successfully designed our log in page. Unfortunately, we do have two challenges we need to take care of On the very 1st 1 is the fact that if Alex or any potential employees tries to look in, they get redirected to the back and the water's back. And and this is not good. And even if Alex now goes to the front page, he will still have access to the black admin bar here, which is just simply not good. So there are two things we need to ensure. That's first of all, Number one, that no one except the admin will have access to the back end. And second, no one. But the admin will have access to the black admin bottom. We do have to plug ins. We're gonna make yourself the 1st 1 here is going to be the admin bogs. Ebola by scored Kingsley clock, right? So I have already installed the plug in. I am gonna go ahead now and activate the plug in. So it's what you can see. Admin bar. The civil bikes called Kingsley. Let's activate now in order to configure this particular plug and you'll have to jump down here to set. Since then. Click on men, but Zaballa And now in here you want to make sure that you select the admin and the rules White list. You could also select other potential bowls like your little maybe even author if you wanted to. If even if For some reason, you wanted employees to have access to your admin. Barbara, you don't want to be a subscriber. It contributed to have access. You can just check employer here as well. Make sure you have the control bottom pressed on your keyboard while you do that to select more than one vote. So admin is gonna be selected right here. You could do the opposites. You simply choose what was to blacklist. So any role you don't check in here will have access to the enemy. But that's the difference between the white list and the rules are blacklist. So we're going to go with the advent of those refreshes page, make sure we haven't missed anything up here. Okay, so we're gonna select Aban right there, OK? And I'm gonna save changes, so let's no try this out. I'm gonna go back to different. And let's just refresh this page, all right? So we still have access to the back to the admin. But because we are job board body admin, let me know. Go ahead and look out. And now that's looking as Alex, uh, get all right. Let's look in. Okay, so we get rejected the back in. That's OK. Let's not go to the front end. Let's refers to page and OK, so we no longer have access to the black admin. But because we are Alex, we on employer note and admin, which is good. Okay, let's no look out. So now we'll have to fix the issue where the employers get redirected to the back. And it's not that look in. So we're gonna make use of this plugging cold. Remove Ah, Dash put access by Ju Jane's drew a picture that's interested. So please go ahead, download, install and activate this plug in. Okay, so now you can see I have also gone ahead to activate the removed that with access plug in . Now, before we do anything, I'm gonna come down here to set since go to reading, and that's ensure that our home page will display the jobs. All right, let us be the home page. Default Home picks are gonna choose jobs in here. Let's see if that changes. All right. Now, to configure all the remove dust but access, you will see that, but access down here on the settings looks like in there. All right, so who should have access to the dashboard? We have admissions, have editors and add men's authors, editores and admissions. You could also choose a specific role by capability, but that's kind of advanced. We don't integrate ourselves about that, but it's going to stick with the ad. Means only. Okay, Right now you can see that it says redirect. He's allowed users to, and you can see this is the default home page, which is fine. Okay, if you want over a specific page, all you'll have to do just added to your bill in here, and you'd be good to go in here. We're gonna have to uncheck this box right here because this A's allow all users to edit their profiles in the Dutch. But we don't want this. So we're gonna check this box right here and then for the logging message. Will just live this disabled. There's really no need to add. It costs. I'm looking message. I'm gonna go ahead now and save the changes. All right, so let's see what this actually works and log out. First of all, let's look in those job boards to make sure that admin still have access to the back end. And OK, good. Yes, we have access to the back end. Now, let's try Logan in as Alex, who is an employer, and let's see what's gonna happen. Alex! Papa! Papa! Papa, Let's look in his Alex and ah, look at that. Wow. Alex gets deducted immediately to the jobs page, which is awesome. He no longer has access to the back, and he no longer has access to the admin bar. And this is exactly what we want so that you go. Thank you for watching the video. I will see in the next class. 11. Importing Jobs Part 1: Oh, already. So we're moving on and believe it or not, we already have a pretty simple function in job but website because as it is right now, any potential employer can come into a side creating account posted job and then employees . People looking for jobs can simply come to a side. Go to the jobs page and they will see all the available jobs. And, yeah, we already have a functioning doubled website. However, it's always nice when if you're starting out, it's always nice to at least have jobs that you can populate Europe side with. If you're gonna wait until you actually had an employer visits your side and then posted job, that could take a very, very long time. So luckily, there are ways how we can import real time jobs from websites onto our own website. Okay, so that's what we're gonna do in this video. I'm going to show you how you can import jobs from an external site onto our job, but upset. So let's do this. Gonna jumping into the back end and we're going to go to the job listings. We're gonna click on add ons. All right, So Adams tend to be additional plug ins that will increase or extend the functionality often already existent. Plug in. So this goes right now, I'm gonna click on free right here. Just click on free. So let's see the free Adams that are available with the job manager plugging. And the more we're looking for here is the goal. Fetch jobs. All right, I'm gonna open is in a new tab, and I'm gonna go ahead now and download this plug in. This is by save 80. And what is blocking doors is that it has the ability to fetch jobs for multiple different our Besides, so go ahead, download and activates this plug in already. So what you've installed and activated the plug in, you will likely see this message saying, Hey, please help us improve. Go Fed jobs. We want to collect some data on how you use it. This is up to you, but I'm just gonna go ahead and hit Skip. All right. Okay, so here's the thing. You will see the gold fetch jobs tabloid here, and you will see all this message is off. How you can do seven things that you can do that to just disable this. Just let's come down, Hit a screen Options with the quick end Disable the get it tutorial any I'm just gonna disable that click apply and OK, so first inspires before I show you how to set up the job importation. Let's come down, hit its settings and take a look at what we have Now you do have the ability, important jobs filter which hold enable I mean it Cesar enable deception to display an additional drop down to filter jobs based on user submitted inputted jobs. So, yeah, let's just go ahead. Click Yes, for that one. Providing the filter. Yes, Let's just did on as well, but can also provide the column as well, which is the enable option to display an additional column with the jump of other websites on job listings. So, yeah, we wanna check all of this now, In here for the importer, you have something called the duplicates behavior. Now, what happens here is that sometimes when you're important jobs for my next now site, you might be important the same job twice, depending on setting kinds of our scenarios. So what happens here is that you have two options off. Ignore all update. What happens with ignore all is that if the important notices that hey, this particular job title of job description is the same as the one I am put it before I'm just gonna go ahead and ignore it. However, with update, what happens here is that sometimes certain jobs could be updated with, maybe, like a new salary or new location, something like that. So if you choose updates, the in portal will go through the full details off the job just to compare and see if anything has changed. If there is a change, then it will import the updated version. And if there's no changes to simply ignore it, the downside of doing the updates style is that it could take longer for you to import your jobs. But we ignore all. It's very, very quick. It's not gonna take time at all. So this depends on you. I'm gonna go with ignore all All right. I'm just gonna go think No. All So you have the keyword matching. How do we match? Had to be compared how the jobs you have continent title. You have only content. Er title. I kind of like content entitle. It's it's a lot more thought and just choosing either just content or the title. So using cause proxy, it's a Israel. Check this option to let the plug and try to load this feeds through it cause proxy living on checked if you don't have issues loading RSS feeds. So just to simply find explanation in here, if you begin to important jobs and you are noticing some issues, you might want to come in here and check this box. This could actually help you imports hospital because it will then use a different kind of proxy. But I don't believe you will have any issues. Are important jobs, Right? So in here we have the geo code and the Google A p I key. Ah, here's the thing about this particular option from my experience, I'm gonna add the key anyway, this in Cuba got previous. I'm gonna add a key right here. But here's the thing. If you're using the free version of this Gulf, go Fredericks, plug in. This isn't going to do much as far as I can tell. All right? And you'll see what I'm talking about. Very, very soon anyways. Import the jobs. How do you want to set them? Do you just publish them automatically? As soon as the imported Do you keep them on pen in our draft and was gonna go with Publish . All right, we're gonna go with Publish the duration. Did the full duration. How long should those jobs be shown on the website of the 40 areas? 