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How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Convert

David Eaves, YouTube, Trading/ Investing, etc.

How to Create YouTube Thumbnails That Convert

David Eaves, YouTube, Trading/ Investing, etc.

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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Purpose and Importance of Thumbnails

    • 3. The YouTube Funnel

    • 4. Great Thumbnail Examples

    • 5. What Application Should You Use

    • 6. Class Project: Creating a Thumbnail From Scratch

    • 7. BONUS VIDEO: Should You Update Your Thumbnails

    • 8. BONUS VIDEO: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

    • 9. Thank You and Up Next

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About This Class

Many people try their hat on YouTube, often with little success. While there are many reasons for failure on YouTube the biggest reason isn't that their videos don't have good thumbnails. In this course, I teach the best formula for creating the best thumbnails that convert. Because at the end of the day the sole goal of a thumbnail is to get someone to click on the underlying video. So if you're someone looking to start a YouTube channel or someone who already has one but it's just not going your way, run through this course and apply to principles and tips going forward to increase your likelihood of success. 

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David Eaves

YouTube, Trading/ Investing, etc.


I've been creating content on YouTube for around 5 years now as well as actively investing and trading in the stock market. I've been creating content here on Skillshare for a little over a year as I think it's a great platform for my audience on YouTube to get more in-depth content as well as anyone else who is interested. Unfortunately, you do need a Skillshare Premium account in order to view them. 


