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How to Create a Facebook Page for your Business | in 2020

teacher avatar Rita Zinger, Facebook Advertising Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why to choose Facebook

    • 3. Facebook for Businesses

    • 4. Facebook Lingo

    • 5. Facebook Page Creation

    • 6. Facebook Page Settings

    • 7. Manage Roles on Facebook Page

    • 8. Difference of the Page Roles

    • 9. Set up automatic messaging

    • 10. Tabs on Facebook

    • 11. Cover Photo

    • 12. Profile picture or Logo

    • 13. How to create your Logo

    • 14. How to create your Cover Photo using Canva

    • 15. Facebook Insights

    • 16. Facebook Insights - part 2

    • 17. What can we learn from Facebook Insights

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About This Class

If you don't have a Facebook Business Page yet, you are missing a lot of potential customers. Facebook is a great tool to use for your business promotion and it's easy to create a great looking Facebook Page.

I will take you step by step in order to create a perfect page that will suit any industry.

Check my promo video for this course to find out more details about this course.

Everything that we'll learn here is fresh and just got updated in 2019, Facebook is changing very fast, so that's why I've collected only accurate data for you right here.

So if you are looking to promote your business and get more clients or sales, Facebook is a great place to start!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rita Zinger

Facebook Advertising Expert



Hello, My name is Rita! I am a Digital Marketer and Educator. Nice to meet you :) 
You'll find many classes about Facebook Advertising, that will teach you how to advertise your business or how to become a Campaign Manager for an Advertising Company.  

Everything I teach about is based on my personal experience, I try to make my courses as practical as possible so that you will learn only the things you will really need. 

About me:

