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How to Create Neon Type in Illustrator

teacher avatar Andrew Brooks, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Neon Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Appearance Panel Magic

    • 4. Design Your Sign

    • 5. Animate in Photoshop

    • 6. One More Sign

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make live, editable neon type in Adobe Illustrator. I'll be teaching you how to use the Appearance window to apply effects to your text. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Brooks

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Graphic Designer and Creative Arts Pastor

Instagram: @andrewbrooks05

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1. Neon Introduction: Hey, guys. My name is Andrew Brooks, and I'm a graphic designer from the Atlanta area. Neon signs have been around for a while now, and its cool factor really seems to be back on the rise. Or maybe it's cool. Factor never left. And maybe I'm just not realizing how cool neon looks. But either way, neon sounds like awesome, and they could be really fun to design with. So in this class, I'm going to teach you how to make me on type and illustrator. I'll teach you how to make the effect. Using the appearance panel inside of Adobe Illustrator, our project will be to make my fun and creative neon sign. Once we have our son made will take it into photo shop to make an animated GIF so that you can show all your friends how smooth you are with design. Let's have some fun. Let's light up the night with some neon 2. Getting Started: I guess. So. Let's jump on in and make some money on type. So we're gonna We're not gonna be making this sign that you see here. We're gonna be making a little bit more creative sign a little more. A lot more fun. I want you to for your project. Like I said before, when you come up with something fun, something creative, um, for me, I'm gonna make a funny business name, and I'm gonna walk you through. How did that or how I do that And I'm gonna post a few more in the projects that have worked on now. Um, but ah, you couldn't do something fun with your name. You can do something like a quote. You could do a business. You could do a favorite song. Me? The possibilities are endless. Just have fun with it. Um, and, uh, we'll see what happens. I'm really excited to see some of these sons. Especially when we make some quick animated gifs out of him. So let's jump on in. Let's go ahead and make sure you're in the illustrator window. I was just in quick time, so make sure you're an illustrator. Goto foul New and I'm going to be creating this one at 1920 by 10. 80. And that's it. 72 BP. I'm going to name this one road kill grill, and that's gonna be roadkill Grill. You kill it, we grill it. Just go have a little fun with it. Could create. All right, all is good. So let's we just need to start up with a foundation. So with neon, you know, it likes to ah, neon tends to do better when there's some contrast Dark room. So we're gonna give this a dark background. I'm just gonna put it on a black background for now. So what I did there it was a stroke. Sometimes that comes default. No. And so I don't want to stroke. I wanted to be a feel. And so I just click this little, but in here will make sure that comes forward. We're gonna grab our rectangle tool. Hold right here until we kind of clicks in drag from corner to corner. There we go. Going swatches attended like this. Little bit darker, grey. Just for now. Now we need to get some type in there so we'll go over here to your type tool. You can either click the tea over there for your type toe, or you can hit the keyboard shortcut tea, and it will go to your type toe click somewhere type in whatever it is that you're wanting to create. I'm going with roadkill. That is not the fun that I want to use. I have a fun I don't want to use. It is called Bayshore. It's got It's just got a nice, like eighties and nineties feel to it, and I'm all about the eighties nineties Right now it looks good for looks good with with the Neon look, and I'm gonna go over here to my swatches panel. And if you don't see your swatches panel, come up here to a window and go down to swatches. And also, if you don't see your character panel to be able to select what fun you want, you can most the time when Europe here, with your type, this comes up. But if you want to do any more editing, you would need to go to window type character and that would come up and so we want to change his color. That black is not in the young color. So we're gonna select this red over here. That's perfect. And then, um, we could I want to add Rocchi also on that grill and that is others okay in there. Let's double click in there. Put that kid in there. All right, so we got roadkill, and then we need to add grill in there, and so I could come back over here to the type tool, and I could click over here and make a new one. Or I can simply drag this down by going by clicking on it, holding on, letting go of your mouse. Oh, don't know what's happening there. Sorry. It just wigged out. Don't let that