30 days we live that, as it is, allow business to apply. Yes. You know, we don't need registered users. We can allow visitors to just come in and apply for the jobs. And then you have the ability to change the read more text. What happens here is by default, you will see a shot description of the job and then to read mawr, they'll have to click on the link. This would be the default at text. A C will live that as it is now, you have canonical links. Very important. It stays canonical links allows you to notify such engines about the original source off the jobs imported says duplicate content is a big no no to search engines, having jobs with the same content as the original source, all with similar continent. Upside is seen as a negative. So it says in some way checking this option can improve us CEO on this aspect. So, yes, we want to go with the canonical links. This way we can tell Google and other search engines that Hey, this job you're seeing on our site was imported from another website. So we have been honest, and that's the way to go. All right, let's go ahead and save changes and then you have advanced Are the only thing in here is if you ever wanna clear your cache for some reason, you can just commedia check this box and then click save changes and then they will clear your cache. Enough talk with the admin centers. That's now import some jobs. I'm gonna go ahead now and click on import jobs. Who? I'm so excited. All right, so here's the thing. We don't have any templates saved as of yet. All right, so let's do this vegetable. All right? I'm going to come down here to job providers. And the beauty about this plug in is the fact that it already has by default some websites that you can import drops from one of the very best in here would be from The Guardian. So you have jobs though the garden dot com I believe the garden are primarily located in England, but we're just gonna go ahead and use them for now. So okay, so we've chosen the garden and say's Follow these instructions to configure this provider and look at this very important Saiz. The data provided in the RSS feed will be titled Description and Date. Basically, your RSS feed is the process by which will important these jobs. That's what is referred to as analysis feed. So with the arrows is fit for the garden will have access to the textile of the job description, and then they date The job was published, but it's also is all the possible data not always available? You could get location, the company and logo. So here's the thing about the Aris's feeds. Sometimes they may walk fully. Sometimes they may not walk fully, so sometimes might be lucky to get also the company's name, the location of the company and then also the local tea company. But this isn't always a guarantee. That's kind of like the challenge of important jobs via RSS feeds. Anyways, there are two ways how we could actually import the job. We could either go to the website and specify the kinds of jobs are looking for. Maybe we're looking for Joe specifically for 80 professionals. Maybe we're looking for jobs specifically for accountants, stuff like that all. And this is the easiest way we could just go with the default. Ours is feed provided by the website. In this case, just click on letters jobs right here. Okay, so you click on it. There's jobs. And what is those? Is debt? The Aris's filial, simple providers with the letters jobs are available from the garden. It's not gonna take into consideration the location, the kind of job it would just say. Here, here are the available jobs, pays them and just published them on your site. So we're going to do that for now. We're gonna go ahead and load this default feed. All right, let's load that and again. City dog. It's going to fetch the bone. Wolf, Wolf! Wolf wolf. Okay. All right. So here's the thing. Content sample. So the RSS feed has been loaded. Now, this is an example of what we can import from the guard. And first we have the i D. Which is, of course, the guardian. Fine. Now you have the title off The job in this case with right now is the parliamentary view business development executive. The dates the job was posted and then the description, which is fantastic. Unfortunately, we don't have a location and that you sometimes you get locations. Sometimes you don't. Now you have 20 jobs available. You're not gonna get more than 20 jobs at a time. And that's because we're using the free version off this plug in the premium vision of girlfriend jobs can get a lot more than 20. But that's OK. All right, so provide details. We can edit this provider right here. I'm gonna go ahead and it hit at it. So the name here, I'm gonna change this from job search. RSS too. Let's go with guardian. All right. So this Well, right now we're customizing this particular templates. I'm gonna go with guardian God in jobs. All right. God and jobs. That's the website. And that's the logo. We don't need to change that. All right, so in here, right now, we have access to the jobs set up, and in here we can choose the terms. What kinds of jobs are we actually importing from other guardian. So if I click on edit right here, you have the free lands. You have full time internship, Paul time, and then you have temporary. All right, so this gives right now, we're going to go with full time. Okay, so we're only looking for full time jobs from the Guardian and then in here, the details. We could try it. It's in this, for example. You could go with location. You could go with the particular company. However, there isn't why this isn't gonna work for us is because, as it is right now, we are important. Just full time jobs. We're not specifying the location where those jobs are coming from or what companies jobs are coming from. All they're saying is, hey, just import full time jobs, and this guy's right Now. The location isn't really going to pay us because we can just say okay, the location, he's gonna be London and then the gun and pulls a job. And it's from Manchester. There's going to be some confusion, right? there. So we're gonna leave these as it is, there's no need to change anything in here are such embedded logos? Yes, we're gonna go ahead and try to search for logos because it's always nice when the company of when the look of the company is displayed alongside the job it's provided. It's always much better that way. So that's that. The name of the important Hegel board that's Austin's. Okay, the limit here will. The default is 20. You can go as has 100 if you want to. But in my from my experience, this never imports more than 20 jobs at a time. Unfortunately, but that's OK. Finally, they were gonna do right here will be to save. Templates are going to go with guardian jobs. All right, I'm gonna save this. And now let's go ahead And ah, French The jobs. Wolf, Wolf, wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf! The jobs have been first. The dog gets happy, is excited. His run in his fans on jobs. And look at that. He found 18 new jobs. That's a good dog. Good. Bingo. Okay, so let's do the jobs. I'm gonna go to all jobs right now. and look at that. My oh, my. All right, let's go to the front page, actually, so we can get a better look and look at that. Whoa, look at that. And you know what? Before we actually look at the jobs, let's make a quick change to this particular page. I'm gonna go ahead and said this to the full with for now. Okay, let's update this page. All right, let's go back now and view the page. Oh, okay. This looks better right now. Cool. All right. So you can see right now we do have the jobs. Let's see, we have the logos as well, Which is great. Ah, let's look some more less thens. Okay, so let's go with the one in here. Web Sense Recruit LTD v. Unite, Team Leader. Let's click inside and see what this is about. Okay? So you can see right now we have it saves full time. It's stunning from £28,100. Ah, here is some information, okay? And that the sources from the Guardian All right, so they click in here right now. This is the text to lead more than clicking there. And now this will take them to the external site, which is the guardian. And this is where you can read more about that particular job, which is great, right? And then you can also apply for the job was clicking here and then it say's well to apply for this job. Please visit jobs. I thought the guardian dot com and that is fantastic. So there you go. We have been able to successfully important jobs from the Guardian and German Vendex Video Bay. I will show you how we can now are customized the actual cancel jobs were looking for. 12. Importing Jobs Part 2: All right. So in a previous, long, long, long lecture, we successfully importer jobs from the Guardian. And right now, our job board is looking pretty populated. We have twin to one, but 19 jobs. Actually, we imported the 18 them, plus the software engineer job that we created ourselves. We now have 19 jobs on a dashboard. Now, what I want to do here is to show you how you can be more specific with the kinds of jobs that you import. Previously, we just imported all the available just a lot. About 20 of them. In fact, we just said, Hey, just important jobs. We don't really care whether it's a long during a man just like the only thing we specified was the jobs have to be, Ah, full time. That was the only thing that we specified. So let's do this. Okay. I'm gonna go to the back end right here, and I'm gonna go back to the girlfriend jobs. Let's go to import jobs. All right, Now we're going to do here is this. I'm gonna click on Choose a Job Provida, and in this case, let's try a different of idle. Come. I'm going to go to our marketing. So we have jobs that markets in higher dot com. Let's go ahead and load this. No. So it's pretty much assembly How you can import jobs from marketing