How to Create & Share Adobe Lightroom Presets | Paul Charlton | Skillshare

How to Create & Share Adobe Lightroom Presets

Paul Charlton, Designer & Trainer

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6 Videos (11m)
    • 1 - Introduction to Presets

    • 2 - Editing Your Image

    • 3 - Creating Your New Preset

    • 4 - Updating Your Presets

    • 5 - Exporting & Importing Your Presets

    • 6 - Class Project & Closing Comments

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About This Class

Adobe Lightroom provides a great way of quickly creating and applying styles to your images through the use of Presets. In this class, I'll show you how to create and catalogue your own Lightroom Presets and how to easily export and share these Presets.





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Paul Charlton

Designer & Trainer

Hi, I'm Paul, from South Wales, UK and I am a passionate Musician, photographer, web & graphic designer, mountain biker and gamer who enjoys all things technical! I love all forms of photography, but relish the opportunity to shoot Motorsports, wildlife and live bands.

I've worked as an IT trainer for 10 years, specializing in digital media and design. I've been lucky enough to provide work for some amazing industry magazines (.Net, Digital Photographer, Computer Arts, etc.) and had my...

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