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1. Intro: What's up, you guys and welcome to this course where we're gonna be talking about how to create some beautiful YouTube thumbnails that convert. So the course is first going to start out with a lot of thumbnails, psychology, things you need to know before creating thumbnails, certain design styles, all those types of things because there's a lot of stuff that goes into thumbnails that the average person wouldn't really think about. So first foreign, it come down to the psychology of the thumbnail, things you might want to include. And then we're going to start to actually design some real-world thumbnails and look at some other thumbnails from some creators and see what's working. And we'll also take a look at some bad examples to see what's not working. So if you guys don't know who I am, my name is David eaves. I've been on YouTube for around eight years now. I've got about 5 million video views across my current channel. And I've had channels in the past with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and tens of millions of views. So with all that being said, I don't wanna take up too much of you guys his time here in the intro video. Hope you guys do decide to continue throughout the course, and I will catch you guys inside. Lesson number one. 2. The Purpose and Importance of Thumbnails: All right guys. So in this lesson we are going to be talking about the purpose of thumbnails because I think people over time generally get kinda distracted and they get focused on making beautiful thumbnails. And beautiful thumbnails are great and all. But at the end of the day, the purpose of a thumbnail is to get a click. So sometimes you don't want it to be beautiful. Sometimes you might want it to be very low-quality, something you might not even really put a lot of effort into, but it's going to really be the best thumbnail you could possibly have. Other times depending on your content, you may have a thumbnail that's going to have ten hours of work put into it and it's going to be incredibly detailed down to every single pixel. But I think it's very important to not forget that at the end of the day, the main thing that you want to keep in mind is that the purpose of a thumbnail is to get a click. And more importantly, when it comes to YouTube, increase your conversion rate or click-through rate. So just don't forget that the purpose of this is to get a click. That is a goal. And you wanted to get as many clicks as possible or more. So the highest percentage of clicks, and based on the amount of people it is shown to, you don't want to get distracted making something incredibly beautiful and spending four hours on it when it's going to convert worse, then a thumbnail that you could spend three minutes on. So at the end of the day, quality and time and all of that doesn't necessarily make a great thumbnail. What makes a great thumbnail is something that's going to grab someone's attention and entice them to click on the video. So that's really what this lesson is. It's just me telling you guys that and hopefully you really learning that and keeping that in the back of your mind every second when you're thinking, creating, doing anything with a thumbnail, I want you to keep this lesson in the back of your mind because it is the building block of creating fantastic thumbnails that convert. So with all that being said, I'll catch you guys in the next lesson. 3. The YouTube Funnel : All right guys, so in this lesson we're gonna be talking about the YouTube funnel, which is this thing that I guess I kind of came up with, but I've heard similar things from other people. But it's essentially the process by which you create your content in order to increase your engagement the most. So what I generally do is I start off by coming up with an idea. So for this video, I want to talk about the American Express Platinum Card. If that's what I'm talking about, I want to kind of write out my whole script, figured out what it is that I'm gonna be talking about. Then I'll go ahead and film the whole video, create all the content. Then I have to come up with a title, but the title and the thumbnail, which is the next step, kind of relate together because what I see a lot of people do on YouTube, and this is a pretty big mistake in most cases. Not only do they include too much text which we will cover later on, but a lot of times if they say, you know, the five benefits at the American Express Platinum Card, they'll then put a picture of the American Express card and then they'll put on the thumbnail the five benefits of the platinum card or whatever it may be or sometimes I'll put five benefits. That's not terrible. Just put five benefits. But you don't want to copy your title onto your thumbnail. And honestly in most cases you want to keep your text on your thumbnail relatively low. And you also want the texts on your thumbnail to be different from your title if at all possible. And the reason this is is what people do. They are going to look at your thumbnail first, alright? If that entices them, they are then gonna read your title. If your tidal entices them, they are then going to click on the video. And then if you entice them, they are going to watch the video all the way through or, you know, potentially more than just clicking on for ten seconds and then leaving point being, you mess up in the first two steps. If your thumbnail is pretty much the exact same thing as your title, you want the thumbnail to catch their attention. The title to then keep their attention enough so that they will then click on the video if the title and the thumbnail or pretty much the same thing, this doesn't really happen. There's not a lot of enticing or click-through rates going to be pretty low, which is going to hurt a ton on YouTube because we've all heard about the famous or infamous YouTube algorithm