for you. I still did the same thing. I'm not sure why that did that. Um, and so let's let's just do that again. Roadkill Click It dragged it. Hold option. Lego. There you go. So now, obviously, I don't want it to be the same fun. You might want it to be the same thought, but I do not just go over here. I'm gonna pick, uh, have a near and let's go to go medium. I'm gonna shrink this down the way that I'm doing that is I'm holding shift when I drag in and I want to go over here to my character panel and I want to turn all caps on on all these to be all those letters to be all caps and we're going to rename it surreal. Select a different color. I like this blue color here, so just go Just watches. It's like that and let's see most space it out a little bit. I don't like the way it kind of just leaves right here. Night may be here a little bit. I might want to come back in here and put something. We'll play with it, but mainly I just want to teach you how to do this. So this may look a little different. Azzawi progress. And as I decide to change things in between videos, but you get the idea. So, um, we're at a place where I wanna spread these out. Go to your current ing. I'm gonna short that The a symbol is I just know that it currents and spread your letters out. I don't know what the actual warding is. Um, sure. 200 looks great. All right, So the important part is is we want to keep this true type. We want. We want to be able to go back in here and edit it at any point. And that's the beauty of this. So now that we have, you know, our foundation here, we got something to start with. Now we will jump into our parents panel, and this is where the magic really happens. 3. Appearance Panel Magic: All right, so now let's jump into the appearance panel this. Like I said, this is where the fun starts. This is where the neon effect really comes to life. For me, the appearance panel lives right here. It's this little sunshine looking icon. Now, if you don't see that, the same is true for all of these Goto Window And you can find all your windows right here and we're looking for appearance. Now, you see that? It's not check, and it is over here. But this means that it's not an open window. So this is a collapse window right now, so we'll open it up and we leave. We're gonna leave it open for a little bit. So we're gonna click on roadkill. And you see that? Nothing. There's nothing that really pops up in there. There's nothing that's living in here right now. Now we could click on opacity and we can drag it down. You can see how you see if you can start to see through it here. We want to leave that up. So this is where we start to build things into it. No. If you've ever looked at, if you've ever looked at neon. Some signs there's almost like a little white inside a dome. It's almost It's kind of deceptive because it there's many times that it looks the light looks white, but the glow around it is what gets the color. And, um and so now we're not. This is not a full 100% accurate beyond effect, but it will. It will be close enough. Everybody will know exactly what you're trying to do. It will look good, but obviously it's a graphic design. It's not a true neon sign, so keep that in mind, but it's still gonna look good. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go down here to this affects FX button, click it down. Just gonna drop down with a large menu. We're going to live in style eyes area, and obviously you can see there's tons of things that you can do. Here it is, it's vast. We're gonna hang out right here and style eyes. And I'm just going to show you what you can do with this just with a couple options selected. So we're gonna go stop stylized, and we're gonna add a little bit of a white nous into the center of this two stylized inner glow. And I wanted to be white. Now, when you click on the white, it brings up the color. Obviously, you could go down through here and pick anything you want. I'm gonna leave a wife now. Something important to to know As you're going through here. You really want to be able to see what you're doing. And you can't do that if you If you start to adjust things, you can't see it. See, nothing's happening. Um, and that's because you need to hit preview here and you see how you see how, as soon as I did that now, once, once you've previewed it, it's made the change. Really? So once you had preview, there's no going back unless you had canceled. So if you cancel your back to normal, let's go back to that again. Style eyes in her Globe preview. I want to be able to see it so you see the past is all the way to 100%. I think that I want to bring that now. I don't want that white. That's way too white. Um, let's just keep bringing it down, I think 20 to 30%. And like I said, sometimes all these we're gonna look a little bit different. You're just gonna get the idea, Um, and just play with it. I mean, just really just do what you think looks best. Um, let's see. Start messing with the blur and you can really see it when you if you go back up, you can learn. The lower you get, the further it goes, Um, you see, it start to blur out. So the lowered