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How to Create Your Own Digital Planner on the iPad From Scratch Using Keynote

teacher avatar Isa, PrintStick

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Welcome! Class Intro

    • 2. Software

    • 3. Selecting Size

    • 4. Document Setup

    • 5. The Basics

    • 6. Keynote Intro

    • 7. Adding Tabs

    • 8. Choosing Colors

    • 9. Applying Masters

    • 10. Adding Pages

    • 11. Adding Links

    • 12. Spread: Year

    • 13. Spread: Monthly

    • 14. Invisible Links

    • 15. Spread: Menu

    • 16. Spread: Finance

    • 17. Spread: TV Tracker

    • 18. Spread: Workout

    • 19. Spread: Weekly

    • 20. Cover Page

    • 21. Exporting & Using Your Planner

    • 22. Duplicating Pages in GoodNoteses

    • 23. Final Project

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About This Class

To take part in this class all you need to have is an iPad with the free app Keynote installed, as well as a note-taking app (annotation) app such as GoodNotes or Notability to test your finished file. 

In this class you will learn how to create an interactive digital planner from scratch, using only the app Keynote on the iPad. 

You will learn the basics of what a digital planner is and how it works, you will get to know the tools available in Keynote that will allow us to build our planner, and I will show you how to turn the PDF file into an interactive one by adding links.

We will be creating several page layouts:
-Workout Tracker
-TV Show Tracker

Let's go!


Meet Your Teacher

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Hello! My name is Isa - I am a self taught graphic designer and for the past 5 years, I have turned my passion for creation into a full-time income. I love teaching and sharing the little tips and tricks I discover while using some amazing apps out there. I will teach you how you can create some of my best selling products!

If you'd like to get to know me better, check out my YouTube channel PrintStick (in English) & OrganISArte (in Spanish).

I will upload classes both in English & Spanish :)

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Isa. Me enseñé yo misma a ser diseñadora gráfica y durante los 5 últimos años me he dedicado a esto de tiempo completo. Me fascina enseñar a otros lo... See full profile