hire like we did with the Guardian. You could simply coming down in here and then just click on letters, jobs right here and get all the jobs. But we want to be more specific in this case. All right, So we're gonna do here, is it say's visit the job, provide a job search page by clicking here. All right, so let's open this in a new tab. All right? So this will take us to the actual page itself. Their website. Okay, so look at this right now. We have key wards. We can add the keywords in here like, full time internship. We have location, so let's try this. Okay? We're going to specify two things for the key was in here. We're gonna say our internship. All right. After the location. Let's see California. Let's go to California. All right? I'm not exactly sure how many jobs were going to get with this, but we'll see. We're gonna go ahead now and click on such jobs. All right, so hopefully we can get some jobs. Okay, so we've got five jobs, so we're going to come down here right now, and we're going to click on the RSS feed right here. This is the feed. We're gonna click in there, and this will show us some code which were not interested in What we're interested in here would be the u of hell. They're gonna grab this really? Right here. And you can kind of see inside the are, well, the cures of a specified you can see internship right here. That's one of the key words. And then you can also see California right here. All right, so we've copy that. Now we're going to go back in here, and we're going to school down in here, and I'm going to paste that inside our feed right there. Let's go ahead. Now load And the dog is happy again. Okay, so it's pretty much the exact same content. Like with the Guardian. You have the provide i d. The title dates description, and we have the five jobs available. Good. All right. Well done in here. Let's edit the provided details I'm going to remove all of these Jagan's I will just say markets in markets in higher. Okay, we'll leave that as it is. The website logo at school. All right, so in here, we're gonna edit the job type here to internship and to edit the location were just clicking, edit, and in here we're going to go with California. Carly for Nia. Okay. Click. OK? And ah, that is if you're gonna such from, but it little girls always so the available jobs here it's five. So we just lived as it is. So the temperature in here will say internship California. Alright. Internship California. Let's save the templates. Now. Let's go ahead now and fetch the jobs. Come on. Bingo. Go get those five jobs. Okay. Imported five new jobs. That's awesome. Let's now go to the front page and let's see what we have. Ah, Okay, let's try this. All right? I'm gonna go ahead now and on Chek Freelance on Chek Full time And here you go. Now you can see the internship jobs available from California marketing professor, marketing specialists. McKinnon, science youth on cause marketing and admin called NATO Project assistant Pretty pretty awesome light so that you have it. That's how you can specify the cans of jobs that you're looking for. You can specify the location, whether it's full time or part time, and in some cases you can even specify how much the revenge of salary, depending on the actual our website. So that everything fortune, I will see you in the next class. 13. Importing Jobs Part 3: without question, one of the biggest job recruitment sites in the world would be indeed dot com. It's very, very popular, and I want to show you how you can import jobs form the websites such as this. Now, indeed, unfortunately isn't one of the default job providers that comes with the gulf which plug in . But that's okay. We can still import the jobs from Indeed. Now all we have to do here is this OK? We're going to go with on the other. We're gonna click on other click on Other again. All right, so to import your specifically from indeed, here's what we're gonna do. Okay, I'm gonna come in here and say, You know what? Let's look for our war press jobs, footprints and then full time. So the jobs looking for what? Those jobs in its full time. And it's also in New York state. Let me put some space between full in time. So here are three criteria. Must be New York state. What was jobs and mostly full time click on find jobs. Now, here's what we're gonna do. Look at that. We have black diamond solutions. Wow, that's cool. Digital pulp bio Main County chamber of commerce. Call Coca Lights on good jobs. I'm gonna grab this year. Well, right here. That's what we have to do. Grabs. You will. Let's copy that. Jump back in here and then over him. Just gonna go ahead now and paste the feed right there. Load. And of course, bingo is going. He's going over. That was quick. Wow. He found those jobs pretty quickly. All right, But gonna come in here right now and edit the details. All right? So naming here would be Ah, indeed, Jobs does to provide the name website is indeed that calm now for the logo, because indeed isn't one of the defaults are job providers that comes with the plug in. We're going to have to you manually insert a logo, and I do have a look alike. Got online, foreign did. And here it is. I'm gonna go ahead and upload the image, and there you have it. So, for the job type, obviously it's going to be full time full time. And then for the details in here, let's try to edit the location. So in here, we're gonna go with New York and ah, looks like, Okay. And Ah, there you go. That's such for embedded locals. If possible, school down here. The names will still be Ah, job board. And then finally, the templates in here would be indeed ah would press jobs. We could add New York as well. But it's okay. Let's say it's safe. And, uh, Come on. Bingo. Go get those jobs for four. Full proof. Get a good doggy, Woody. Who's a good dog? That's a good dog. I can put a 20 new jobs. And there you go. Let's go to our fund and let's do a hard refresh and let all see what we have. OK? Ok, OK, OK. OK. Still anyway, anyway, anyway anyway, a lot more Liston's and the way. Okay, There you go. We now have the jobs from New York. Let's look some more Liston's and Ah ok. Oh, wow. I apologize for this. This is a great time for Windows. Defended someone to send this message. Okay. Thank you. I'm recording. Sorry about that. Okay. So you can see we do have the jobs from New York, and some companies don't have the logos showing. So this is one thing you can expect Whenever you're importing jobs from another website, sometimes you're going to get it. Logo. Sometimes you won't get the locals, but you can see right now we've successfully been able to import jobs. How specifically from New York. You click inside one of them. Let's see what we have in here. Full time graphics designer. Okay, this isn't specifically what press, but I guess it's close enough of this Indian thinks it's close enough so that clicking here , it takes them streets to indeed, and I find it wants to apply that. Come in here, click apply for a job, and that's it's so there you have it that south to import jobs from indeed, thank you so much Fortunate video and I will see in the next class. 14. Importing Jobs Part 4: before one of this section on importing jobs from external websites. I would like to import jobs from one more, and that's going to be for monster dot com. Now Monster is just like Zip recruiter, like indeed, these are really big our websites for finding jobs. So I'm gonna show you how you can import job. Someone say it's a little bit different from indeed, so that you can see I am. I am a monster, that code or T h, which is, of course, Thailand. And that's because I'm currently in Thailand. So to get jobs from Monster, all you really have to do is to scroll down in here and you will see a section that say's theory says Job feed. This is what you're looking for and in fact, for any other kind off excellent up signs. You really want to look for the Harris's joke feed. It's one of the easiest ways of important job, so I'm gonna click on the Aris's job feeling here, all right, and now in here, you can search jobs by function specifically, and this gives right now. Let's see, what do we have you Let's go with Let's go with pharmaceutical biotechnology as an example . Click in there and there you go. That's all you really need. Here is the UML. So let's grab this all right. And from here, we're going to go to your dashboard, go to go for jobs, click on import jobs and, of course, you provide Ever going to go with other other scroll down here. We're gonna paste. It's right there. Load. Wait for the good dog to get the jobs. Come on, let's go, Let's go. 00 it's SEZs. No jobs found in feed. Interesting. All right, but we're going to try something different. Let's close this. So no jobs available for pharmaceutical and biotechnology at this time. I'll let's go with the banking, insurance and financial services. All right, so let's go ahead and grab this and you can actually tell right now that this has jobs available because you can see in here you have jobs in the Bangkok area. You have bachelors degree, qualifications and all that. When we copied the one for the Where is it now? The pharmaceutical and he considers was empty. Basically, this was really empty. So that tells you that I don't know under jobs available. But with the banking and insurance financial services, you can see we have lots of stuff. So good we can go ahead and copy this one instead. Let's come in here. And now let's go ahead and paste a new feed, load the feed, and we're gonna get some jobs. Now, we're gonna get some medical jobs and Ah, OK, so a jobs available. Let's go ahead and edit this. I have my logo in half of monster with the M upload the image and that will changes to monster jobs. All right, Going to school down. Uh, this one is gonna be full time full time. Click at it in here. We're gonna go with Thailand. Ah, click OK. School down here, such from but it logo's. And ah, for the template. We're gonna go with that say, tile and financial, uh, jobs. All right, save that. And Ah, go for jobs. Bingo. Let's go 44 Okay, let's go. Let's go, Let's go. Bingo. But, Adam, this is taking a little