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How to Create a Course in Multiple Languages and Double Income. Part 3

teacher avatar Alexander Rich, Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Start of video shooting

    • 2. Headshot videos

    • 3. The secret method

    • 4. Video slides

    • 5. Screencast

    • 6. Shooting a promo video

    • 7. Editing and uploading your course

    • 8. Versions in other languages

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn How To Create Online Courses In Multiple Languages, Sell Them Around The World And Double Your Income!

In this class you'll learn:

  • how to choose video format and create lectures for your course
  • how to shoot headshot videos, screencasts and video slides
  • how to edit and upload your course
  • how to create versions in other languages

After completing this class you will be able to choose video format for your course, shoot all lectures, edit them and upload to different learning platforms.

Meet Your Teacher

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Alexander Rich

Online Entrepreneur and Marketer


My passion is to inspire others to live rich life! To me, "rich life" is a life when you have no regrets, when you live it to the fullest and try as many different experiences as possible! 

What is your meaning of a phrase "rich life"?

One of the components of rich life is freedom. Freedom of choice what to do, freedom to travel whenever you feel like it. Financial freedom is a big part of rich and interesting life. 

That's why I'm fascinated with online entrepreneurship! Being able to make money online is AWESOME! It gives you the freedom I was talking about earlier!

Would you like to learn how to make money online?
Would you like to become financially free? 
Would you like to travel more?