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1. Welcome! Class Intro: Hi, guys. Welcome back to another one of my classes. Today we'll show you how you can create your very own digital planner. Using your iPod and the APP keynote, I will teach you how to use the different tools available and keynote to create shapes, to create text boxes, lines, tables and how to be able to arrange these to create the exact look that you're looking for . I will also teach you how to add specific colors to your elements, and they will provide you with the color Palek that I'm using. Zaken, Copy those. If you want, we'll be creating several different spreads from scratch, such as a monthly view. A. We give you a meal planner, a workout tracker, a TV show tracker on the tools are you learned while creating this will apply to create any spread that you want. You will get access to the keynote file that I have created for this class, so you may go ahead and download that and edited to a doctor to your specific needs. By the end of the class, you will have created your very own plunder from scratch that you will be able to either send to your note taking app and start using it right away. Or you could also sell it. So if you're ready, let's get started. 2. Software: download the APP keynote, which is this one here. So you can open your app store and just type in the search bar keynote. And this is the one that you want. This is free for Apple devices. 3. Selecting Size: so the first thing we need to do is figure out what size are Planner needs to be. And to do that, we need to take into account two things. The 1st 1 is going to be which device we are going to be using. The plan. Iran. You could be using an iPad, an iPhone. In my case, I'm using the iPad pro 11 inches. The second thing you need to take into account is which app you are going to be using the planner with. In my case, I'm missing good notes. Five. But depending which of your easing the configuration on the space available is going to change. So let's open that note taking app where we want to be using the planner and all we need is any document at all. As you can see, I have one here. I could open that you can also just tap on this plus sign and click on quick note. And that's the quickest way of just opening a document. In good notes, you're the next thing you need to consider is whether you like your planner to feel the screen when your toolbar. It's not showing when you are in full screen view or if you want your toolbar to be showing and one more thing. In my case, I do like to use my plunder along with other documents. So, for example, a sticker book or it would get library on. When that happens, I will have more than one tap. As you can see, Right now, I have two taps showing here, and this allows me to switch in one documents to the other. So the space of the planet changed. So the following thing is to take the screenshot. And to do that in these model off iPad, we compress both the power and volume button at the same time. In the older models of ipads, we have a home button here. You would hold that button on the power button at the same time to take the screenshot. Okay, so I'm gonna press these two buttons at the same time, and now I'm gonna stab in my screenshot because I need to crap out certain parts. So the parts that are not going to be part of the planner, that means the good notes section, including the toolbar. This is definitely not gonna be part of my planner so I could just crop it out as well as thes bottom bar. Remember that this is the bar that allows it to switch between ABS and there's no way to place a planner behind that, so I can just get it out of the area. Okay, When I'm done, Got done, save two photos. Now close good notes, and we're going to start with keynote. 4. Document Setup: so open. Keynote! This is all of the documents I've been working on in keynote. You might not have any, and we're going to create a new one to do that. Tap on the plus sign on the right side here and want the most plain document since we're gonna delete all the elements anyway, So I'm gonna click on this white option, and now I need to get rid of these text boxes to just step on one. Gonna delete and repeat for the 2nd 1 And now we have a blank canvas, you guys, and that we need to bring in that screenshot that we took so we can adjust the size of the document. This plus sign on the top right corner is the tool that will allow us to bring in different elements. In this case, we want to bring in our screenshot, but you say photo, so I'm gonna tabard says photo or video. And then where it says re cents, that's where my screenshots should be. Someone's gonna find it and click on it to bring it to the work area A. So you can see this is a little shorter than my campus that means I need to just the area. And to do that well, I need to do is figure out what size my screenshot iss. So if I drag on these dots, the image becomes smaller and bigger. But what's important is that you have this bar showing how many points with a new hide. This image is okay and this is the ratio that we need for our documents. So right now the says 10 24 with and 5 70 heights, if you can remember it, otherwise you can write it down somewhere. We're going to enter these numbers in a second. So we're going to de select this image. And now we're going to tap on the three dots at the very top, right corner here and then down here, where it's his documents set up, click there and then where it says slide size. This is where we need to go to enter our custom size, a click on where it says custom. And then, as you can see, I have my 10 24 with and my height waas 5 70 So I just entered those numbers and when I'm done, taken, done, done and Now, if I bring my image to the corners, I can see that the canvas is the exact same size. So now I have the right size for my planner and I don't longer need this image. So I'm just going to top on air to weaken, delete, and we're ready to start signing. 5. The Basics: Okay, So what is a digital planner? A digital planner is a pdf file. This file is interactive, which means that one page of the planner will take me to another page within the same document or planner. And to do that, I'm gonna be using what we call links so I can create buttons and then give them a link so that when they tapping that button, you will open another page in the planet. Now, the way that looks when you're deciding the planner is that you have slides in Kino. This lights are going to be showing on this left side. At the moment, I only have one. So this thing itself is also a slide. As we start adding more slights, you're gonna see them here. I'm just gonna add a few, just to show you copy, paced based. So all of these slides are going to be the pages off my planner. Now, another thing I want to talk about is masters lights. So we already saw that thes slides are going to be the pages in my planner, But what a master's light is this is lie that I have to create just once And with the click of a button, I can apply that master or that design to any other slight. So right now, I don't really have any slight, so it doesn't look challenging. But when you start having dozens or even hundreds of flights here and you don't use masters and have to go back to each page and change the elements and it takes a lot of time, so masters are really amazing and this doesn't make a lot of sense yet, but it will in a second. So to start signing, we're going to do it straight in the Masters light because it's gonna be easier to then apply it to all of the pages of the planner to go there. I'm gonna top anywhere on this area to click on Edit Masters Light, and I'm actually just gonna stroll down and take words. It's blank, and this is where I'm going to start creating my design. So our planner will be formed by a page, and it will also have the taps that will guide us to our yearly view and our monthly views 6. Keynote Intro: so we're going to start inserting shapes or elements. And as I mentioned before, this plus sign is what allows you to do that. But this time we're gonna go to these third menu, which is my shapes menu, and have a ton of different shapes here divided by categories. You feel free to explore and see everything that's available. But right now we're gonna stick to the basic shapes and I want just the square, which is going to be my page. I need to make this square bigger because I needed to feel most of the page. And to do that, I just need to drag these blue dots to the corners of my area. In this case, I'm leaving this blank space at the top because this is where my tops are going to go. Something like that. Now I want this page not to be blue, but to be white. To do that, you tap on it. Then you go to your brush or four month thing menu here and where it says style. You tap there, and as you can see it, says Phil, and then you see a blue collar you tap there and then it legal color. You can choose a different color. I'm gonna go just for whites. No, I can't see anything because my background is white as well. So let's just change that so I can see my sheet And without having any shape selected, I'm gonna top on my brush again. Where it's his background. I'm gonna tap there, and I'm just going to say Great. I just want to be able to see my paper for now. That's why I changed the color. 