bit longer than expected because it's only eight jobs. So I was hoping this would be a lot faster, but it's OK. Bingo. Bingo. also gets tired. Bingo! It is only a dog. He's not a machine. So just a few more seconds. Come on, Bingol and recording. Let's let's get the jobs quickly. Come on. I'll give you a really nice treat if you can get those jobs. Now, Come on. OK, All right. It looks like I'm gonna have to pause the video and just wait for this, Okay? Look at that. So he says Gateway time out. Ah, the gateway did notice, even tempered response from the upstream server application. So I'm actually happy that this is happening because, you know, sometimes you watch lectures and videos and everything works smoothly. Things that always works. Mostly when you're actually trying, Teoh get jobs. So it's like a big school, But go back and we're gonna try and load this again. Why? We're just going to our best trait to load it again. All right, let's go ahead and edit this all over again. Browse, add the Munster logo And for the jobs monster. Uh, jobs. Okay, let's cool down here once again. Added location. This one's gonna be in my land. Click. Okay. All right. So fingers crossed. Hopefully, this world work. Let's just say Thailand financial jobs again. Safe. Uh, killers. This one more time. Go for jobs. Okay. Oh, it says no new jobs found. Well, that's interesting. That is really interesting. Well, honestly, I don't know what is going on here, but that's just what happens sometimes. Whenever you're trying Teoh import Joseph external sites, you may see the jobs available, but then when you train putting those jobs, it doesn't work. So we're going to do here is we're gonna try to Imports are different jobs again. Let's try this one more time. Let's let's go with marketing and communications. All right, so we have some accident complications in here. Let's go ahead and copy this. What will try One more time. One more time. All right, let's come in here. Go to other other school down. I'm gonna go ahead and load this load. Come on. We should have some jobs. Okay. We've got five jobs available, okay? And let's just edit this quickly. Browse. I will upload the monster logo again. Name will be monster jobs. School down once a gang locations in Thailand. Such form, but it logo's okay. And one last thing again Ah, we'll just say Thailand for the template. Thailand, Thailand safe and uncle fit jobs. Hopefully this should walk this time. Come on. Bingo. Get me those five jobs. Let's go. And good boy. Okay. Finally, it got the five new jobs. Awesome. Thank you. Bingo. Let's not go back to front page in here. And that lets location. Thailand will set up a location for center and let's see those jobs. Okay, so national sales manager, CEO bank. Oh, look at that. It actually got a lot more jobs than we expected. Look at that. Look at that. So we have business consultant. We have the senior IRS developer Senio Hendro developer. Huh? That is interesting. These aren't exactly related to the, um, markets and in complications or even the pharmaceutical and biotechnology. These are not related, but again, you can see right now that sometimes with the Aris's feed, you might get jobs that you weren't specifically looking for. And but that's just it. So there you have it. I'm kind of happy that till we ran into some difficulties in here, because again, whenever you actually build in able website in real life, things don't always work as planned, you're gonna have some challenges. Just keep in mind that whenever you're transfer important jobs using an RSS feed or in fact , important jobs Anyway, for my next website, you might run into some difficulties. You can try changing your search terms, maybe such for a different kind of job in a different location. Or if you really want a very specific on a job from a very specific location, you can try in a few hours. Time will be tried the very next day. By then, maybe some new jobs will be available. So that's it. That's how to import jobs from Monster. If you have any questions before we've done so far, please let me know. Thank you for watching. And of course I was in the next class. 15. Adding Job Regions: moving on, elect, Introduce you to 13 Add on that you can use to extend the functionality of the WP job manager plug in. And that is going to be regions for WP job manager by house town. Defy. So this Blufgan does is it allows us to create regions for our jobs. Don't worry. You're gonna explode. You're gonna understand exactly what I'm talking about. Just go ahead. Install and activate the plug in. Now you do that. If you call there to job listings, you will see job regions available now. Okay? Clicking there. What I'm gonna do? Years, I'm going to create a region for New York. All right, that's at the region. And then I'm gonna open up the new region for London as well. All right, so now we have New York. We have London. Now, check this out. I'm gonna come over here to go. Fred Jobs. Let's go ahead now. And important jobs for the job providers. I'm gonna go ahead and go to market in. We're gonna go to jobs that my getting hired to come. All right. Going to school down here. I'm going to click on the job, provide up link right here. Let's open up in a new tab. Okay? Come on, Let's go. All right. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna change the location here. I'm gonna go with New York specifically. Let's call down here. Let's go with a New York, Okay, New York, And we're just gonna go ahead now and search for the jobs, all right? Such for jobs in New York and Ah, There you go. Okay. So it was gonna go ahead now and will copy. I'm sorry. I'm gonna school down here instead. And within a copy of the Aris's feeling, Just click on this link right here and cool. So we're gonna grab the Aris's link right here. Go back in here. We're gonna scroll down, and of course, we're gonna paste the link here. Load. And, of course, bingo is doing what he does best. Fetching jobs. How I Let's call it down here. All right, so we have 25 jobs available now. Awesome. Okay, cool. We're gonna go ahead now and edit this, so it's gonna be marketing higher. I'm actually surprised that we got 25 jobs because every single time I've ever loaded jobs . It's always been 20 at the max, so I'm not sure what's happening here. About 25 jobs. That's good. That's awesome. So secret in five. All right, so eating right now. Check this out. We now have job regions available for us in here. So check this. I'm gonna click on edit. And, of course, I'm gonna go with New York because we're pulling in. Jobs from New York are the job type of Go with full time. All right. And then in here, we'll just go ahead and hit. Edit location, of course. Will be New York again. New York. Click on edit here to close that. Such for the logos. And of course, we will scroll down here and then for the Temple built, but is gonna go with New York jobs. All right, New York jobs. Save that, and that's it. Let's go ahead and now and fix the jobs. Wolf, Wolf, Wolf. Bingo is going. He's going. He's going hits searching for the jobs has them article. So he got actually 24 jobs and one was removed. Because it's what? It's a duplicates. Cool. Great. We're gonna do one more. We're gonna do. One more coming here. I'm going to go with the generic. Let's go with the Guardian. And, of course, for the guardian. Let's just go ahead and open is in a new tab as well. And close this close that one. All right, we're going to do here Is London. Alright, Look for jobs in London. Click search. So actually, from here, we're gonna go with locations. Sorry. We're gonna go with location in here. Hit London instead. All right, enter. Okay, lets see. So we have different locations for the for London. We're gonna go with long on Central. All right. So cool. We now have the Joseph London Central. I'm gonna go ahead now and grab. Ah, you are really in here. Go back in here, school down. And of course, we're gonna pace that in here. Let's go ahead and load. Let's get that jobs. But I Okay, school down here. All right. So you have 20 jobs available. Good. We're going to come in here right now, and, uh okay, let's just edit the job search right here. Let's edit this one to guardian jobs again. Guardian jobs. And of course, we're gonna go ahead now and edit the location from New York to London. And of course, it's gonna be full time. Let's go ahead now and such for embedded logo's gonna scroll down here, change templates. You London jobs on the jobs. Ah, heat safe. And, of course, let's go ahead and fetch the jobs now being go doing what he does best. Just going go in looking for those jobs, Olive. Bingo. I'm gonna buy and lots of treats. Okay, So bigger goes 18 new jobs. Awesome. Not check the subject. I'm gonna go to the front end. And now from here, you can see we now have the all regions tab available. And guess what? We can now choose by it'll London or New York. So we can search for Joe specifically in New York. Just click on New York and I'll check that out. We now have access to all the jobs in New York. You could do the same as well for London. Go ahead, hit London. And there you go. We now have all the jobs available in London. So right now we have provided they want to be employee. Is the ability to search for jobs within sets in regions. So that's it. That's how to add regions to your double dips. I think fortune. I will see you in the next class. 