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How to Create Engaging Social Media Marketing Content

Liz Azyan, Digital Consultant

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8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Types of Content

    • 3. Created By You

    • 4. Shared by You

    • 5. Engage

    • 6. Saving Time

    • 7. Project

    • 8. Bonus

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About This Class

Do you ever feel stumped as to what to post on social media? Are you not getting enough engagement and interaction with your audience?

Come behind the scenes of an experienced social media and digital consultant, to learn how to create highly engaging social media content immediately. You’ll learn:

  • The 3 main types of social media content that you should use to get people wanting more.
  • Surefire social media content that will make you stand out in the increasingly noisy social media platforms. You don’t have to be an expert to do these!
  • How to save time on social media once and for all!
  • Bonus material to help you get started.

Students will be able to immediately try-out these new found techniques out in the real-world and start filling up their social media content calendar.

This class is perfect for business owners who are just starting to build their online presence to kick start their social media adventure to advanced marketers to get inspired and complement their current social media content arsenal.


1. Introduction: do you feel clueless when it comes to creating social media content? Do you want to reap the rewards from your social media content? But not sure? How do you feel? Like you simply don't have time to create social media content and just find it tedious? Are you always worried that you're not doing enough social media for your business? Well, after eight years of helping people overcoming their fear and overwhelm of creating engaging content on social media, I'm glad to tell you that you're not alone. Social media can be a lot of work, and if you focus on the wrong things, it could be even worse. I've personally done this myself through experimentation on what works and what doesn't. So today we're gonna talk about how to create engaging content on social media. Let's get started 2. Types of Content: I'm so happy that you decided to join me in this introduction section. I'm going to show you what type of contents you should be sharing on social media. Let's not waste any more time. Let's dive right into It is good to offer a variety of different types of content and sources of social media content. Broadly speaking, there are three types of categories of content that you should be implementing in your social media strategy. The 1st 1 is content that is created by you, and this can come in many different forms, including links to other content you've created, like block post articles or videos. It could be promotional offers. It could be ideas or spur of the moment thoughts that you have. It could also be image banners or even post that you're re posting from other social media sites. Say if you're sharing something on Twitter, you might want to share the same thing on Facebook. But why do every platform has a different flavor to it, and you might need to tweak that update a little bit. But the context off that update can remain the same, and you could cross post it across different social networks. The most engaging social media content that's created by you should be short and sweet. I mean your audiences scanning through their news feed and casually looking for something that catches their attention So they're likely to ignore a huge block of tax or long video unless they're really the big fans of you. If you're trying to convert, you know cold audiences into warmer audiences is short and sweet. Posts are really great, and you know there's there's shortened three and to the point, and that's what people love. Another thing you might want to do when creating content by yourself. You know that's by by you or your company is to use images and videos. When you post with images and videos, they're much more likely to grab the attention of the audience because you know it's very visual. People are very visual when or their on social media. Another thing is to use a variety of formats, so to share as much off a variety of contents possible. So get into a schedule where you can combine techs, photos, length and video to stimulate your audience. Another a tip I would like to give when creating your own content is too. Make sure to use direct links like you know, whenever you're sharing a link, make sure is the direct link to the content that you want to share. So, for example, when you add a link to your post on Facebook, it will create an image showing a preview of the website that is clickable. You can then add your own custom headline or comments to it, and your audience will click the link and go directly to the website. The second type of content is content that is shared by you so this can be found through natural search as well as automation. I'll talk a little bit more about this. In the lessons ahead. You will find content to share from others naturally by reading the feeds of other uses and thought leaders in your field. But the best. The most efficient way to find high quality content to share regularly is design up for new subscriptions of the websites that you want to share from. You can have the top news stories and other contents and live it directly to your email inbox, which takes some of the work out of the process for you. The third top of content is content created through efforts to engage with your audience. And this could include replies, likes, mentions, questions to your community and so on. We will cover this in depth in