7. Adding Tabs: Now we're gonna start adding the tabs. So to do that, I'm going to add more Rick Tangle. So go back to my plus sign and click on this square. Now, I'm gonna drag this to my left side around here, and I'm gonna make this smaller because I need my 12 tabs one per month plus a yearly tab. Plus, I want to have five other sections, so that's 12 for the year, plus one that's 13 plus by we need 18 tabs. So what's gonna happen is that I'm going to copy these stab on duplicated 18 times. Before I do that, I want to add some text to the step because I'm going to one my taps to say, you know, the month or the word that they're gonna need to have. So I'm just gonna double tap on the shape. And as you can see, this line appeared and that means that I can start typing on this first stop is going to say year. I'm gonna put it all in capitals and I'm gonna double top on the text to be able to change the style, the fund and the size. So with your text selected. Go back to your brush and then where it says text. As you can see, you will be able to modify the font of the size and the color for the fund. I want to use the mark gallerist caps, funds and you can use this fund this well, you can download it from the files, and I select that I go back, and then I want the fund to be bigger. So I'm just gonna click on the plus sign here to grow the size. And you just have to make sure that you don't make it so big so that it doesn't fit anymore . As you can see, if I go over the maximum size and then the word will no longer be complete and this plus sign appears. What that means is that you need to make this a little bit smaller so that it fits well and also so that it looks good in the tab. Okay, that looks about rights. Click on that tab to select it, click on copy top anywhere and take um, paste And I have a copy of that same tab. I displace it right next to it, and then I can continue doing this until I have three taps. And then I can select all three taps and duplicate those to do that, You tap on one element and then put your finger down on that element on top on the following two to select them all and then click on copy paste. Now, we will tap on all of these tabs to copy them all copy paste. And as you can see now, they are outside of the area. So what I'm gonna do while they're selected, I'm just gonna group thes so tap on them and then group and I'm gonna group these other ones as well. And now I have two groups and if I top in both of them, I said, like them both group and now I can move them all to resize them together, and I can arrange them. I stealing to create more tops. I have 12 and I need six more. So I'm just gonna make these smaller. So of course I will need to make my text smaller What I mentioned Now this plus sign appear meaning that the box is not big enough for a text. I'm gonna worry about that in a second. But for now, I want to make sure you have 13 boxes because those are the ones that need to be a little bigger to feed in the word. So it's gonna be the word year and the words of the months. It's again Fab Maher over the 1st 3 letters of each month. OK, now I need to select them all individually. And to do that I can just stab on this group, click on on Group and then tap again because I had two groups on this brush this time because I want to own Group them again. Butts. If I tapped here, I didn't have the option to do it. I can only group again. Just step on this brush with both groups selected and taken on group. Now I have all the items selected individually. So if I talk on my brush, I can go to my taxed options and then just make the text smaller until it fits. Okay, now I will click on my brush one more time, but the seven go to arrange and then I will click on Group, and now all the taps are grouped again. and I can make them a little bit smaller. Now, I need to copy one more because I want 13 of the same so paste. And if you paste while something in the group is selected, then this will be pasted within the group on this last area. It doesn't need to be as big because of the next. Taps are gonna be more like squares you'll see in a second. But I will just make this a little bit smaller until my text allows me so that before it starts shrinking so that it doesn't fit. That's where I can stop, but really have plenty of space because I'm just gonna add five little tabs on this site. So something like this, you can play around with these in mind the right size. Okay, Now I want to grow these page a little bit to some. He's gonna tap on it and grow these dog and bring these dot up a little bit. And now I want the page to be on top of the tabs. So click on my brush, and then this slider is what controls the layer order on each item, or each element here is a layer. So right now this is the sheet and that you can see It's like at the back. So if I move this lighter forward now, the layer has come to the front and what I want to do No, it's just right. The months so to access each element individually within the group, just double tap and you will be able to select each tab. So you tapper one double tap again to open your keyboard, and then you can start entering the months. All right, Now I want to add my extra five taps that I mentioned, but they're gonna be different from these group, so I'm just gonna double tap to copy one tab. But I'm gonna be select the group so that I can paste it outside of the group. So tap paste and place it over here. Now, this stuff is going to be different because it won't have anything written on it. So all double top to select the text and then just delete what this step will have is an icon to get those icons, you can click on your plus sign. And remember, I mentioned you have a ton of shapes options Here you can one more time explore them and find the ones that would work for you. But my particular planner will have a favorite section and I usually represent that with a star. I'm gonna click on these Start to bring the shape into the workspace and these green dots will help me shape the star So make it more pointy or less pointing by dragging these dots And when you're happy with the shape, you can also adjust the size. Now I want this to be on top of one of these stabs But since it's blue on the top is blue to I can't see what I'm doing So I'm gonna turn it into white So click on my brush Go to style leak on this blue box Color White Another star is quite well I have to do now is align it on my tab And I actually think that I need to use my pencil for this. That looks good. But now I want to select the tab on the star so I can align them properly to contrite, to touch them both at the same time. And then this will select them both go to a barrage, go to arrange. And now you want to click on this second icon, which means that the items will be arranged in the middle vertically and then click on these other Aiken here, which means that the items will be arranged horizontally. One my star a little bit smaller, and again, I want to align it. So also when you move your icons or your shapes around, as you can see, some like yellow lines appear. So if I move this when it hits the middle, this line appears. And that's where you can easily align all of your shapes without needing to be arranging them all the time. So that's what I did here. I just find where I get both lines show up, and that means that the shapes are centered. Now I can try and select them both again. Please come group, and now I have this tab old gripped. Now I could make it a little bit smaller, too, because I want five of these. So it has to be a little bit smaller like that. Now I have to make the top a little bit Stoller again so that I can cover the whole area, and then I'm gonna copy this paste, paste, hes And I'm gonna select this four to group them, make them smaller. And I'm actually gonna make my words here a little bit smaller too, because I need more space here somewhere there. Step on this group, weaken on group. And then I want to align them also, that they're all at the top or bottom together aligned. So I go back to my arrange section here. Where has a line at the top? It means that it will align the items all the way to the top. So, you chap, there, it's your Ford Ikon on that align the items that their role in the same line. Now I'm gonna make one last car B on pace it. There we go, and I'm going to select them all again. It on Grouped accidentally Group and I can adjust them like these two groups and make sure they're aligned at the top. Now, only one of these tabs needs to have a star. So I'm gonna go and delete the other stars because the other taps need to have a different icon. I'm just I'm grouping all the elements because I want to be able to select just the taps that I could make them a longer because as you can see, there's a little gap here between the page and the tab. So I'm just gonna select the tabs on, grow them a little bit. It's OK if they go beyond the page because we will just bring the page to the front like we did before. Now I top of my sheet and take on this brush to bring it to the front. Okay, Now I'm going to add the remaining icons to these tabs on this is up to you, but I'm gonna add a menu section finance, TV or movie, trucking and fitness. So I could just look for those iPhones in my shapes menu here. If I think on this search bar, I can find food. And you have all of these icons that could represent your food section, for example, this life pizza. It could be a good one, but let me look for something else. Things like these spots better. So I'm gonna delete the pizza, and I'm gonna use this one. I need to make it a lot smaller turn it white. So go to style collar white. And now make sure you close this menu by