How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial | Jai Siva Kumar | Skillshare

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation In Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial

Jai Siva Kumar, Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Adding Model Image and Hair

    • 3. Adding Wings and Blending

    • 4. Adding Jewel and Blending

    • 5. Creating Lightning Effects

    • 6. Adding Fire Effects

    • 7. Creating Final Cinematic Effects

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About This Class


Photo Manipulation Tutorial 
In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a Fantasy Poster design in Photoshop CC. This video is a step by step tutorial so at the end of this tutorial you will be able to use various photoshop tools like a professional designer.


  • How to Use Cropped Images
  • How to Blend Images
  • How to Create Lighting Effect 
  • How to Add Cinematic Effect 
  • How to Create Glow Effects
  • How to Use Various Blending Modes

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jai Siva Kumar

Graphic Designer


Hello, I'm Jai, graphic and web designer with 8 years of experience . Im an expert in print-based projects such as business cards, flyer, poster, banners, brochures and FB/ Twitter covers.

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, welcome in this studio. We're going to learn how to do for the manipulation in for the shop before getting started . Please don't know what the party felt Link in the description, but the project fell. It will be much easier for you to follow this tutorial, so don't will The project fell on. Get ready for the class. 2. Adding Model Image and Hair: first go to the project. Failed dental to your product. PSD open the final state for a shop. The zone is a descent really felt. I've given you the color palette, the colors we're going to use in this design. First, let's dropping about background image again called the Project for Dragon. Drop their bags on diminish. Make sure the place instead, Baron Fold up. Have enabled free transform toe mentality and raises it fine. Next I'm going toe. Create a political player. This one I'm going with Option ISS. Futuristic blue sari. Bleak. Fine. Next, I'm going to drop in of a mortal image for the Select Image group created layer Goto probably felt dragon drop the more limit Instead of cameras, the Souness, neatly cropped, have been able Frito Central Control T and resist the for elimination final Turtle This one Next we're going toe drop in our stock image. So, like the backbone group now go to the project Fed open their ass. Documentation said for the shop. No dragon drop there Struck me instead of canvas. President said a new group limiters have fine no enable free transform pool and freezes the stock image. I'm going to place this one on lifts a here. Fine. Next, I'm going to create 3 to 4 more duplicate copies. Then I moved to enable Freed from Central Control TV's is it? If you won't give a slight protection, you're going to create their flying dramatic kind of as style. Fine. Once you're done now, you're going to add color. Look, a player for that created nuclear likably right about that. Our group now, right, click and beep Master adjustment layer there. I'm going to select drop blue option. 3. Adding Wings and Blending: next. We're going to drop in our drinks image for that. Good there. Body failed. Open their beings image and stay for the show. Bring up the imagine terrible canvas. Now create a new group plays the stock image. Inside the new group are limiters drinks next to enable free Tran Central Control T and resist this proclamation Best year. Next, we're going to create a duplicate copy Control J now enable frequent sacramental tea and flip the majors. Huntley more the left site. Now we're going. Stop me! Just ready. Next. We're going to create a local player. A local player Right about there being scooped now, right, click and look, Master Leo, I'm going to select Futuristic Blue. Bleak option. Fine. Next we're going toe. Need our moral image like select the moral image. Create them Asking layer. Now go to collect Picker Salik. Black color. No. Pick the blessed tool. I'm going to select soft, wrong brush. This one. No zooming. And there is the Saudi master Part of the more limits, so that it blends with the bad Was talking is neatly. Once you do next, we're going to create series off color adjustment layers. Let's start big reading a color. Look a player now rightly conclude. Sorry. Clip, Masilela! I'm going with futuristic public option. This one Next. I'm gonna great that brightness! Contrast! Adjustment Layer again! Greatly! Conclude, Masilela. I'm going with four poor brightness and minus 24 on press bottom. One of the more limited looks a little darker. We're going to make it brighter for that. Create another brightness. Contracts are just Monday. Oclock, Masilela! I'm going to increase the brightness around 43. Fine. Of course, We want only the bottom. But to be brighter, not the top part So that we're goingto use masking technique. Select the mass player. Now go to college! Because I like black land follicular using Keep water. Canal backspace Now Goto color picker. So, like white color? No, big the brush tool. Soft round brush. Now I'm going to unmask the bottom part so that it looks brighter. There you go. 4. Adding Jewel and Blending: next, we're going to add a jewel ornament toe top on water, but of the moral image for the good of the project, failed Opened the Jewel stock comedian say for the show. Dragon up the stock image instead of a canvas. Now create a new group name. It does blow. No place the star comedian say the group of enable free transform tool on breezes, the stock image. Make sure I'll into the stock image neatly. Now if you're going to take care of those black part on those tackles off the more limits by using clone stamp technique for that, we need to select their moral image layer. No. So, like that clone stamp tool. This one I'm going with the soft round brush. This one. You can't use clones time technique on smart object layer. So we need to raise rates the layer. Now select the more limits layer rightly race for the layer. Now we can use grown stamp technique Now increase the site of the breast little bit now. So, like the clothes source, I'm going with this one in the sport. Now we'll alky and select the