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4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Scenarios, Form & Function

    • 3. Example Project: Zircone Industries Brand Book

    • 4. Conclusion & Final Words

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About This Class

In this class, I'll describe what content needs to be included in these books, how to structure them, and which rules or restrictions should be described in a simple brand book.

There is a sample project that was created for this class only. 

The first chapter is mainly about structure, content and production. In chapter two I'll show you the example book that was created for this class.

Please feel free to skip the first chapter if you're familiar with structure, theory and content.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is Victor Weak, and I'm a freelance in graphic designer. In this class, I show you how to create content for a brand book. A brain book is a collection of fruits and restrictions that apply to your brand. It's a visual guide with detailed descriptions about how your brands visual elements should be used for accurate reproduction. There are brand books which incorporate through with regarding public relations in pre behavior or dressing, but we will only take a look at the visual aspect of this subject. By creating such a guide, you make sure that your branding will appear the same way on every advert, brochure, business card or social media and each product a few hours. We use graphic elements that are a part of the branding it's required when the company works. We've different graphic designers. Printing houses or advertising companies in this class are described what content needs to be included in these books, how to structure them and which rules or restrictions should be described in them is going to be have for for graphic artists, business owners and nearly every one who is interested in the world of branding both the class and the example of brand book is jam packed with info and ideas that will help you to create your brand book. This class was created mainly for graphic designers, but there is a lot off information in the videos of a structure and content for business owners or for those who work within their marketing industry. 2. Scenarios, Form & Function: it's called the brand book or a style guide, yet it can be only a few pages long. I've completed quite a few dozen of these guys in my career. Most of them are contract classified, so I'm not allowed to share. But I've created an imaginary brand and the brand book for this class. Now there are other race to do it. Someone might say very different approaches better. But this is how I do it based on my 20 years of experience in the industry. First, we will take a look at the usual scenarios, how to be the content, how to be a daybook up. And then I'll show you the book in detail. Beer in mind that this book is all about content. Content is the star, so except cover and check the pages. It should be simple but were designed while focusing on content. I have included a sample, pdf and the package in the classifies, but I want you to leave it for now. Okay, the usual scenarios when you get to the point where you need to create a brand book. Our days the brand has a local ready and approved unity, expanded to accompany branding, branding and logo developed at the same time. This requires advance planning and a good strategy. The logo is being designed with a branding concept in mind. Now, next scenario is where you have a logo and the mood board. The Brent is a local, and they give you a mood board, which is create when you need to design by simply catching emotions. Next is where the company already has ordered numerous designs from various studios. They use their branding in every possible way. They try to keep it consistent, but it's not working. Since every designer does something different in a different way, that's when you come into picture. This is very difficult because you will be the one who source over that info out. You will reject the waste, and you will create order in the case, you will become somewhat often editor or think off yourself like director. Next scenario is beside the local. A few graphic items were approved and or a de produced. This is the scenario that we were used as an example in this class. In my experience, that's how most started businesses start their branding. How brand books content comes to life. Now, these are only examples. You receive a list from the client or marketing team about what needs to be included in the book. In this case, your job will be easy. You just need to design the elements, the book and structure the content. You need to create a few examples. In this case, you need to come up with possible ways off using the branding. This will be our case in this class. If you work with a client on the book, it's important that if you discuss your decisions with the client, asked questions if you don't have enough information available to you after crucial decisions were made, ask for an approval before proceeding regarding copy. You either receive it from the client or a marketing professional, or you can hire a copywriter. But since you're a graphic artist who knows the terms inside out, it shouldn't be that difficult to you to describe your work to other artists. Size and orientation. While in the digital age start, guys are very often opened on screens. Don't forget to create a design that so it's printing as well, except mobile phones. Screens are mostly landscape. So if you want to