I work in Marketing space for more than 9 years now, running campaigns for different companies all over the world (the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and more). In this time I managed advertising budgets from $1000 to $500K per month and ran campaigns for F... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to Facebook Marketing course in 2019. My name is Margarita, and I helped businesses to grow using social media. In this course, I'm going to teach you how toe open, professionally looking Facebook page for your business. And it doesn't matter in what kind of business you are. I'm going to show you, wish them what should you use for your business? I'm going to show you what settings to use on Facebook page. And I'm going to show you how to create your cover photo without help off any graphic designer. In addition, I'm going to show you how toe analyze that from your Facebook page using Facebook insides in order to help you grow your audience and increase your engagement on the page. So what are you waiting for? Let's stop loving 2. Why to choose Facebook: So let's take a look. Why do we actually want to use Facebook? What is Facebook? Facebook is a social network site that makes it easier for you to connect and share with family and friends on Lee. So it's a social network. Facebook was created in 2000 and four, and its currency, Oh, is Mark Zuckerberg. And if we're going to compare Facebook toe other social media platforms, this is what we're going to get. Facebook right now is on the first place compared to everything else. And let's not forget that Instagram What's Up and messenger are also owned by Facebook. So Facebook has a lot of users and a lot of power or other social media networks. 3. Facebook for Businesses: Let's see. What does it really mean to run business on Facebook? Everybody knows how to use Facebook. This is how your personal profile looks like. And here you have your cover photo, your profile picture and all of these options for the menu. You have your friends, you have your photos, you have videos, groups you like pages you like. And so on. When we're talking about Facebook for businesses, we're talking about Facebook business page, and your business page usually looks like this. It looks very similar to your personal profile. It has a profile picture where you can upload a logo off your company, and it has a cover photo where you can also upload a video instead of your regular menu. Your menu is on left, and it doesn't have a friend's bottom, But he does have photos, videos and whatever else you can add in here. You can write posts directly from your Facebook page, and you also have an about section that can tell your customers about your business. This Facebook page can easily replace your website, and you can use just your Facebook page to run your business. It has everything you need your customer can simply content you either by message or simply by calling you or going to your websites and leaving his details there. You can run your advertising directly from Facebook. You can update your page whenever you like. You can post text photos and videos here. You even can go life on Facebook that will allow you to connect to your customers at another level. Let's take a look at popular Facebook pages off big companies. For example. Starbucks. Let's see how their Facebook page looks like. First of all, they have a cover photo, not a video that has their product on it. And they have a company logo at the profile picture. As for their options that have videos, photos, location, something you that we didn't see at the default options off Facebook page yet interest also something that they custom Lee edit, open jobs, international community and events at their about section. We have their website, and we know that by the category this is food and beverage company. If we take a look at another Facebook page for Laurel, for example, we're going to see another menu right here. We can see photos, events Twitter videos, posts shop. It's very clear to us right now that it's a custom tub and we can change and adds here whatever we want and whatever you think is necessary, let's see another page. This is Oreos Page, for example, and they don't have a lot of tabs right here. So whatever we think is useful for our Facebook page, we can absolutely adhere. And if we take a look at our main hold to extreme button, everyone has a different call to action button as well. For your ear, for example, they have sent a message for Loreal. We have shop now because it's relevant for them and for Starbucks would also have send message button so everyone can customize their Facebook page. However he or she wants according toe their needs and goes 4. Facebook Lingo: There are a lot of different terms that people are using today in order to describe different actions on their Facebook page and on their Facebook advertising. We will start with basic Facebook lingo just to get basic idea and understand, and we will learn more as we progress into this course. Let's take a look again at Oreo of Facebook Beach. The menu and choices that we have on our left are cold Facebook tub or just a top, the main picture or video scold cover photo, a profile picture we all know. And for Miller with also called a profile picture on Facebook page a big button that we have right here underneath our cover photo is called Call to Action Bottom and this page, where we can scroll down and see all of our posts, photos and videos. It's called a timeline, since each post that we post has a day to it and we can see exactly when was it posted. When users is our post by scrolling down his Facebook, this page called Facebook feeds it has a lot of different posts from different pages from advertising or from our friends. In addition, we have Facebook groups the communities that people build on Facebook, we can communicate with others there, but we can't advertise directly on Facebook groups. We have a marketplace where we can sell different kinds of products that will be placed in those groups based on your location. We have messenger. It's Facebook's up where we can chat with one another with our friends, with our colleagues and so on. We have a Facebook events, Facebook page or personal Facebook Profile can create an event and invite anyone he or she wants to it now. When we saw what each fink means on Facebook, let's have a conclusion. We have a tub cover, photo profile, picture city, a button, a timeline, Facebook feet and Facebook groups. And also we have a marketplace for selling any kind of item on Facebook. And this is not an advertising is just regular selling off a used or maybe even a new item based on your location Messenger. It's an additional up on your phone in order to