16. Adding the Job Application Contact Form: another free plugging weaken used to extend the functionality off a jumbled website will be the contact lists, then for WP job. A job by our astound If I and it say's science using the job, Agip Logan can use any of the supported plug ins and allow visitors should contact the connected application email, or is it may also directly. So this is a fantastic plug in we can use to truly extend the functionality of our sexual rather than visitors come into our job board website. Finally, I just want to apply for they click on their play board and take them to an external site. Vistas now can actually apply directly from our site, and that's the wonderful thing about this particular plug in. Now there are three major types of form plug ins that it's wonderful. Supportive. You have gravity forms ninja forms and then contact Form seven. Now gravity forms is premium. It's not free. Ninja forms is free. For the most part, however, here's what we want to do. OK, we won't miss those employees to be able to attach their resumes whenever they're playing for an application, right? The problem with ninja forms is that the add on that allows vistors to order the people completing the form to attach any kind of document isn't free. You would actually have to pay for that, Adam. Contact from seven, on the other hand, is completely free. Plus, users can actually attach files and send them to live up. I don't send the forms to. So that's where we're going to go with our contact form seven. And here it is. It is by Takayuki Miyoshi. This is one of the most popular what? His plan is off all time. You can see over five million five million downloads. Active installations, actually. So you can't go along with this. This plug and you can go along all right? You can see right now that I have already are going ahead to install and activate both plug ins. You can see we have the ovaries. It right now there is various. Where is it? We have the contact listing for political change and, of course, content from seven. So here is the thing. That cape right now I'm gonna go over to job listings, all right? And I'm gonna go to settings. I'm gonna click on jobless thins. We're gonna school down here. And now in here. You can see that we now have a new section saying contact a job form. Which form would you like the job made up looking to use whenever employees are trying to contact the people who have opposed to the job. So if you click down in here right now, you can see that by default. We already have a form, which is the contact form one. I'm going to go ahead and select this form. Safe changes. Now check this out. I'm gonna come over here to contact click on contact forms. And here is the form. So by default, as soon as you activate the contact from seven plugging, it will create a sample form for you. And this is something like a contact from one. Now we can go ahead and edit this form by clicking edits, so check this out. All right. We have by default, we have your name, your email, and then we have subject message and then send. This is pretty basic as it is. Let's take a look at it from the front and I'm gonna click safe. All right, now, Let's go ahead and see this form how it's gonna look like. One thing to keep in mind here is that this form isn't gonna walk with jobs that you import . It's only gonna walk with the jobs that actually are submitted on your site. And the other one we have of such, I believe, was the one from Tokyo. If I'm not mistaken, let's see Tokyo. All right, so this is the one that we actually created by ourselves and all right, I'm going to school down here, so check this out. I'm gonna click on, apply for a job, and now you can see that we have the form created force already. So here's the thing. We're gonna spice off this from a little bit. Your name, your email. Good subject is OK. Messages. Fine. But we want to create AIDS, a section where users can attach. Ah, their resume. So we're gonna do this. We're gonna go back to edit contact form, and then just beneath your message, I'm gonna create some space. I'm gonna click on file right here. All right. Click on file. We're gonna make this required because we want users to attach to resumes. So here's the thing about creating this particular field, you need to specify what the file size limit is. And this is good because you don't want users sending you really large files, right? It's not gonna make any sense. So we're gonna limit this to three Ah, megabytes, right, three m B. And then the acceptable file types. We can specify weaken, go with pdf's only All right. You could also do this. You could, uh, do something like this and then say txt Or you could even again do something like this at another space and then say, uh X X email, something like that. So basically what I'm trying to show you here is you can indicate the kinds off file types that you want to be able to accept. So if what, even specifying more than one, you simply use this particular symbol right here that looks like a nail to separate one file type from another. In this case, we're going to go strictly with PdF or the TXT files. Now I d actually closer. Djibouti do not to worry about this, but it's gonna go ahead now and insert the tag right there. as you can see now we're gonna have to create a label so that users know exactly what this is. All right, so I'm going to say label. Perhaps the one downside off contact from seven is the fact that the Form Creator isn't the most intuitive. It's not exactly user friendly. So that's about the only issue it content from seven. All right, so we're gonna say your resume, and then in brackets will say please attach Onley. PDF or t x t files maximum file size off three megabytes. Okay. And then here, we're gonna go ahead now and close the label. Very, very important label. Okay. All right. We're gonna go ahead and save this, all right? If we go back in here, refresh the page. Ah, apply for a job. Look at that. Yahoo. People can now attach the resumes. However, this isn't going to walk just yet. We need to do one more thin. We're gonna go back in here. All right? I'm gonna click on the meal right now. Click on mill. Now you can see over here we have the fields that are included in our form. We have your name, your email subject message and locals file. Go ahead now and grab this. This is for division. I'm gonna go ahead and grab this section right here when the school down in here. And anyway, you have file attachments. I'm gonna go ahead now and paste that cold wet it is short could right there. This is extremely important. If you don't do this, the forms will go through. But the resumes will not be sensed. The attachments will not be sent, so it's very important that you do this. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna change the email here. This is the images that the forms will be sent to. I'm gonna switch just over to my Gmail just for easier access. All right, when Alex Watson dot com. And if you're using contact from some for the very first time in here, you can also modify the from information the subject. You can create your default subject lines. You can add additional headers as well. And then down in here, you could also use an auto respond if you wanted to. So you could say something like a thank you have got in your application. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Something like that. So that's where you can feel out stuff like this. But when I go to do that right, we're just going to go with the default. So I'm gonna go ahead now and save. Let's go ahead and save this. No. Okay. So I contact form right now is good to go. What I'm gonna do right now is to log out and then pretend to be trained to apply as an employee. Okay? So as you can see right now, I have already filled out the form feels for this particular application. Keep in mind, I am locked out. I'm just a visitor looking to apply to become a software engineer for Web monkey. So I've put in my name. My name is Freddy Krueger. That's my email address. That's my subject line. And then my message. Saiz, please find attached this for my resume. Thank you very much. And there you go. That is my resume that they have attached. So I'm gonna go ahead now and click on send. All right. And OK, so it stays. Thank you for your message. It has Bean sent all right, So check this out. Remember that Alex at the monkey Lendl comb was the email address associated with that job application. So right now you can see that we from the web monkey, we have gotten the job application from Freddy Krueger. You can see right there. I'm gonna go ahead and open this right now, and it's a Z. Okay, Please find attached to this for my resume. And that is the resume right there, as you can see. So the job, the people who posted the job in this case Web monkey have now received our Freddy Krueger's application that can now go through it is May and determine whether or not he is actually eligible are for the job. So there you have it. That's how to create the job application form for your employees and employers so the employees can contact directly at the employers for posted jobs on your site and before, around this up, I just want to show you one more thin about the contact from seven. Plug in. All right. If you come back down here to contact, go to your contact forms. Click on the form you wanna edit in here on the messages. This is where you can edit the kinds of messages that users will get, depending on certain situations, so that, for example, if there was a validation aero, this is the default misses that will be displayed. You can edit all these kinds of messages to your own satisfaction. Now remember that on the mail we change the default images hit you on Alex Fortinet GMota com In a normal instance, where you have a simple contact form on a separate page, whenever anyone feels at that form and then since the form this is the email address, that form will be sent you, however, because we're using the contact form with the job application. A plug in this two images is going to be evil event. In such a scenario, it is the religious as so C ated with that, your application. That's where the form will be sent to. And that's why we got the email at Alex and Emma Cullen dot com, and not only l exporting Magimel of come. I hope that is understood. And finally, finally, finally, on the additional settings. If you have any cold snippets, maybe you're a developer some like that. This is exactly where you would add those snippets. 01 more thing. I promise you, this them one more thing before we go on the integration If you wanted to add capture. This is where you would add other capture for your form if you wanted to. So there you have it. Thank you so much for watching this video. And of course, I will send the next class. 