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How to Create a Dynamic page & a database using Wix tools

teacher avatar Shadi Oweda, New course launched..

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Course Promo

    • 2. Introduction and Objective

    • 3. How to create a database

    • 4. How to Create a Dynamic Page

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About This Class

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Create your own Database collection
  • Create your own Dynamic page
  • Connect Dynamic page to your Database
  • Display your items  over and over again.
  • Take a full control of your Wix web site.

This course is for

  • Anyone who is  interested in taking a full control of his/her own Wix web site.
  • Beginners who want to start web development using Wix tools.
  • Anyone who loves a tool that does it all

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shadi Oweda

New course launched..


Information Technology  QA&Test Consultant (ISTQB Certified) with 30 years’ experience and know-how working for large organizations and in diverse industries such as Teaching, Software houses, Telecommunications, Banking and Pharmaceutical.

I hold a BSc Honors degree, Diploma in Computing and BTEC-HNC from The Open University and Norwich City College – UK England.

Major Subjects : Computer Science, Software Engineering, Programming, Mathematics , Statistics and Quantitative methods.


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1. Course Promo: if you want to take a full control off your website, and if you want to create a data based on a dynamic beach and to use one thing beach to display your items over and over again, then this schools is for you. My name is shady and I will be your instructor for this. 2. Introduction and Objective: I believe in one. The objective of this section is to create a database table, then after that, create a dynamic beach. But before I created it, Avi's. I need to ask specific questions. What is the name? But they need to be stable that I want on what information I want to store in this state. So that's why I came up with this. My product data bees will hold information any given provoked. I forgot I d for the name description price. I am an image. That particular problem. The doctor, i d. It's a primary key, if you like. They say you need P that will uniquely identify each in the team for each row in the table . Haven't done that. We've got all the products in the table. I will create a dynamic beach or an index speech, which will Fitch each product into. And then the outcome is to display these products from my sight 3. How to create a database: I start within you site when you complete from Rick. And please, if you are not familiar with bricks tool a fair to my previous schools Create a social media website. Then I will go to could and will enable the developer to option Watch American here I She's truth away. The side structure. Yeah, I go to database at new collection. Just click on it. Yes. Then I will define my data. Be talking about close as a resource in a physician on here You have the authority to give privilege to any member For the time being, I will do side content because I want people to go on the side and to see the approval. I want to be done there. We get automatically titled in here and defend as a primary. Now I can change that by click on the $3 manage field. I give it the name I define before I d And then, um, having done that, I can create now the other fielded that I waas talking about. I wanna create name, description or the product rice image. And we do that by just clicking on this place site and then I type in the name that I want and because I'm not going to put the number. So the property of the field is going to be it. I will choose now the rich text because it looks good for formatting. And then I would create the other one. Okay, After finished creation or the fuels we have the name description priced and without the image. Therefore forgot to image. You just click on the three dogs and add from XLE ivory, which is Yeah, this cool it for them there. I just need to add another problem. Let's call it breath. Okay. So, bread, I need to define what that is. I'm often here, so let's if we have. Yes, So in here have an image of the talked i d IND Yance broke idea, and you click on or publicly on on the field and you can actually this play in him to enter the text on the description. I will. Cool. Yeah, that who? Twice. So this is done prize in here. I want to show you that I have to find this manage field. Have defined it as a number because this is to so you enter 1.5 from sums. If you read this cheap in your area, so don't. Okay, I have entered mine for gloves in here, and I just picked on this one to the other night. Um, I defined in here, but I d has three unique identifier and I entered in here. I want to start was for an animal. I couldn't go ahead. I woke up. I'm interested in Let's go for, say, another honey ones in here. Let's go for something a little bit different. Okay, It's cool for this one. And then who's and then 2000 notice in here when you add, I had to be cut also that you are. And yet when you click on this one, I like him. If you have an image or if you have on you are you have really with a company you can enter the So we finished our products database table and we have items in here. We have the name, description, price and the image off each item in here. And what's carefully we have in here. Product 7.789 10 year old I referring to animals. This one is uniquely identified the front top of animal. So that's what we meant to by saying a primary key is a unique E which will identify a single record in it. So that's that. Let's move to the dynamic beach creation. 4. How to Create a Dynamic Page: Okay. In order to create a dynamic pitch, you go to the products it abyss that we created a new click here, add a dynamic beach. Yes. And there are two types off pages that you can create. Item and category. This one, we'll show you item by I. Now, when you click next watching it through this, that you are health. This is your health that we actually have. And this is our data vision here. This is the fast item for the first field that we actually and 1/2. And we can make reference to another field if we want for someone at another field. I couldn't make it description or price, but it does not make sense for a lot. I d Is this a Okay, so this is the U RM. That you get in here. Okay, let's create the page. All right. What do you really notice now? After the creation of the dynamic fish that we get the dynamic which I can also we get and this is created. So we created a dynamic beach for our work product database. You don't have to worry about this, Aiken, because it's no got to be visible when you and the proof is this When you prevue in here disabuse you go back to the editor Can see. So now we've got our data bees, and we've got our data. This design the dynamic beach. In two simple steps, I had just a text in here. Good text, everything. Just a peach Titan beach fightem over its here. And just look at another. I mean, here there's who one image from that's a nice image to know which one to choose this one century. Okay, who would do that? You might ask yourself, Why am I doing this for my put designing the page, putting its title on the image? It doesn't really matter because thes are place holders And I would explain how I mean, Okay, if I said to you the pitch title, we're represented a product idea and this image were represented The productive image. Now, if you want to see the place for the inaction, let's have a look. A preview. This is what you actually have inside. And if you scroll that Oprah left one in the collection The date of this collection who look to three and the plum and number seven ask you, though, and number it is CalFed on number mine. Go around. It finally can. Okay, To quickly recap we have created our database and we've created that dynamic page and we've got our items in the database. And we created the dynamic page, which displayed I hope you enjoyed this course. Thanks very much, Ankle. Bye for now.