How to Create a BULLETPROOF Budget on a Fluid Income!

Storm Pierce, YouTuber, Freelance Photographer

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intoduction - Welcome to the Class!

    • 2. Getting Started - Auditing Our Expenses!

    • 3. A Great App - Using Fudget!

    • 4. Class Wrap Up!


About This Class

Welcome to my class! 

In this one, we'll talk about how to create a budget if your income is fluid. It can be difficult to plan for things when your paycheck amount/time changes all the time, but with some planning and the right tools you can make it work!

We'll outline:

  • Auditing our expenses
  • Using an app to keep track of our spending on the go
  • Money saving tips & tricks to give us a financial buffer for hard times

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