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How to Create Instagram Ads Like a Boss

teacher avatar Rachel Beaney, Social and Digital

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Instagram

    • 3. Why use Instagram Ads

    • 4. Instagram Ad Considerations

    • 5. The Key Features of an Instagram ad

    • 6. Online Advertising Basics

    • 7. Planning Ad Content

    • 8. Planning Ad Delivery

    • 9. Power Editor Basics

    • 10. Opportunities for Targetting ads

    • 11. Connecting To Business Manager

    • 12. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Content

    • 13. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Submission

    • 14. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Audience

    • 15. Reviewing Your Analytics

    • 16. Course Complete

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About This Class


Do you want to create powerful Instagram ads for your business?

  • Do you want to learn to use social media to advertise?
  • Are you looking to expand your marketing efforts to Instagram?
  • Would you like to reach a new audience?
  • Would you like to increase traffic to your website?
  • Or gain more Instagram followers?

This course covers…

In this course, you will learn how to create content for your Instagram ads, how to target your ads and see how to deliver an ad end-to-end using Facebook’s Power Editor tool to serve ads.

You’ll learn the basics of online advertising, including CPC, and you’ll learn how to analyse your results to see if they’ve been successful.

Free Resources Section:

Your Visual Instagram Ad Planner (PDF download)

Your Instagram Ads Planning Document (PDF download)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rachel Beaney

Social and Digital


Rachel Beaney is a freelance digital media specialist, with a wide variety of experience in creating multimedia projects, social media and online content.

She has worked as an editor, a social strategist, on social media execution, community management and real-time social media integration. She is fluent in creating engaging content, with a solid technical understanding of the web.

She’s worked on social media campaigns for big names like Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans, Network Ten, MasterChef Australia and more.

Rachel is passionate about teaching in a friendly and accessible way and helping people get the most out of digital and social media for their businesses.

