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How to Create Travel Website in WordPress

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Create Travel Website in WordPress

Juri Fab, Digital Marketing Strategy

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6 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. How to select hosting company

    • 3. Installing WordPress theme and importing content template

    • 4. How to edit your WordPress website

    • 5. How to connect your website to partner programs

    • 6. How to optimize website for Google search

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About This Class

Easy to Follow Tutorial. Learn how to create travel website by using most popular platform: WordPress. In this course you will learn how to create website without coding with drag and drop builder.

Learn how to create new pages and posts. Understand how to optimize your website for Google search.

Connect your website to programs what will monetize your content.

Learn how to add:

  1. Hotel Search
  2. Flight Search
  3. Car Rental
  4. Flight Delay Compensation
  5. Travel Insurance
  6. Google Banners

Meet Your Teacher

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Juri Fab

Digital Marketing Strategy


Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already what bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on SkillShare I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. The jury here and I have created new course and thes courses this course can define found only on skill share. So it's exclusive course. And, uh, in this course you learn how to greet travel website without according so you do not need to have any experience in programming or no need at all. Programming skills will create a website without any without a single line of thought. So I will show you step by step, how to create it by using four press eyes available. Show you where to get website team for your website. Eso y you do not need to spend any money to create such a project. And, um, after completing set off sudden being your website, I will show you on the I will show you programs what you can use in order to do start monetizing cure upset. So you get access to all these websites where we can where you can register and, uh, connect your travel website and start monetizing kids. So I will show you all these information and I'm sure you will find something new for yourself. So if you are interested in how to greet such travel website on how to start monetizing kid these different ways. And, uh, so make sure to control to this course. Okay, Up to serious soon in next section. 2. How to select hosting company: So first step is to find the right company where you will create you are hosting account in trenches. They're your Dominy those. There are a lot of companies I suggest you to use the most popular. The most popular companies, said moment, our whole gator in their bride website from $2.25 for a month from a single de marine. So it means you can carefully. One website is such Mikage next company. What he's also very popular is go dating and Go Daddy hosting, starting starting from two error in 49 sands Better mom first conceived prices are similar , And, uh, yeah, they also good WordPress hosting special, I think, for work for WordPress Web size, and it cost a little bit more. So, uh, and there is also one more company. Cold, glad ways. Also popular hosting provider is the squatting bro, either. So it's a beacon Vintage of these provider is that it's, uh, built on cloud. So it's like cloud servers. All this wise, they called themselves Cloud weighs and, uh, set up, uh, instead of your purse upside. It's not so art here. So simple quick on its server and sent You need to create applications, will goto applications and click on edification. And he will be able to create your project so really doesn't letter. If you will plan to have small website, it doesn't matter where you register your hosting Go daddy or hold gator or or Cloud weighs . But if you plan to make big project in future so uh, issue project will grow, it will be easier and better to use cloud holdings of cloud ways. It's perfect for business websites And what Gator go Daddy, I think it's better for personal website as well. Uh, probably says they got these counts like, for example, that gold. So if you will enter such cold like these, uh, on the cloud lease, then you, uh, register over there, Webb said, Then you will get additional discomfort. So, uh, s except before it's up to you, what company you will select? Maybe if you plan Teoh. Also, it's I think, if, for example, if you plan to promote your website only locally, then it's also a good way to science local hosting company in your country. So, uh, if, um, well, if you want to get some discounts in your posting and you go, you go to fight extra discounts for your for example. Go, Davey. $1 hosting. And so here it is. One amount on sale. But, uh, in this way you should pay for you. You So Yeah, you'll pay $11. But your website will be locked for one year. So what year? It's minimum contract. So as you could see a different face, that's you should So it you should see first. What is better for you. Okay, so she's six. Lecture is over. How to cost the company. That's next. 3. Installing WordPress theme and importing content template: So when you have selected hosting company and created account with them. So, uh, there is option one Greek installation for work breaks so quick on install WordPress and after completing installation, it's quite easy. So this way I'm not even showing it to you. So basically, what you need to do is look into your hosting account. Great. Uh, for breast application, it's like a one quick action and every single being stopped. Then go to your domain name. So of course you need to select your site name. So for example, for my website, I have Great. It's actually domain name and interesting. WordPress integrating address bar and slash repeal looking page bean I've here you're it means loving and a passport girl again, if you will see such their port. So here what we need to go is first of all, go to settings. Burma wings Greek on both name in Greek on safe changes. So, uh, it's like, uh, structure off ever off every think what? You were great here. So both Bages, every Baytril good will be like us with such structure. It's the best way to so, like such family type. Okay, is the next step, but we need to do is you make sure to click on Save Changes, Mitch. Next step. What we