How to Create Premium Themes for Blogger, Word Press and Joomla; Using Free Tool. | Kenny Moses Adetu | Skillshare

How to Create Premium Themes for Blogger, Word Press and Joomla; Using Free Tool.

Kenny Moses Adetu, Maximizing skillshare Profit.

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7 Videos (32m)
    • Theme Creation Intro

    • What We Will Learn

    • Theme Design Launch Artisteer

    • Fastest Theme Creation

    • Creating Themes From Scratch

    • Selling Your Themes

    • Theme Design Class Project


About This Class

Have you ever admire those stunning premium, Wordpress, Blogger and Joomla themes with bell and noise?

Do you ever wondered how those coders create them? Maybe you have always wanted to use some of those premium themes but got put off because of the cost. 

With this course you could become one of the experts in theme creation in no time: No coding, no HTML, just point and click- all with a one of a kind free site

.We shall explore a particular site that gives you ability to create your own functional theme- Be it for Blogger, Wordpress or Joomla.  Do you know you can sell these themes as well, even Blogger ones?

We shall take a look at various markets open for these. It is over-my-shoulder live demonstration of the easy aspects of crafting gorgeous premium themes. If you want to add some profitable skills to your portfolio, enroll and let us have fun and profit. Waiting for you at the course, and thanks.







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Kenny Moses Adetu

Maximizing skillshare Profit.

A short story, novella and script writer. An actor by profession, for Television, film and stage. Now a web-entrepreneur and content curator. Love the idea of endless possibilities of making recurring income online. Have been an expert graphic designer, using tools that people underrate to rake in earnings for many years. Have designed book covers, posters of various sizes, anything at all. Also am SEO expert, being fortunate to get in contact with some people who think out of box about anyth...

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