17. Clean Up and Design Changes: All right, let's spend some time now to further customize the way Ah website looks like. So far, the functionality is good. Employers can create accounts that can post new jobs. We can import jobs and of course, employees can come in and also apply for those jobs. So, functionality wise, our website is good to go. But design wise, we can do a lot better than what we currently have. So the 1st 1 to do here is to edit the individual pitches that we have setting off with the jobs page. What I want to do here is to switch back to the sidebar default template is defaulting global. Have a sidebar. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and update that First of all, let's view the page. All right, so right now you can see that by default, we have to search bar recent comments, archives categories and in meta. This is not good for a job board website. This is the default, which is that you would normally find with blocks. So we don't need this on our side bar. So, yes, we're going to do We're going to spend some time now to customized outside bars. So let's go over to appearance. Widgets. All right. Now I'm going to remove recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories, matter, removal of that. We have future jobs. Now we can actually add future jobs to our sidebar, and then you consider title future jobs. Number of listens to show is 10 sort by date. So direction good. I'm gonna show you in just a maid how to set jobs to be featured all he'd done, and then one more bit I'm gonna add here would be recent jobs. All right. And, ah should come to logo. Let's save that. Good. All right. You can specify, by the way, the keywords for the cans of jobs to show and then the location where that's in New York. London. What have you do that? Let's not go back from page. And there you go. All right. So we do have one future job, which I already created before I recorded this video. So we have the search bar future jobs, and then we also have the recent jobs all available. Good, good, good. Now, how do you actually set a job to be featured? It's simple. Just go to your back end. Go to your job. Extends. Click on all the jobs. Now, here's where you're gonna do. Okay. In here, you will see this star indicates in the jobs are actually future. Dennis can see I already created one for the Atwood States. Applications support analysts if I wanted to make Let's see, that's still it's little Do we have here the British Red Cross volunteer mediator? All I have to do to come in here, hit it it. And then from here you will see the featured listing right here. This is where I can come in and simply check this box to make this particular job featured . And also, if you have time manually, you can come in here, add the companies with Besides their Twitter handle, you can add a tagline for the company, a company name, although this will take some time. But it's really up to you. So this is all units do just coming here putting the check box, make sure it's checked and ah, that's it. Hit updates. Let's go back to the front page And there you go. Now you can see that the British Red Cross volunteer mediator job is now featured. So that's exactly how you can create featured jobs on your site. We're moving on. Let's go over to the job Dashboard page. Now this is the page where companies can come in and check to see whether or not state jobs have been filled. And we don't want a sidebar displaying in here. We really don't want to. So Waters did is very, very simply, we're gonna make this full with, so that all the company says it's just whether or not it that job has been filled. But there's an applicant and so on, so we'll leave that as it is, post a job. Also, we don't need a sidebar for this, so let's go ahead. Edit the page default templates full with. Let's update that on this view, the page and good. This is exactly what we want lug out. Well, I don't think there's gonna be saved by any, so we don't need to worry about the log out page. Awesome. All right. A few more things we're gonna do here would be to go to customize and let's make some changes in him going to go over to you. My general sets ends Let's go the collars and I'm going to switch from Golden two Blue WP All right? I think I don't know. Honestly, I'm not the greatest designer in the world, Gazeau. My choice is full collars can be weird. Sometimes I just think this looks a bit more professional and then the golden color I'm gonna live this as it is stupid. The Blue WP Let's reach back in here. Ah, side identity. There is no need to change anything in here. Ah, bag on image Now I'm gonna go ahead and attempt to add a bag on Image will select one. All right, let's see. What do we have here? I'm gonna go ahead and choose this one. Let's choose the image and OK, Well, it doesn't. You can't really see the image without Well, let's do this right. I'm going on. Check the repeats background image so that the meat doesn't constantly repeat until it fills out the entire sequence. I'm going to on check that. Ah, the presets. I'm gonna go ahead and say feel the screen so that this way, the image will be stretched to fill out the entire school. Make sure the images you're using for your background. All very large. At least 1920 by 10. 80 preferably. All right. I think this looks of a decent gonna hit back now. Hit back again. Let's go to the head out, Tobon! Social Aikens, I'm going to check to display the block title in the top bar This white board right here. I'm going to check that. Okay, Cool. So we don't have that anymore. And I think that is pretty much it. Go ahead now hit back or head hit. Publish. Let's close this. Let's take a look at what we have. Let's go to the jobs page and Ah, Okay. Well, not too bad. Not too bad. One final thing will have to take care of Will be the food. Of course you can see we still have a couple of 2015 and we have some text in here, so let's just do that really quickly. Go back to customize. Ah, because doomsday changes. Come on, let's go. I don't know what we headed. Error message. All right, we're gonna hit footer for the text. Copyrights 2018. Let me go for that extent. Ah, we're going to say let's see Let's cool down here and see what it looks like right now. Okay? We're gonna say all rights reserved. All right? We'll stop. And Ah, that's it was good he'd publish. Let's close this. And Ah, that is it. Okay, so we've made some customization changes to the sites. I think this looks limit decent, and I am satisfied with what we have. All right, so that's it. Thank you so much for watching the video. We have successfully customized our website and again feel free to add your own customization is you can use a different background image. Use a different form style in. You can use different colors. It's all up to your own taste. That's a think of fortune. I will see you in the next class. 18. Go Fetch Jobs Premium Plugin: I wanted to spend a few minutes to introduce you to the goldfish jobs premium plug in. So far, we've been using the free version of the plug in to import our jobs, and it does a pretty decent job. We can import jobs from any job provider, and it's working well. As you can see, the only problem is that all this is done manually. We have to come in and create the import, feed ourselves and everything want to import. A new batch of jobs will have to come in here and then load whatever temples that we have created. And this is something just have to keep on doing over and over again. Now, if you wanted more convenience, the goal Fed jobs premium plug in actually will provide you with that convenience. Now, if you go to the side goofy jobs to calm, click on features and price in in here, you would actually see that they have three different kinds of plans. They have to start a plan, professional and chemicals business, and in here you can see the differences between these three subscription plans. The stutter plan on its own, which is roughly $7 a month. I think this is fantastic. Fantastic, because you're going to get access to 35 plus job providers and these are all the available voters to get automatically. You can see in here you have indeed, com Correa Jet Monster Craigslist. So no longer will do you have to go to indeed the calm or monster that calm, creative RSS feed day and then go back to your plug in and then load. If it there you can do everything now from your back. And if you go with the Stata version. Also, another fantastic feature here is the shuttle imports. You can actually control the kinds of jobs you want to import when you want to import them , so this can be done automatically all you'd have to do, just create the imports. You can sit back, relax and never have to worry about new jobs not being populated on your troubled upside. So if you're really building out the job old upside and you intend on importing jobs from sites, I will seriously seriously consider going for the go fed jobs Stata plan. Now the professional plan, which is just an extra $2 a month will offer you some additional benefits, like, ah, feel its support. So if you want to make money through affiliate marketing, you can go with this one as well. Use of short codes to import jobs Vagal, Ali and so on. But honestly out there, Commander, you first go with you. Start a plan for the first month, at least, and then see if it's worth it. If you like it, then you can begin to consider going for the professional or maybe even the business plans , depending on how big your job board upside is. And because finally they do have documentation, they will have documentation, which you can weed through on how to do certain things. I'm not sure if in the future our bill make of video showing you specifically how toe walk with the starter plan. It all depends on the demand. If there's a huge demand for me to make a video demonstrating how to use thestreet out version of the plug in, I will go ahead by the plug in, and I'll show you how to use all this features. But until then, you can either decided, just stick with important jobs manually Or you could just go with e Stata plan and at least make use of the features or shuttle imports and then, of course, being able to low jobs from all these available job providers. So that's it. My quick brief introduction to you. The premium visions of the Gulf. It keeps plugging. Think of watching. I will see the next class. 