is the wider the wider is the more color that's there, the more your blur is, the more that color blurs out. So I want to live right down in there somewhere. But I want to bring that opacity back down to around 30. It is to have a little white. We want to leave in the center. If you put it on the edge, that just doesn't look right, and it's gonna leave it around the edge. And that's not what we want. Not for this effect. So keep on center will hit. Okay. All right. So you can already see that we have that we're working with something. It's already changed and you can go right here. And at any point, you could turn these effects off and see your original text. So you see, we got just a little bit. We got a little bit lighter in there. You could see it around the edges. There still is still red around the edges, but there's a little bit of a white down, and they're obviously when I hover over it, it's letting you see the text to be able to edit it. But you can see in the middle there that it is white. There a lighter color. It's not white. We're just we're shading with white. So now we want to get that outer glow. We're going to do this in two steps we're gonna add to outer glows Well, at one first, took a stylus go to outer glow. Now we want a red that similar appear. It doesn't have to be perfect, Um, so you can see your right as soon as we hit preview. It's going to start giving a glow this blue, but we don't want a blue glow. We want a red glow. Um, so let's go. Just go right in there somewhere and you can see you just just I mean, just play with a little bit. Let's go up to 100% and see what that looks like. The the the blending mode is going to matter. Tom screen looks good. I have found that screen and hard light tend to look the best one in creating this neon effect. And so that's where I'm gonna hang out. I'll either be and I'll either be screening it or I'll be blending it with a hard light. And so I want to bring that blur way down. You're gonna see it start to kind of draw in. But when I mean to go back up, you see the tighter you get, the more that color kind of comes out. You see that? That's kind of what I want. I want that. I want that that nice red glow around it. So, um, I might even draw it in a little bit more amount drawn, and you may want to take it back out to 15 20%. But I kind of want, uh I mean pixels, not percent. But I kind of want that defined line, but not so defined. Not not that that might were actually, but there needs to be some glow around it. There needs to be something off the edge there. So that I mean, that actually works 10. Somewhere around in there that works. Obviously you pick what you want. I'm just showing you the effect I said, okay. And again, remember, I could turn the inner glow off, and you may find that you like that. Better that that looks more neon glow. You may like that better you could turn the outer go off in turn both off. Now, we're still fully edible. So I could go in here and change this if I wanted to change it to anything. Um, so I don't want to do that, but it is edible. You can edit this text at any time. And so let's let's add another one on here. So we want to dio at another, gonna drop down stylus and outer glow again, preview and you see, all right, now it's really like That's That's a lot. We don't want that. This is where you may want changes. Change it a little bit. Um, I don't think so. I think that I think the hard light works Now you may where you may want to trash screen and feel free to explore, um, mess around any of those You never know what you might figure out. Someone pull the capacity way down on this way down. I'm gonna take the blur up, Teoh. About 50 or 60%. And this is really this is really where the like background comes in. Obviously, we got the neon right here on the edge. It's got that kind of hard line there, and then this is the out than second outer glow. So we got the main text with the inner glow. Then we have that second outer glow the nice ring around it right here. And then we have this outer glow out here. That's what we're looking for. I like that. I like the way that looks at least forgetting the started here. So we hit. Okay? And remember, at any point you can turn these off and you go right back to where you are and you can delete them. Um, not old. I don't want to do that. Command Z, don't do that. But you can believe him. You could turn him off or you can believe that. So now we're gonna do the same thing to grill. And actually, I want to show you a little trick with these. And a lot of times you get the neon signs that kind of look, um, like a bubble text. That's probably about always say that, but hollow where it's stroked. Bubble was not the right way to say that, Um stroked. And it's not There's no feel in there. And so I want to show you how to do that. So first we're gonna go, we're gonna click grill or whatever word it is that you're wanting to do. And we're going to simply swap the fill in the stroke by clicking this little era right here to the left for a minute. Switch those over. Perfect. I want to pull that stroke up just a little bit on a little