tapping again on the brush and not outside because you fight the select. My image is gonna be really hard to find it again because it's white and the background. It's white as well. So if you just close the menu by topping here than the shape will not be the selected. And I could just bring it up here at the remaining of my icons. Now I'm missing one I can hear, and that's going to be finance. And actually, I'm just gonna use text for that. A textbook. So to do that, click on your plus sign again, close this search cancer. And then if I scroll all the way to the left and I go word says Basic, I will find the option off text. You click there and then you can double tap on just right in the symbol of money double tab and go to format text to change the size and again to make it white. And now you can just drug it to the tub. It's a little bit too big. I'll make it a little smaller there. Okay, so far, so good. Now I just need to align all of my eye pins. So to make it easier, I'm just gonna give my tabs behind a color because it's kind of hard to know when a top stars and when the top ends. So I'm gonna top of my brush. And where it's this style sun's gonna peak, Run them colors right now. You can adjust this later. Right now, I can really see where the taps start on where the end. So it should be easier to align my shapes using the guides right here. And this tab seems to be a little bit bigger, so I'm just gonna readjust and then bring this to the middle. Great. So what? I'll do. No, I'm saying a group, the icons, because it's gonna make it easier when I want to change all of the colors of my tabs. So he's gonna tab on all of these icons on group them together. So now their a single shape it's gonna be easier to manage 8. Choosing Colors: Okay, We're doing great now. I do want to let the actual colors that I want for all of the taps off my planner, I already have an idea. You can just improvise or we had some colors in mind. Then this is where you will apply them. Now, I have a color said, ready for the color that I want to use in this planner. You can improvise. You can have your own colors chosen. But if you want to follow the ones that I have, you may download at this photo that I'm gonna show you in a second from the files and follow along with me. So I'm gonna insert this photo by clicking on the plus sign going to my images of men. You hear the fourth icon photo or video, and then find my recently downloaded photo that has off my top colors. The way this works now is that you will select each tab and then you keep in your brush. And when you click on the field option here and you go towards this color, you swipe left and then you have this option where you have a color picker. So if I tap there. I'm able to just stop on a color, and that color will be copied to the stab. So I'm gonna cheap doing that for the rest of the tabs. Okay. Now, for the rest of my tabs, I'm actually gonna use this great colors down here. These ones, they're not if you remember, so I will just tap on them and go do the same method to copy the color. Now, this is why these icons is they get in my way. They don't allow me to select the taps. I can just move them away temporarily. And then I could select my tabs with more East. Okay. And now I can bring my eye pens back and place them where they were. No, that I have my color selected. I no longer need this image, so I'm just going to delete it. 9. Applying Masters: So now we have our planner design and but we're gonna be doing next is just label these slide. I will call it page just because it's a regular page in my planner and I'm gonna click done , he's gonna bring me back to my menu. Where have all of my slides in my documents. And there are white because this light that is selected is not the one that would just create it. It's just the white one. So to select the one that we just create it so it could be applied to all of the pages. We're just gonna select a slide goto brush and then worthless master. You will click there, find your new page, and then you can do the same with the rest of the pages. As you can see, this is why it's so easy to start adding the whole design to your page with just a tap 10. Adding Pages: before. I cannot the links. I need to have pages to wear those links. In this case, the taps will link to. In this case, I only have four pages. But if I have 12 months, one yearly page and five extra taps, then I need at least 18 pages. So I need to add that many more slides here and to do a click on this plus sign. And then my master is down here. So just so like that until we have 18 copies. As you can see, my slides are big numbered on the left so I could see how many I have so know that I have 18 slides. I am ready to start adding my links. 11. Adding Links: so go back to your masters. Light guns the screen to select edit masters like. And in fact, what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn each of these taps into a link. First of all, I need to on group this bar off taps. Remember, they were grouped together, but for some reason, the links do not work if you have them grouped. So you have to make sure that you own group them first. I'm gonna take a non group, and now I am just gonna go tap on each tap to select link and then where it says lynxes lied. You will be able to select toe which slide you want to link. As you can see, you have a many numbers here as slides. I have 18. So my year Paige is gonna link to my first page in the planner. Then January is gonna go to my second page of the document. February will go to my third page and so on and so on. If you forgot which number you're at, you can just step on one of these arrows, and then the link will be shown here this light that it's ghost. It will be shown here on my last five taps. They were grouped already, so I could just happen one click a link and link this light and do the same as I was doing before. These are going to be pages 14 15 all the way through 18. And that easily. I have added all of the links and we're ready to start designing our spreads. 12. Spread: Year: click on Done. So if you recall, my first link will take me to my year page. So that means that my first light or page in the planner is gonna be my yearly view. There's something one of those. So you don't need to be doing this in the masters light. This could be done on the regular slide, so I'm no longer editing the master. But I'm in my general document, remember, I have my master that is not creditable, and I'm working on top of that in my work area. You can do this a little differently, but I'm just gonna show you seeking Just follow the method and create your own style. But basically, what I'm gonna do is that some boxes one for each month of the year. So I'm gonna have three rows with four columns each to make 12 boxes. So to create a box and then click on the plus sign, go to my shapes quick on my square. And this time I want my square not to have any color. So click on your brush, Phil, and then grow all the way to the left till it says no. Phil and now I do want it to have a border. So where it says border, I'm gonna turn that on. I wanted one point black. That's fine. And I'm gonna add a second box on top. So again, click on your plus sign. So, like, the box. And this time I'm gonna make it a lot thinner like this because it's gonna be the title of this month. So I displace it on top of the other box, and they make sure that they're centered. Now I will click on both of them to group them, And now I can move them together, and they can also tap to copy Paste. I was gonna do six of these boxes in two rows, and I realized that there pretty sure. So I'm gonna make them longer. So to do that, just double tap in one of your groups here and then click on the bigger Rick tangle so you can make it longer. Maybe over there, dis elect. I'm gonna move these. I don't need them anymore because I changed shape. I'm gonna just copy these paste. Just make sure that the size is right, and I think that's fine. I'm gonna leave it like this so I can just select the rest to delete them all because the size has changed. And now just select this to copy paste. Now, don't worry. Too much of their not align. We're going to align them in a little bit, okay? Need to more great. Now I can select a row and then go to my brush and click on either this icon that says, Aligned to the top off orderlies one aligned to the bottom. It's gonna ensure that they're all aligned with each other. And you also have the option to distribute them evenly. And to do that just leaking, where it says Horace centrally here. And that's gonna make sure that each buck has the exact same space in between the other box . Now, before dis electing, I will group this row, and I'm going to repeat the process with the following road. Now, I'm gonna select this to make sure they're aligned to the left, group them, and then I can move them together to center them or make them longer or bigger, having these big group selected. I'm gonna go to my brush so I can, um, group them all. So go again on group go One more time on group And now that I have them all individually selected, I'm gonna tap on it before I d select to click on group. Now, I have a single group again, but it's gonna be easier to tap on the color to change it. Now. I want, like, labels here to help the same color says my tab. So I'm gonna bring back that image with the colors so I can just copy them. So just find it here in your resurgence, make it smaller place that somewhere where it's not in