19. The Application Deadline Addon: for the next series of videos. We're gonna talk about the premium Adams that you can buy and include on you upset to extend its functionality. Right? And the very first Adam I'm gonna be talking about here would be the application deadline. Adam, It's right here. Now let's click inside. So it's a zoo. This would allow joblessness to set a closing date via new field on the job submission form , so it's very cheap at just $19 per year. But its future can be very beneficial, because now it allows employers to set an application deadline and automatically reject any new applications of have passed that deadline. So I have evidence told, and I've activated the plug in. And if you're going to go ahead and buy the plug and let me quickly show you how it works, so once you install the plug in, you don't really need to do anything. You can come down here to job listings, though. Click on set ens and then on to the jobless and stab. You will see this new tablets been created that say's automatic deadline expiry. So in here you can choose to automatically our expert jobs once they're closing, date has passed. So I'm going to go ahead and do that. So he the check box on, then save changes. And then don't forget that you can always hide expired listings. If you don't want those to show up on your job, search is You can do that by checking this box right here. But how will this actually walk from the front end? Well, check this out. I'm gonna log out and we're gonna go to the front page. Now, let's pretend about on the poster job The employer knocking, coming here and check this out. The closing date section has now been applied automatically. So once they're filling out the application that can come in here and then simply choose at dates when the application is gonna end. In this case, right now, let's say 13th off October 2010 and that's it. So any new applications received after this deadline? Bull not to be accepted, and that's pretty much all there is with this particular ad on. It's very, very simple to use. It's very cheap, but it's extremely effective. And if you're going to really build ah, job board website with this plug in all the command you go with this ad on. It's very, very useful. So that's its German next as well. I'll show you how to use. Ah, second, really powerful. Add on for your job old upside. 20. The Resume Manager Addon: the next Adam older commended you get would be the resume manager and this is an Adam that would allow candidates or job seekers to come to your site and Kuwaiti resumes. And then employers can actually go to the page where all these MSM is a displayed. And then they can select what whatever Canada's it feel are qualified to feel their job, our positions. So this is an excellent add on to having a job board, and I'm going to see exactly how you can make use of it. So I have already installed and have activated the plug in. Now, when you do the same, you will be taken to this. We said where you can sit up the plug in, just continue with the page set up. And what's gonna happen here is that the plug in will create three new pages for you and the short codes. You can see you have this summit resume candidate dash bottom, of course, the Les Amis our pages. So I'm just gonna go ahead and hit creates like the pages, and there you go. So this three new police have been created. What I'm gonna do now is to go straight to my parents, go to menus and bulldoze added three pitches to our main menu. So I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna add resumes, candidate dashboard and of course, someone to resume. Let's add those and all that. So we're gonna add some conditions for resumes. We only want the ad means all the employers to be able to see the resumes, pages And of course, the users must be logged in very, very important. Oh, okay. Now for the candidate dashboard, we only want the Adnan's. All right, All the candidates to be able to apply to both of you this page. So when you're installing you activated resumes, plug in. It will create a new rule on the website known s candidate. This would be the job seekers and of course, they must be looked in for them to see the dashboard. And finally, someone resume should be open to everyone. Anyone should be able to come in and simply submit their resume without having to be locked in. Basically, it will work like the posted your page where before you can post resume, you would need to create an account then. So just we arranged this menu. Items was being locked out here and ah, I think that's okay. Let's go ahead now and save our menu and was gonna go ahead and take a look at what we have on the front page and Ah, there you go. So we have our three new pages now, and if I click, don't say something. Visit me, for example. You can see that this is where the candidate can come in here and name their email region, professional title and so on. So that's it for the initial set up for the regimental plug in. Join me the next class. We'll go deeper on how to use this particular add on. 21. Resume Manager Addon Settings: well, come back. What I want to do in this video is to show you how you can set up the resume manager plug in. But before we go on, there are three things I have done that I need to let you know. The first and I did here was I came over here to resume regions, and I have created three different regions California, New York, Texas. This would allow employers to filter resumes based on the region. So if they're only looking for candidates from, let's say, California, they can fill it up such candidates. The second thing I did was I enabled resume categories not to do this. You would have to go over here to your settings and then in here you will see the box that says enable wisma categories. Simply check the box and then you'll have access to you asthma categories. Make sure that you are save your changes first before you proceed. So on the resume categories, I have created off five categories. We have accounting, education, financial, 80 markets in. This was, of course, make it easier for employers to find the specific kinds of candidates that they're looking for And finally I created a new contact form called the resume Contact form. It's a very, very basic our form with just the name, email, subject message and, of course, the send button. Now, this would be deformed that employees employers will be able to use to contact the employees or candidates that they feel are qualified for the jobs. Right. So with that being said, I'm gonna jumping out to resumes, go to settings Now all of the very first step here we have the listings. Alright. How many resumes should be shown on each page by default? The default he said to 10. So I enabled was make head agrees. And if you check this box, you will have this to enabled as well. You can choose to enable the category multi slugged by default. I'm not going to go with this one. So the category filter type Ah, this is isn't gonna work for me if I refused to check the enable Kalugin modestly by default box. So this is an important Now I am going to go ahead and enable resume skills. I will enable the resume operas well, very, very, very important. And then of course, you have the personal data, a racial. What will happen when a candid asks that they can't be moved? You also want to make sure that their personal that that is you moved as well. So I'm gonna check. Ah, this box displayed region? Yes, because we do have regions such by region. Yes, because we do have regions enables. I'm gonna enable both display and search by region. And finally, what contact form would you want the employers to use to contact the candidates? I'm gonna go with the resume contact form. We're going to save my changes. All right. And now let's go over to the next tab, which is resume submission. All right, so in here it says I can't be quiet. Yes. We need an accounts to be quoted before you can. So much less than allow icann creation if enabled. No logged in users were able to quit in a county. Yes, that's fine. Automatically genitals on them from email address. Yes, the account rule by default to be said to candidates, which is exactly what we want. So there is no need to change anything in here. New submissions require admin approval. So this is entirely subjective. It's up to you. You can choose to trust candidates that the world upload resumes. But of course, you can just keep this box checked to ensure that you actually have to approve the visibility for their published life on your website and then email new submissions. Email visited those to the administration recipient after submission. Yes, that's fine. Notify email addresses what intelligence is should identified whenever a new resume has been uploaded and was going to go with Alex at the Web monkey. Actually, you know what? I'm gonna go with my Gmail When. Alex, 14 at gmail dot com. I'll stick with this one. I'm so list into a shin. How long should do is, um, is be shown on the website. It says never expire, and I think this is fine, But I will say, probably, let's let's go with six months, I think so. I'm gonna go with 180 days. I'm getting after six months. It's either the candidate has already gotten a job. Hopefully, all Ah, you know, they might be interested in a new kind of job. Maybe their skills might have changed or something, but I'm gonna go with 180 days. Six months? I think that's good enough. Auto hide resumes. How many days on modified as men should be published before being hidden. Ah, in this case, I'm gonna go with six months again. All right, so after six months, if a resume has not been modified, if it's not been updated, we will hide that resume. Right? Ah, Liston Limit How many listings are users allowed to post Go with maybe three. Although I don't really think this is important. Ah, Linda and import allow import of is omitted that from linked in. Now, if you check