thicker now. Neon tens to be curved. Those are another pipe, sir. It's neon gas running through there, and so you don't have hard, harsh turns. And so that's another thing that we can do in the appearance panel. So I'm gonna add a rounded corner effect to these. You'll see him in these corners, it's gonna effect stylized again. We're going around corners. What preview? And you can see right away that it curved these on display. You know, I like five. I feel like that looks goods. Got a nice curve to it. We'll keep that. They're perfect. So now we want to add the The three glows to this. We want to add that inner glow. You may find that smaller you get, the less that inner globe matters. But we're gonna add it for the sake of this class stylus, inner glow. We want it white preview it. And you see, it doesn't Didn't really didn't really do much there, and that's okay, um, with it being so with it being so small, it's gonna be hard to see that in your glow. So we can really just ignore that. You could see it doesn't really change it for their, but you may not want to do it that way. You may want, um, solid text, and then you wouldn't need the inter glove, so we would add that outer glow. Now go to stylus outer glow preview. No, we don't want it to be read. Don't want it to be read. So we're going Teoh, Go. Um What about thinking? Sorry, I wasn't thinking there for a second. We're gonna find a blue and yeah, so let's take that back up. Bring that blur way down. There it goes. You could see it coming in now. And a lot of times, what you could do is you can find go back and see what this one waas. So was this first outer glow 100% and 10 pixels. Well, you may figure out that that's what you want to do here. So go, Ara, go. 100% go. 10 pixels. Keep keep things the same. You could see the glow there. Now let's do it again. So now we have this, uh, go back to roadkill. Let's see, we have, um, 30 and 60 for the 2nd 1 So let's try it for here. FX style eyes. We want to inter glow. I don't remember what I just said. Go back in. Let's sorry about that. 30 and 60. Inner glow, No outer glow. I'm sorry. Losing my mind here. Her glow preview. There we go. Now we're now we're cooking with fire here. We want to bring that out or glow down, lighten it up a little bit. You may want to leave it close to the same. We're going to bring that down quite a bit. 30. And I think we did 60. I look at that. See, now we're looking like we have some me on going on here. So remember, at any point you can go in and change this word, you can take these effects off and it's fully edible. You can fully customize that. So now that we have our roadkill grill, um, it's starting. It's starting to come together. It's starting to look like a neon sign. There's still a few things that we need to do. Um, but that's the main effect. That's the main neon life type effect. Now, toe make this a little more convincing. We need to do some things. That background we're gonna make want to show you how to make it blink. I'm gonna continue toe put. Put this sign together. Um, so keep going. Keep tracking with me, and we're gonna have Ah, pretty awesome sign here shortly 4. Design Your Sign: All right, so let's keep going. Let's keep moving into this signing. This is for me. This is where it gets fun. So, um, I just for me personally, I want to get that background in there. That kind of makes us a little bit more convincing. And so I have found one at unspool ash dot com. Just type in a brick wall, and this is the one I like to use right here named. Certainly use any one of these that you want. I'm going to use this one. Download it. Yep. Go into my downloads. And I'm just going to drag it into my file. So there it is. Zoomed out the when That was a really big just No. I zoomed out by using command minus. And so we will drag, click and hold shift, draggin, click, hold, shift dragged in. I just want to get this closer to the actual size. Now. Obviously, that's in front of everything, and we don't want it to be in front. But one thing that I want to do is I I'm ah o c d about having things outside of my art board when I don't have to and so I want you kind of want to crop that down, mask it off. And so what I'm gonna do is I know that this area is 1920 by 10 80 because that's what we set it up. As so I'm going to grab my rectangle tool and double click and look, it brings up. It's already. I don't know if that's the last thing that I put in, or if that's just because that's the document that we have set up. But that's the size I want. So if this is not the size, you won't go ahead and change it to whatever it is that your art board is. If you want a crop this out, your mask it out, hit okay and then we're going to use are aligned toe to align this toe to the art board. So you're Alon Window, and if you don't see your lie window, make sure that it's on up here. Goto window a line and make sure that a line to is checked to art board. It's check to the selection. It's it's not gonna do anything because we don't have another selected object to compare it to So I want to go toe aligned our board. And when you click on that, you want