the way and I'm gonna start changing the colors of these labels, I know that I'm finished. Once again, I'm gonna get rid of these image. And lastly, I'm just gonna add the month to these labels. So he's gonna double tap to open my keyboard, and then I'm just gonna write January. I want these text be market lorises the rest of the tabs. So select that phoned, you could make it a little bigger. And in fact I'm going to select all of these labels so that I can select the same text and I don't have to do it a dozen times, so I'm just gonna go fine my front. So I wrote down the word January so I could actually see what I was selecting when I was changing the former here. And though these ones don't have words when I tap on them too, right, I should have the four months that I select it. So I just go and double tap on each label to add the month on a yearly view is done. 13. Spread: Monthly: the monthly LAIA will be repeated 12 times, one for each month of the planet. To do that, we need to get back to our masters lights. Just click anywhere to select Edit Masters light from first, I'm gonna duplicate this slide. So click on Duplicate. I'm going to rename this one. I'm gonna label that month and now we can get to work. So I'm gonna be inserting a table here so that we can have all of the cells easily created for us. I'm gonna click on my plus sign, Go to my first icon, which is my table. Choose these one that has very little for mating. And then we want to have seven columns because that's how many days of the week there are. And we wanna have six roast some months can need up to six roads. So what I do is I just add six rose to every month. Remember, this is going to be on the latest planners to depending on which year you're using and that the months are gonna change. Now to add columns, you click on these little ball to the right side, and if I click there, this number appears. Currently we have four comes. We want to increase that number to seven. Same down here. I tap and they want to increase his number 26 Now I have the right amount of boxes. Now, the next thing I want to do is change the formatting. I want this to be transparent with a black outline. So I'm just gonna go to my brush here to go to my formatting and then click on sale and where it says sell, You're gonna click there and where it's itself, Phil, we are going to go to whites and go back here, and then it says, Sell, border on. You could use a style in this case. I want all of the boxes to show the borders. I'm gonna click here. I'm gonna make this a black so I can really see the lines and then you can choose the with that you want gonna try a 0.5 points and I think I can do it a little bit darker. So I'm just gonna go back and then in the border, I'm gonna choose one that looks good for me. And now I have to displace it where I wanted. So I'm gonna have my calendar on the left side of the page. I need to leave some room up here for the days of the week. Gonna grow these down a little bit, and then my right side, I'm gonna have some boxes. I like my calendar boxes to be kind of square, so I'm just gonna bring this in a little bit so that the each box is more like the square instead of a long Rick tangle. So I'm just gonna go around there and this is entirely up to you. You can have your very own style. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and add the days of the week up here. So click on my plus sign, go to your shapes menu here and where it says basic, You have the option to up your text double tab right in Wednesday on the reason why right one's a first is because it is the longest day of the week. So this one fits in a box and make sure that the rest of the days of the week will fit to. And this is how I consigned the size off my words. Now click on my brush to change the bond to market, Doris and I can't see what I'm doing. Let me move these to this side. I'm gonna use my apple pencil. So it's going Monday, Tuesday once A. Because I like my weeks to start on Mondays. You can do some. They start if you want, and then just grow this to the size of the box so that when you center your text, it's gonna be exactly in the center so you can align it properly, Then click on your brush again, and then I'm gonna make this as big as possible before the box breaks. I think that's good. So now I'm gonna copy this word on paste it for each day of the week. Now I'm going to ride the actual days. Now I'm gonna use the method that I've shown you before to align all of these words to just make sure that the first word Monday and the last one Sunday are aligned to the boxes like so and then select all of the days. Click on your brush. Go to arrange up here than first. You need to align them either at the top or bottom And then where he says horizontally, you will make sure that they're all spread out evenly. Now I'm gonna group them to so that I can move them all together if I need to. Great. So my calendar is done. Now, I'm gonna add some boxes to the right side. To do that, you click on your plus sign, bring in some squares, and I'm gonna have three boxes here. I'm gonna change the format. So go to style, Phil. I want a white color border. I want to turn it on. Gonna make this slightly longer. Copy paste and make 1/3 copy. So, like, the mall brush and distributes vertically and group. Now, I'm gonna try to line this to my month here. There we go. And I want to ask some words here to know what each boxes force to go back to my plus sign tax. And I'm gonna double top to write goals A This sex to choose mark a lotus one more time, make it a little bigger. Around 30 actually won this text to be the same size as the days. So I'm gonna double top on one day taking my brush and see that this ice is 22. So I can just double tap on goals and go back to 22. One more thing I want to do is change the formatting so that when I write in a word, it will go to the rights of click of this left photograph option. And then you can copy this word. I'm pasted for the following boxes. So now when I writing my other words, the text will go to the right and it won't be misaligned. So the only thing that I would add to these month and I'm not adding right now is the name of the month, which would be January, because I'm going to re use this one for all of these months. So I cannot do this in the Masters light. I can add the word generate in my regular slights, and we're gonna do that in a little bit for now. Taken, done. And now we have to apply that monthly masters light that we have just created to do that, having the page that we want to apply the master to select it here on the left. I'm just going to tap on my brush icon. And then, as you can see where it says, Master, it says Page, I tap on here. And then now I can select my month that I have just created and they can go ahead and apply that money master to every month, which is going to be these 12 pages. Okay, so when I get to slide number 13 that means I have my first yearly page and 12 pages with the Master monthly. Slight applied. Now, as I mentioned before, I like having a label on my monthly spreads. Just so I know in what month I'm at. And to do that, we have to do it on the regular slides, since it's gonna be changing depending on which month you are at in the planner. So it's going to go ahead and add a text box using my plus I'm here, go to my shapes. I can intellect, text. I'm gonna place it somewhere here, but I want to make it bigger. So I go to my brush, go to bigger size, change the fund, I'm gonna be using Markle Oda's, and then I'm gonna write generally, oh, caps when I select my text again and I want to justify it to the rights that when I write all the words go to the left. And there we go. Now I'm just going to align it. And I think I wanted a little tiny bit bigger just so that it looks good. All right, Now I'm gonna go on, copy the stakes and added to every other month off the planner sums gonna tap on their copy , go to my following pitch, which is going to be February now tap again on the page pace. And it's going to paste exactly where I copy did on the previous page. So that's really helpful. Now, I could just double top there and write the following month and keep repeating this for all of the months. Okay, so now all of my months will have their labels ready to go 14. Invisible Links: Now, before we move on to doing our extras sections, I do want to show you another thing. How you can add more Ling's on these regular slide in this case, the yearly one so that when I am in my planner and I tap on the months of my yearly view, it'll also take me to each month. You may or may not want to do this because you have the tops right here, but I just like, you know, seeing my month and being able to tap on it to open that month. Also, by following this method, you will learn how to add links in the form of invisible shapes. So I'm just gonna show you how that goes. I'm gonna add a square here, and I'm gonna cover the first month with it. Reese, I said it does not have to be perfect. This is just the area where the user will tap in order to open the link. So it does not have to be perfect. So I'm gonna happen here and then the same way we added links before link link to slide and then generates my slight number two. So I click under two Now I want is not to be blue, so I'm just gonna go to my formatting options here style swipe until I find the option that says No fail, that's going to remove the Phil. Um, then I can also make sure that my border is turned off. It is right now, so my shape is invisible. You can see the line here only because you need to be able to tell where the shape is so you can edited and you will be able to see these arrow. That means that there's a link attached to it. But when I click on play, let me try that right now. Then you don't see the shape at all. It's an invisible shape. Now I can just copy the shape I'm placed ID, so I didn't have to go through like removing the color of the shape again and adding the link. I'm just gonna pace these boxes on each month. And once I have all these invisible shapes ready, I can just go ahead and added the links. In this case, they will old say, too, because that's just a copy of the one for January, which is the second slight. February is going to be the third slide. So from there I'll just go and select number three March should be number four and so on and so on. Right. So all my links for my year leave. You are done. Now I'm gonna move on to the signing my extra sections. 