Rachel lives in Sydney, Australia and in her spare time, creates clay animation.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, Welcome to the course. My name is Rachel Blaney, and I'm a social and digital media specialist. Today's course is about how to create instagram ads. I'm going to run through the entire process of creating instagram ads and to wind we'll be looking at the content. How did loaded into Facebook's power editor and how to serve those abs? We'll also have a look at the basics of online advertising and how to look at your analytics to see if your ad was a success. But before we go any further, I would just like to remind you that if you're going to follow one with this lecture, you need to have an INSTAGRAM account set up for your business and a Facebook page set up for that same business. For many of my lectures, I've got additional content associated with many of my lectures. Let's to help you with that you're learning it might be and worksheet or a Pdf. You can download or linked to an external website where you can learn more. If you're ready to dive in and learn more about instagram abs, then let's head on to the next lecture 2. What Is Instagram: Let's start off with a look around Instagram so we can get to know each of the features of Instagram before we get started with INSTAGRAM ads. As you can see, Instagram is an imaged based website. People post images and videos into their feats, which other people subscribe to. It's mostly and mobile based website rather than Web based, so the majority of users use it on their mobile devices. When we had to someone's profile page, we can see that there is a profile picture. I use the name and the buyer in the buyer. You can add a URL to your website. When you post a photo to Instagram, you can see the user name at the top off who posted the photo. That user would have posted up with a caption or description about that photo. They may have also added some hash tags to the photo. Hashtags are traditionally used to group similar ideas together, such as a tag which describes what city you're in or were a Ventura Culturally, it also can be used as a descriptive term. The photo also has comments from other users who follow that account with their responses to the photo. So what are the key features of Instagram? It's mostly in Amy sharing platform. Businesses can also set up accounts, posting pictures that people can subscribe to. People can also relocate the photos at your business, and pictures can be tagged with hashtags to level the location, topic or fame. 3. Why use Instagram Ads: What are the benefits of using INSTAGRAM advertising? If your product is already very visually appealing, it is perfect for the medium of instagram. Instagram is focused around having rich, high quality images. So if you can appeal, your product went to an audience that loves visual images than it's perfect Instagram. If your product is targeting a younger demographic, you may have more luck using Instagram than other platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. One of the key benefits of Instagram advertising is that it's powered using Facebook's power editor. Instagram was bored out by Facebook recently, which means that it has the benefit of using Facebook's advanced advertising targeting system. When we have a look at Facebook's power editor, we can see that there are a lot of opportunities for specific demographic targeting. We can see that the advertising targeting tool can focus using location such as country, state city, your postcode. You can tug it using demographics, which could be age, gender, relationship, status, education or workplace. You can target people using their interests and hobbies based on things they like. It could be the favorite movie or the favorite actor. It could be the kind of electronics stay by, and it also has some capability to target people based on behaviours, which might be things like products have recently bought. So one of the benefits of using Power editor is that you can combine each of these features to provide ads which are really detailed in targeting towards the audience You want. Some of the demographics of instagram is quite useful when you're considering ad targeting . Over half the people who used instagram are under the age of 30 with a slight female skew. Most people who use instagram have finished high school or some university. The Instagram audience are mostly a younger audience. They may own less overall, but they might have a higher disposable income, which means that it's a great platform to focus on products and services, which target a younger demographic. That isn't to say that people over the age of 30 don't use instagram. It just means they're higher concentration of younger uses on the platform and have both keeping in mind what demographics air from the platform. When you're thinking about using INSTAGRAM ads 4. Instagram Ad Considerations: one of the key things to keep in mind with Instagram is your hitting into a social network that has its own culture. What that means is that when you're creating answer for Instagram, you need to be mindful of what things that community finds important. Instagrammers find visually rich and enticing image is very important, So if you're creating ads, they don't have strong images or covered in text or look like a traditional advertisement. You may struggle to get convergence because you haven't considered the kinds of people that use instagram and the things that they find important. When you're creating ads for Instagram, consider looking at what kinds of things people organically post on instagram and use those for inspiration. Do your best to suit the culture of instagram when you're creating your ads. When you're creating the INSTAGRAM ad, you need to consider that some people might click through to your website. But other people might click through your instagram account. You need to make sure that the account that you're sending your INSTAGRAM ads from is up to scratch. Make sure that it's professionally branded. It's got your profile picture looking clean and reflective of your business. You put a user name and your description is filled out. And make sure you have some content on your page in the same way that you wouldn't launch a website without content. You don't want to drive people to an INSTAGRAM account that empty. You want people to find out about your business, and this is another