to hit horizontal A lot of left, You could go center. We're going to allot it to the left here, and then we're gonna line up to the top. You watch what happens. So align left, pops it in place over here, and they were going to align to the top. And then that puts it right in where we wanna be. Um, and let's see here. So now what we want to do you want to click on the on the box that we just made. We were shift, click on the brick wall and then we want to right click on the box that we made and hit Make create clipping mask and you see how they cut that down. Now we want to use command shift left Iraq to move it to the back. All right, now we don't see it. What's the problem? All right. That's because this layer we need to blend it. We need to add a blend mode to that. And so we're gonna do is we're gonna go appear to transparency Window. And if you don't see it. Go appear to your window and to transparency. And right here is your blending modes and just play with him. See? Which one do you like? Better go dark in. That doesn't really do anything. You don't see it. Go to multiple. All right, Now you can faintly see that brick wall back there. That's what I like. You can goto color burn. That doesn't look accurate at all. So we're just gonna hang out with Multiply? Yes, we're gonna be. And now it looks like it's actually on a wall, which kind of cells it a little more. It makes it look more real. So my command Plus to zoom in a little bit. All right, so I want to make this look a little bit more like a sign now. And I didn't add the, uh I didn't have the, uh you kill it, we grill it a lot. So I'm gonna go ahead and do that, and I'm just gonna drag this down by holding option as I click and drag and it just makes a copy of it. And so, um, we're gonna put it right down here now. Haven't done this before. and I'm not like I said I might change it. You kill it, We real it. All right. And we're gonna make that really small. You can see now that don't take those periods out. You can see every of that. Now that that doesn't really look, that looks way too thin. And so all we're gonna do is we're gonna switch us back. We're gonna swap it back, and now it looks a little bit more, a little bit more accurate. Another thing that I want to do. I'll show you real quick how we can. We're just gonna play with it. You can make this are bigger. So what we're gonna do, we'll highlight it and discover here to your fought size. Set the font size. Make sure that only that one's selected and then hold shift and just click it. You see that it starts getting bigger and what we can do with that is now, hold option and use your down arrow key. Oh, no, That's not working. I apologize. That thought that you store it. Maybe not. So ignore what I just said. Come over here to set the baseline and hit. Hold your shift button. Ignore that. Hold your shift button and click down and look, it kind of moves down and fills that gap May like it. You may not. I'm not a huge fan of it. Let's undo that. But that's an option that you have. I'm just hitting command Z from back. There we go. Um, So, actually, you know what? I want to change that. Let's move that down. Right here. Uh, we'll keep it. We'll keep it. It's are You can tell my designer, the designer in me is wanting Teoh correct everything, and that's just not necessary right now. All right, So we I want to change the color and so much I had to do that. So click on that. I wanted to be a yellow, and obviously now it's not showing. It's not looking like yellow. That's because we need to come in here that we need to change our appearance. We gotta change this. The outer glows to reflect the yellow. So right now it's doing blue. Let's go down to yellow. OK, that looks outer glow. Um, preview. Let's do it yellow again. Okay. All right. She that's not too bad. And now I want to. I just want to add I want to add something else in here. And I was thinking like a sunshine or something. You know, Roadkill grill gets really hot. Everybody's passed a dead animal before, and it just smells terrible. And that's because it's baked out in the nice, nice hot sun. All right, that's getting disgusting. I apologize. So I want to add a son. I want to show you how to do that. So we wanted to be a stroke, and I wanted to kind of, you know, follow along with this And what I want to do is I want to swap those way. We want it to be around seven points, and now we just want to take that circle and I wanna hold shift. Is that drag? Don't put it right here somewhere. Perfect. No, I am not wanting it to look like that. I'm actually going to cut this circle. And so if you go right up here under your eraser tool, you will see your scissors. And so anywhere on this circle. Now you can cut. So we're gonna cut there. It will cut. Some arrived there. So now we can go eat that whole part of that. We got, like, a little sunshine kind of thing going on right here. And normally, you know, I want the rays to come up here, and it was a little sunshine raise. And there was a way to do that to make it perfect. I'm not going to get into that today. I'm just going to draw some rays and I'm gonna take