15. Spread: Menu: So I'm gonna scroll down and then here on the left, I can see that after December, I should have my first section, which is going to be my favorites for now. I'm going to leave these entirely empty because the idea is that you add what you want as you go once you're actually using your planner in the note taking app, that's how I do it. You can also decide to add any other spread that you want here. I'm gonna leave it blank for now, and I'm gonna move on to the following empty section if I want to confirm that the second extra section here. So in this case, it's going to be meal planner or menu. If I want to confirm what is the link number? I can just stop on this space. We can edit masters light and check that this link goes to this light number 15 and you can check any other slights that you need. Okay, So page 15 we are in the right place. Okay, So just one more time to remind you we can create our many page to regularly on the regular slides, Since this will not be repeated. It will only be used once throughout the planet. So I'm gonna insert a table first, just like we did for our calendar. And this time I wanna have four columns because I'm gonna have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks column. And they needed to have seven rose one for each day of the week, so I'm gonna grow the bottom rose to seven. I can just make this a little bigger a line. I do need to have some room here and here to enter both the names of the meals as well as the days of the week. Now I want to make all of my cells white with a black outline. So I click on my four month ng menu. So and then down here, sell Phil, you pick a white color and then sell border. I picked the style to make sure that all of the individual cells are selected. Go to the black color here and go to a one the way I usually do this. I have my meal menu on this side and then they have a little shopping list on the right side. Mom is gonna add boxes to enter the labels. Now, these boxes taking too much space off this other box, the one that's below. Because I need to enter the meals that I'm gonna have for the day. So I just make sure that these work out. I can rearrange my cells as well, Something like that. We'll try. We'll have to try and see how it goes. We can adjust at any time, but I'm gonna try like that. So he's gonna double top on this label to a text and write breakfast. Double top on the tax. And you can choose a fund that you want in this case, the same one markka lotus, and you can also make it a little bigger around there. I can make it shorter, something like that, and then sent through it. I'm gonna copy these Boggs pasted and this money want to rotate it 90 degrees. And to do that, I just have to use both my fingers at the same time to drive the sticker or the label on rotated 90 degrees like so and then I'm just gonna right m o n for Monday. I'm going to resize this, make it a little smaller, and then I can place it here and see if it's going to fit well, and I think it is. So I think that these labels work again. You can play around with whatever you want. This could even go higher, maybe to allow for more space down there. And now that I have the sites that I want, I can just go ahead and copy these labels to feel the rest of the spaces. So I'm just gonna change here breakfast. I'm gonna write lunch in there snacks and select them all become my format money to go to a range and make sure that they're all aligned. So either bottom or top. Now they're aligned. And now I need to make sure that they're evenly distributed. So I'm gonna click on where it says horse centrally, and I'm going to copy the rest of the days of the week. Pay Now remember, you have to align the first and last ones said the rest of the labels will follow on. Be aligned this well enough. So let them all. Let's go here to align them this time to the center or left or right. It'll make sense. You see, there's a line on the left. That means that all of the objects will go to the left. There's a line at the top. I mean that all of the objects will go to the top. So if I were to use that option right now, as you can see, all of the objects went to the top, which is not working for us right now. Time is gonna go back and just make sure I maligning either left or right or center for this particular case. And I want Teoh distribute them vertically top there. Nothing's gonna change the days. So using the same method, I will still like my label, go to my format money were test style bill color slide to the left, a selectman color picker and then choose any color that you want and do the same for the rest of the labels. So to finish off this spread, I'm just gonna add my grocery list here on the right side. For that, I'm going to first add a word that will say what this IHS said just at a text box, double tab and right grocery or something like that. And then double tab to read my text. And then, of course, I'm gonna add lines here so I can write down the grocery that I need to buy before that happened, This plus sign and then find the line, which is the second thing here. And then just place it where you wanted. I'm gonna select this to just to make sure that they're centered before us. They're copying them. That should be centered. And then I could just go ahead and copy these lines faced. Now, since this is gonna be a ton of lines, I want to be able to select a more quickly to do that, I'm going to group them. So select the mall group. And now, when I'm copping the lines is gonna be within the group already. So remember that when they tap on a group and I click on on group, I conceal like the more quickly and I'll show you in a little bit why? I want to be able to select them all quickly. So I'm gonna group them again, double tap to open the group and then just paste and keep doing what I was doing. But inside the group on keynote on the iPod is really good with aligning the objects for you. As you can see, these little like arrows appear, and that means that the lines should be having the same separation between them. But of course, this is not always exact, so that's why I'm going to group them. And then I'll be able to align them all using my formative tools and then this one. I could just bring it lower so that it'll match with this box. It'll just look better. And then, as you can see, there's a big gap here. So that's why I want to be able to, um, group off this group and then go to my format here. Arrange, and then I can easily strip with them vertically. OK, group again, and then they have my group. That's a line on our menu. Page is done 16. Spread: Finance: So now we're gonna move on and work on their finance spread. And again, you can do this however you want. The way I do it is I'm gonna place a column to enter the date off when I made a purchase or when they spent money. Another column to label that purchase to say what I bought, What the item waas And then yet another column to write down how much I spent on that particular purchase. That'll make sense in a second. But what I wanted to show you from this page, I'm gonna copy these two things, so select them both by just tapping on them at the same time. Or just tap on one and select the 2nd 1 copy, Go to the next page, which should be our finance page and then toe paste. Now, one group this Okay, so group. And this is gonna be my first column. So, as you can see, I say a ton of time. But just copying this items that I have ready made well, I have to do now is change the label here. So say date. Okay. And you can, of course, always justice gonna bring this a little higher thing. And then I'm gonna copy this whole column again, and then paste aligned them and then placed the 3rd 1 Okay, so I'm gonna label this one item on this last one amount, and I have room for yet another column. So what I'm gonna do is just labeled this one notes. And this is always helpful because you can write down what method of payment he did or which credit card in particular used etcetera. Now, I'm just gonna grab them. Oh, I just like to make sure that everything's always aligned so again, go to my former thing and then distribute for centrally. They are already aligned than group. And then you can align the whole thing to the page. And just like that, we're done with their finance spread. 