make sure that it will be presented accurately on both media, try designing landscape document or portrait document with spreads. A smaller size book could be carried more easily, while a larger a three size book we'll have more off a premium portfolio feel to it. The most vital use sizes for brand books, which I've seen over the last 20 years, were mostly Letter a four and a five sized Discuss with your local printing house. If if they can 100 the selected size and orientation before sending the book for production , ask for spying sizes, bleed and swan length. You can set rules for nearly everything, so you can go very deep here unless it's important. From Brendan Perspective. Try to avoid losing in very details. I think branding for small businesses Camp work well with setting a few kilos and restrictions. I've seen examples starting from five pages upto two or 300 pages. The letter was a larger organization, and they included or they're printing materials in the book. The book will definitely need a table of contents, but that should be the last thing on your list. You may create it when or your other content is ready. As for Italy or design using the same traditional layout design principles as he would do it. When you design a book or a magazine, you can create symmetric or asymmetric Leo's. You can play with margins. Use columns, etcetera. Repeat your character and paragraph styles through the document. You may in group page numbers for better navigation, pdf bookmarks or footnotes. If needed, you may use greets as he would do it when working on a usual brochure or a book design. It all depends on what the brain needs. I have to use the same type faces for the typography of the book that I was in the branding , so I will have a consistent looked through the document. Most often, I include the following tractors in brand books, local colors, typography, layout load systems, patterns, examples for posters, breakfast business cars, letterheads, folders, metron, dies, website, email, signature signs, advertising and sponsorship. Keep the book were structured. I suggest to number chapters, and that sub numbering when you have a multilevel least try to separate tractors, for example, set rule by starting new chapters on both pages or odd empty pages before new Chapter begins you made is annual covers using the same rules, like what you set for the branding. But since you are the creator now, the rules can be broken to make the cover of pop. We've already discussed it before, but as you were most likely export on PDF or print and one for digital, don't forget to keep image resolutions high and use bleed. If it's required, make sure that the number pages are divisible by four. If you create samples off designs, causes are providing the fight, so you were not only create a book, but he will create a branding package. Organize your folders and files in the same way as your book structure. For better navigation and festival crow, you can create design systems for branding, so a few simple rules will apply and take effect on every layout and design in the future. If you've created such system, don't forget to describe it as clearly as you can. Brand books often include mood boards, which try to evoke emotions the brand is trying to address. This can be included as screenshots or photos before we get deeper into the next chapter. It's very likely that the brand book will be handed out to many people work within the same industry as you graphic designers were lecturing. Reentry productions will be done and codings or developments will be completed based on the set off rules, which you include in the book. So every information color fund that you put there will be repeated and reproduced countless times. So please pay attention to details when you design such documents because other people's work will depend on it. 3. Example Project: Zircone Industries Brand Book: no scenario a Web development company needed a brand book. Okay, and this is the point where I ask you to open the PdF and the package. The brand discord. Zerkin Industries. They've only had a logo and Amy signature and the business card toe start with Let's Say, I've designed it for them, which I actually did. But this is an imaginary project for creating the example. It was created only four disc rests, but it ended up being 20 pages long after three or four days of work. You know, it's not going to win awards for me, but based on the cover and a few pages, this Brandon could actually work. Well, I especially like the white logo on dark backgrounds, and I think the cover pages look nice. So let's get started with Zerkin Industries. Okay for the designs, they big a geometry compressed sensory phone that relate to the industry in which they work in. Same goes for the color of shame. It's a bit technology related, a more colder looking shame, with contrasting orange that catches the attention. Usually we reflect to the meaning off the name's Arkan is both used for industrial development and for creating gemstones. This can suggest that they provide very unique ser vices by using geometry. We refer to the industrial aspect of it, and the gemstone will be their main local element. The lines that connect represent the World Wide Web itself. Letters ed is incorporated as if it was some sort off reflection, but with a code blue and an additional orange stroke. So we only have that information and were told that we need to expand it toe a complete branding. Okay, we can easily just do that based on the structure which I've shared with you in the previous chapter at this