this box, you would have to get your London application client I D. And it's fairly easy to get this. You would have to open up this new tab right here. Off course you're gonna have to have a London accounts and then you you come in here, you can creature application, and it's a It's a very, very, very straightforward process. Actually, just add the application, name the description, you can add a logo and so on. You fill that out, you'll get a key. You can come in here, pays the your key and then save your changes, and then employees will be able to import it. There of is Amis from a Lincoln, but I'm not gonna do that on his books. And, of course, are we capture. You can go ahead and add capture if you want to. And yeah, we'll do that. We'll save my changes now. And there you go. All right, So what else do we have in here? Apply with Visit me. Now you have three basic seasons in there. The 1st 1 is email based applications allowed canister plenty jobs, which used the email application method using their online misery. I think this makes sense. So I'm gonna go get that one. You now have the force resume. Creation force candidates to create an online is a metaphor. Plan to a job? No. When I'm gonna first him to do so. And you especially they want to do this. If your job board involves both important jobs from external sites and then also have in employers coming to your site and create jobs on their own, you definitely want to do this. Finally, First apply with resume First kind of to apply through Israel. Manager again. If your website is one that important jobs from external sites, you don't want to do this because then you're limiting what your candidates can do on your site. So I'm just gonna leave this as it is safe, whatever changes that we made. And of course, finally, we have the pages that have been quoted by default and, of course, resume visibility. Ah, who can view as the maze? And who can do this? You can do that in here is where you can add such capabilities. But we're gonna need this because we've already modified our menu to only show resumes to either the admin, all the employees and, of course, they must be locked in as well. So there's really no need to change anything in here. Okay, so that is it. Germany next, guys, well, will now go ahead and create a sample resume 22. Submitting a Sample Resume: all right, he will come back. Now What I've done those far is I have looked out and hire Vista the site as a digital. Basically, I clicked on some. It is a me, and now you can see I have already filled out the form. You can see any here, added my name to Jones. That's my email, my regions in New York. That's my professional tight tool locations in New York. That's my photograph of me smiling happily and, of course, my resume category. I chose our I T. This would be the resume content. I used some dummy content for it, and now you can see because we enabled our skills. You can see I've added four skills. Html CSS WordPress Ph B education. I have estimated my education in there as well. Of also added experience from Web studios. That was the Web developer 2016 to 2018. I added some dummy Texas. We'll just describing what I did, what my responsibilities were, and so on. And of course, I have added my resume, and I have also verified that I am not a little but so you can go ahead now and hit preview and see what this is gonna look like. Okay. Blah, blah, blah. You go looks all laid outs pretty neatly, and I'm happy with that. I think it's good. I'm gonna go ahead now and hit. Submit is it May. And of course, you can see right now that we have bean automatically locked in because we said that we can allow candidates to create an account while they are so many division May. So you can see right now that we're logged in. And I have access to the candid dashboards of clicking here as a candidate can see right now that this is the visit. May I have uploaded those far? And of course I can add, Ah, some other businesses. But I believe we said they were 6 23 We can add three different kinds of, ah, resumes. So so that you have it. This is from the standpoint off the candidate. Now, let's not take a look at how this is gonna look like from the back end as an admin. So I'm gonna go back to job board here. Let's refresh the page. All right, so right now you can see we have a one indicated in here, meaning that somebody has submitted their resumes. I'm gonna click in there and let's see what we have. A look at this. This is Dick Jones. That's his picture. Okay. Yeah, This looks legit. I'm gonna go ahead now and approve this. All right? So if I come down here to users, go to all uses, let's see who we have. So we have Dick Jones, who is a candidate. And of course, we have Alex from the Web monkey who is an employer. So what I'm gonna do right now is I'm going to log out, and I'm gonna pretend I am Alex filmed with Bunky, who is looking for candidates. Something a Logan right now. All right, case. So from here, I'm gonna go over to resumes. Clicking resumes. All right. So I until that those four, we only have one lensmen added, But let's just imagine that they were, like, maybe like, 50 resumes or maybe even 60 resumes for me right now. I can click on category and go with a T. Any considered? Jones appears with location. I can go with Let's see. We want somebody from new No, let's go with California, actually, Kelly for Nia presenter and oh, nobody from California. Wow. Okay. What about London? Anybody there? Nobody. Oh, my gosh. Where is everybody? Okay, let's go to New York. New York. Somebody, please. Oh, you go dig. Jones. Wow. Dick Jones from New York. Okay, let's take a look. A Dick Jones. He's a what? Purse developer. Look at that. Who's got skills? And CSS Ph B. It's gem, elbow press. Go to his compass Has degree from UMBC. Wow. Okay, does his job experience? So here, right now we can click on contact. And now you consider making use off the resume contact form. So, eyes, Alex, I can just come in here and say I'm Alex. And you know, that's my email address subject. We like. You just imagine that you're looking for a job and ah, an employer since you this this email saying, Hey, we like you very much. Come work for us. That would be amazing. All right, So your message we like you and we want to hire you. All right, let's go ahead now and send. That's too Mr Dick Jones. Oh, Email. Sorry we didn't add the email. So about that, Alex. Add the Web Monkey online. Com Let's go ahead and hit. Send. Okay, so it says, thank you for your message. It has been sent. Now let's take a look at Jones's email. You can see that Dick has got in the email from Alex from the jaw board, and here's a message saying, Hey, we like you and we want to hire you. So now Dick Jones knows that Alex from the Web Monkey studios are interested in hiring him . So now the Jones can, you know, send them, send them his resume or contact them or do whatever Alex act that he should do. That's basically how the U. S the manager plugging works. I think it's probably one of the strongest Adams you can buy to enhance the functionality off your job board. It's fantastic if candidates can come in, take a look at their resumes, uploaded resumes, and then employers can also in addition to creating jobs, so many jobs that can also view available is a maze on your website. So that's, I think, watching. I will see you in the next class 23. Job Manager Additional Addons: all right. Before we went up this particular course, I wanted to just run you through the remaining adults that you can get to enhance and extend the functionality off your job put website. Are we have applications? This is one of the very strong ones as well. Basically what this does is it allows candidates to apply to jobs using that form. And employers can also view and managed applications from their job dashboard. So basically, right now, you'll have a separate page where your employers can actually see those that have already applied to the jobs that have created on your site. So this is a very strong additional Adam that you can use. You've also got the awoke amounts paid listings, which would involve use of Akamas. You can charge clients before the composed jobs on your site, but there is a simple among, which is the Where is it now? This simple paid listings. This is cheaper basically, in here before a job employer can postage upon your sites, you can charge them a certain fee and you can take them into viral stripe or even our papal . This is a very good add on if you want to make money off official website. And then, of course, you've got the indeed integration. You also have your zip acquittal integration as well. These are pretty solid Adams. You can go with as well. And then you also have book marks, which allow candidates to on employers to bookmark jobs for future references if they need to. You have the job alerts where which said users can save job searches and they commit notified whenever there's an update to their particular job. Or maybe even if a particular employer has created a new are drop. Basically. So these are the Adams you can buy to fully extend the functionality off your troubled website. Now the good thing about the WP job manager is they actually have, like, huge discounts. If you're gonna go ahead and buy their entire ad on collection, which is 11 of them, you can seal of them right here. You can simply go ahead and by its $125 per year. But if you're making money off of this jumbled ups and I think this is a solid investment, I don't think 100 vital as per year should be anything to you. What were you about? I think you can make a lot more money than this. And like I said, the Adams in here are very, very strong, very powerful. And they can make your job a little look. Very, very professional. So that's it for the remaining Adams. Thank you for watching. If you have any specific questions about any of them, you can contact me, and I can do my very best to help you and answer your questions. But you might just be better off contacting them directly and asking them whatever questions that you might have. So that's I think, Fortune. I will see you next last.