17. Spread: TV Tracker: for TV tracker. We're going to make boxes trucking, the syriza, the episodes, the season that we're watching and then have boxes to label the episodes. So I'm just gonna go ahead and add a text box to write down show. So the name of the show or mud the text, and then I'm gonna add a line. So I have space to write the name of the show, gonna select them both, and then I'm actually gonna group them on. Then I'm gonna copy Paste and then place it on the side so that I can ride down here, Sisa. And now I need to justice some of it a little bit to the right. Gonna select these two group, bring them down a little bit. And actually, I want to copy one of these text boxes because maybe I should include a title. So something like TV show tracker, that title, if you want to get a little bigger because it's the title, okay? And now I do want to paste another text box that I have copied already and then just write down episodes. They want to line this to to the left. So So let them both and then go here left and there a line. Now, for the next thing, I'm actually going to combine text on a box. So bring in a box, remove the color, and at a border make it smaller. And yet another textbooks that I have copied steals you just pasted and just write down the number for these. I'm gonna use the Cuevas firm, so I'm just gonna look for it here. And then I just want to write a bigger number to make sure that my box will fit within the other box here. So, as you can see is too big. I need to make the top text smaller around there. Now. I want to like this too at the same time and group them. Okay, Now, I'm gonna bring this box up here, and I'm just gonna duplicate the box and enter a bunch of boxes again. I can group this and then enter my group to keep pacing more boxes. Now, I'm not sure how many episodes gonna season have. I think it's mostly 10. I'm not sure I'm gonna show you one thing you can do if you need more space for more seasons But for now, I'm just gonna start numbering thes boxes. And I would say the 13 episodes per season is enough. But if it's not, what you can do is just grab this whole group off boxes copy, pasted. Bring it down here and then just add 30 more boxes for 13 more episodes. But I don't think that I personally will need this. So I'm gonna leave it like this. The next thing I want to do, maybe add a little outline just to, like, separate this whole box. Because, as I said, I'm going to copy these many times, and maybe it'll keep it tighter. It's up to you, really. But I'm gonna added Boggs again for mothers to remove the pill. So go to know, fail, go back at a border like that. And then now you can place it gonna come out on top of all of this stuff of these boxes and words to create like a box within. Now I think we can have more space down here. So I was gonna bring these books behind the rest of the elements so I can keep adjusting and taking because right now, if I click here. It's only selecting this box because it's at the top and then want to select the things that are behind it. So to bring the box behind, I'm just gonna select it. Go to my brush where it's just a range. Remember that this lighter helped you decide the order of the layer. So if I move it all the way to left, it's gonna be all the way to the back. Now, I should be able to select the rest of the elements. And what I want to do now is select this too, and group them so I can move them together as one piece and then I'm gonna bring them down . Maybe there. Now, I have these group, these group and my square here, Okay, and then we'll make sure that they're a line. So I just click on all three items, okay, and I'm gonna go to my brush to arrange them to the center. There you go. Now I'm gonna group them, and then I can move them all together. Now I want to make a copy paste, and it's not gonna fit, So let me see if I can just kiss. All right, I need to make it shorter. Sorry about that. So I was gonna delete one of these, and then I can see I can make the words a little bit smaller. So I'm just gonna go and change the text, making sure that this all the text has the same size just so that it looks more uniform. There's gonna be, like, a 28 thing. That should be good. Okay. And the word episodes as well. Okay, Now, remember, it's still a group, so you can just double tap and make sure you're only selecting the box and not the whole thing. And let me just see if I can copy it now. And if they will fit side by side, let's just try still a little too big. So it's okay now, I can bring in this line to the left, and what I'm gonna do is just delete these box. It's a season because I think it's easier if I could just copy these Boggs and pasted so they will be the exact same size. And now so like this too. So I can align them and group them change the word again to see son Justice line, actually for season. Really? It should be like one, too. So it's this box. Could be it a lot smaller. So I was gonna bring it in a lot. Maybe not so much. Or you know what? We can move this box to the right to give the name more room because the name usually is longer, right? Didn't think of that before. Cool things that you can always take these and adjusted to what you need. And now I'm gonna try to make these smaller these boxes. But I think that the numbers are gonna get messed up. Let me see around there. That's a small as they can go without getting messed up. So what I'm gonna do, I'm always resourceful. I can bring this word up. And then this down here said it shortens everything a ton, and I don't have to, like, redo all of the boxes. And now it's one to align thes two elements. And now I can also line these two groups to the left. And now I have to make these line even smaller. But again for season, you can just enter the number 123 right? So it should be fine. If it's shorter on, then align my box. Okay? And I should have plenty of room now, so I'm gonna copy my Boggs on Pasted. I almost have too much room now, but that's fine. So I'm just gonna make this bigger, maybe there and then delete this one. Copy paste. And that looks better. So select them both. Align them, group them, aligned them again as a group. And then you can copy paste. And I hope we have room for three. There we go on my TV show Trucker is ready. 18. Spread: Workout: so I'm gonna move on to my falling page, which is my workout tracker. Now, again, this is quite personal, depending on what you do, how often you exercise and such for me. I do it not that often are not that regularly. So, like I would work out, I don't know. Over three days every two days, sometimes I would do it every single day of the week. So how I'm gonna do this is I'm just gonna add a space to write down at the day a space to enter which exercise I did another space to ride down at the time and lastly, a space for notes or how I felt because to me, that's important. How I was feeling that day or how I performed. So basically, I'm gonna go back to my menu here, my many page, and I'm going to select this table and just copy it because its formative already and I'm gonna use it for my new spread. I'm just gonna pasted. But this time I'm gonna need so day exercise, Simon how I felt. I need four boxes and that's how many boxes I have already. So this they will work the way it is, I'm just gonna center it. Drove with a little bit more. The design is gonna be a little different. I want to add labels at the top here. So I'm gonna make this even shorter here. And I'm just gonna add boxes to enter the name self each come something like that double tap. And I'm gonna enter the day format my text. Okay. And now I'm gonna copy this paste and paste it for all of the columns, and then I'm gonna write down exercise time. And lastly, how I felt. And of course, I'm just gonna choose other colors. Okay, Now I'm just gonna select thes and aligned them to the bottom and then distribute them, or centrally and lastly, group them so that if I need to move them, I can move them all together. And this is it for my workout tracker. 19. Spread: Weekly: All right, So one last spread that I'm gonna add to this planner is a weekly spread. And then I'm going to be able to copy that week and added to as many months I want once I'm using my planter in my note taking app. I can also do that with my workout tracker, my TV tracker and all of these pages. I can also just duplicate them and add them as many times as I need. Indeed, Note taking app meaning after I export this violence a pdf planner. Now, I'm just going to go to my first month and I'm gonna duplicate this page. So copy top again, Paste. And now this master needs to be changed to the regular page. And to do that, click on this button here for my format and then select the master that says Page, that's going to remove my monthly spread. I need to delete this label for January, and I'm gonna start designing my widely spread so you can imagine by now how I'm going to create this witness spread. First thing I'm gonna add a text box that is going to say a week off, going to formatted make a bigger and then at a line so that I have room to actually write which week thes spread is for. And then I'm just gonna copy these sex Boggs okay said, you know, I think it's too big. Let me make the text a little smaller. Maybe they're aligned my line again. Delete this one and copy these one again so that it has the same size. And this is going to be the day of the week. But first, I need to enter another table. So I'm just gonna go and copy the one from my menu one more time. Only because its former that already And then I don't have to redo the whole thing. I do that a lot of recycled elements this time. I want to have four columns because I'm gonna make two sets of two tables. This has four columns already, but