chat on Facebook and events 5. Facebook Page Creation: So how do we open a Facebook page? When you looked in into your Facebook on the left side, you have a menu that says, Explore groups and pages. Let's click on pages and this is what we're going to get. Those are old, the likes that we placed on other pages and here on the right, we have create page, so that's what we're going to choose in order to create page. Facebook gets us two options business or brand community or public figure. We can just either one of them, and we can change it later own. So I choose one of them. I am choosing business for Brand. I can change both off those details later on on my page. But if you will have more than 100 likes on your page, you won't be able to change your page name automatically. You will have to wait a little bit for Facebook approval, so let's give it to name and category, for example, marketing. You just type it in here and you will get all of those different options. After choosing first details, we're going to get address phone number. It depends on the category that you choose for your page while we wait for Facebook to praise our page. I just want to say that you can create as many pages as you want on Facebook, but make sure you don't create them at once. So that Facebook one think it's some kind of scam and we'll bloke you for a few days. Right now, Facebook allows me to choose my profile picture right on the set up. So if I have one, I can upload it right away. If I don't, I just click Skip Button. And the second thing Facebook wants me to do here is to add a cover photo. Also, I can skip it right now. If I don't have anything ready. That's our new beige that we just create it. It doesn't have any feud. Yes, no patient profile picture. And this is all the main you that we got with garbage. This is how we could eight Facebook page 6. Facebook Page Settings: Now when we have a page, let's see, how can we set it up first? Think first. We need to choose a beautiful profile picture, which is your company logo or your professional father. And we need to choose a cover photo because without the spirituals, our Facebook page looks empty and people won't understand what is going on here. But just given our page are name. It wants savers. People would not recognize our service or our company without any visual representation. So if I already have those pictures and I want to applaud them, they simply click here and I'm getting all those options. Choose from. My father's deception will be relevant when we already will have some photos on our page. Right now, we don't have anything so I can use it. Take a photo. It means when you have your camera connectors to your Internet device, either it's on your computer or on your cell phone. You can take a photo right away and upload a photo. Well, you can simply upload it either from your phone or from your computer. I have a few photos ready for us right now in order to do a test, so I'm choosing my logo. Facebook lets me to edit it a little bit. If I see it necessary, I will edit it, so I just decrease it. I can skip groping it or edited right here, and Facebook gives me all those different options. They have stickers that I can use filters text, so I don't want any of that. Right now. I'm just clicking save, so I'm going to continue with Ed in a cover photo. Also here have few options. Great cover area. Choose from videos. It's only if I had those already and the bloat video. Great cover area photo trees in this one, and Ligaments read here. I can just drug it whenever he wants. Whenever I think it's feet the best and click and save. Here you go. Page looks absolutely different, and right now you can see similarity in colors and that it is somehow about Facebook by the computer right here with Facebook screen on its and just notice that we have two pictures here. We didn't ask for the 1st 1 so we can change it. We can go here to edit cover area and we want simply to remove it by clicking on it and choosing removed. And now we're going to save it. Here we go. Way have only one picture right now. Let's continue with our page set up. The goal here is to create a base that we can use and show tow our clients. We have our profile picture and we have our cover photo. Let's see what is missing right now we have at Buttery here. This space looks a little bit empty to me. So let's see what kind the button can add to our Facebook page. Every business can find something special for them here. If you running an online business with consultation or online training, you can choose a book. Now, button and you see that your call to action is changing for book. Now you have content. You you have no more Shope with you and so on. You have a lot of different variations here right now, I will choose a content you button and send a message because is the fastest one to set up . But in this course, we're going to have a special lesson just about your call to action battle. I will show you how to choose it. So if you're looking for something specific, don't worry. I got you covered for this lesson. I'm going to choose send message button. This is what we're going to get. Hear clicking next, choosing messenger and finish. And now our Facebook page looks like this. We have a call to action button and all off and all of our visuals set up. Great. Right now we're going to continue with our page set up. Let's take a look. What else can we actually get in here? Who closed this one? We don't need it. The most important bars right now is to go to about Section two, feeling some information about our business. So we go to about and here we can start editing our content, who have a general information description off our business. Just 155 characters that we need to put in. Then we can feel in our contact information with phone, website email, and we can even add name our WiFi signal address. Of course, people are located in another location, so we provide details here. Parking. We have one. And what kind of parking do we have? General suggestion. How to get to us. And of course, our opening hours. We should definitely select when they're working and what hours are working from. Until so feel in everything in here. And of course, don't forget about your content. Information is very important as well. Don't miss out on any clients in case they would not know how to content you. All the rest of the information you can feel out later. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is your opening hours, your location if you have one and your content information. This is a general information for your Facebook page. You can go and check each one of those contact WiFi location and go to more, which will give you hours and additional details. After feeling in everything, you just click save changes on each field. Here you don't have a general save changes button on Lee when you proceed to feel information on every field. So you will get save changes button right here and then you will just close it. And final thing that we need to edit on our page is just to organize all those stops so that clients wants get here anything that we don't offer. For example, if we don't have a shop, I don't want those steps to be here. So how do we do it? We go to settings and from settings who have temples and subs. Facebook already offers us different templates, which we can choose from by choosen Edit right here and we can choose whatever is working for us were non profit. We can choose these templates for politicians. So this one for us, or if we just a local business, we will choose. These templates were choosing by the details, and we can see what kinds tops will we have here already by choosing this template, so we will have overs events, groups, videos, post home and so on. If you all those stubs are actually default option, which we can change, for example, we can't close photos or videos up. It will always be there, but few other options. We can definitely change so we can go and play for this doesn't really matter and let's go over all over dubs posts, reviews videos for this group's events about community and offers. If I don't want any off those, I just go here to settings and I can't close it and safe if I don't want events also can close it and save community. Well, this one I can't remove. And well, first, I can't journals as well information and adds This is something view that been added to Facebook last year. We can't remove this one, so I can just close and old. Those are the fault. You can go to settings just to check outs. Review. Yes, you can turn it off as well. Photos and videos you can't. And about section you can close. So those are the minimum amount off top that we can have on our page by sitting up, we go back to our page and this is the look we have right now. Minimum amount of Stubbs. Our photos. Our call to action button ends our description if we go here So we have everything ready to start working 7. Manage Roles on Facebook Page: how to manage page rolls on your Facebook page. First of all, you open your Facebook page, then you go to settings on your right on your left. You will have page roles, and that's where you add another person to your Facebook page. If you scroll down, you will see existing bedrolls right here, and you can assign a new Pedro right here. You have different age roles at mean editor, moderator, advertiser and analysts. You can assign any off those Pedro's if you're admitting off your page simply by typing in an email off a person we want to add or his Facebook name. Sometimes Facebook doesn't allow you to as a user to your page unless the user is not in your friends list. So what you need to do first is to send a friend request so that user, And then if that user becomes your Facebook friends, you can easily add him or her to your Facebook page. After adding him to your Facebook page, you can remove him from France. It doesn't really matter. But in order to add the person to your Facebook page, you need to have them as your friend first 8. Difference of the Page Roles: Let's talk about different page rolls on Facebook page. We haven't had mean admin, of course, has full access on Facebook page. Then we have an editor. Editor has a full access, but he can't men's roles on Facebook Page moderator It's exactly as it sounds. Moderator consent message As a Facebook page, he can respond to a comment or Ben People. Advertiser Advertiser can use Facebook page for advertising analyst can view insights off the page. 9. Set up automatic messaging: another thing that we can set up on our view. Facebook page is our messaging. We go to settings, go to messaging, and here we have a few options who have a general setting. If we want to use enter in order to send a message, we can turn it on. Turn it off. Doesn't matter. Whatever works for you the best. And we can prompt people to send a message. It actually works when someone visiting our page and he or she gets pop up with our messenger so he wants waste his time. In order to look how to contact us. The messenger will pop up instantly. I recommend to keep it on just to make it easier for people to contact you. And here we have a response assist or respond assistance. I have a welcome message, sort of. I can turn it on so that if anyone tries to contact me, I will send them this reply immediately. And I have other automatic responses. Let's take a look. Those are my automatic responses from Facebook. I have accreting customer response. I have respond to feedback and communicate about jobs. If in greeting is the most relevance when they were you away. You can send those kinds of messages here. You can change its according to your timeline at a time when you want those messages to be sent or instant reply right here. Whenever someone is sending a message to you, just tell them that you will contact them soon. Respond to a feedback whenever someone lives. A review on your page. You can respond in it automatically, or whenever you receive a job application. We're going to talk about it later on. Let's go back to messaging. Great thing here that we have a reminder for an appointment. We can turn it on. Senate Customer and Romantic Reminder. Be a messenger or text message. It's a mess the day before the appointment well, so that you can create from your call to action button an appointment. But so in case you are using it in order to book meeting with you, you can just send a reminder toe alot of your customers by turning on this option 10. Tabs on Facebook: Let's talk about templates in steps for Facebook Beach, we saw how we can get to this menu. So let's see, What options does Facebook have for us when we click on edit In Templates section, we have a lot of different dubs here. They all divided by categories. We have business services, venues, non profits, politicians, restaurants and cafe shopping, video pitch standard that they're just templates that Facebook offers us to use. We can choose any one of them, and we can edit them as we like. If we're going to choose a standard one right here, it just shows us what's buttons this this page have or what tops doesn't have. But we can edit any one of them at any given moment. So, by a plan, these templates leaking Okay, right here. Those are my tubs on this Facebook page. In the top section, I even get toe choose. If I want to use the fall tops, I want to turn them off. I can build my Facebook page as I like. I can use the fall tubs, and there are some tops that I can't remove from Facebook, for example, I can't remove