If your answer is yes, the... See full profile

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1. Start of video shooting: so a huge part of quantum creation is already behind, and you are ready to start shooting videos for your course. My congratulations. Very few people reach the stage and I want you to thank yourself. You are already on half the way to the finish line. Now it is time to create videos off all the lectures. Often, people don't feel comfortable at this stage, of course creation, because now you have to show yourself in your knowledge. However, I want to calm you down and relieve your tension before you appear before the eyes of the entire world, you will have the opportunity to create a small test and get feedback from a limited number of people. This will allow you to understand that often there is nothing to fear. I will tell you about this test in one of the following lectures, but first you will need to decide what for months your video is going to be in. It may be the screen cast Barra Point video slides, or you can create headshots video where you stand in front of the camera, and of course, you can use all these methods in one course. Let's analyze all the advantages and disadvantages off these methods 2. Headshot videos: At first let's discuss the method off shooting when you stand in front of the camera. I prefer doing this, and this is what you see on your screen right now. What are the advantages off this method? The first thing that distinguishes these videos from the screen cast or slides is that you see instructor and don't listen to some anonymous voice over. People trust such video. Small people see you and your bottle English. They feel your energy. That's why people give more trust. Two such videos and believe me, it will positively affect your sales off course. You need a certain sense of courage to stand in front of the camera. However, this is not the same as broadcasting life on the television. Nobody will see you during the shooting. You can review the footage, and if you don't like something, simply do it again. The sure way to get rid of discomfort in front of the camera is practice. Just do few test shots to see how you look in the video. Often it is not so scary as you think. Show this video to a friend whom you trust, and most likely he or she will say that the video looks great. It is not necessary to buy expensive video camera in order to make a good video. For example, right now, I'm using my smart form for shooting. You just have to make sure the lighting is good and they like, is always the best option. If you have a D sailor, that's great. This means you have an opportunity to shoot high quality video. However, I want to repeat that you can get a good result. Even with a smartphone, the quality off the outer is much more important. You will need to buy a separate microphone that attaches to a smartphone or a camera. I use a simple microphone, which I bought for $20. On Amazon. You can check online what is available for your budget. Also, you will need a tripod again. You don't need an expensive one. Basic cheap version is good enough. Balto, You should buy a special mount holder for a smartphone that will allow you to shoot video with the phone and a tripod. Now here's the task for you. Shoot a short one minute video where you will introduce yourself and tell about your intention to create a video course do several takes. The purpose of this exercise is to take the first step and tow. Overcome your discomfort in front of the camera. Watch the video yourself in, show it to your friends to know their opinion. Most likely they would approve of this video, so you have absolutely nothing to be afraid off. If you have any questions, ask them by clicking Q and a bottom at the bottom off the screen and also answer them. And in the next lecture, I will tell you about a secret technique that will allow tow. Avoid memorizing the videos, creep by hurt. Oh, by an expansive teleprompter. This method enabled me to shoot a video course in English without having to memorize the constant. 3. The secret method: If you have experience in public speaking, you may not need this method. You can just tell the contents off the lecture in one breath. These videos are more natural, and if you can do that all corner to you, however, not everyone is capable of it, especially those who Onley make their first step in teaching other people. Fortunately, in the process of creation off my first course, I came across a very simple method which gives exactly the same result as when, using expensive teleprompter, you will understand how it's done in a second. All we need to do is to make script fund up to 30 36 point bigger. Make sure the phrases are not interrupted at the bottom of the page and each sentence is finished. You should place the script as close as possible to the camera or smartphone lens so that no one will notice that you are reading the script. Also, make sure that there are at least two meters between you and the camera. At such distance, it can be seen that your eyes are moving later on. You can use this method to shoot the course in other languages and we'll talk about this in a separate lecture and the following election, we will discuss the process and cons off using slides. 4. Video slides: The second method that people often used to create their video courses is power points like This is what you are watching right now. This method is much easier than shooting had shot videos in front of the camera. You can do this sitting at the computer in your pajamas. You don't need to worry about your appearance. This method off creating a course is typically much faster. Of course, there are also disadvantages because it will be more difficult for people to trust you without seeing whom they're dealing with. The second disadvantage I notice. While watching the videos made out of slides, they often turn in tow an audio course. The thing is that it's simply boring to see the same picture for a long time while the instructor is explaining the material, therefore, where often people just listen to such courses while doing something else. However, if you approach the stock seriously, you can create a high quality and interesting video course. With the help of slides, I came across very informative and interesting courses made in this former so you can achieve success using this method, all you need to do is to follow a few simple rules. The first thing we have to talk about is their legitimacy off the used pictures. Often, people think that if they have found a picture on the Internet, they can use it for free. Unfortunately, they cannot considering the fact that your course will be available worldwide. I strongly recommend to protect yourself and to use only legal images the around many websites with set prices for each image or for a monthly subscription. There are also websites which provides free images that you can use just Google stock images and choose the website. Do you like? The next thing you must pay attention to? Is the frequency off change of the text and images in your slides? If you are going to talk for five minutes using only one picture, people will get tired and extremely bored. That's why I use more barriers, pictures for US attacks on the screen and change them every 2030 seconds. The last requirement, which I mentioned earlier, is the audio quality. No matter whether you are standing in front of the camera or you slides, the Alger quality should be