opportunity for people to engage with your business and subscribe to INSTAGRAM account. So when you're creating your ads, make sure that your INSTAGRAM account is ready to have people see it. 5. The Key Features of an Instagram ad: Let's have a look at the key features. Often Instagram ad African. See, It looks very similar to your regular instagram post. You got your user name of who posted the ad. You've got the picture, which is in the ad. You've got the description, and then you got two features which are not in regular instagram posts. You've got the call to action button here, which is the only area in this post which links through to your selective website. The call to action button can be customized with one of up to six phrases. And then, of course, you got your sponsored label at the top, which lets people know that it's an ad. Let's have a look at how each of these features can be broken down. When you're thinking about how to create your instagram ad, the first thing you do need to consider is what account you go into posted from. Think about what your account logo is and your user name. So it's nice and clear some people might not click on your your L for more information. There might click on your profile, and they might follow your account, so make sure that your INSTAGRAM account looks professional in case people visit there rather than your you morel. The next thing you should keep in mind is the image. Now Instagram images are best designed when they're a square shape designed it 600 pixels by 600 pixels. This is something that should be visually engaging. You can add things like text, and there's no rules in instagram against them. But keep in mind, the culture of instagram is one where visually rich images are prioritized in terms of how people engage with that content. So consider that when you're selecting your image, the description that you use can be anything you'd like to put in. There. You can put in text and hashtag x. One of the things to keep in mind is that if your text is any longer than around 96 characters, it will actually be cut off with dots saying Read more so If you want your key message to be read within the ad, you should make sure your 1st 5 or 10 words have all the essential information you need for your ad with your call to action button. You wanna have a think about where you want that you are all to be directing people to. It might be your home page or think about whether there's another page on your website, which is more relevant. It might be a booking form, or it might be a case study. Think about how you want people to move from instagram to your site and how you have relates to what they land on. Finally, have a think about what you want that cold action text to be. You can select from a variety of options of what it could be. It could state apply now book now contact US doughnut now download. Learn more shot now signing a watch Now all you could even remove the call direction, but entirely if what you're wanting to do is create an ad that's about branding and exposure instead of website conversions, just a summarised. The key things you need to keep in mind when you're designing your instagram ad, have a think of your user name and the profile picture. Think about how it will appear to people when they're saying you after the first time. Is it a clear reflection off your business with your image make sure it's rich and visually engaging. Try and selected Image, which best suits the culture off instagram so that people who are on instagram are more likely to engage with it. With your description, consider putting your key information in the 1st 5 or 10 words because anything above 96 characters will be cut off when you first see the ad. Finally think about what copy you wanna put on your cold action button and where you want that you are all to go. Think about where is the best landing page of where you want people to land. When they come to your website, it might not be your home page, so consider how do you want people to travel from instagram through to your website? So now I want you to spend a moment to think about each of these features what account you're going to be posting it from. What picture will be using what's your description and where would your call to action? But I'll be linking to in the results of section I'm going to download. It is a template of the key things you need to keep in mind when designing your Instagram ad. So have a look in the results of Section and sit down for a minute and think about what are the key things you're going to keep in mind when designing, you'll add. 6. Online Advertising Basics: in this lecture, we're gonna run through the basics of Internet advertising so you can understand the metrics used when buying ants. We're going to cover what is CPC or cost per click on what we can do to make your cost per click cheaper. So let's run through. Ah ha. Pathetic away case study to help make this a bit clearer. Let's say that you are a wedding photographer. You've been a wedding October for years, and you're really interested in expanding your business to instagram ads. So let's say that you created your ad and you're ready to publish it. You got $100 that you're willing to spend to give this a go and see what happens. The ad tour will ask you who you want to target, too. So you say, Okay, I'll target toe women in Sydney. And let's just make the rages between 18 and 65. The advertising tool says Okay with $100 means you can reach 1000 women who are likely to see this ad. So you've got $100 you're going to reach 1000 women with this ad. However, what you might find is the only 100 woman in 1000 actually click on your ad, which means that this has pretty low accuracy. What this means is, if you divide that $100 you spent between each person that clicks on the end, that's $1. You've spent her click, and that is your cost. Per click is $1 and look that might not sound too bad, but if you want to read to a larger audience, that can actually add up to quite a lot of money. If you wanted to get one million women to click on your and that means it need to spend a $1,000,000 However, you can make your cost per click cheaper through better targeting. So let's go back to the drawing board and say that you got $100 you want to target women in Sydney. What happens if you then say OK, I want to target women in city, but just those who subscribe to Broad Weekly so you know that their women who were