and just how complicated it is and it's pretty much impossible to game. The algorithm is going to promote great content that is set up well. So it's very important that your click-through rate is very high. That's one of the big parts of the algorithm. And you could potentially have a great video that has a terrible click-through rate because of your thumbnail in your title, and it's not going to perform well. So it's very important that these two things are kind of thought of at the same time. And you keep in mind that you don't really want them to be the same thing. You want the thumbnail to grab their attention enough so that they then read the title. And then the title needs to entice them enough to click on to the video Point being that's kinda the YouTube funnel that I kind of use when it comes to creating content. And that's how the thumbnail relates to that, especially as it pertains to the title section of my funnel, as well as the viewer's perspective of my funnel. So with all that being said, I hope you guys did get a little value from this lesson and I'll catch you guys in the next one. 4. Great Thumbnail Examples: Are you guys? So in this video we're going to be taking a look at some of the best thumbnail examples on YouTube and various industries. And we're going to pick apart what makes them so good, and potentially in some cases, things that could have been better about them. So starting off at number one, we have grams, Stephan, he makes a lot of finance videos, things about credit cards, cars, money, interests, rates, the stock market, things like that. And in this video he's talking about how he bought his new Los Vegas home for $0 and kind of the trick slash how it became a free house for him. And what it really came down to was the tag savings from moving from California to Los Vegas. We're actually going to pay for the house. So the house pretty much cost him $0. But what makes this thumbnail so good is you've got Graeme pointing back with an excited face at the house and the $0 homes. So that kinda adds a little bit of an intriguing aspect to the thumbnail. And then you're gonna go ahead and read the title, How I bought my new Las Vegas home for $0. And that's a really intriguing title. I think all of us would love to be able to do that. And that's what's gonna make you click on this video is the connection between this getting your attention and kind of telling you a little bit about the video. And then this really telling you what the video is going to be about, even though you don't really know what it is that you're going to be looking for. You want to figure out how he did this. Next up, we've got a video from TB and our frogs titled, I surprised my little brother with 1 million v bugs. This guy is a gaming YouTube are very, very, very big and has had arguably the most success when it comes to a gaming YouTube. Pretty much anyone out there. And this thumbnail is great. We have a really high-quality picture right here of a face that looks pretty excited. And if we look back at the grand picture, you know, this picture is not nearly as high-quality as this one is. So the quality of this definitely does show now when the thumbnail is much, much smaller, it's not gonna make nearly as big of a difference, but I definitely will help for your images to be higher-quality. And then you have all this v bucks. Anyone who plays for tonight is gonna recognize what this is. And then they're going to read, you know, 1 million v box like that's a lot of v bucks. It's an interesting thing. This is going to grab your attention with the bright colors here, all the v bucks here, this excited face, 1 million v bucks. That's a ton of v box on one side, that's like at least a 1000 or $10 thousand worth of v bugs. And then you're going to read the title. I surprised my little brother with 1 million v bugs. You probably want to see his reaction. So that's kinda what's gonna make you want to click on this video is thinking about the kids reaction. Next up we're going to have three thumbnails from Mr. beast. And I have to say Mr. beast is arguably one of the best thumbnail creators out there. In fact, I might call him the best. And in this video we'd got his face here. And then we have an arrow which is red. You always pretty much want your arrows to read. They're a very, very, very useful thing when it comes down to thumbnails, red arrows are very good. If you can use red arrows anywhere in your thumbnail, it's probably going to turn out better than otherwise, just a little tip there. But then you're going to see a 100% free and you see the Lamborghini. So, you know, a 100% free Lamborghini, what that's going to incite your attention and grab your attention enough so that you read the title and the title is kind of different. You know, this doesn't exactly tell you what the video is going to be about, but it's definitely intriguing. And it makes you want to read the title. And the title is Uber people and let them keep the car. That's absolutely ridiculous. And you kind of think to yourself, is this clickbait DD actually give away a Lamborghini or did he give away liga 10-year-old Lamborghini or did he give away a Honda Civic and he's just click baiting us. That's one thing Mr. B's does really good. This is video is actually backup what he's saying. But they're so crazy that, that you feel like he's click baiting you. But you also really want to see, is he actually click baiting. Next up. We've got day2 here, and we've got these two faces. These faces are absolutely great. We see an island in the background. This blue water right here is very good. It's going to grab people's attention. It's a nice, somewhat bright color. The day to text is very simplistic, but also very clear and easy to read. And that's going to introduce you a little bit like day to day two of what. And then you're gonna read the title last elite, $800 thousand