posts, but clicking on settings right here underneath each stop, I can see if I can remove it or not. I can remove your views if I want to. I can't remove videos, neither photos I can turn on and off events in my beach. About section Is Britain default? I can't touch it, community. I can't change anything here. I can turn on and off groups section and informed and adds another section that I can't change but clicking toe at a tub. I have all of those stubs that I can add to my pitch. I can add life videos, notes, overs services and short each and every top has different meaning and different function to play on my page, and I didn't want to use all of them. I just want to use those that will play some kind of function on the page. For example, if I provide services and I don't have any products to sell in my shop, I don't want to use this stuff, so I will choose services but not shop. But if I have a store and they have specific offers to sell their I can choose shop and the country's offers as Well, let's add all of those stops and go over each and every one of them and see, what can we do with them right now? My pages, everything that Facebook has to offer. Let's go back. So the page and review each stop. There are so many tubs right here that I even need to click. See more button in orderto get them all. That's why I'm saying that if you don't want to use any of those stops, you simply shouldn't have them here because your customer will go lost and you don't want that. You want to be specific so you don't want to chew stabs that you're not going to use In order to check those stops, I'm going to work with active Facebook page just to show you an idea what the stops can do on your page. So if we're going to click on posts, we're going to receive all the post that been posted on my Facebook page for reviews. This is how your top going to look like you can ads review right here, or view most helpful or most recent reviews. Let's go and watch it on Life Beach by clicking review. I have points right here. Five is the most highest one. I have helpful reviews and most recent reviews right here, and those are all off my reviews for this page simply can scroll down and see older review that have been left for this beach videos. I can add videos right here if I have any videos. If you have videos on your page, you're going to get access to all of them right here. And you can even build your playlist using Facebook for the same idea exactly as on your personal profile. You're going to see all the photos on your Facebook page. You can create an album here or just upload them to your timeline, and you're going to see everything that you upload it right here. Events. If you're going to have any went, you can create it from the East. Operate here. If you're going to have any events and irrelevant events for your business for your company , you're going to create them from this stop and you're going to see all your pasts events right here. Let's see an example. Here you go. You have pasta minutes and you have upcoming events that are related. Toe your company about section is description off your business community. Link a group to build community around your page. If you're going to have a group that going to be linked to your page is going to be here and groups, of course, you can build right from here from Group Stop infant ads. You're going to see it on every Facebook page that you visit if they're running as you're going to see them right here. Life videos. Same idea. As with regular video, you're going to see all the videos that life on this page notes. You can make knows from here you can keep drafts or just simply make a note. That's how you're not going to look like and you can publish. With this world, you can create your over right here. Let's see what kind of offer you can create. Bye over Facebook means that you can provide some kind of discount to your clients, either that in percentage or in amount or by ekes and get why they're a lot of options here . Free shipping or just customized whatever you want by free shipping discount amounts by dads. Get that Well, there are a lot of options down here. You can give a name to the item or service that you're providing. You can choose an expiration date if you want to sell it online on your website or if you want to sell it in your physical store, what kind of call to action do you want to use and description at terms and just publish it right here? You can upload a photo, of course, for your offered, and this is how you offer going to look if you going to upload appropriate picture here. Of course, you need to use a picture of your product or your over, and then just click publish in order to publish this offer on your page. Next up, we're going to check his services, but services you can add your service right. Hear clicking on at service. You can give a name to your servers price and just notice it's optional. You don't have to give a price description. Duration extra time after, and you can choose either to show this service on your page or nuts, and you can choose image here as well. Let's see an example of that for example, I have a few services right here. You can see the name of this service. You can see that I'm offering 30 minutes and I'm offering and for free. I'm showing this service, but I'm not sure those ones. So that's what it means when you want to show you service or you don't want just not just that. The picture. Here it's small. It's exactly like your profile picture, sort of a logo or a little image that will represent your service and shop. You need first to agree to Facebook's terms. Continue, and you have here two options. Either you can receive a message to buy what people send your message to ask a question and arrange purchase. Or you can check out on another website. It works good when you have another website where you can sell your products so you just link it here so you can choose either off those options. But clicking here, you can choose cure insee that you want to use, and you can add your product right here. You can add photo video name. Name your product at a price if it's on sale so you can least your full price and then sale price description and a link toe your product on your website. You can also choose to share it on your page or nuts, and you can choose visibility if you want this product to be public or unpublished. If it's out of stock, for example, thus were all the tops the Facebook has toe over for our Facebook page. 11. Cover Photo: Let's talk for a moment about your cover photo, and wise is really so important to have won a goal off. A cover photo on your Facebook page is to tell your clients what is your business about? What is your business goal? What are you selling or what are