How to Create a Course in Multiple Languages and Double Income. Part 2 | Alexander Rich | Skillshare

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How to Create a Course in Multiple Languages and Double Income. Part 2

teacher avatar Alexander Rich, Online Entrepreneur and Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Searching for ideas

    • 2. Checking the demand

    • 3. From the idea of the course to its content

    • 4. Writing the promo video script

    • 5. Writing all content for the course

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About This Class

Learn How To Create Online Courses In Multiple Languages, Sell Them Around The World And Double Your Income!

In this class you'll learn:

  • How to search for ideas
  • Check if there is a demand for your topic
  • How to create perfect promo video
  • Write all content for the course

After completing this class you will be able to find right idea for you course that's in demand. Also we'll discuss how to create an outline for your course and get ready for creating videos. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alexander Rich

Online Entrepreneur and Marketer


My passion is to inspire others to live rich life! To me, "rich life" is a life when you have no regrets, when you live it to the fullest and try as many different experiences as possible! 

What is your meaning of a phrase "rich life"?

One of the components of rich life is freedom. Freedom of choice what to do, freedom to travel whenever you feel like it. Financial freedom is a big part of rich and interesting life. 

That's why I'm fascinated with online entrepreneurship! Being able to make money online is AWESOME! It gives you the freedom I was talking about earlier!

Would you like to learn how to make money online?
Would you like to become financially free? 
Would you like to travel more?