interested in weddings already it might again reach 1000 women. But what you might find is that 500 of these click on your red. That means that your cost per click is just 20 cents. And that means if you're wanting to reach a 1,000,000 women, you would only need to spend 200,000 instead of a 1,000,000. But it doesn't end there. What if you said okay, I'm going to target the sad. Just two women who were aged 30 to 35 who was subscribed to Broad Weekly might again target toe 1000 women. But you might find that 700 click, which again lowers your cost per click. So if you want to reach a 1,000,000 women, it is a lot cheaper because you've been a lot smarter with your targeting. So when you're thinking about your targeting for your instagram ads, make sure that you've really thought about your target audience because the better you target your ads, the cheaper your ads are to run 7. Planning Ad Content: in a moment. We're going to go through the entire process into end of setting up your instagram ad. We're gonna be creating the copy, and then we're gonna be programming it into power editor and then we'll be looking at the ad results when the ad has wrapped up. I've created a template document that I help you guide your thinking around how you can set up your instagram ad. It looks at the ad design and what content you wanna put in the ad as well as the ad targeting this will make the process a lot smoother when we get to power Editor because you've already thought about the key information that needs to be programmed in. I'm gonna create an example ad using the Klan Imation, Siri's The Adventures of Space Dog as my case study. So let's get started and filling the key information we need when my sitting up our ad. The 1st 1 is the instagram name. So you remember the instagram account that it set up from this still appears in the instagram ad. So have a think about what instagram account of yours is best suited for this. Generally you should have a business account where they should come from. But think about if you have multiple business accounts, which one will be most effective? The next thing we need to do is to elect an image. This image needs to be 600 by 600 pixels and size to be optimized for Instagram. So we've created one earlier that we've resized. So this image is ready to go for our instagram bed. The next thing we need to consider is what text we want in the ad. So this is the description down the bottom of the ad. Ideally, we want this to be under 96 characters. So what text do we want with the ad? In this case, we're looking at a short called action which relates to the image. In this case, we're going with what a space stuck on alligator man into Now find out and this is a push through to the YouTube channel where the Siri's exists. So of course this will be tied without called action. In this case, watch now would be the most appropriate because that ties in with the image and the coal direction and in this case again it is. What is their website? You are L for us. We're gonna push straight to YouTube because that's where we want people to engage. Without product, we could push it through to the adventurous based on website. But our objective here is to get more people watching this Siri's. So we're combining our caption image, a call to action button and out u R L altogether to drive conversions through to encouraging people to watch the series on YouTube. 8. Planning Ad Delivery: There are a few more components that we need to keep in mind when we're creating instagram ads. Now these are things including the campaign name, the and sent in aid and the ad name. So while these don't mean a lot to you now, this going to be very helpful. When we start setting up this ad in power editor, every ad needs to sit within and set and every onset need to sit within a campaign. So this could be very useful if you're coming up with an entire Siri's old Christmas abs and you'll wouldn't have similar properties to each other. And the old targeting the same audience is. However, if you're creating an individual ad or a Siris of individual adds that all have different audiences, you want them each to have a unique ad name AB settling and campaign name. When I'm creating my campaign names, I like to keep it actually pretty descriptive. So I know exactly worked about. I'll put something definitive, like the name of the campaign, So in this case, I call it Space Toe. I use the word campaign in the campaign just to keep it nice and unique and also put the date in there because I don't have anything unique toe ad with the answer. I'll do the same thing, but I'll change the onset and I might do the same thing with the ad name where I mentioned . That's an instagram at and the date so these could be whatever you want. This is all internal use for you only so that you can get an idea of what ad is going where . So feel free to name your campaign named Add names and asset names. Some of that you will remember for the next thing you want to think about is how long is your ad actually running for? Let's say that I want this to start go for a week, so I'm not have it on me first of January and I wanted to end on the 7 January, so the next thing we need to put him is our start and end times. So let's say I want my campaign to run for a week and I want to make the most of the time that people are awake. So I might say, first of January from 6 a.m. Through to the seventh of January just before midnight. So this means that my campaign is active during the times when people are up and awake. And I'm not spending money with this ad running when people on around, the next thing you need to think about is how much money you want to spend on your campaign . The first thing to keep in mind is that Facebook does have a minimum spend, which is generally a dollar a day. So if your campaign goes for a week, consider that you need to spend at least a minimum of $8. The other thing you should check for in your account in Power editor is whether your account is set to using US dollars or your local currency. If you're not in the United States, you might find a bit more challenging if you need to convert your currency first. But make sure you have a look to see what currency your Facebook account is set to. If your account is set to us dollars, just pop onto Google and do ah currency conversion to see how much money you're actually spending in your local currency. You don't want to think you're spending $8 you're really spending 18. So keep in mind the currently settings that your Facebook can't be set to when you're setting up your campaign, the next part is targeting. Now this is something that you can play with a bit more when you're in power editor. But it's good to have a think about before you actually get into it, because it's easy to get excited and target really broadly. So, for example, would they said, I want to talk about it just to Australia. I haven't target just males aged 13 to 17. Now Facebook actually can't target below the age of 13 because it's a breach of its guidelines to have anyone on Facebook below the age of 13. In the case of this animation, what I want to target is things like Wallace and Gromit and the Boxtrolls so successful clan Imation Siri's that might have some crossover audience. If I've got a Facebook page for this, I could just talk up these directly to people who like my Facebook page. When you get into Power editor, you can have a play with what options are available, but have a think about each of these categories. Hobbies, TV shows, magazines, movies, actors, shops or brands have a think about what kinds of things your target audience would be really interested in. Don't forget to use Facebook. Open graph search. If you'd like to know more about your demographic and you'd like some ideas, however, it's recommended to spend a small amount and test different audiences and different interests and see what Resonates wants to put a good idea. Which audience resonates the most with your product, you conserve more ads to them more effectively. 9. Power Editor Basics: Okay, now that we have got business manager set up M, I've got out instagram account set up to our Facebook page. What we can now do it, Set up our ad for Instagram. What I recommend you do is pull up the document you created earlier and refer to that when you're creating your INSTAGRAM ad, it will make it a lot faster and a lot easier. If you've worked out these details before we dive into creation process, the first thing you need to do is head to business dot facebook dot com and log in. It will redirect you to your business dashboard, where it will give you your most recent stats for your abs. If you run any to set up a new ad, you need to head to Facebook Power editor. And that's it in the menu in the Sign Bow. What you'll see in Power Editor is that there are quite a few menus here, but luckily you don't actually need to manage too many off them. There are a couple of things to keep in mind in terms of power editors navigation that will make this process a bit easier. The first thing is that a lot of features actually pop up from the right hand side bar. So if you select your most recent ad, you'll find that over here on the right hand side is little pencil tool. And that tolls out your most recent ad settings. It's not something you sports trade away, but when you do, it's really important. The next thing to understand is the way that Facebook divides up eggs. So on the bottom tier, we've got an individual ad on the tier above it. We've got add sets, and then above that is campaigns. As I mentioned earlier, your ad sits within an and set you add set sits within the campaign. So what you might find is that you've got a Siri's off campaigns, and maybe one might be all of your January campaigns all of your February campaigns, then your AB sets might be. This is an ad set for a female only demographic. On one might be a male only demographic and the abs of the individual ads in the ad copy you've got. So the idea of this being set up this way is so that if you got a lot of similar ads with similar demographics. It'll be easier to reserve those, however. In our case, we're creating a single ad, and that means that our ad ad set in our campaign is all going to be unique because it's all the one campaign. However, it's useful to keep in mind that you may want to serve and add to a similar audience in the future. So you may want to use demographic data that you've programmed add sets in the future for another campaign, but we'll go into that into a bit more detail as we go along. 10. Opportunities for Targetting ads: Is there a whole bunch of ways that we can actually target your instagram mints? We can think about location you can think about. Gender might even be age, But don't forget there are lots of other things that you can target using Facebook's Power editor as a resource, you might find that there are TV shows that your audience, which is that is a perfect use off targeting. Have a think about any magazines that they might want to read. You might have a particular brand that your audience engages with quite heavily. Maybe it's a game you might find that it's a movie that your audience engages quite heavily with. You could also do stores. Your audience might engage with a particular celebrity and, of course, tend to get about your competitors. You can also target your instagram at towards your competitors audiences, so there were heaps of opportunities when you're targeting on Instagram, Facebook's power editor means that you can target very specifically towards your audience. It's not just location, age and gender, but also down to details of things like what TV shows people watch what magazines or books , what brands or games identified with think about the stools or celebrities they identify with. And, of course, don't forget you can also target towards your competitors. One of the other tricks you can keep up your sleeve is using Facebook's open graph search to find out more about your demographics. So remember that INSTAGRAM ads uses Facebook's targeting in order to actually target the ads. So if you would like to find more about what things people in your specific group like you can use Facebook's open graph search, that's where you say I'm gonna find out more things that a particular group likes about this category. So, let's say, Well, director of Trouble, for example, when we say that he knows that a huge percentage of his audience loves the film Bridget Jones's Diary. So simply typing in what magazines, unlike for people who like Bridget Jones's Diary and Searching within Facebook, will come up with those search results Now. While this isn't ranked, it may give you some ideas on how you can target your audiences in new ways. So this search is really flexible, so you could do this. Four different groups for could be what people of a certain Facebook