How to Create a Cohesive Feed for Instagram | Karen Olson | Skillshare

How to Create a Cohesive Feed for Instagram

Karen Olson, Small Business Mentor, Photography

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    • How to Create a Cohesive Feed for Instagram


About This Class


There has been a lot of talk over the interwebs about having a cohesive feed for Instagram. Truth is, most of us follow an account if we like what we see in the first 9 posts. We have about 3 seconds to convince someone we are worth following if we have never interacted with them before. Learn how to plan and style a variety of images for an eye cathcing grid with the UNUM app. 





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Karen Olson

Small Business Mentor, Photography

Greeting friends! I'm Karen Olson, photographer and small business mentor who loves to help artists and entrepreneurs craft their own brand presence on the web. I want you to have all the tools you need to manage your own website and tell your story with amazing imagery. I am a patient and kind instructor that has worked with many individuals to do just that.

I work right along with you to help you realize the vision you have for your web presence, taking you step by step through the m...

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