need to do is go to appearance themes. That's let's quick on. Let's elect, for example. So this team is pre it looks beautiful assessing and and it's perfect for monetization. Well, so, uh, name of side estimates color mark, so you can simply download it for free. Just google it like cola Mark, go is leading. You can see here and you'll see that something real that come you can download a free version off such template. Of course, if you would like to have exclusive solutions exclusive options on such team, you can buy pro version, but it's up to you so this team can be download it for free. Also, you can use different team. It doesn't make there. So, uh, I'm just showing here how I feel such website. And if you like it, you you can follow my Dorial in order to have Seymour website but different color types in seeing slight disease. So when you have, uh, Donald, a team from Thean Grill, you need to apple it. So here, go to so you have, you probably You will, down with the Parchin interference teams recon and new. And here ah con apple A team in select fire What you have done with it Greek on install now . So we took it will install your new team Now What we need to do is Greek on them. Importer, we condemn an importer. If you are using such team and select issue concedes the steam good, different variations as well. So indeed can for example, you like these. These were worrying Record Ebert individual import all them a post so it will be put all them a content. Where? Your website. So you look great, like website. But you just stamp plates. Let me show you what I mean. So pages or pages in here You can see, for example, left sidebar having to show you such beach. So yes, you can see it's damn a page condiment. Who? It's a dem a page. And if you click on edit page, we can simply modify text and, uh, changed Rage name selector Beach layout make Sarah gingers Seems like disease 4. How to edit your WordPress website: this is exclusive course for skew shirt. And, uh, here I would like to show you website worked. You can create by using Barbara full teams on board press. So such upside possible too great for free without spending any money. And you can start monetizing by different ways. So, for example, you can add hot, though deals finder. So, uh, you can add bond your goats to your website. You can sell articles in many, many thinks what you could do. This such website, for example, some terrible insurance are help Kai rental bite soldier find totals. It's thinks like these. Uh, so in Israel, you can't at Google ads by their coats. So is conceived. There are a lot of free spaces. What do you can use in order to put there by their boats? Okay, lets start. So, uh, first of all, what What we need to do is, uh, we should install WordPress, and when work presents installed, we should go to teams and upload team gold. Kohler mark the color markets free Dean, you can visit this thing. You can see it's like template. And after installation weekend start customized so simply people custom ways And here you can see such pencil from the Greek weekend and make modifications. So, for example, I would like to change sporting trending on the creek. You can see if we can change title. You can also start reading some, uh, text here if you If you want to do so for them. Ball like to change, uh, litigation Gilligan slick menu Here. You can change local from simply ignited. We can change longer or remove that you can it big line in its title things like these. So here we can add our social media accounts like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and others. So, uh, same those here with the click you can and or in a text change, useful rings. Where is the supreme and your ring? Here and quiet. Is it to understand? Here we can change text as you conceive, So each line it's in these break its its new link. So if you want to add more simply copied and based it here, so be it. Well, you have completely changes it would become published. Antal changes will be se, but this is how it works. First of all, when when we starting with the website can also import old dame a content symmetrically called Damon Porter. We can see braziers contact. So it feel like, for example, this one you can weaken, import hefty through upload all never content. And when you would like to So both will be couple of it. And if you would like to make changes simples like posters, you would like to end it in here. You can see it is both so you can start editing text. A barnacle seems like Okay, so, uh, in the next section, I will show you how Teoh it more modifications to use this template. How to, um, it burn your gods searching for travel search forms, for example for, like these and how to know when to start monetizing your website. 5. How to connect your website to partner programs: Okay. So interested electoral will show you the ways how to monetize your website. So, um, let's start from each top What you can see here. So here I agreed. Total search portal, Sarge. Or And it's a save up to 80%. So I'm sure description and it works like these. So people, for example, Sorge big with those elements of the Maldives. Sorry. Something like these You click on search here we can see here. We couldn't see Page reads the results. We can sort out for the select great while you and it will show us it was the cheapest thing confined a disease website. So your sign is it? Let me show you how to participate in this program. If your school down this page, you can see league the swing where you can seem, please. Greek on Juno for free interim. Just there in total combined website. So, uh, here is how they're very bored. Looks like a green card performance report conviction report. And if you will go to brother, it's storage boxes. You can create new search box and, uh, quicker Get court of these cards, you need to simply obeyed select page what you would like to paint itself from. Simple outlined in these pages, and here you need to switch from visual to text. So from them, following elected at court after the sports, quicker enter speech to text. And here we are a simple based gold and click on update, and he threw add gold to your website. So yes, really? Okay, So let's move to the next stop. Its flight search flight searches working the same s five total, but it's using different program conceived right in here, powered by terrible bail so quick of total sales, and usually you're automatically give to this problem. Okay, so here we can see so you need to simply or go to terrible blades dot com and complains