If your answer is yes, the... See full profile

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1. Searching for ideas: in this lecture, I will help you choose the topic for your first course. This stage often seems to be one of the most difficult and often scarce people away from the creation off their online course. Actually, it's not that hard, and I'll show you an effective exercise that will help you come up with an idea for your course. The exercise is called free writing, and you must have already heard about it. This method actually works, and it is an effective way to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head before you start . I will tell you several important things about this exercise spent at least 10 minutes of your time during the exercise. You shouldn't be destructed. Tell your relatives not to bother you. Turn off your cell phone and make sure nothing will interrupt this process. The next important moment is that you should track the time. This is very important. Make sure you're going to write for it least 10 minutes. If you feel that the floor over your thoughts and ideas doesn't stop, please continue to write. However, don't stop if less than 10 minutes went by. Keep of writing until the timer goes off right about what provokes your interest. Let your mind just to make associations with what you love and what is really important to you. If you are stuck, try to start writing with these phrases I'm interested in Blank. I would like to create a course about blank. I know how to resolve a problem. X. Can I create a course about it? The most important is that you don't stop riding. Don't filter anything at this point, right? The third thing that comes to mind if nothing comes to mind, right, nothing comes to my mind. Your goal is to keep writing. Write down any thoughts and ideas coming to mind. Don't pay attention to spelling mistakes. Uncompleted sentences. Just keep on writing. If the timer goes off after 10 minutes and you still have something to write, go ahead. This method allows you to discover many interesting ideas and often what you did and expect later you have toe, analyze all your ideas and select a suitable one. In the next lecture, I will tell you what you should do with the least off all the ideas which came to her mind . Please pause this video right now and take a no pat or piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer on your phone off, said the alarm. And do this exercise for the next 10 minutes. Yes, right now, as Tony Robbins, one of the most successful coaches, sask. After setting a goal, make sure to take the first action towards achieving this goal. That's why pause this video right now and do this exercise. So how was the exercise? What ideas have you got? Have you got any ideas for a first course? I hope this exercise was helpful and you have found several potential topics for first course. In the next lecture, I will tell you how to check if there is a demand for the chosen topics. This will allow you to avoid one of the mistakes that many people do. They create video course nobody is interested in. It will not happen to you. 2. Checking the demand: Now we are going to talk about a very important aspect off creating a video course. Before you finally choose the topic of your first course, you need to check if there is a demand for this topic on the plot. For this is the mistake I made while creating my first course, and I knew that this test should have been done. I must say, I did check this, but not quite efficiently and made another mistake, which I'm going to tell you about as well so you can avoid it. Before I started working on my first course, I checked whether there were similar courses on the plot, for I found just one course. Some platforms show you how many students are enrolled in the course, and it was evident that the sets off my competitors were going well. Therefore, I thought that this topic was popular and my course will be in demand as well. This was my first mistake. If there is very few courses on your topic, most likely the demand is little or there is no demand at all. That's why even if you like the chosen topic very much, choose a topic which is already popular on the website. How can you find this out? If there are many courses on such topic on the platform and the courses have many reviews, it means this topic. It's popular. Don't be afraid of competition. Competition is good. All you need to do is to create a quality course. Then you are assured success. Note that this test must be done in the English sector off the website as it is the most popular language. Translate the topic of your course into English and see the number of video courses salt on the website. If there are a lot of courses and they all have a lot of reviews, then this topic is popular and you can start creating your own visual course. 3. From the idea of the course to its content: Once you check the demand for the chosen topic, it's time to begin writing your content. When I was working on my first course, I faced the following problem. I knew what I wanted to tell what questions should be answered, but I didn't know how toe organize all of that. Having looked for the information in the Internet, I discovered a fairly simple and effective technique which allows toe order all of your thoughts in tow the step by step system on the basis of which you will be able to create your first video course. This is the quiet, well known technique, which is called mind mapping. There are different computer programs, both free and pay, which allow you to create a mind map. But I prefer using paper and a pen dry each matter and choose their one you're comfortable with. Instead of just telling you about this technique, it will be much more effective to show it in action. Okay, so how do you create the mind map and write an outline for your course? Actually, it's pretty easy. I'm gonna show you how to do that. Let's say that you want to create a course about weight loss. So let's write it down. Wait over weight too. So what, You can sell your students in this course. First of all, you can sell them about yourself right about you. Then Probably it is gonna be some kind of introduction on. Obviously, there will be a conclusion. Okay, that's a good start. Next, probably we can sell your students about some kind of nutrition that will help them to lose weight. So let's write it down. Okay? In nutrition, we can probably tell him about some different diets. Right? So let's write it down. That's also we can talk about. We're water. Let's talk about water because water is really important when trying to lose weight. Next. Next, we can give them some recipes. Right, Residents. So that will be enough for now. Try to remember that your course shouldn't be that big a long 40 60 minutes. It's more than enough. Then we can talk about training program and give them some training programs specially designed for women. For man. Right? What else we can talk about in the trading section? Probably. We can talk about safety off performing different exercises. Right, Safety? Okay. Again, that will be enough for now. So what else we can talk about in this course? Probably we can talk. In the beginning, we can talk about importance off being fit. Importance, Right. So, introduction conclusion, and actually does two things can go into introduction. And again, that will be enough for now. What else we can talk about who probably supplements supplements is that beat part off any weight loss program. So let's write it down, then what supplements we can discuss probably some fat burners on some vitamins. What else? Uh, taking enough protein is very important. Okay, so, again, those three points and supplements will be more than enough. And I think