How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial | Jai Siva Kumar | Skillshare

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating Poster Background

    • 3. Adding Model Image and Blending

    • 4. Adding Sky and Mountain Images

    • 5. Adding Birds, Fishes and Color Correction

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About This Class


Photo Manipulation Tutorial 
In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a Fantasy Poster design in Photoshop CC. This video is a step by step tutorial so at the end of this tutorial you will be able to use various photoshop tools like a professional designer.


  • How to Use Cropped Images
  • How to Blend Images
  •  How to Add Cinematic Effect 
  • How to Create Glow Effects
  • How to Use Various Blending Modes

Meet Your Teacher

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Jai Siva Kumar

Graphic Designer


Hello, I'm Jai, graphic and web designer with 8 years of experience . Im an expert in print-based projects such as business cards, flyer, poster, banners, brochures and FB/ Twitter covers.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, Welcome in this studio. We're going to learn how to do for the manipulation in 40 shop before getting started. Please don't know what the project fell. Link in the description, but the project fell. It will be much easier for you to follow this tutorial. So don. What? The project fell on. Get ready for the class. 2. Creating Poster Background: first go to the full. You don't. It opened the project piece. Didn't say for a shop. The soon is it isn't really fell. You can start it. We start designing it first we're going toe drop in our C bedroom For the good of the party fell Opened the seabed alone inside for the show Now drag and drop the Maidan Todoroki endless now enable free transform Told control T on Greece. Is it possible this one? Next We're going to delete certain portion of the image for that select marquee tool. This one now select 43% off our camels Now she daily. There you go. Next we're going to create brightness. Contrast Adjustment Leo, Right Click and give Mr Layer. I'm going to give the brightness as 33 on Contra says 12 Find next We're going to add sea floor image for the good of the party It fell, opened the sea floor Imagine said for the shop Braga broke the median Said all Candelas, make sure to place the image in, say, water group this one Now we never free transcend tool and freezes the image. One certain Next we're going to add layer masking adjustment layer this one? No select black 11. Collect pickle. Enable breast too. Select soft round brush. This one. Now I'm going toe master top part So that the immutable into the barren image neatly Just it is the top. What alone? Little bit. Fine. Now I'm going to reduce the pass it down to 27%. Next, you're going to add clues are just Monday am this one Rightly conclude must earlier. I also like Luke. Oh, now I'm going to pull the bottom point a little bit up on the top point Little bit up. Fine. Next we're going to add See tied image. Go to the project. Fell Opened the diet spa comedian say for the shop dragon, drop the image instead of a canvas Make sure to please even say what a group now in able free Trans Central Andi, I just did a little bit Now I'm good. Readies opacity toe 70% and place it on the top perfectly. Now I'll go back door pass t 200% now are lame. Ask again. Goto Olympic and select black color enable breast to select soft round rash. I'm going toe mass the bottom part so that it blends with the background image neatly. Did he go 3. Adding Model Image and Blending: once you're then next we're going toe dropping. Aware statue. Morel image. Go to the product. Fell open the mortal. Imagine state for the shop Bringing up the image instead of candles now enable free trans central control T and trees. Is it Busia? Fine. Once it, then I'm going to create a duplicate copy using keyboard shortcut Control J. We're gonna use the second stock image letter as if now they're just visible them. Now go back to the first wonders image. Now change the blending more to do Min Osti so that we really get such kind of if a rig next we go, Dad laid mask. No one can go to the color because I like black. Hello? Any with Bristol? I'm going to select hard room brush now. Just mass the top part. Well, I'm asking the top. What if you make mistake like so all you got to do is select white color on master parts and continue your process. Fine. Once you're done, no. Enable The second stock image No. Again had laid mastered this stock mish. Now go to collect pickle. Select black color in the breast tools like hard drone breshnev. You're going toe master Bottom part, Once you're done next, we're going to eat the bottom part. Now go back to the first copy, Select the mass player. Now go to collect pickers. Select black color. I'm going to select soft round brush this time No releases, size and master water, but a little bit so that it blends with the ballon image neatly. There you go once and then go back to the second. Copy This one now created Cools Adjustment layer rightly conclude Brasilia Select Blue Coup . Now I'm going to move the bottom point Little bit up. We're not going to disturb the top point. There you go. Next we're going to add what splash stock image for the good of their product fell. Open the water splash talk, Mason said For the shop dragging up, they made instead of canvas please it tradable The tired image