stage, I'm not sure how long the document will be, but I want to make it suitable for both screen and print. First, we need to set up a document in this case, actually, to a portrait a four with spreads. Let's start with or local chapter. Okay, I've just used their phone for the title and use number rings. So first the local must be represented by itself. In its full glory, you may include a short description about what it means. What are these building blocks in a few sentences? Keep it short but informative. Next, you should consider including line drawing about del ago. I've tried to use line weights that are visible. This graphic is required for a traditional reason. If for some reason someone doesn't have access to the local file, we must make sure that we provide every information that's required to help re creating it . You may include a short guide about how it could be reproduced if sources are not available . For example, use guidelines and units and describe each front and relations in terms off ratios. If you've designed the logo, then you will know how you proportioned it. But if not, try to look for units or issues. If there is none, you can just leave this step. I take Virgin is an example based on urban legend. Young designer just scribbled the letters on a paper napkin. It was thrown away, and Richard Branson, the owner, found it on the floor. He liked it so much he decided to use it for its bank attitude. See, that logo didn't need such detailed description. Because it's 100 logo. You may include a drama sketch in your book to it is a nice touch to it. In our case, I've found the steps we need to take to redesign it completely from scratch again. Not too many words. It's a simple, illustrative guide. It starts with a rectangle, and I've used German tree to describe how to draw it by using only lines. The designer only needs to follow the steps and do some measurements and calculating SEC. The space required around de Llego is determined by the height of the text. Zerkin. The next step is where we show ways off how it can be reproduced. Discuss it with the client. This is only an example. We have three versions. A full color version, a black version in the white version. Now there are specific cases where locals have a digital version that uses arrester effects and the print version. Without those in such cases, you should describe this settings off your effects. I've also seen was SAT 14 percentages or color values for background tones. So there was a minimum 30% color by you, for example, on which tell ago should be used in its positive form and on a very dark background. It was toward that the logo should be was invite in our simple I've restricted using background tones for the color vision off the local because I want to give the local enough contrast be white background and some Wes base. Toby. I've used through where the background colors value should be at least 50% and then the logo should be used in its inverted form. The black version is only allowed on white and light backgrounds up to 20% where you otherwise only full color version could be used on white background, another up and coming way off using locals These local systems, which allow more flexibility but they need way more planning than aesthetic level ways of correct he was that clearly talks for itself. You can show a few examples off correctly, agrees restrictions. This is where we create a few restrictions for local use to make sure it will appear everywhere as intended. For example, we will restrict the change off colors, changing off graphic elements, changing its typography, rotating, skewing UN proportion transformation off its parts or the whole ago, using effects transparency, using get with any color background and using it inverted unless his black and white in our structure. The next tractor is color based on the logo and the business card. I've described the brand's colors for further reproduction. There was already a working combination. Now, in most cases, you will need to describe each color in seem like a RGB hex, and they close the sponsor matching system coat. You may include L. A B values as well. Since we've used black and white beside color, we will include black and white as colors as well. This will be the brands basic color palette to work with. No other colors will be allowed accepting very extreme cases. Now, if there are more severance or departments which work within different areas, it's a common practice to supply a different main color or a completely different palette. For each of those, there must be a reason to introduce new colors. Think meaning off colors or traditional color theory. Another way to visualize different sub Brenes is to create a modified version off the logo for each virgin is a great example again, where they kept the original ago. But a changed version exists for each submarine typographic. Based on our existing material, I see what typeface they use so I provided a character sheet for the most vital use letters . This is for the same reason as we did the line drawing for earlier. We need to make sure that the typefaces will be used accurately, and no other variation will be selected when working on a brand's typography. I've included a primary typeface and the secondary into weights, which contrasts with the first. You may create rules for Heather's Supper. There's buddy text, and you should consider reading a few reps save replacements as well, in case if a bruiser can't represent the brands phones accurately. If there were more typefaces used in the designs, it's worth removing