you offering to your client? They need to understand it. Even before they read a title off your Facebook page or visit your website. Imagine it as sort of Gilbert. Your customers have about three seconds to understand. What are you offering? Tow them. Let's take a look at few cover photos a few big companies and see What do they have in comment? And what do they do with their cover photo? Obviously, you can tell that this is a cover photo from Coca Cola's Page. You can see that they use their colors and you cannot miss. Take it with anyone else. So, basically, just by looking at it without even reading a text, you can understand that this is Coca Cola's Facebook page. What about this one? You guessed it right. This is under armors. Facebook page and you can't miss. Take it for anyone else because right away, you can see their product with their logo on it. It's very clear, and you will understand right away without even seeing their Facebook page title. Look at Discover father. This Facebook page belongs toe Oreo. You cannot miss. Take it of the anyone else. They use colors off their brands, and it's very clear that it's their Facebook page. This is exactly what you need to get with your cover photo your customers I need to understand right away. What are you selling to them? What are you over in? And what is your business all about, even before reading about your business anywhere else. 12. Profile picture or Logo: your profile picture and your logo isn't less important than your cover picture. And let's try to understand why is that exactly? Well, first of all, when you share your posts or your advertising with your Facebook page, the first thing that your audience and your customers off course see is your is your logo. They need to get familiar with it because is going to play a big role in your Brendan and that sort of your business card. So you should invest time in creating a perfect local for business, and you should use it. Let's take a look A few symbols When you left, you see clear and good logos from different Facebook pages and on your right, you see logos that I would not recommend to use was the difference between left and rights on your left. Just by looking at them, you can name a business you know who are they belong to on your right. You have no idea. What do they represent that's are not locus. There's just images that those users are using on their profile picture on Facebook. They're not memorable. They're not professionally done, and there look cheap and kind of ugly. So my suggestion to you invest in your logo so it will look professionally and you and then it will be easier to customers to remember you by it. 13. How to create your Logo: So how do you create your local If you're not a graphic designer and you don't know all the tricks off for the shop, it's kind of hard to great logo by yourself. But there is an easy solution for you. Let me show you how I would recommend using this website in order to create your local fast and cheap. You don't have to invest much with fiber. The whole idea off this website that their services cost as little as five doors. Let's take a look and see. How can you create your logo with fiber? This is fibers website. You can basically look for anything here and right here in their men menu. They have logo design or if you don't see it right here, you have a serious Burke. So just type of longer design. They even have an option for you. If you have no idea. What do you want? So I need a design partner. Oh, I know what I want. So if you know, just click on. I know now it's very easy part. All you have to do is to choose a design that you would like a free t a watercolor or any other design that you like. Let's say we're going to choose this one, William. You to edit your local? No, I don't think so. Well, you need to scale Yumoto differences. Yes, probably. We don't want to limit ourselves to use our logo only for Facebook. We can use it for our website. Who? Any other social media platform so sizes. There can be a little different. So we want to scale its if possible. And Syria go. All of those designers for our local. As you can see press here a little bit different can be $10. 25 50. It actually depends on how fast do you want this local to be created? You have different options here. 24 hours, three days, seven days and so on. Off course. The more you wait, the cheaper it gets. If you can wait three days or seven days, you probably can get and love for his little as 10 doors. You have different options Here you have rating for each designer so you can see how many people did use his or her services. And you can also see different local examples from that specific designer that you're going to choose. Just click on anyone from here was Choose this one Here. You have different packages and you can pay extra in order for him to complete this work faster. Just choose whatever packets you like. Click on, continue and wait for him to design you a logo that you want. It's very easy, and it doesn't cost that much to create a great and professionally done logo. 14. How to create your Cover Photo using Canva: Let's talk how to use convert for Facebook and we basically use convert in order to create Facebook Cover photo, Facebook posts or even Facebook. Profile Picture. Let's see, How can we work with it? Let's see how it works. You go to convert it, come and you need to sign up. In order to use this website, use your name. Tell them who you are a teacher, student, small business and just get started. You need to provide them your M O. Of course, provide them with password is very simple and short registration in the ants. You will be locked into the system and you will get the next screen. The big advantage of this that you can use condoms for free. Let's just take a look for a second on their pricing. Here you can see that you can work for free and you get upto one gigabyte off storage access to 8000 temples. Applaud your own image. Access to millions photos starting at one door, so you get a lot of things here for free. In my experience, you don't need more than this if you want to use it for your personal Facebook page, If you do have a team, you can purchase their membership right here. And if you want access toe everything they have toe over all the templates and all the styles. In that case, you can purchase their membership just 12 95. So let's go back and see. How do we actually work with convert for our Facebook by clicking in the box right here? We can choose different variations. We have a Facebook post and Facebook cover instagram pose and many, many more other options. So for Facebook cover, we can choose this option one off the biggest advantages off using convert for creating our cover photo that it will provide