page like another Facebook page or what other brands they like or one of the books did like. It is an incredible, flexible search tool. So have it play with it to come up with some ideas and how you can better target some of your ads. 11. Connecting To Business Manager: If you have never created an ad on Facebook or Instagram, the first thing that you need to do is create a Facebook business account. What you need to do is head to business dot facebook dot com and had to create, account and followed the props. Once you've set up an account, you'll be given access to a dashboard where you can set up, create and manage your ends. Only need to do is follow the Wizard set up process to create your business account. Once you have signed up to business manager, what you find is your given access to the business manager dashboard. The most important part off business manager that you'll need for creating ads is the Power Editor Tool. You can find this in the side ball just here. We're going to create an ad in Power editor in the next lecture. The first thing you need to do before you do that is make sure your instagram account is set up to your Facebook business page. The easiest way to set out is to go to your Facebook page, hit to the settings in the top corner and then connect your INSTAGRAM account to your business page in the settings you can see in the left side ball is a section called instagram ads. When you click on that, you'll be given the option to add an INSTAGRAM account. You can eat that, add a new account or at an existing account, just follow the prompts to connect your instagram account to your business page. Once you've connected those, what you'll be able to do is create an ad in power editor that can then be targeted directly to use his own instagram. 12. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Content: in order to create an ad. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you're actually clicked on the ads level, which is the bottom most level off these three tears on the left hand side. Then you'll see the option to create ad appears in the top menu. From there, you just hit create ad. It will come up with a whole heap of settings around, what you want to name your ad campaign, your ad set and your ad. In this case, we want to create a new campaign and a new AB set, and then you add. This makes it a bit easier if we draw a wrong what we came up with earlier in a document where we have campaign name and add set and add name. This is all internal information just for you, so you can track where your ad is going. The first option you can switch is buying type from auction or fixed price. Auction is the best way to target your ads for a set period of time. There are many objectives that you can use when creating ads. However, you can only create an INSTAGRAM ad if you have clicks. Toe website mobile app installs all video views installed in this case, we're going to select clicks to a website. From here we just click create. What you'll see here is this is created and you add, which has come up in draft in our power editor. When we hit the little pencil total, this pops back and forth, so this is important to keep in mind because it can get a little bit tricky sometimes. This is where we need to add add settings. One of these slightly challenging parts of creating an add on instagram is that Facebook power editor will have you follow the path of what you need to do to create a Facebook ad and then in the final moment before he hit publish, it'll give you the option to serve the ad to instagram so you'll be going through the process. And filling in a lot of information is if you're creating an ad for Facebook. But Amauri, it'll serve to instagram in the end, but you do need to follow on the process to ensure it works. The first thing you need to do is select the Facebook page that you're associated with and your instagram account, the next thing you need to do is scroll down and create your ad olio. We wrote down the details that we want for our ad to make this process a bit easier. We already know where we want the ad to click through to someone we're entering. The URL or we need to do is popping the could through your URL off where we want that to go . There is also the option for including a display, Earl. However, this is only relevant if we're serving the ad to Facebook because it's not visible on instagram. So in this case, we can just leave it blank for text. This way you include the additional copy which comes up with your ad. You can also ate it the links metadata, including the headline and description. However, as this is visible only when we serve their to Facebook, we can leave it as default. The next thing I'm gonna do is select the image I'm gonna upload an image which I've already resized to the perfect size for Instagram. And of course, there's a cold action button and in this case I'm going to select. Watch more. So now give created the ad. You can see here an example off what this ad would look like if it were on Facebook. Obviously was serving. Decide to Instagram, but you can see there the essentials of it in the ad. The next thing we need to do is target this add to the right demographic. So if we minimize this ad copy, we're currently on the ad level. What we need to do is head up one level to the ad set level. 13. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Submission: Now I've done some updates to my ad. I've done some updates to my press of reviewed must started in dates. And I've set my dates to run on a schedule just in the evening because that's when I think my audience will beat most active. I've added a few more items to my interest targeting. So now I'm ready to finalize my ad placement. So when you scroll down what you want to select, ease your ad placement and this is the way your ads are served. As you can see, down the bottom is where instagram is. You wanna uncheck all your other options because as a default, those are all places on Facebook where the ad can be served. But you're just wanting to serve this ad instagram. So just select Instagram Select really like to be served on mobile devices. And if it's a video, you might want to consider doing it just when it's connected to WiFi as we run through earlier. What you want to be looking at is CPC as the way that you're getting charged. So every time someone clicks on your link, that's when you get charged, as opposed to whenever someone sees your