great. Use a good microphone which shouldn't beat that expense. If you follow these tips, you will get a quality and interesting video 5. Screencast: one of the most popular ways to create a lecture for your course is to use screen cast. What is their screen cast? A screen cast is a video recording off what is happening on your computer screen. This is what you are washing right now. These videos I extremely informative and interesting because the instructor can show exactly what they're talking about. For example, during the recording of a lecture, you can show your Internet browser to tell students about a particular website. This way, you can inform them off what this website is about, and show the different sections off the site or individual pages with the information you want to share very often. Screen cast. I used to create courses where it is much easier to show something than to explain it only with words. All courses related to design and how to use different graphic and for editing software are usually created in a screen cast. Former. By doing so, the instructor can clearly show how to create a particular design or how to draw something along with which tools I used police purpose. When students sees how you are doing something, it will be much easier for them to repeat it. Screen cast. I used to create courses about programming languages where the instructors demonstrates how to ride a coat. Which program is best for creating screen. Cast the round number off different programs, both paid and free. However, I will tell you about the most popular ones. The first is Camped Asia, which is very popular and is used by thousands off instructors. You will be able to do everything you need to create high quality screen cast. The only downside off the software is the price off almost $300 for the PC and $100 for the Mac. If you are a new instructor, this price may be too high for you. Also, you may not need all the functions off the program. However. You can try complete Asia for 30 days for free and decide if you want to invest money in the paid version. Next is an excellent program called Scream Floor Berries for Mark only. This program allows you to create great screen cast. However, the lowest off tools and features in screen floor is so big that it often discourages instructors because it takes time to learn how to use all of them. Also, the price will $99 may seem too high for some people. Luckily, Dory's free screen cuts software outer with which you can create high quality screen cast. Cam Studio is a good program for creating screen cast, though it only works on a PC. The best part about this program is the price it is free. If you are a PC user downloads and try it out. Maybe it will suit your completely. And the last option, which is suitable for both PC and format, is a tool called Screen Customer. This is an online service which, in my opinion, is one of the most popular tools, and this is no accident. It has a very user friendly interface, is easy to use and is recognized as one of the best tools for screen cast creation. Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the best advantages offscreen custom attic. The service is free. There is one restriction on the free version, though their leg off the video is 15 minutes, but this is more than enough to create a single lecture. Also, the free version off the program places a watermark with a website name in the lower corner off the via, however, this can be removed by using a paid version for only $15 a year. You will also receive an additional set off features that are not available in the free version. Try the free option for creating screen cast as maybe it they will be enough for you. If you want additional features for creating more sophisticated videos, you can invest a little bit of money into the paid programs. If you have any questions regarding the creation off the screen cast, ask them in the Q and A section, and I will answer them shortly. In the next video, we will discuss how to create perhaps the most important video off your course, which is a promotional video. 6. Shooting a promo video: Once you decide on the video format off your course, the very first video, which I recommend shooting, is a pro Maria. Here's why. Firstly, before you should the entire course, you need to applaud that test video toe some off the learning platform so they can evaluate the quality off the video and audio until you get the green light from the platform. Do not shoot the rest of the lectures. The thing is that most of the learning platforms quiet, high quality standards and very often a test video isn't approved. That's why, before you should the entire course, you need to make sure they like your test video. Secondly, shooting a test video will be a great practice for you. The fact that it will be just a test video. We'll relieve your anxiety because you won't need to show it to the entire world. You can ask your friends or platform group members on the Facebook to give you their feedback and recommendations. This will help Tarman the text off the video, if necessary, in order to make it clear and affected. This is how I got to the nerve to create a video course in English. The first thing I did was a test promo video, and then I show it to my friends, including English speaking ones. To my surprise, their responses were very positive, which boosted my confidence to create entire course. Then I uploaded the promo video on the platform in orderto past their quality test. After their approval, I was ready to shoot the entire course and immediately began filming. So I advise you to make a test promo video, get the first feedback and approval, and then to continue filming the remaining lectures in the next section. We're going to discuss what to do with the footage and prepared for applauding toe different platforms. 7. Editing and uploading your course: So you have filled the whole course. My congratulations. You have done a great job, and now you're getting close to a finish line. All that's left to do is tow. Edit the capture video and uploaded to the learning platforms. If you have experience working with the video, that's great. It means that you know how to do it. What about those who have never edited a video? There are two ways to deal with this challenge. Either you hire a professional who will do it for you or you edit video yourself. I will tell you my experience off creating video courses. As I have used both approaches, you can find plenty or freelancers willing to do any work that quiet, reasonable rates on the Internet. I consider this method the most effective because you don't have to spend a lot of time downloading special software and figuring out how it works. It's much easier to use a professional who will do it much faster and better. There are several websites where you can find freelancers. All you need to do is to sign up and paused a job with the description off what needs to be done within a short period of time, you will get dozens off proposals and choose the freelancer you like. If you don't want to spend money for hiring a freelancer, you can learn how Toe added videos yourself. Nowadays, you can learn anything on YouTube. It took me on Lee couple of hours toe. Learn how toe added a simple video, and that was enough to complete the video course. Try both options. Find a freelancer and see how much it will cost. If you're not fine with the price, it's not a big deal. Spend a little time and do everything yourself. Once you courses finished, all what's left to do is tow uploaded to the platform and wait for its approval. It usually takes 23 days, but sometimes the approval process can take a little longer. Be prepared for the fact that your course won't be approved on the first try. Where often what form asks to make some changes? Don't worry about it. Just do what they ask, and your course will be approved after course will be approved. All I can do is to congratulate you on the successful launch of your first course. The fact that you have work your way up from finding the idea toe. Uploading the course is what you can be proud off. Now you have the experience off making the video course, and now it wanted difficult to make a new course. Monia courses more opportunities to create another source off passive income, and in the next lecture, I will tell you how to make versions off the existing courses. In other languages. It's much easier than you think. Also, it will require far less time because you already have the version in your native language . 