island keeps it. That's a very, very intriguing title. And I think it goes to show that thumbnails really come down to being intriguing. You want to be intriguing with whatever it is that you are doing. You want your titles and thumbnails to intrigue people, especially your titles, but you know, you want your thumbnail to intrigue them a little bit, but mostly grab their attention and you want their title to really entreat them. Last step, we've got the world's largest slice of pizza. And this goes back to the Lamborghini, you know, is he click baiting me right now is like that's kinda what I'm thinking when I see this, you know, is this pizza really this big like this pizzas bigger than he is? That sounds ridiculous. I feel like this is Photoshop, Tina. So that adds a lot of intriguing slashing. I really just want to, you know, it makes people want to click on the thumbnail because they want to see, you know, is this real, is an actual pizza this big in the video. And they're going to read the title, I, the world's largest slice of pizza. And now they're like, oh, this one's going to eat this like Alright. So they go ahead and click on the video because they want to see, is this real? And they also want to see if he actually finishes it. So it's very intriguing and Mr. beast has a much easier time with thumbnails because of his content. Someone like Graham is gonna have a much harder time making thumbnails on a credit card or in this house. And this, this is a much harder thumbnail to come up with what is obviously the best. But when it comes down to Mr. basis thumbnail, his content actually backs up his stuff so he doesn't have to clickbait because it's actually real. So that's what makes thumbnails not only easier from mr. bass to do, but also gives them the ability to make what's arguably the best thumbnail for every single video, pretty much every time. But with all that being said, I hope you guys did get some value from this video and I will catch you guys in the next one. 5. What Application Should You Use: Are you guys? So in this lesson we're going to be talking about what programs should you use to make your thumbnail? And this is kinda gonna depend on what style videos you are making for most people. I'm definitely just blanket recommendation here. Photoshop, it's going to be the best. It's what most people use. But if you are doing some types of videos, there's probably going to be some better options. However, I would highly recommend having Photoshop regardless of whatever you use, just because it definitely can be a little useful here in there. But photoshop is our first one for the most part, that's going to be your best bet if you're doing anything when it comes to gaming videos or vlogging or any of that kind of stuff, photoshops gonna be your best bet. However, if you're just getting started and you're doing tutorial videos, for example. Photoshop does cost money every single month. It's a whole lot easier to use And if you're doing tutorial style videos, you know, especially when starting out, you don't have to make the investment into Photoshop. I would definitely recommend it down the line. But if you're just starting out and you're doing tutorial style videos than I can, but can be a great option. And I'll think it's going to hurt you too much. You know, in your first ten or 15 videos. However, if you're doing stuff with a lot of cartoons or animation or very original work and say you're not necessarily in the video like I am right now. You're doing something with a cartoon, you know, say the Infographics Show, for example, than something like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer is going to be your best bet. I've used Affinity Designer here and there on some videos just because it did kind of apply to what I was doing. I thought it was the best option. It hasn't always worked out the best for me, but those worse and pretty good thumbnails here and there. But for the most part, in Photoshop is going to be the go to, and that's what we're going to work on in this course. But there are some exceptions where you might want to use Illustrator or designer, or potentially even canvas if you are making tutorials or something similar to that. So with all that being said, I catch you guys in the next video. 6. Class Project: Creating a Thumbnail From Scratch: Guys, welcome to the class project where we are going to be creating this thumbnail completely from scratch as I just did. I will actually probably wind up using this thumbnail here soon. That being said, I may change a few things about it, but for the purpose of this, we don't have some class files. And the files that I would use would be completely unique for me. But for the purpose of this, we're just gonna keep this how it is and we're gonna go ahead and create it from scratch. I'm going to be doing this in Photoshop, but obviously there are plenty other programs like I've mentioned before. And I think it's also important to mention that this video is going to be about swing trading. It's gonna be a big-time swing trading course slash video for YouTube. So to start off, we're gonna go ahead and go to new up here under file. And I'm gonna go ahead and click HD to NADP. This is the most recent one slash one that I use pretty much all of the time. And if we go and start off, we can see we have a white background, but this has a slight grade tent on it. So I'm going to turn this background to a regular Layer. And I'm gonna go ahead and find our fill tool. And I'm gonna go find AS a white, but I'm gonna go slightly down, make it a luteal gray, that should be good right there. Next, we need to create our red shapes here. So I'm gonna go ahead and grab our rectangle tool, which is up here under where I have the elliptical tool, that was the last one that I use, but I wanna go in and grab that one. I'm just gonna draw something out that looks pretty