their necessary phones from the branding. A company phone or two should be enough for most branding Next. I think it's good if he shows some examples for typography. How to use body with Heather What sizes should be used, how to calculate them, what spacing is required. For example, what color should be set for the text Meidl about? Leading was very simple here that graphic elements, if there are specific graphic elements in the design, include them in a separate chapter, try to break them down to their smallest building blocks and show examples of how they should be used. I took the German tick, said from the logo, and used it to create a typographic element. It was rotated doubled up, and then I reflected it. It was created for using soft undertones behind text or soft overlays over photos. I've described how to use this to lay out. You may include colors, phones or typographic in the book, but rules for the layout will improve the consistency off the branding. There could be rules set for margins. Heather sizes, pooter sizes, body text size is leading, or nearly everything if you want. Oh, there could be it was set for economic Raffi. I've only added a few tips on creating labels for these brand. These are not difficult to follow, and I haven't restricted anything in this case. I only wanted to encourage the designer to play with some of the elements. Now, as I mentioned before, bear in mind that this book is all about content. Content is the star, so except cover or chapter pages, it should be simple. But while designed focusing concomitant my Legos outer space is determined by the height off the text zircon That can, said the documents margin toe If logo is present on the art board. In our case, the myth of the local on a document should be equal or larger than six off the document with that is our main rule. And if you may remember, the smallest size the logo could be used at, IHS said toe 50 millimeters wide for print and 60 pixels wide for 70. Do people screens. We need to make sure it's visible and legible as much as possible. You may create a layout system to make sure that the content behaves in the same way in every situation. Creating such systems is much easier and better way off, making sure that the look of the brand will be consistent through different sized media. For example, if it's a portrait one pager, the logo should take up the percent of space on top and bodies. Position is calculated from that. An additional element should be used here and there if it's a one pager landscape document , we said similar rules, but with a different logic because the ratios are different. If images are applied, we can sit through with force basis and borders on creating more depend your documents. We can show examples off typography. The next is the chapter for examples. In this chapter, we can include as many examples as we want toe. It's great if you want to fool. It does the potential of the branding and the destructor. We reinforce only thing for which we have put together into previous chapters. You can create more cups and include those if you don't have photos available a collection of photos about the actual printed works. His work is nicer, though I suggest to go with real photos if you have the opportunity to do that. I've seen examples where car decorations balance flag markups for shown both where you may use more caps as illustrations. So your whole book real behave as some kind of mood board. I've included business card in your signature leather had one pager and cover examples. That should be enough in most cases. But don't forget to discuss it with the client. First and online brand might not need printed materials, for example, you may include advertising samples or guys, but if you said there was clearly in the previous chapters and Edward will be easy to design by using those rules. Now, you can either allow the designers to use the brand's logo for sponsorship appearances. Or there could be specific badges designed for sponsorship use. It's up to you or your client now print and digital. Let's consider this okay. Kind of space is different in both media, as well as front rendering on print and digital so you can create separate tractors or with four both. I've only included a few tips chapter pages. I like to include more cups or photos for each new chapter that sets the mood nicely. One off. The last things to do is to create or table of contents. Make sure that the page number rings are correct. I've included every sub element as a muti lists. Everything is going to be easier to find. Cover pages. I often create the content first and the covers last, but at this point, this is going to be simple. Since we now have a style guide. Okay, so you know, or the elements inside out by now, 4. Conclusion & Final Words: So here we are. Please note that this is only an example off a short and simple brand book. It's not actually book length. It's more for brochure. But that's OK, because if this document was handed out to another graphic artist, he or she would know what to do with it. How to design for the company using this book so they look off the brand will be consistent . I've included the book and other fries as a class project fries for you. As I said, this is only an example, which includes the most widely used rules. You can even restrict the race off printing paper type. You can set rules for using metallic ings. You can set different raise off using Global's. I'm eager to see your brand books, which you will create using my techniques. So let's design and discuss if you have questions ticker by