8. Versions in other languages: Now you have successfully released your first video course. How can you do versions in other languages so the maximum number of people around the world could make themselves aware off your war? After I got the idea off making versions off the court in other languages, I contacted that mean off the You Timmy group on the Facebook. I was wondering what languages are the most popular on this part. For the following languages turned out to be the most popular off course. English is the first. Then comes Spanish, German, Japanese and Portuguese. That's why, after creating the course in your native language, you can create five more similar courses. But in other languages, imagine the scale of audience, which can see. Of course, to tell you the truth, I can rob my head around this. The U Jim It platform is truly unique and offers great opportunities to share your knowledge. With thousands off people around the world, many English speaking instructors begin to understand the huge potential and start making versions off their courses with subtitles in other languages. Then all they do is uploading the course again and put the translated name off the course and the lectures in these languages. This is the fastest and more inexpensive way to get a new audience. But let's be honest. Ask yourself if you are ready to spend money for course in the forum language just to read the subtitles. To be honest, I'm not ready to pay for this. That's why I got the idea to take a step further. Luckily, there was a secret technique in my arsenal allowing to shoot a video without the need to memorize a script. You must have already got the idea how to do that. All you need to do is to translate your course in tow. Other languages printout, escape and reshoot the course. I agree it may be a little more difficult compared to shooting a video in your native language, but be positive. Firstly, you will have an opportunity to practice their pronunciation off other language, and you will certainly learn a lot off new wars. You might even have a desire to learn this language. Also, think about how many people around the world you can help, and these people will be ready to replay financially. Think about the opportunities which opened before you. I think it's worth it to put a bit more effort, right? I hope your answer will be yes. So now all you need to do is to hire a translator. You can find a translator in your city or visit freelance websites. Start with the language that is most to your liking. For example, I was always attracted to Spanish, but not the Japanese language. I am so far from it that I decided not to create a course in that language. The best option. If you can find a native translate, then you minimize the chances that some phrases want makes sense. Unfortunately, such things happen. I usually use fiber dot com if I'm looking for translate because there are a lot off native translators. After you get the translation of the text printed out in large front, just as you did with the first version off the course, then you're going to face the most complicated stage, the filming off the course in the foreign language. Before the start, I recommend that you practice in pronouncing words thanks toa, our age of technology. It's rather easy. There are websites on the Internet where you can listen how the words are pronounced by the native speakers. One off this website is far war dot com. You can use Google translator as well. There's a button by pressing, which you can hear the war if you're willing to make it, beat more effort and spend more time than sign up for a course on the study off their language, which you want to create your course in. By the way, you can find such courses on the learning platform itself, and many of them are free. Please don't worry too much about your pronunciation. In my experience, I realized that people don't mind small mispronunciation or Knox. Often it even gives the instructor a certain charm and makes him or her unique. So feel free to translate the course in tow, other languages and film the new version. What should you do? If you have no ability or desire to make videos in other languages yourself, you can use freelancers again. You must have seen foreign movies translated into a major language. You can do the same with your video course, goto the freelance websites and search for the following phrases doubling or lip sync and the language which you want to use for a video course from the list off freelances. Choose someone whose voice you enjoy and give this person and trial task to do simultaneous translation off the short video. Then select the best auction and ordered the voiceover off the whole course. Here is how such translation came, look and sound like in Spanish could. So don't a bus up in their co Mochrie attitudes propose courses in detail in a multiplicity . Oh Maskin. Naughtiness for Kevlar Incluso si no ts experiencia Bravia in sin and a lack in the online journal Alexander Rich in Place noise. 9. Conclusion: this video course is almost over. If you perform all the exercises in this course, you must have all the necessary skills to create your own video course. After the successful publication off your first course make versions in other languages, and when you see the first sales, the first positive reviews from your students you will realize what a unique opportunity opens up to you. You will be able to help and transform the lives off thousands of people from all over the world, and monthly payments into a bank account will be a nice bonus. After that, you will realize that now nothing stops you from creating new courses. With each new course, you will have more experience and more. Resource is to hire professionals whom you can delegate a part of the work. It will allow you to do the most important part to create, to share with people your knowledge and change the world for the better. I wish you good luck and this truly exciting journey. If you found this video course helpful, I would appreciate it if you take one minute and leave an honest review. I'm asking you to do this not to please my ego. Although I'll be honest. I enjoy reading positive reviews. The main reason I'm asking you to leave your feedback so that other students know why this course has been valuable to you. This will help them to decide whether it they should invest that time and money in the scores. Thank you very much.