ad. The standard delivery time is showing your ads throughout the day, but you could also accelerate your abs and show your ads as quickly as possible. If you've got something on where you could have, say, a long, that's only a certain period of time or you've got need to sell some tickets for an event that's in two days. Time as a rule, standard would be suitable for most ants. But keep in mind the accelerated option is available. So now what you'll find is because you've selected Instagram is the only place your ad is targeted when you go back to your any short add that you created. What you'll see is that it's been redesigned to suit just instagram. So let's do that now. If we minimize the ad set, pull out, we click on the add level. We expand out the individual ad What you're sees this preview off the and is now set up to look just like the instagram. It's your ad is now ready to go. You created your copy and your content, and you've created your targeting. What you can see is that your ad is sitting in draft. What you need to do is you need to submit that to Facebook in order for them to approve it before they can run. The ad approvals contain any time between a couple of minutes or maybe a few hours. So don't stress if it doesn't happen immediately. The way that you submit your ads is that used to like the big green button on your page. In this case, it says review changes in the top right hand corner. I have seen some other versions of Facebook wears off the top of the page, so have a look around. Generally, it's a big green button that says review changes. Either way, you're wanting to submit this to Facebook so they can review your ad before they start publishing it. The ad needs to meet the Facebook and INSTAGRAM guidelines of appropriateness before it will be served. So let's go ahead and hit review changes. We hit review changes. It will ask us to look at each of our ads to make sure that those the changes we want to apply and because they've only got one ad, it certainly is. So he continue. Facebook will now that it's no that those changes have Bean confirmed. So this ad has been submitted to review. This ad will sit in pending review until it's been reviewed by Facebook. Once they're happy with it to go live, it will be automatically pushed, live and served the audiences we specified earlier on. That's all you need to do to create an INSTAGRAM ad. Next up, let's have a look at analytics and how you can review whether your ad was successful and what you can do to help optimize your add the next time around. 14. How To Serve An Ad On Instagram Audience: we're currently on the ad level. What we need to do is head up one level to the ad set level, which should already be clicked because it's they're relating to our original ad and we need to pull out this side bar again and will be able to target our ad set towards a certain demographic. So you can see here. This is where we find out more about targeting. We've got out budget and I'm going to set it toe a lifetime budget. Now, it does recommend a little more than I would like to spend, So I'm gonna put that down to $8 and you can see here that it's in U. S. Dollars. So, as I mentioned earlier, this double check if it's in your local currency or not if it's in U. S. Dollars just to a quick currency conversion on Google, and see if that relates to your local currency. Keep that in mind because you don't want to be spending more than you realize. So from here we can refer back to the original targeting document we made, which has an outline of when we want the ad to run and how much we want to spend. You can see he that have already got $8 listed in there and he's us. Start date, an end date, and this is where we schedule that information that's scheduled in full First of January. It's 6 a.m. When I'm sure lots of people will be up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to check out this instagram ed. And, of course, the Ends day, which I've got, is on the following Monday. No, no, it's not his own. The phone Thursday, seven days later, and I've got that ending at 11 59. This is set up as run ads running all the time, but you could set it up to be on a schedule so you might find you have a particular audience that is active at a certain time of day or a certain day of the week. Maybe you got something where serving it out on the weekend is most effective. Keep in mind how you wanna target your ad. The next thing you want to set easier audience. We already thought about who we think at key audience would be in a document when we were planning, but Let's have a look because we can play with it a little bit more now that we're in power editor. As you can see, the default is 18 to 65 in Australia. That's probably not quite what we want, and we do want to be more targeted with their audience. So this is the basic info we can add without targeting. We can add a location, and you can include states or post codes. So if you got a local event, you can target it. Just to that area, you can add age, which is spoken about only on, with the minimum being 13 and the maximum being 65 plus and gender. I also like to include English, just to make sure that my targeting is more refined detail. Targeting is where we include our interest targeting. So Facebook draws on all kinds information from across Facebook. To fill this in might be pages that people have liked might be interested. They've written in the profile or things that they bought. As you can see, you can click on these to get a bit more information about your targeting so it can get incredibly detailed. If that's what you want to do, However, it can get a bit overwhelming, so sometimes it's just easier to just type in the search. So in this case, I wanted to include the film. Wallace and Gromit is my talking. What I can see if I scroll up to the top is that this has the potential reach of 5000 people. This means this ad could be served up to 5000 people based on the targeting off males aged 13 to 17 in Australia. So that is actually a pretty small group. In this case. I'm also gonna add the Boxtrolls. So what I can see here is that I've added the Boxtrolls and that's added an extra 100 people that this could target. So I could put in a lot more options in here, and I could get this up to 10,000 or a 1,000,000. It really depends on how you would like to target your ad so you can keep on adding demographics, interest behaviors and check out the different