there. Registration. So it's also signed up for free bottom, and you'll be able to connect your website so it's going to see it's also provide different programs where you can enjoy, for example, discover cards. Of course, in you can get up to 56% Corrente, so it's quite big commissions, and here is a simple voter price. You'll get 50% the murder, every sale I could join area saying. Also conceived in the average price is 150 in very bored this 50% from every sale. So it's quite good commission, right? Okay, so it's a good two different programs. What? You can join by using travel players. It's everything. What is related to travel websites? Okay, the next step where I have registered is car fire. It's it's rental cars. You can register in this program very easily if you already joined in booking program. So what I recommend is first of all, go to looking that schoolbag schoolgirl Gregor In here you can sign into your account. So first of all, you stir there and sign up signing in this account. And here you hear in brothers, you can see your rental cars collect. Quickening becomes right now ranges there in to be able to get the same for God. What? You can insert a sexual view, please find hot Also seem Thanks for I help. So I helped ISS uh, compensation program for if you're a flight delay, so, uh, works as well Go to iron, feel upside, become their program Good will start early. Those simply complete registration form get gold and inserted here same goes for travel insurance. So terrible insurances these programs. It's my in my country. So it's like a local program. So But if you want to its global solution, you can find similar programs in general pales network. So, uh and, uh, probably next one where you get how you can monetize your website is Google Edson's. So in order to start monetizing go your your purse upside, you need to download blocking called addressed. It's so after do this. Go to plug ins. Recall. There, you and here in London sorge type Edvins s from install this plug in there were installed. Go to your website. Here you can see your earning some could go it. So first of all, you need to go to settings the cough incidence and collect your websites so he'll be button like get access then it will give you access to your It's a second. So your doctor that we need Teoh quick legal placements, new placements and you can also when your door you work your earnings by visiting Google AdSense page and they also give you recommendations. So it's no loading. Take a better look in details to Google returns in here. You can see off the sticks or traffic balance here, Conflict, KAL organization. And the moment they do that for me request to optimize your websites. You're quick on websites in America, A new website. If your website is, it takes some time to get approved. If your website is not approved, you will see saturate message and usually we'll show you what needs to, uh fix in order to get approved in this program. So if you consider different ways how you can monetize your website So I'm sure, uh, if you go to Joe Payouts to kill, find many programs, what will be great for your website? I committed to it or the programs What are relegated to your industry so possible This is throw website damaging everything. What is relative to general? Well, so you conduced concert both so people can write both like these from your website You can it one years it forms after they're opposed. So, uh, usually such a sponsored post our shared on social media is the people who are writing them . We'll check traffic to you and if the traffic means extra income for your reps, I saw for the police page concede here is booking on your call. Here's what was Goodbye. Cold here is looking property coat his buildings. Two different other programs. What they have show you like search cars, like surge by photos. So, uh, and if you if your website participating Uncle Ed's, then it will be displayed in Texas. So working like these you can Really? So it's really powerful strategy. Do it different problems. Your website. It's everything. What? You lied. Uh, he's, uh, to get, uh, to get shared this website different. So for me, the outcomes like Facebook tweeter level is so you can create post like sees you insure your content. People will put likes and subscribe. Start following you. You get his message traffic. You'll get starting income when you're upset. 6. How to optimize website for Google search: the next step What you need to do in order to a direct natural traffic from Google anything . Start walking first Focus Delport, click off buckskins Rico, head new. And here, that ghost This is the most part bargain. What press provide in this Steve So being stuff Because stone it went completely. You'll see such but still in your dish sport. So here you need to features Oh, should be so basically, this is you think what you need to do is that when will you go to your pages? You can start putting, raising, for example, the speech quicker. Here you can see how optimized these page Here you come see So your sale option So, for example, are like, uh, but it was a speech for aboard were key work Find photo. It's like a search there. You could see many people also are searching. What we can do is focus, cure And here we can quick of a slap it money. Look in Google search So even back here what you're bores. You can also check for other people. Oh, they are just playing Sarah. Upside takes a warning from there And here's how it works I know you go displacing Google. Also, a few people sale here is a Moses and here you can see what else you need to improve in order to make please sell better when you have completed changes. Update. Here you conceive also is the light optimizes pages. Some pages. It's really part of the mice fully, but mostly it's, uh, it's possible to optimize everything, at least on 80%. Okay, so use these yourself longing in order to optimize your page Conceived, you can optimize from base year your physician Indeed. Also first time when you install these looking toe over suit too, it's a whole course. You that's reserved What will help you, uh, by step, to optimize working first. Also, if you go to do scale, you can see that you can end it your post move or click it. And now we can change titles for example for every watch what? You're great. Really good future. I sure do use this if you want to do make Eskinder. Okay, guys, I concede it was helpful. Make sure to check lectures other lectures for this course in for any questions. Please come with me. I'm really here to help you