my Pimental and we have the same options. It's it's gonna continue to create this at the same thing that we just made with same stroke. So do that. And now I don't want it to Ah, you know what? Actually, let's do that. Nope. Chairman, I want straight. I want straight lines. So just hit. If you want to move without connecting, just like without it doing this, you certainly could do it like that if you wanted to. That looks terrible. I don't want to do that. So I just want single lines, some of his escape, and later there. Now it's done. Escape. Draw another one escape. Try another one escape. Draw another one escape. All right, so there is a good chance that I will fix these, um, in between videos, I just for my sanity, but you get the idea. So now we want to turn this into more neon. So we're gonna select all these, and I want to show you something. First, we want to make sure that the that it's that it looks as accurate as we can. And so what I want to do is I want to put a round cap on this, so go to stroke round, cap. You see, it adds that round cap to it. Perfect. Now, I could, um, go back into the appearance of this, and I could add everything that we just did, or I'm actually gonna group these together, command g group those together. So now that it's all everything that we're about to do to the appearance channel will affect all of the's instead of individually. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go over here to our eyedropper tool and eyedropper tool is one of my best friends. So we're just gonna hit high on the keyboard, and that brings up our eyedropper toe, or it lives right here. So you hit. I own your on your keyboard for, um you can find it over there. Okay, so there's some settings that we need to to go through to make sure that what we're about to do works. So I want you to hit inner just while you're not. You haven't selected anything. All you've done is select your eyedropper tool and enter. That brings up your options. So what we're wanting to do is we're wanting to copy this. Look onto here. And so we want the appearances to come over. And so this is where we we figure that out. So the appearance is being the eyedropper picks up the appearance, and the eyedropper applies the appearance. And so we want to make sure the appearance is selected on both of those for now. Hit. Okay, we're going to select. Go back to your era, Select the sunshine or whatever it is that you're wanting to do. Now, if there's anything that you want to do, the same color hit I on your keyboard and go select the other object. Now, what just happened was that that switched. Um, it's switched our someone from a stroke to a feel. That's okay. You may come across that I wasn't paying attention. But that's a really good learning. Uh, that moment. So what we'll do is all the effects that came over. All we have to do now is go hit back to our fill and stroke. We're going to swap it, and we're just going to put this back up to seven. And it should be right back where we were. Let's check it. Okay, now, you see, when we did that, we lost our around caps, so let's just go right back up here. Round caps. That was my fault. But now we know how to do it. And actually, as I'm looking at this now, I want to take off road kill or ah, you kill it, We grill it and let's just do you know what? It's okay. It doesn't have to be perfect. For now, we're just learning. I'm sorry, guys. I'm just picky. So now we have a So we have a somewhat finished son. Now, we just need to make this. We just need to make this blink to make it a little more realistic about to show you how to do that. We're gonna do that in photo shop 5. Animate in Photoshop: okay, As you can see, it made a few changes, wasn't quite happy with it. Just the pickiness design. Picking this. I wanted to look a little different. So there's there's there's a few things we need to do in Illustrator before we've into photo shop where we animate it. And it's super simple. So you just need to decide what parts of your son you want on or off at any point in time. And so what I want to happen is I want pretty much everything on all the time except for roadkill. And I want road kill in a blink and it's just simple. Now you get it. You could you could make the sun shine blink You could make you kill it We grill it It could make family anything. So what we want to do, I'm wanting I'm morning roadkill to blink and so I'm going to zoom out. I'm gonna go to my art board tool. You can You can also find that by hitting shift. Oh, I'm gonna hold option and I'm gonna click and drag holding shift as well. So shift option. I'm a drag over. Copy it perfect and all. I want to do is going to the 2nd 1 and we're basically just turning this off. That is the way we're gonna do that. So select roadkill. Goto our parents. I want to turn all of these off. And I want Teoh. Why that de select? There we go. And then I want to find, like, a dark gray color. It looks very faint, actually. Wanted a darker than that. All right, so you see, roadkill is out. There's nothing. There's no there is no appearance effects in there. And so what? We're gonna do not