the lessons ahead. All content is intended to engage, but this their top content is more direct, like asking your audience for their opinion or in an idea or piece of short content. A good way to present a mix of these three types of content is to think in terms of 33% 33% and 33%. So is a good number of tops of content across all three types of content, and then you can adjust according to your tastes. You might before, for instance, to emphasize on your own content and give it more than 33%. On the other hand, you may feel the efforts to engage with questions and mentions get the most results, in which case you'd put more effort there. Once you start sharing content, monitored the results and see which of your audience response to most choose a ratio accordingly. Based on these results, also taken to account your own capabilities. For example, it might be difficult to produce a 40% of your own original content and say, If you don't have the resources to do that, then maybe you might consider doing mawr of sharing other people's content as well. And you could change this based on how many resources you have in the future as well. So, yes, don't feel pressure to create a lot of your own content. Ah, lot of successful social media strategies are actually mostly based around celebrating other people's work and celebrating other people's content. So if you don't have those resources, don't feel like you're under performing at any point. So should meat is a very social space. Therefore, it's best to mingle, as they say, and the best way to mingle is to celebrate other people's work 3. Created By You: they are so many types of content that you can share on social medium. I will show you 19 content ideas created by you that you can start implementing today. Be sure to jot down your favorite ideas while I go through them all. At the end of this course, you can slot those ideas down into the ideas generated project. Those who submit the project will get free access to my very own 100 plug and play social media conversation starters for free, so pay attention to the lessons for a chance to get this special gift. So without further ado, let's go straight into this lesson. This first type of content is my favorite. You composed the funny or inspirational message or image with your logo or website. You are out on it. What an easy way to get noticed, right? Just post a branded image like you see on here, and it's gonna be great content for your social media. You can also post product photos as part of your content. Just look at how Nordstrom has created an INSTAGRAM account showing all their products. It's really eye catching and can even drive people to buy your products directly. You can also take candid shots of yourself, your employees or snapshot of your office. A workplace. I love the idea of taking behind the scenes photos and videos like these ones by Zappos and Georgetown burglary. They're both fun and interesting to see. It helps hit to humanize the brands and look past the logo. You can also show behind the scenes of your products. This works best on size, like Pinterest or instagram. Think about how you can add unique angle to the shorts, for example, and employees actually using the product or a customer submits a photo. You can also ask for input on new products. Take, for example, this company fancy. They let their members curate the foods that show in each month's box. Customers not only get what they want, but they'll feel valued and they will feel part of the company. Your followers will love giving their thoughts on how to improve your products, but you don't always have to talk shop. Feel free to post something totally unrelated to your products and your business. Show your human side and show your personality. Take these examples. By Dennis DT and Amber McCue it has nothing to do with their business, but it's so much fun and has a sense of humor about it, and that's what really makes an engaging content. Do you have a block? Why not share a link to your most popular block posts, give a brief insurance to the post and explain Why is your most red and shared post? You can even pin them to the top of your news feed? Like what I've done here on Twitter, Have you recently been at an industry event? This is a perfect opportunity to create original content from photos and quotes taken from the event. For example, here's my tweet of a speaker and event I was attending. I posted it literally seconds after she said it. Don't forget to use the event hashtag for maximum exposure. Do you want to provide value for the audience? Why not share a link of a free download or offer on your social media posts? This could even be a plug in white paper, e book or anything else that would be useful for your audience. If you want even more attraction, invest some money into social media ads, too, such as Facebook ads to Twitter, instagram or Pinterest ads, they can really help drive more traffic to your offers. Sometimes it's really fun to take your audience down memory lane with you. If you haven't heard of Throwback Thursday or hashtag TBT, then you definitely need to look it up. Thes type of foe's air so much fun to see share photos of old logos or websites or even your very first product. Here's a little tip You can use the way back machine to take a snapshot of your old website . Imagine that. Have you ever noticed that you can create links for your newsletters? You can totally share those links on social media, recycle your newsletters and gain new subscribers at the same time. Sometimes is not worth looking for content to post in the dark. Take a quick look through your analytics to find out which topics generate the most interest from your audience. Clever right? Have you written a guest post before? Why not share that, too? And don't