good. That'll work. And I'm affiliate with a color and we'll change it to roughly this color red. But before I do that, I do need to go in and create a new layer down here. And now click fill. And we have the shape on a new layer. And what I'm actually going to do is leave this one up here. And I'm gonna go ahead down here and duplicate this with this over here. Now I can hold Control and t. That will turn it into this where I can move it a little better and rotate it. And I'm going to rotate it for the purpose of this in time, I'm going to hold Shift and I'm going to rotate it this much. That being said, I may would've done it a different way. And I did do it a little different than my original one, but I'd takes more time and it's a little more tedious to get it exactly right. So for the purpose of this, we're just gonna hold shift and do it this way. And I'm gonna put it like this. It won't look the exact same, but it'll be pretty close. So that should be good right there. Then I wanna go and duplicate this yet again. Drag this one down. And the reason I'm holding Shift when I do this, so that it snaps and it's very easy to put together. If I don't hold shift and I just kinda turn it however I want, then I have to change all of them and I have to get them to kind of line up exactly for the purpose of time. I don't wanna do that. So I'm just going to do this and we're going to hold shift and control and hopefully this will snap right? And you did it a little bit. I'm gonna zoom out. I'm gonna grab this hold shift. And it's going to allow me to turn it exactly where I want to zoom in again. Now I'm gonna do click this one up here yet again. I'm going to press Control T. Hold Shift and turn till it's perfect. That looks pretty good. Animal hold shift when I do this so that I can turn it back down some. And that looks good right there. I'm going to press Control plus zoom in. We're gonna make sure it's right on the lawns. And that should be good right there. Zoom out yet again. We will right-click a duplicate this again. Control T. Like this. That right there looks good. And I'm going to make sure this works perfect right here. And I'm gonna go ahead and duplicate this one more time. Move this down. In fact, we don't even need the duplicate. It will actually go and get rid of that. And I'll just move this one down, press Control T, hold Shift, turn it up. And it should be good right there at that length. And it doesn't really matter as long as these edges line up here. I always get it right there. So now as you can see, the line is a little different than on the original one, but it should be fun. It's not gonna make a big difference, especially for the sake of time. Obviously, you could spend more time if you wanted to do so, but you don't have to. Now, I guess I'm gonna go and do our text. So I'm going to start right here. I'm gonna grab our text tool, which is over here. I'm gonna draw out and I'm gonna say swing. And I think I'm in white text right now. We're gonna go and change this black. And my font looks good. I don't think it's the exact one that I used before, but it doesn't really matter. You can play around with fonts all you'd like. And I'm gonna put swing right there. And now I'm just gonna go ahead and duplicate this, that everything about it, Stacy, exact same. Move it up here. And I'm gonna change this to trade. That looks pretty good. But as you can see, we did our arrows. A little difference on hold shift over here, grandma together, I'm going to move them up just a little bit because we don't really have enough room to work with down here on the text section. And I'll just good right there. And we'll move swing probably over just a little bit, maybe slightly down to so we can move trade a little bit down. It's kinda conflicting with that arrow right there. And that looks pretty good. Obviously, you could move trade over some, but you don't really wanna put anything right down in here in this gap, because like we've said, the timestamp is going to be right there. How did we get this part black? What I'm gonna do is hold, Shift, grab all these layers. I'm gonna right-click and I'm going to merge them together. Then I'm going to go up here and click our magic wand tool. And I'm going to select right here. Once I grab a new layer, do that, let's switch to the new layer. And I'm gonna grab our rectangle tool, right-click Phil. And I will change it to a black. I'm gonna select this black, so it's pretty much the exact same as that one. And obviously you can see in our original one, this black is a little bit different. So what I'm actually going to do is change the color of this text slightly to say this block. And I'm gonna do it again on this one. Select this color so it's the same. And then I'm actually going to delete this layer and I get a new one. Go here. We're going to use our magic wand tool. Select the new layer, right-click fill color, and we're going to select this color. So it is the exact same. Now if you look detailed in, you're going to see there are some imperfections here. So what I'm going to do is press Control T on this whole layer. And I'm just gonna make it a little bigger, right? That might be good right there. Nope, it's not good. If you look right here, we have a little gap. That's good right there. So I got it all lined up. Now we need an arrow, so I have an arrow here. You could find one in Google if you would like, but I found one here just for the purpose of this. And I'm gonna just go ahead and place it, use our magic wand tool. Click on it, press Delete, and we've gotta restaurants this. So I'm gonna right-click rasterize, delete. It looks good. Now I'm going to right-click Blending Options, color overlay. And we're gonna make this arrow white. But quite frankly, i'm going to be completely honest and I just saw this, but we go back. I actually kind of like just leaving this blue and getting rid