what you want. Now you can replace the dark and tattle part by repeating the very same step. Hold alky in your keyboard and select the clothes source on. You can replace the the part you don't want using the same clones time technique. I don't those dark parts so that our ornament blends with the moral image neatly once were then. Now going back to the federal or number player. We're going to create series off color adjustment layer so that our ornament blends with the more limited neatly. Let's start by creating a color. Look a player, right click and keep master layer. I'll change the option as futuristic, bleak I change the blending more toe light color. Next, I'm going to create a brightness on price adjustment layer Master Layer No. One. Bring the brightness down to minus two and on Presto minus state eight. Fine. Next, I'm going to create a close adjustment. Lee Yeah, yes, I conclude. Messes, layer. Now I'm going through more there. Green Cove. Little bit up on glucose. Also a little bit up. Next, I'm going to create another greatness contrast Adjustment Layer Masilela. I'm going with four and minus 64 brightness and contrast. Next, let's get another caller Look a player earlier, going with futuristic, bleak. This time I'm reducing the opacity down to 60%. Next, we're going to create another layer. I'll change the blending more toe color dodge bigger and add glow effect for the good of the color picker. Sorry Now enable the color palette Go to collect. Pick a sampling selling this green color next big brush tool. I'm going with soft round pressure. This one increase the size. Sorry, readies a size a little bit and give us simply so that we'll get the supercool glory effect like so now warm and design is ready. Now we're All you got to do is create a duplicate copy because we're going to move the tournament player toe top part toe, make it look like a necklace for the moral image. Created a copy more down on President said the image folder now enable free transform Tool Control D on Greece. Is there image pleasant here in such a very glances morel image? Okay, so we need to few Sorry, meaningful few sports for that. We're going to use clone stamp technique. So, like the Julia now select the clone stamp tool I'm going with the hard room brush this time . No zooming. Select the blown source by holding out Kenya keyboard. Now create a few beats like so. There you go now. Necklace ornament was ready. Mexico disabled the color palette. 5. Creating Lightning Effects : next we're going toe dropping a lightning stock image. Go to the party. Failed. Reckoned up the moral image. Sorry. Liking me instead of candles, President say Bagram folder exactly right above a bag will diminish. Fine. Now I'm going to train the blending more to scream so that those dark parts will turn invisible now enable free, transcendent mentality on give us light protection are pleasant here. There you go. Now I'm going to create a few more duplicate copies on I'm going to rotate the stock images little bit to create dramatic lightning kind off effect Once you then we're going to add another battle. Damage for the good of the project failed. Opened the crosstalk comedians for the show. Bragan dropped the struck me instead of a canvas. Make sure the place inside Bagram folder now enable free transform tool and grease ese. Final change Blending more too soft light. Next, we're going to add layer Master stock image Now go to collect Picca. So, like black club Now pick the brush tool. I'm going soft. Wrong press give you click so that the stock image blends in the background image neatly 6. Adding Fire Effects: There you go. Once you done next, we're going to add grow stock images for the good of the product fell. Opened the Korean agent for the shop. Please try to double the background image by enabling free trying something. Please, ese. I place it here and I'm going to reduce the opacity down toe 70% so that it blends with the bag unimaginatively Next. I'm good at another one. Dragon drop Reeses it. I'll give us light position. Ongoing Amoud readies opacity down toe some people isn't There you go. Next. Go today affects folder, create a layer We're going to drop another fire stock image. Go to the body It fell Breaking up the stock image instead of can Was are blessed on Let's say give us light tradition Fine No, I'm gonna change the blending more to scream next. All created to be Could go P j We'll be right say enable freed from simple country D and give a slight tradition Find out of this one Next we're going toe change the car of the fires Approximate the Souness optional. I'm going to create the hue saturation adjustment layer rightly conclude master layer. Now I'm going to play with the saturation and hue color bob to create such kind of dramatic red color, I would be the very same step creator use such, additionally, it look mass play with the Taliban to create such kind of dramatic red color. 7. Creating Final Cinematic Effects: next, we're going to create CDs off color adjustment layer to get there is a dramatic effect we want. Let's start by creating your color look uglier. This one I was changed. The option toe crisp, warm. I send the lending more to multi play readies a nasty down to 20%. Next, I'm gonna quit another color. Look a play you. This time I'm going to select foggy nights. I'll change the opacity down toe 46%. Next enabled the color palette. Next, we're going to create them grading adjustment layer that I'm going to select while it toe Dockweiler. Grady in this one. If you want to use exactly the same element, you can sample those colors from the color part of Given on. You can create your wound grading map once a week. OK, now I'm going to change the blending more toe softly. Already so pastie. Down to 80%. Now the meat looks a little bit darker, so let's make a little bit brighter. Creator Brightness Adjustment layer. I'll increase their brightness to 44% fine. No images almost ready as a final step. We're going toe marriage all overlays into a single layer. Where? Using. Keep watch. Arkan Al, Shift control E. There you go. Now go to filter camera off Now increase the vibrance and saturation a little bit. Now, will the president's select medium vignette effect in sharpening? I'm going to select medium next in creative. I'm going to select one contrast followed by engaging Stand now click. Ok, There you go. Now. Oppose. It is ready.