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How to Create a Glitter Coffee Mug

teacher avatar Elizabeth Ku, Maker of Pretty Things

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Step 1

    • 4. Step 2

    • 5. Step 3

    • 6. Other Ideas Chevron

    • 7. Other Ideas Shapes

    • 8. Other Ideas Stripes

    • 9. Class Project

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About This Class

You've probably seen these adorable coffee mugs all over etsy, but they're actually so easy to create yourself. In this quick 10-minute class, I'll teach you how to create your own glitter-dipped coffee mug with just a few simple easy-to-find craft supplies. These sparkly mugs are perfect for your morning coffee or to give as a gift or party favor. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elizabeth Ku

Maker of Pretty Things


Elizabeth makes logos for creative entrepreneurs, glittery crafts, DIY projects for her home, and silly dances and fun lunches for her two girls. She is inspired by bright colors, flowers, typography and, of course, glitter.


Instagram: hi.elizabethku


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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I live in New Jersey. I designed logos for creative entrepreneurs. I love crafting D I Y projects and pretty much anything creative. Some of my favorite materials are glitter, of course, um, mod podge and anything with bright colors or patterns in this class, I'm going to teach you how to make a glitter dipped coffee buck. These mugs are perfect to use for your morning coffee or to give as a gift to someone else . There's so much you could do with them. You can make fun patterns, or you can do what we're going to do, which is one big thick stripe of glitter. Not that you really need even one more reason to be excited about morning coffee, but these mugs are so super adorable you might just sprint to the coffee machine a little bit faster. 2. Materials: here are the supplies you'll need to create your glitter dipped coffee muck. A plain coffee mug. I recommend getting one that has a straight edge rather than a tapered edge. It just makes it easier to take masking tape or painter's tape. Mod podge. This is just the regular glass mod podge, a paintbrush. I recommend these foam brushes. They're cheap, and they worked just great and, of course, glitter. Any color you like. All these craft supplies are pretty inexpensive, and they're available at your local craft store. 3. Step 1: The first step is to tape your mark. We want a lot of glitter, so we'll go right at the top of the handle. I just want to go awfully around until it meets. The other side doesn't always meet just right the first time, so just lift and re tape it until you're happy with how it's placed. Now smooth it down, make sure that there's no creases and it lays flat against the mark. We also want glitter on the handle, so we'll take that, too. Even with the first tape and same thing, smooth it out with your finger. Make sure there's no creases and at least flat against the cup, that's step one. 4. Step 2: now we're gonna paint a layer of mod podge and glitter on our mark. I'm gonna put a piece of paper, don't burst. I like to paint going down from the tape that where you get a nice even line at the tape and disco all the way across Pour the glitter over mom podge Used a ton of glitter You don't have to ask me twice to use a lot of glitter Tell you that you might notice a spot that you missed which I did just go back Add a little mod podge Foursome glitter on You want a nice good coat all over the monk like that? Make sure to take the tape off while the mod podge is still wept and you'll end up with a nice, clean glitter line just like that. Let this set for at least 24 hours, and then we're gonna come back and put on another layer of mont podge English 5. Step 3: the last step is to apply to more coats of Mont pot. During this step, you want to make sure to glide it on heavily but evenly. You want to avoid doing like this because that will create bubbles, and most of them will most likely dry that way, so apply it nice and thick straight down. Avoid any bubbles. - Let this coat dry for 24 hours and come back. Paint one more coat of mod podge. Let a driver 24 hours and then it's finished. 6. Other Ideas Chevron: I love the way this mug looks, but there's tons of other ways you could do this. If you want to make a chevron pattern, I'm gonna show you how. Get your tape and you and a measure off two inch sections. Okay, Now cut the tape straight across at each of these intervals. Take two pieces of tape and make a V shape by lining them up at the right angles and do the same. Now, you're gonna want to make a bunch of these so you can go all the way around the cup. So you want to use a straight line as a guide? I'm gonna use the line of the glitter line up the V, shapes this corner and this corner, and then straighten it out. 7. Other Ideas Shapes: some shapes, like a heart, might be difficult to tape or paint on Freehand. So here's a trick. I've got a sticker of a heart. Cut the whole thing out like this. Take the heart sticker away, then use the backing. They're now painter mod podge inside like this and pour your glitter on top and follow the rest of the steps and you have a beautiful heart shape of the end. 8. Other Ideas Stripes: You can also try stripes. Once you finish with one color, just tape off your mug and follow the line of the first color tape again at the top. Paint and glitter in between. You can try stripes of different wits. You can try hombre stripes, all different colors. I'd love to see a rainbow mug. I think that would look fantastic. There's just so many options. This is really a fun craft. Even though it takes a little while to get it to dry in between steps, it comes out looking really nice. 9. Class Project: Thank you so much for taking part in this class on glitter dipped coffee mug. Your class project is to create a glitter def mug of your own. You can use a mug to go mug a bowl, a cup, anything. Just use the techniques we learned in this class. And please don't forget to share pictures of your project and the project tab. I can't wait to see them all and comment on them and see what great ideas you came up with and stay tuned for more really fun projects to come. Thanks.