just do it once when it just got published, remember to repost it every now and again. This will increase traffic to your post and keep your host block happy, too. As a business, you want to be on the top of your game and be seen as an industry leader. Why not share random tips for your niche? Make it into an image and you'll stand out even more. Just look at these. For example. These are the type of things that you could share on your social media. Have you heard of a website called Kwara? It's a website where people always questions and other people answer them. Find a relevant question on Quora in your niche and answering on social media. It's a great idea to look for questions in your industry that people are looking on looking for answers for search the most popular question and create a social media post to answer it. And don't forget to hash tag the key word. You can also hold a giveaway or contest on social media. This can be as simple as asking your fans or followers to comment to answer. Take a look at this example. This increases interaction between you and your audience while rewarding them to do so. What a great way to capture their attention. Acknowledge your brand ambassadors and let them know there, Appreciate it. Did you know there are apse where you could find out who's your biggest fan on Facebook? Go to this link and install the app on your Facebook page. I'm sure your fans will be chuffed to be mentioned on your timeline. It's really great to put a face to the name. Show people that you're a real person. You can show people what you had for dinner, for instance, last night and share what you're doing this weekend. You can also use videos such as Facebook Live to really show yourself in the most authentic way. I'm sure you've been waiting for this one, right? There's a reason why this one is the last one on the list. There's a time and place for self promotional, social media, but first and foremost, use social media to build relationships, establish trust and build your reputation as an industry expert. When people do want to buy, who do you think they'll come to first? Try using the 80 20 rule, 20% promotion and 80% value. I really live by this rule. When it comes to social media, make sure you're providing as much value as you can, and on Lee, promoting once in a while to not annoy your followers. Did you manage to jot down your favorites? Be sure to drop them down so you could slot them into the ideas generator at the end of this course. Next, we're going to talk about content that is shared by you. 4. Shared by You: social media is not always about creating your own content. Most times is about sharing and celebrating other people's work, too. So in this lesson, we're going to talk about how to create content that is shared by you and potentially made by others. Remember to jot down your favorite ideas for the ideas generated project. At the end of this course, there's also a special gift of 100 plug and play conversation starters up for grabs. For those who submit their projects, you can use thes 100 conversations. Thoughts is immediately on your social media channels. Got it? Great. Let's get started. So the first type of content that shared by you that you could share with your audience is sure new, relevant industry statistics. These perform great in terms of retweets and shares. Data can really help you influence your audience to do business with you, especially if it's could trying to convince them that this is the right decision for thm. So remember to look out for reports and white papers that provide thes data so you can share them with your audience. Infographics are visually attractive things to share on social media finding Infographic, your followers would appreciate. You could check out the daily infographic for ideas, or, better yet, create your own or just head over to Pinterest and find an infographic that is related to your industry and share it with your audience. Have you heard of slide share before Sly shares the website where people post their presentation slides for others to see. So if you want to find one that's already proven itself to be popular, go to the trending and social media section at the bottom of the slide share homepage, so you could start sharing those with your audience. You can also share case studies. Case studies are great for delivering useful information in a way that's offer more palatable and actionable than a standard block post. You could find these different case study websites just by googling them se que study plus your niche So there's plenty of websites out there, and you can easily share those on your social media news feed as well. Have you ever heard of I f t T T. This is short for if this then that I have to. Titi is basically a website where it collects or and creates a bunch of recipes that can create a lot of business automation to help your business run more efficiently. So say, for instance, if you posted something on Facebook and you wanted to repost it on lengthen, you could potentially taken. I have TT recipe and then autumn eyes this process for you. So that will save you a ton of time because you don't have to visit both websites at the same time. So what you can do here is you goto ftt and share a link to a recipe with your followers that you feel that can be useful for them. I'm sure your fall was a fine and deeply useful that you have shared it with. Um, you can also share a tool, preferably a free one, or resource that you think that your fault was with fun, useful. Take a look at this tweet where somebody defend defenders shared with their followers a great new tool by another company, and they also mentioned the companies of the company will also know that they've shared their resource is with the followers. This is this type of