save this as road kill one, and actually, it will export like that already. So we're just gonna do you name it on both. Perfect. So now that you can, you can see what we have working with. We're working with here, demonstrators bugging out. I don't know what to do in that. All I did was their mouth Zoom in That went away. He saw that little weird thing over here. So now we're going to export these two things. So we're gonna go foul export as or go j picks. I use P and G's a lot. We use J pegs Will dio use art boards, range one and two and hit export. Everything looks good there. Okay? And so now we want to go into photo shop, and this is where we're gonna animate, sign and make it. Looks like it's a working neon sign. So you can see this is when I've already made Brooks custom guitars and you can see what's going on here. And I'm gonna show you how to do this with the sun that we just made, I'm going to show you the process of that. So let's go to file new and we want to do it. 1920 1980 the same size. I would call this road kill girl. Everything looks good. 1920 10 80 72 with the same thing. It's all the same. And you may not see this down here, and I'm gonna show you how to get there. And so we want to find your fouls. So I know where mine are. Him and me on type. Um, so just wherever you saved those two files, wherever you exported them to, we want to drag him into our Photoshopped document up here, okay? And OK. And so you want to look at timeline. So Tom Lines, not there. Now it's a window timeline and we want to create a frame animation. You may see that you're says, create video, Tomlin. We won't create frame animation. So we're gonna click that and you see that this pops up. So whatever you do over here, to your layers is what is going to reflect here. So if I turn off this layer now, this reflects and it's that if I turn this back on, then it's on. So the way that we're going Teoh I'm gonna turn it off because I want this one to be. I want the off to be first and we're going to add another. So you see this little button down here? We're gonna add another frame, and they were just gonna turn that one on and then let's repeat it. You could This is good enough. This can work for what we're doing, but like if you want to, I figured out today actually, if you want to put this on instagram and export it, Instagram doesn't like when you post gifts, so it has to be a video and, um, it needs to be at least three seconds, and so we want to make it a little bit longer. So we'll add another one and it will turned off at another one. Turn it on at another one off at another one, turn it on. And so now we want Teoh. Just go in here. Let's do half seconds. We got six of them. So that should We're setting the time that it spends on each one of these images to 1/2 2nd And you see, here, this is forever. That's that's how many times is gonna play back so you can do three times. So it'll play through three times. I like forever because it's just going to go and go and go and go. And that's really what gifts. That's what we want gets to look like, especially these. And so now let's hit play and see what it looks like. All right, you may find that that's a little too fast, a little too much. So let's go in here and lets you can. You can customize it. Let's do one second, one second, one second in one second and let's delete these do. Let's try it now. I like that one. It's not as in your face. It's It's not as harsh. It is kind of a slow blink, and I like that. It's better. So now we have a working GIF. Now how do we export that? So what we'll do is we'll go up here to file, we'll go to export and we want to save for Web legacy. Now, this is going to export the gift. Um, so it's safer. Web. I have found that the normal settings for these work So when it comes up, this is what I have over here. I haven't changed anything for these toe work safe. It's going to save it in my neon type skill share class. You say that obviously wherever you want, and then we go into Now we have roadkill grill gift. I'm just gonna open it up, check it out, and that will roll in and run and run and run forever. Now, if you want to put that on Instagram, what you will do is, um, you'll come up here to file and you can resize this if you need to. Um, you could change your canvas size to make it instagram size or you can. I mean, this will even work. Go to file export. Now you want to render video? I also found that the default settings worked Just fun. Somebody hit render It takes just a few seconds and then you will be able to upload this to Instagram. You see, Now it's an MP four. Open it up. It plays like a video to play a few times and it's gonna stop, but instagram will continually loop that. 6. One More Sign: Hey, guys, Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I really hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that you learn something and I hope that you had fun. And if you did, please leave a review. Guys, you you don't know how much that helps. It also helps other students find this class and enjoy it just like you did. Guys, I will see you in the next class. Have a good one.