that's pretty much enough for your first small course bought, Let's say, weight loss. And now let's organized all these thoughts into one outline. So let's write down weight loss, weight loss. That's gonna be the title of our course. And then the first lecture ville. We will be your introduction, your introduction right where you can tell him. Involve yourself. Then you can talk about importance off being fit. Okay, Next we can discuss, let's say, let's go training, training where he will give them specific exercises for women for man and discussed safety off performing any exercises. Next lecture will be about, let's say, nutrition where you will give them some diets, maybe some recipes and talk about importance off taking enough water. Okay, and then we'll talk about supplements. Uh, discuss fat burners, vitamins and protein. And the final lecture will be a conclusion where you will summarize everything you said. In your whole course, you seem so That's was pretty simple. That's how you can create them. Mind map of your course and Dan organized every all your thoughts in one simple and step by step outline. This is it, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 4. Writing the promo video script: you have created a mind map and organized everything in a step by step system, and you have an outline off the course. The very first thing I recommend doing is to write a script for the promo video. This is the video that visitors will see on the main page with your course. This is the most important element of your video course, whether the person gets interested in your course and whether he or she wants to learn more and potentially by depends on this video. Therefore, you should approach the process off, creating a promo video very seriously. Also, working on your promo video allows you to more clearly understand who I am, doing the scores for who is your ideal student, what needs and problems the person is experiencing and how he or she can get help with it in the future. This will allow you to create a course that will be a really helpful and interesting for students. You will understand more clearly what material you need to cover and what questions toe answer in the video course so that the students will receive a desired result. You to me, conducted the study off thousands, of course, is sold on their platform and on the basis off, these studies created a template with step by step and second by second explanation. What must be mentioned in your promo video? I strongly recommend to read their instructions. You will find the link to these instructions in the an additional file after this lecture. So here's their formula off. A perfect promo video in action. Let's analyze step by step a promo video off my course, which you are washing right now. Course image placeholder. Start with a slight showing your course image of brandy. Welcome an instructor intra. Give a one sentence, enter to the course, then tell the student why you are a credible instructor and welcome to the course where you will learn how to create your own video courses in multiple languages, you don't speak even if you have no previous experience off teaching people online. My name is always on the rich. English is not my native language, and I don't have public speaking experience. Up until recently, I didn't know how to teach people online or shoot and edit videos. Yet now I'm able to create courses and languages. I don't even speak and reached thousands of students around the globe. Benefits described the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do after completing your course. These course is for people who want to learn how to create video courses and start making money in the global online market. At the end of this course, you will be able to create your own video course and teach thousands off people around the world who are willing to pay for your knowledge. Police off major components Explain how the courses designed and least, but don't describe the major topics you will cover. I designed this course so that you will be able to create your core step by step from finding the idea. Writing the outline to shooting videos and uploading your course toe different platforms. Ideal student description. Describe your target student. This course is ideal for new instructors that are only thinking about the possibility off teaching and making money online and for those who already have experience off creating video courses and now want to reach a new global market off online learning for successful completion off this course, you don't need to meet any specific requirements besides to be open to new ideas and be willing to learn thank you and call to action called the student to enroll in the course. I tried the free preview if they want to explore further. If you want to get a new passive source off on land income while sharing your knowledge with thousands of people around the world, read the course description below this video. There is an option to watch few lectures for free and if you'll find this information valuable enrolled in this course, and I'll be waiting for you in the first lecture. As you can see, it is not that difficult to create a promo video. Now you can also write the script for your own promo video, step by step. If you have any questions, feel free toe. Ask them in the Q and A section, and I will certainly answer them in the next lecture. We will talk about the next step, which is writing the content for your video course 5. Writing all content for the course: So at this stage, you should have created and mind map and decided on all sections of your course. You have written the script for your promo video. You know who is your ideal student? What needs and problems the person is experiencing, how she Oh, he can get help and what needs to be covered in your course. Now it is time to start writing the content off the course. If you don't plan to translate the course into other languages and you have experience off Titian people, then you may not need to ride the content off the course. If you express your thoughts well, it will be enoughto. Hang a piece off paper with the sections off the course and the main points off each section's in front of you. You will then be ableto tell the content off each lecture in your own words and record it on video. Such videos look more authentic, but this method has disadvantages as well. Firstly, not everyone is experienced in public speaking or teaching other people. Also, if you later decide to translate, of course in tow, other languages, it will be necessary toe transcript each video and send the text to a translator. That's why I prefer writing the content off the whole course. Then it will be much easier for you to shoot all the videos, and you don't need to make a transcription. It's time to perform the next exercise, which is writing the content off the course. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Q and A section, and I will answer them shortly. Also, you can share your experience of writing the content of the course with other students, thereby helping them to start creating their own course. In the following lectures, we will talk about what video format is more preferable had shot video where you stand in front of the camera screen cast, where you show the screen of your computer with all the necessary information or its light show like a power point. If you like what you've learned so far, I would appreciate it. If you take a minute and leave a positive review, consider enrolling in Part three off the course where you will learn about using different video formats for your course. Also, I will tell you about my method off creating video courses in multiple languages so you can double or even triple your income