How to Create a Brand Board for your Blog (without using Photoshop) | Laura Williams | Skillshare

How to Create a Brand Board for your Blog (without using Photoshop)

Laura Williams, Bizz BFF for Rebel Entrepreneurs

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10 Videos (50m)
    • 1. Create a Brand Board for your Blog (without Photoshop): The Intro

    • 2. Before you Create your Brand Board

    • 3. Getting Started with Pixlr

    • 4. Add your Logo to your Brand Board

    • 5. Add your Brand Fonts

    • 6. Edit your Brand Colour Palette

    • 7. Add your Brand Patterns

    • 8. Upload your Brand Image Inspiration

    • 9. How to customise your Brand Board just for your Blog

    • 10. Brand Board Class Project Reminder & Final Thoughts


About This Class

Join me (Laura from in this class for Bloggers and online Business Owners, and I will literally take you step by step as you create your own Brand Board. 

Brand Boards are essential for all businesses (not just Brand Designers!) to keep your Branding consistent and recognisable.

And it doesn't have to be hard. In fact, I've made it super easy for you in this class by providing a template and we're using Pixlr, a free online software (no downloads or sign ups required).

Enrol Now and complete your Brand Board quickly & easily today! 

See you on the inside,

Laura xo

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Laura Williams

Bizz BFF for Rebel Entrepreneurs

Hey there, I am an online entrepreneur over at The Badass BusinessMum.

I'm what I like to call multi passionate and what my hubby calls flaky (but we won't worry about what he says!) and I've been running businesses online since 2003. Yes, back in the olden days BF (Before Facebook, that is) I hand coded my first website after teaching myself HTML & CSS and got it to the first page of Google with organic SEO!

I started The Badass BusinessMum in 2014 as a Blog to help new Blogger...

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