How to Create a Course in Multiple Languages and Double Income. Part 1 | Alexander Rich | Skillshare

How to Create a Course in Multiple Languages and Double Income. Part 1

Alexander Rich, Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Online learning growth statistics

    • What if I don't speak other languages?

    • How to get the maximum benefit from this course?

    • The value of your knowledge

    • Making a video course in your native language

    • Before you start creating a course


About This Class

Learn How To Create Online Courses In Multiple Languages, Sell Them Around The World And Double Your Income!

In this class you will:

  • Get inspired by e-learning industry growth
  • Realize that you can create a great online course!

We will discuss the huge rate of growth of online education industry and how you can take advantage of this opportunity. 

Consider enrolling in Part 2 of the course here where you will learn how to choose topic for your course that will bring lots of sales!

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One should take all 3 parts of the course to get the full benefit, as each part builds upon the previous section. (For example, the first section focuses on course content creation in your native language only) As a result, you will not get to the translation part until the end; however, to successfully accomplish this task, you will need the foundation taught in the first 2 sections. Many valuable tips and resources provided throughout the course.
M Taylor

Make the complex, simple.





Alexander Rich

Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

My passion is to inspire others to live rich life! To me, "rich life" is a life when you have no regrets, when you live it to the fullest and try as many different experiences as possible!

What is your meaning of a phrase "rich life"?

One of the components of rich life is freedom. Freedom of choice what to do, freedom to travel whenever you feel like it. Financial freedom is a big part of rich and interesting life.

That's why I'm fascinated with online entrepren...

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