of our circles. So I'm actually gonna do that. I'm going to leave this blue, but I will say I do want to change the color to a little bit of a darker blue. We want to incite some urgency, as I've told you guys before, blue does that quite well, as well as read. So we've got both of those going on in this picture, and that is quite good. So now I'm going to press Control T. I'm going to right-click in it and I'm gonna flip it horizontally. And then on a rotate it this way. Then I'm going to shrink the size down. And I'm probably gonna make a little bit or not. And I rotate it some more. And that looks pretty good. I feel like the size and needs to be smaller. But at the same time, we are not working with the same margins that I was originally working with. As you can see here, you know, we have different margins, way more room. But at the end of the day it doesn't make a big difference. You can spend more time being td is making it absolutely perfect and I actually highly recommend that you do so because a thumbnail is so important. But for the purposes of this, I wanted to kinda just walk you guys what I think when I'm making a thumbnail, how I come up with good ideas. This one, it started off with a swing and just the idea of a swing going up and down. But I had to think about where I was going to place the text in really, you can make the argument, you know, I'm already done with this. So if you guys want to take a look at this, you can pause the video here. But I'm already done with this. Another thing I could have done, in fact, something I may have decided to do later on is actually making this text this colour. Move this up here and go ahead and change it to this white that we have there. And then potentially move this here and we'll move trade. And we would decrease the size if I were doing it this way. And that may be one reason on decide not to do it this way. But the whole thumbnail process is kind of a process. We did something like this. Maybe we could do this and then go back with my kind of original idea where you are going to kind of make this a kind of a swinging effect in between the two. You can do something like this, or even in this case, you could just make this huge. So, you know, there's a lot of options you can do. There's a lot of things you want to change throughout the way. You want to make your thumbnails better and better and better if you ever come up with a better idea halfway through designing, just restart and do it. It's worth the time to have a great thumbnail versus not putting the time in and not having a great thumbnail. The most amount of work you'll put in on video is making the actual video. You don't want to curtail the views or the performance of that video with a bad thumbnail. So with all that being said, thank you guys for checking out this lesson and I will catch you guys in the next two bonus videos and the thank you video. 7. BONUS VIDEO: Should You Update Your Thumbnails: Alright guys, so in this lesson we're gonna be talking about whether or not you should change your titles or thumbnails since they work in conjunction together as we've been talking about. After you've uploaded a video. And since this is a bonus video, I'm going to get right to the point, but the answer is a little bit of a yes and no when it comes to right after you upload a video, if you upload a video five minutes ago and it's not performing amazingly, I wouldn't change anything about it just yet. I mean, you should have put the time in upfront to figure out what's probably the best title in the best thumbnail. And it's really going to be hard to tell in the first five minutes. But if you go to three hours for the video up and it's performed very badly in comparison to a lot of your other videos, then there's a good chance that this video may have a bad title or thumbnail or a mixture of both. And I've actually seen this on my channel before. I've changed the title. We now 4-5 hours in and I got a huge boost in views because the title and the thumbnail worked better together. That being said, is it worth going back and changing your titles and thumbnails on a seven month old video that maybe still gets views from Search, but at the same time is a very old video. I would say sometimes it's worth changing. Maybe the thumbnail usually for video like that is still getting views. It's coming from search. And if it's coming from Search, you probably don't want to mess with anything when it comes to the metadata, like the title and stuff. But when it comes to the thumbnail, you definitely could change it. And maybe, you know, six months ago you were very bad at making thumbnails, but you got lucky with this video and it's placed number one out of maybe five videos on the topic. Say it's not a topic that has a lot of videos out there. It definitely could be worth changing thumbnail and updating it to something much better because there might only be five videos on it right now. But if there's only five videos on it and you're doing really well, you're ranked number one. You're getting views from this video. There's going to be more than five videos on it eventually. And ideally, if you change your thumbnail and make it better, those videos are gonna have a whole lot harder time competing with yours. Since it already has the ranking. I've actually had this exact same thing happened to me with a 2.9 million view video as of today. And essentially what happened is the title and thumbnail were pretty good, but the thumbnail itself was not the best and the video started getting a ton of use. And at the time there were only maybe three or four videos on this topic. Today there are probably over a 150 videos on it, so a lot of people are trying to compete with my video that's right there at number one, with 2.9 million views, actually have a lot of people who have stolen my thumbnail straight from Google on this video because it's