us with right dimension for our recover for the right away on the left. Here we have different menu who have templates. Those are actually those are already designed pictures that we can use. We can change text here, a little beads or change any other element on a photo right here we can choose elements, text backgrounds and we have a lot of different variations. Just noticed how many different styles are here for free and we can upload our own photo right here and this is even our folder. It looks a little bit like Dropbox or Google drive, where we can upload our files and keep them there and later on, just go and downloads anything once. As for more, we have different variations right here, which are more complicated for now. So we are going to stick on Lee toe the main menu. So by choosing any off those templates, I can change any element that I see right here on the picture. I can change websites that can change this circuit. Let's see, just making smaller or bigger. I can change whatever is written here. I can change fund off these texts by choosing any other fund. From here, I can change the size color. Well, you have a lot of different operations here. When you scroll those templates, you have different styles. Here you have birthday who have beauty, Summer, autumn and so on. You have a lot of different variations for temples. Just scroll down and choose something that you want to use. If you choose something like this, for example, one more time you can choose any element here or a main picture by going to backgrounds, just clicking anything from here. If you want to add any additional element, just go to elements. Click anus and bring it to your picture, and you can put it anywhere you like. And when you've finished, you can share it right away with people by email. Or you can download your image by clicking here on an zero, choosing your file type being G o J Pig Converse Suggest Bong you can use Being G doesn't really matter. So just click Benji and Click Donald, and it will download your image to your computer for free. You close it, but you can see that your image being downloaded or you can publish it from here directly to Facebook groups Facebook Page or any other social media platform that you want. So that's it's spread the easy. You can create any image issue once, and you have a lot of different variations with different Facebook cover photos, and you can also create different Facebook posts using this software 15. Facebook Insights: it's very important to understand who Facebook bitch insights. This data can help you to menace your content, to manage your followers, to know what's the best time toe post your content and to know which posts are preferment better than others. Let's take a look at some off my active Facebook pages and try to analyze their insights. You confined your insights right in the main menu on the top of your page. Or if you don't have it right here, click on more and then look for insights. Right now we are at overview page right here. Those tables are my page summary, and my timeline for now is seven days. I can choose right here upto 28 days work today or yesterday. I can also export this data by clicking on export. And if I want to look more deeply into this data, I would go to followers likes reach and other menu options that I have here. If we're going to scroll down, we're going to see five most recent posts that we have on our page and their performance buy organic or Heydrich post clicks, reactions, Homans and shares. And if we're going to scroll to the ends. We're going to see pages. Toe watch. Facebook provides us with some off recommendations regarding our competitors. We can add other pages to here as well, and to see how do they fare firm compare toe our page? This is not necessary action. You don't have to do it, but it's kind of interesting to look how your competitors per firm. If you want to actually perform better to improve your reach to improve your engagement, you should follow few off your competitors pages. And, of course, you need to know who are the most successful one. So you need to follow only those pages who do perform better than you right now, so you can add them to your least right here by clicking on plus and just adding it to your page watch list. We're going to skip this step right now. I'm going to return to our data right here. Let's take a look four second. What do we see here? Actions on page is actually how many times did our city a button was pushed? Right now we don't see any daughter, so no one actually pushed our bottom page views. How many times are based, been viewed page previews previous. It means that someone So our page name. So our logo are cover picture somewhere on his new speed, which likes you probably know what it is, how Maney Page Life's did would get in the past seven days. Post reach. How many people did we reach with our posts? Recommendations. How many recommendations did we receive? Engagement's how many people did engage with their opposed page responsiveness. Conceived this. It's a time that takes us to respond to any off the messages that are page receives. So this is its videos is a number of times. Are video being played at page forward? How many full overs did brigade in those seventies? So this is just a basic data that we can get by clicking on over you right here. If we go back to 28 days right here, we're going to see much more Data is just a general view where we can get an idea about our page performance about our content about our followers. Now let's go over other options right here and dig a little bit deeper into our page. Data promotions Promotion stub is a new menu category on our insights. In case you're running promotions on your page directly, which I do not recommend toe anyone. You should run them properly from your ads manager on Facebook. We're going to talk about it a little bit later in this course full of ours. As for followers, you're going to see everyone who falls your page right here on the top. Off this menu, you can choose your dates. You can choose it as far as you like, even from the creation date off your Facebook page. You can choose it by clicking on those dates right here or by moving those markers right here. And that's where you going to see your progress? You can see that number of followers increasing for this page. One way, one, if we're going to scroll down, we're going to see Net followers going to see people who unfold and full organically organic for a spate for spa going to see all those numbers here by choosing any off those categories from the right, you be able to see on them on your graph and in the last table you can see where your beach followers happened. What does it mean on your page on Categorized their stop