I wanted to be one row on Lee. So click on this Lines here on. Put the number down to one. There we go. And I'm gonna make the shorter, then place it on there. This word and again, I need to make sure that I have room for two of these something like that. But the's word is going to be now the days of the week. So Monday will start with. I'm just gonna select this too, because I want to copy and paste them and make sure that they fit first. In fact, I think it could be a little tiny bit bigger. This box just a little bit like that. And now I can copy this day and that more text boxes for the remaining base to Monday and then just labeled them Tuesday. And I'm actually going to make this a little tiny bit bigger so that I have more room. As you can see, Wednesday's a little tight here, so I just make it a little bigger around there. That should be good. And then Thursday, the electoral of these, and then arranged them to the bottom or the top on industry with them horizontally. Okay. And group them now. So leg, these two things group them as well. Select again. Copy. Hes on aligned these two to the left, which they are, and I'm gonna group them just so that if I want to move my spread on the line, it I can do it easier, and I just changed these days. So for this last box, what I can do, it's write notes because there's only seven days of the week and I have eight boxes and I can also center this box because I'm not entering a date to the right side, so this could be centered to make sure it's centered. I can just grow this box to the size of the box down here and then just center the text like that. Leslie, I'm gonna add another book. So for these, you have the option to just add one of your boxes like we've done before and change the format and another option again, just like finding alternatives. I'm just gonna copy this table so selected here with the circle at the top, left corner copy and then up paste. And this time I wanted to be just one box. So I'm going to remove all of the columns and rows to one, and that's what I have right now and then just make it smaller to place it here, aligned them to the bottom. There we go on. This could be bigger, actually. So first. So first, bring it up because the tables you can only bring down and to the right, you cannot adjust them to the other side like the rest of the shapes. So if you want to grow it down, you first have to bring it up. And now you can adjust them, make sure they're aligned to the bottom. And I'm just gonna copy any of these text boxes to add the word something like, I don't know this week or to do or important anything you want to add here, it's up to you again. I consented with tags to make sure that it's a line in the middle or just the line. These two boxes, too, on my weekly spread is done. 20. Cover Page: to finish our planet, we will insert a page that will be our cover page. So that's gonna be at the very beginning of our planner. So so far, we have a really page at the beginning up here. Now I'm gonna click on a plus and at the bottom here, and they actually want a wide page right now. So I'm just gonna leave him one of the ones that are provided already. And I'm gonna delete these text boxes because I just want a completely white page. I don't need my tabs or any of the sign that we have so far in my first cover page. So I'm gonna tap and drag these page to bring it right at the beginning of the document so that when we load the planner, this is what we're gonna see first. Now I'm gonna add a shape, so go to my shapes menu, bringing a square and just grow it to the size of this light. And I actually pick a dark gray color, something like that. And what I do is I use one of my existing covers and I place it on top on the cool thing about this method is that you can easily replace the covers, and I will have further classes showing you how to create covers. But if you want, you can also turn this image into a cover itself. So, for example, let's speak any more exciting color, maybe a pink, and then we're going Teoh, duplicate these image, so copy and paste. Okay, place it right on top. So sen threat and then go to your brush here to turn on the border. And I want to show you have different styles of borders. You have all of these. If you pick one of these dash lines, you can create the effect of having the cover stitched. So I'm gonna show you that better in the second, you have to grow the whip because it's too thin right now. So grow this to maybe six points, and I usually have it white. Okay. And what I'm gonna do next is just make it smaller so that it has some room at the edges and just center it. You can also add some space to write in your name or any word that you want in your cover. So for that, I'm gonna go for this rounded square option. I'm gonna place it in the middle of my cover. You can make it as big or small as you want Center EDS. And I'm gonna turn this to white. Now. Something I do most of the time is I changed the capacity. So if you tap on your brush and then under style, you have these capacity slider. So if I slide it to the left, I can make it less visible and to the right, more visible right, the color of the fill. So I'm gonna go around 50% and that's how I usually create my labels. 21. Exporting & Using Your Planner: Okay, so our planner is done, and now we are ready to export it and start using it on our note taking app. So I'm just going to go to my three dots here and then click on words as exports elect pdf and then this HUS traded on interactive pdf file. And now what needs to happen is I need to either save it somewhere like Dropbox, where I can send it straight to good notes in my case, since I have the original file here on my eye. But I don't think I need to make a copy on Dropbox. So I'm just gonna find good notes and send it over there. So I just scroll down a little bit and I have it right here. Open in good notes. Open importers need document. I had another document open behind. And if I click on import to current document what that's gonna do, it's gonna bring my Telander file in between my current document pages. So that's not gonna be pretty. It's gonna be messy, and you won't be able to use either of your documents properly, so make sure you click on import as new document down here and then select a location and is gonna go to my documents, import to documents. Okay, so our planner should be ready to go. Remember, we set the size to have our taps and our to bar open. And as you can see, if the planner feels the totality of the screen in this mode now, to activate my links, I do have to hide my toolbar here. So click on this icon on the top, right corner of the screen on. Then you can tap on different taps on links and you will be able to navigate your pages. 22. Duplicating Pages in GoodNoteses: now I had mentioned you can make copies of your weekly spread, your finances spread and someone so I'm gonna show you how to duplicate your week, for example, and add them behind at the pages of your month. So first we need to locate the week. And if you remember, it was located right after the January spread. So I go to January, I scroll left and they find my week. Now I tap on these four squares on the top left corner. And as you can see, you can see in the overview off your whole document. This is a planner they have just created with all of its pages that if you remember in Kino these artis lights that we created So now I make sure I have my weeks of the patron want to duplicate selected And you know that because there's a little blue outline surrounding the image. Then you click on this little arrow at the bottom here, and you can click on duplicate, and that's going to create an exact copy of whatever you have. So as you can see, I have two copies of my week now or go back to your squares and then click on Select at the top right corner here. And then you can select as many pages as you want. In this case, I'm going to select both of my weeks. Click on copy. When that's done, click on Done. And then again, where you want to place the new copies. You find that little arrow under that page and then click on average after pace pages. And that's gonna pace whatever you have copied. These option is super helpful because you can copy more than one page, so this makes it quicker. For example, if I wanted to add four copies off my weekly spread behind every month of the year, I can go back and click on Select Select Off four copies of my weekly spread copy done. And then I can go, for example, to February. Click on my squares again, click on my arrow at page after spaced pages and then repeat for the rest of the month. So this is march at page after pace pages and so on close. And now when you go to, let's say January, you're gonna have four weekly spreads. You go to February and you have these many s well 23. Final Project: All right, guys, that we've reached the end of the class. I'm so happy that you made it all the way here. I can't wait to see what you create for the class project. I'm going to ask you to upload at least one screenshot of one of the pages that you have created in your planner. Ideally, you can do this after you've already used the planner in good nose or not ability or whichever note taking app you decide to use. You can take a screenshot and shared with us in the project library. If you'd like to share your project with me and social media, don't forget the tack Prince Stick shop on Instagram. Thank you so much for taking my class. And I'll see you on my next one. Bye bye.