such a good thumbnail. The point I'm trying to make though is it wasn't the greatest thumbnail when I first did it, but once other people started seeing that this was a video that was doing really good, they started making videos and I updated my thumbnail to compete with theirs. And I kept the ranking at number one for an additional year or so before I was finally beat out by the hundreds of people who realistically a lot of their videos were better than mine. I wasn't making great content at the time. I just got lucky with a nice topic point being you're going to want to change your thumbnails sometimes on stuff like that just to compete in the future. But at the end of the day, a 67 month old video isn't gonna make a big difference in the scheme of things. You really want to worry about your new content. And I wouldn't change that after five to six hours would be my May be up to a day after. You might want to change it one time, but I definitely wouldn't recommend you going and changing your thumbnail every hour and a half because this video is not doing well, somebody else just don't do well and you've got to accept that. Don't go out and change your thumbnail 15 times in the first day. It's not going to help and it's gonna be a little bit of a waste of time. 8. BONUS VIDEO: 4 Mistakes to Avoid: Are you guys in the last bonus video where they're gonna be going over four mistakes that people make with thumbnails. Quite often. Some of these we have talked about in the course, but I really just want to highlight all of them in a quick bonus video. The first one being putting something important or really anything that isn't kind of a background of the thumbnail where the timestamp goes in the bottom right corner. That's a huge mistake. I even see huge YouTubers with 510 million subscribers doing this. Don't do it. It's not gonna work out well. And ideally if you're doing that, there's going to be a better version of your thumbnail that you could make. That'll probably performed better with the timestamp not covering your content. The second mistake is your thumbnails being just way too bland. Sometimes this is good depending on if you're doing educational videos. Sometimes you're going to want to very bland thumbnail, maybe a white background and you know, a few images and text of the plain bagel. If you look them up on YouTube, he's got kinda bland thumbnails. But they worked out pretty well for him. But on the flip side, if you go and look at a lot of small gaming channels there, thumbnails are very bland and don't perform well. Next up, this is going to sound a little law in contrast what I just said, but you also don't want to have too much going on. I see a lot of gamers doing this. I feel like the entire gaming world consists of people just trying to make the most complex thumbnail possible. And every single year it just gets even more complex and more complex. And when it comes to gaming, this kinda works because gaming is definitely something the audience that they're catering to is going to have people who are interested in seeing rainbow colors and all these little details and all this stuff. It's definitely gonna work a little better there. But at the end of the day, if you have way too much going on, people aren't gonna be able to tell what that video is about instantly. And that's the goal of a thumbnails for them to kinda get an idea of what the video is instantly. And if they don't do that and you have way too much going on and it's just a little confusing, then it's going to be hard to do that. And the fourth mistake we've also covered in the course, and that isn't just having too much text. If you guys go and look on Facebook ads, Facebook actually has a built-in program to scan images to prevent you from putting text on them. It's solely because text doesn't perform well. You really want your text to be in the title. Your thumbnail is supposed to be something different. You don't want your video on how to reach a million subscribers. To just say how to reach a million subscribers on the thumbnail doesn't provide any new information when they go to read the title. If that were your video, you might want to take a picture of the Subscribe button with a million subscribers and just have a big red arrow pointing to it. There's no real texts on it other than the million subscriber number, but that catches their attention. Then they read the title, you know, how to get to a million subscribers. Or you could probably come up with something tidal laws, it's a little bit more intriguing than that, but that's the overall point. You don't want to duplicate your title and your thumbnail. They should not be the same. And the title is where the text goes. The thumbnail is where the image goes. So just keep those four things in mon try not to do that. I would highly keep those in your head. In fact, that would write them down. Keep them on the edge of your desk and every time you're making a thumbnail, I want you to look back at that list and make sure that you're not doing one of those things. So with all that being said, I'll catch you guys in the thank you. Video. 9. Thank You and Up Next: Party guys. So we've reached the end of the course. I want to thank all of you for making it this far throughout the course. If you guys have not already be sure to leave the course a rating, it helps me out a ton. And if you guys are looking for other similar courses, I have another course here on skill share. That kind of breaks down in its entirety. We'll go through some other thumbnail related videos in that course. But I also go over monetization strategies titled strategies, how to make videos, camera angles, pretty much everything that you could possibly want when it comes to starting a YouTube channel. So feel free to check that out. I'm going to leave it in the description. And with all that being said, I'll catch you guys next time.