search or page suggestions? It just shows you generally when people did started toe follow you next one is likes. We can see the amount of likes for this time period right here with still can markers or choose dates, whoever we like and same idea that likes we still see organic likes, paid likes or unlike in the red right here and exactly the same idea where your page likes happens on my page. Sears Wrister likes from reactivated accounts based suggestions. Let's go to reach for each same idea we can choose. Our timeline was choosed from the beginning. Off year we can see paid an organic reach right here. This is how many people get our posts reached. We can see spikes in a few days off the month, and we can analyze what went right for our page. Why so many people viewed outpost organically right here. Down here we have recommendations. This is number off times. People did recommend our page in their posts requirements. The doctor page recommended US reactions, Komen's shares and more. What kind of reactions that we get from people we still see a few spikes right here. This is exactly where we did get a lot off people to see our posts organically. So something went right here. We should check it out. Reactions like love. Wow. All kinds of reactions that Facebook has right now. Our likes love, huh? And said directions that we don't have hide report a spam. And unlike what? We don't have a lot of its We have 12 or tops free reports. So if you have a lot of heights or unlike, you should check out what is going on with your posts, Why people don't like them and we can see a total reach right here. How many people did see our posts? We can see that we have a bit of spike here in February so we can check it out on our content and maybe repeat the same post. And we have a lot of organic reach right here so we can come back and do the same thing. We did that work so good for us page views. We can move it all way back here. We see that most patients that we got was recently in April total people who view their page and where did they come from? From Google? Search from our website from being or from yeah, that home. This is very useful information for us to understand. Where is our traffic coming from? Or page preview performed actions on our page that's moving back here. Website clicks, full number clicks, action button clicks. We construct always from this window, and I think that most useful category right here is posts we can see. How well did our post per firm or the week When did we get the most used for a post? We can see that it's pretty much equal for all days in the week, and we can see that our love is Performance is at noon and we get spikes in the evening and in the morning at 6 a.m. And those are all over posts. We can see how each and every one of them per firms separately by posts. How many clicks didn't get how many Homans shares or reactions did gets? It's very simple to understand, since every reaction here has its own color, we can choose from here to get just our reach were to get just our impressions and so on. We can split it. However, we like other categories that we have right here are events, videos, stories, people messages and a P I if we use any ups on our Facebook page, and we're going to talk about it in our next Wes and 16. Facebook Insights - part 2: we continue with our Facebook insights, and right now we're looking at our events. This is saying, you look, that Facebook released recently and we can see certainly overlook off our data here. We can see a total number off events that we had a total number off people that were reached with those events and event responses and even number off ticket clicks for those events. This is our daughter for the last year. We can change our time right here. We can choose 90 days, 28 or seven days if we would have any activity when we would see them right beneath our summary And those are our events. We can see all our past events and information about them. And this is our daughter about it. Facebook says that we should click on it in order to see more details and we're going to click. We can see our reach. How many people we reached with this event in total? How many responses did we get? Tickets and our audience? We can actually see our audience. Please. How many women or men and what are their ages? This is very useful information for us. We can actually know who is really coming to our event just by looking at this same goes toe. Other events on our Facebook page either is for past events or for active events that we have. Right now. Let's go back to our page and go to videos. This is our insides for videos. We can view our performance down here. We can see our top videos exactly as we did. So our performance in post section so we can see how well is our video per firming. Let's go to our stories. We need to join this on in order to see any insights for our story. So that's how we do it. And we just wait till it will get updated. Interesting up people here we can see everyone who actually follows our page. We can see a simple split between women and men, and we can see how old they are. We can see from which country they are city and what language to this speak. This information is really very much useful to us. You who want to advertise on our page later or if we would like to grow our followers. This information will help us to understand who are best followers are and who our best customers messages our daughter for last seven days. We can choose more than seven days. It's not a problem. We see that we received 253 messages. And for some reason, Facebook doesn't get me a clear report on its. So let's go back to 14 days and this is our data. Right now. Our average response on the page is four hours and six minutes. 70% response rate. We need to improve it. So right now I know what to improve on my page. I need to improve my page response time and a p I. As I said, if you running your up, you will probably know what to do with it. Right now, we don't have any abs connected to this page. So there is nothing to show for the stop for now. 17. What can we learn from Facebook Insights: So what do you actually get for analyzing your page insights You can understand from your page. Insides went to pose on your page. You can also understand What can the quantum should you post all your page Since you're going to know exactly what can the content your followers like you will get a clear idea who are your followers and you will know how to improve your engagement and reach. Since you know, since you will know who is fall in your page and what can the content do, they, like all this information can also improve your advertising. Since you want just test your s, you will already know who will be interested in seeing them.