categories that people might be interested in. So it really does depend on how you'd like to talk that keep in mind that you can also frame it in terms of whether people like your face full page or whether they're friends and people who like your page or excluding people who like your page, you might find that it's quite effective to target people who are friends of people who already like your page because they may be a similar audience. Maybe you're just trying to get new fans in, so you want to exclude people who already like your page. So have a think about. If you like Teoh, include any connection types like that, that's the same for events and EPS. Advanced Combination is Way can use all three to come up with more detailed targeting. The other thing you can do is, say the audience. Saving the audience means that the next time you run an ad, all you need to do is select audience name and it'll pull up all of these features without you having to program it in again. 15. Reviewing Your Analytics: The final thing that we need to do is have a look at analytics. What we want to do here is determined whether ads were successful and saved their ways that we can optimize our ad so that next time our ads run more efficiently, the way that we look at our analytics is we had to do reporting section in power Editor. You're noticed in the top navigation bar is a section called Reporting. All need to do is click on that section and it will take you to the reporting page to set up a report. Just head over to the create report button on the right hand side. From here, it'll load your most recent campaigns. The first thing you want to do is make sure your date range is set to the date that you'd like to look at your ads from. So in this case, a date range is already set. You may also wish to change the view from campaign down to add view. Recently, I've done some a B testing with a similar ad set to different audiences. So now I can compare the results and see which was most effective. But first Let's see the information that we can see on our reporting page. The first thing you can see is that ad name I have programmed being add names so that I know what they mean and who they're targeting. Just for my own reference under delivery, we list whether the ad is currently actively running. All of my add to completed so none of them are currently live. We can see out results. So how many people actually clicked on the website? So we could also see outreach so it can see how many people actually saw out ad? What we can see here is that we can work out our cost per click. So knowing that we spent $7 on the ad, we can see that nine people clicked on the ad out of 976 who saw the ad. We can see that our cost per click is 78 cents. Now you might be wondering what an effective cost per click is. Different industries have different standards on what they consider an effective cost per click. Generally around 20 or 30 cents is the standard for what is seen as an effective cost per click if you can get it cheaper. Great if your cost per click is higher than you need to be more effective with your targeting and make your cost per click lower in the resources section. I've added a link through the Salesforce Industry benchmark report, which looks at different industries and what they expect the cost per click to be for different Facebook ads. So it's a useful resource to see how your ads sit in relation to your industry. One of the easiest ways to see which of your ads was most effective is to simply sort your dad up by cost. As you can see here, my most effective ad was 58 cents, so concede that it's a little bit too high and that I have small audience refinement to do . However, Facebook does give us the opportunity to refine our donna even further so we can see which of our audiences are most effective. So Facebook actually gives us a lot of other data that we can look at in order to learn more about how effective these ads are. The default is looking at performance, so looking at how many people clicked through But there's other daughter that we can look at when we look at the columns, drop down what we can seize. There are other options to see how people interacted with the ad When we click on engagement, what we can see is the additional ways that people engaged with this ad. So again we can see things like nine people took action on this post. Eight of them will link clicks, but one of them was a page like We can also say that on this ad 11 people took action. There were 10 link clicks and one post like so. From this, you might see that one ad might not be very effective in getting people to convert to click through, but it might result in things like post or page likes so it can have other benefits. However, what we're wanting to do is reduce our CPC, so we want to make her adds more effective. When we look at the breakdown, we can have a look at something like age and gender to learn which your ads work most effective, I said. Let's sort out data by cost per click. So with this fairly small sample size. I've put the same air out to different interest groups, and I'm seeing which one is most effective as a whole. You can see that my ads aren't necessarily very effective. This ad, for example, is 78 cents per website click, which, as I mentioned earlier, is a bit too high. However, when I have a look at my demographic data, I can see in this example that I've got a 28 cent cost per click when I look at males age 35 to 44 for that particular ad. So what I can learn from this is that if I target just men aged 35 to 44 with this ad in the particular interest group, that this ad it's set for this ad is likely to be more effective. This sample size was quite small, so it's probably worthwhile that I do some more testing to see if these results are accurate. So the key learning here is that you can use your analytics to delve into your donna to learn more about your audiences. Over time, you'll be spending less money on advertising because each of your ads are running more efficiently when you are creating your INSTAGRAM ads, don't forget about your energetic section. It is a really important tool to keep in your back pocket to help your ads run more efficiently. 16. Course Complete: Thank you so much for taking this course. It has been wonderful to have you. You should now feel ready to take on the world with your instagram ads. That's it from May. So I hope to see you in the future course by