now enable freed from central control T we're going to use wrap technique for that rightly enabled rap. Now I'm going toe wrapped the image in a very blends with the background image neatly 4. Adding Sky and Mountain Images: I want you then next, we're going to add Bagram scrimmage for the good of the project fell open the Sky star comedian say, for the shop Dragon drop they made instead of Ken was make sure to place inside Opens full them now enable Freed from central control T and freezes it final salute this one Next we're going to add moments on both sides For the good of the party fell Opened the mountain stroke comedian say for the shop Actually we're not going to use the entire stock committee . We're going to use just them Want an image for that? We're going to select the particular portion alone Now select the marquee tool This one Select the mountain part alone. No hit control C don't do it manually coordinated and select. Copy. No rollback Poor can waas It can told me In case you want to do manually, go to ready Click paste point of enable Frito Sample Control T and resist the stock. Mish, I just the Morgan size to your likings When Children Next we're going to head Lay in mass now go to college because like black color, I'm going to select soft thrown brush this one. No mass. The parts we don't want. If you want, you can use hard drone brush. Fine. Once you don't Next, we're going to add more than a major on right side. Now again, go to the stock image. So, like their mountain portion, copy the stock image. Basically inside the world canvas never enable free Grand Central Control. T. Andres is the image never going toe flip The image recently blazed on bright side again. We're going to use the same masking technique. Had layer masking adjustment Go to collect because I like black color. I'm going toe select hard drone brush this one No mass, the parts we don't want Fine. Once you're done next, we're going to add few adjustment layers to over mountain A shockingly just like the first layer. Add vibrance adjustment layer, right click and click my Celia. Now I'm going toe increase. The vibrance are on 50 on saturation toe 61 to make it a little bit vibrant and colorful. Next we're going toe. Create cause adjustment layer right click and Christmas Alaia. Now I'm going to move the Leuco bottom point little bit up on the top a little bit up. I'm going to do the very same thing for Green. Fine. Next, we're going to repeat the very same step for the right side Mountain. Create a vibrant Suggest Malaya. Rightly conclude Master Leia here I'm going with reverence. As 58 such religionists 59 Next created closer. Just Malia with Masilela. Select Leuco. I moved there top and bottom point a little bit up and play with the Queen Collage sittings . 5. Adding Birds, Fishes and Color Correction: find one student. Next, we're going to drop in our fish and birds stock image for that's like the respective group . Now go to the police. Failed Open the dolphin. Imagine said about cannibals. I thought you said for the shop. Now Dragon dropped their Imagine say how can was and we never free transom tool and raises image. I'll give a little repression. I'll please Don. What am to say next? I'm going toe change the blending more to do amnesty point. Next, we're going to add fish stock image. Go to the project fell Open the fish stock image inside for the show Dragon brought the meeting to the canvas We're going to repeat the very same step Enable Freed from some tools on resist the image. Next I'm going toe change Blending mortar luminosity are just a push in a little bit. Next I'm going to create a duplicate copy using keyboards. Other country Jay now available free to run some countries is there? I visited the boredom. Next we're going to repeat the very same step and we're going to create few more to bring copies. I'm going to place to more duplicate copies on right side. Genital free transom tool. Flip it horizontally. Find one Sudan. Next we're growing tired of a bird stock image. Go to the project. Fell opened the Bird Stockham Agency for the shop Dragon dropped the start committee instead of canvas again enable free transom. Tool resists image A blessed him. Now I'm going to release the for past a little bit down toe. 90% so that it blends with the Baghran. Now we're going toe Had girls adjustment. Leah rightly can keep Masilela. No silly blue. I'm going toe the bottom point. Little bit up on top point. Little bit up. There you go. Next, we're going to drop in another bird stock image. Go to the party. It fell Open birth to stock. A 1,000,000? Safe for the shop. Yes, We're going to put the very same step. Raises the stock image by using free transform Total control. T could use a bestie to 90% crafts. Visalia Next. I'm going toe girls Adjustment, Leo, Rightly conclude Masilela, Select blue co mother top and bottom by a little bit up. Now design is almost ready as a friend. Step, You're going to merge all over layer into a single year for that we're going to use. Keep which a shift out control E I'll go to filter. So, like, camera off. Letta there. I'm going to it. Is the temperature a little bit? Minus stole? Something like that. I'm going to play with clarity and texture. Next, I'll increase the Y brands and search visions little bit. Next select the pres. It's they're in maniac defect. I'm going to select heavy in shopping. I'm going to select light once you're done. Click. OK, There you go. Now opposed to just ready.