relationship building as well, because people always appreciate it when somebody shares their resources with somebody else . So take a look at your business and see what tools you already using on. Recommend that to your followers. Have you ever been on Reddit? If you haven't, I highly recommend that you do is my favorite social media site. Visit Red. It's trending subreddit page to find popular and trending topics to post about. You could also use Twitter's trending content to find content that's popular and trending on Twitter and share it with people, say on Facebook or Pinterest or linked in. Just because it's a trending topic on Twitter doesn't mean you can't share it on other platforms to, So you should definitely stay on top of what's going on in your industry or niche by using Google alerts. If you haven't done this already, you should definitely go to this link and start creating a let's that are related to your industry. This is handy as you could be the first to let your audience know about breaking news in your industry and be seen as an industry leader. I want to be even more trendy, visit Google's top charts to find what people are currently searching for, and then give it your own spin on one of these topics and share it with your social media crowd. And last but not least, remember what I said about social media not always being about you and celebrating others. Why not share a link to a coupon or sale from a complementary business? Just make sure they're not your competition. Did you manage to jot down your favorite contents to share? If you have great the ideas generator project is waiting for you at the end of this course . Our next topic is content that is meant to engage in this lesson. I'll show you to create content that will definitely generate engagement with your followers. 5. Engage: So now you have got a good idea on what content to create and share. But what about creating content that is meant to engage? Remember to jot down your favorite engagement content. Ideas for the ideas generated project. At the end of this course, there's also special gift of 100 plug and play conversation starters. Remember that, and that's available to anybody who's finishes the projects and submits it. Are you ready? Let's go. The first type of content that can create great engagement are quotes because quotes are very relatable, no matter what people do for a living or what type of person they are, therefore they do tend to get quite a lot of engagement. It doesn't necessarily have to be an image. Ah, plain text quote will do. Just remember to tag the person you're quoting. If you can fill in the blank posts are so much fun. Just take a look at this one. It generated a huge amount of replies, retweets and likes is important to make it easy to fill in. Those don't go asking a difficult maths problem to solve. You can also run polls to pre engagement both Facebook and Twitter have their own in built poll, but you can also create polls on an external website and link it to your social media post . Take a look at this example. This business is taking a poll toe. Ask for feedback on the potential service they're looking to offer. What a great idea eliciting reviews from fans and followers is one of the best ways to get testimonials you can use as social proof on your website. Take a look at this example, asking for a review on iTunes as I tune sense to rank their podcasts by reviews. It's a great opportunity to boost your ranking on iTunes, too, and engage with their followers at the same time. Want your fans to love you? Show them your love. A simple thank you can go a long way to building connections with their fans. Love this example by sky dancers from Timber Creek High School. Twitter account thanking their fans. What a lovely way to do it. Sure, the love By recommending a business you've worked with successfully in the past, everybody loves a lover. Another great way to create engagement is to pose a hypothetical question and asking followers what they would do in this situation. Spread the love, share a link to someone else's social media profile and encourage your fans to like or follow them. You can also post a photo and ask fans to come up with the creative or funny captions. I always have fun taking part in these ones. These are my favorites. Isn't predicting the future fund? Why not post your prediction on social media and ask your fans and followers what they think? Just make sure it's not too political or religious. That can lead to a lot of trouble. Don't say I have a warn do Ever heard of this? Hashtag or hashtag I am A. This means you're allowing your fans and followers to ask you anything for a specific amount of time, dedicate and announce a slot of time of about an hour or so to answer all the questions so people will know Quick tip major that you are known thought leader or expert in your field before attempting to do this or that you have a lot of followers that really do engage with the all the time because if you're not in that position, you might not get as much engagement as you're not an authority in your field, and you might be disappointed. So just the Cavett on this specific method you can also tag or mention an industry grew in a post. So starting conversations with industry leader is a great way to gain really good quality followings on also, you know, just create some building relationships with people that really have an influence in your industry. But don't expect them to reply all the time. As you know, they're quite busy people, so be clever about how you approach them. Here's a great example of someone tagging me and other thought leaders in this post. It's a legitimate question and is really designed to engage in conversations. And as you can see, you know, the conversation actually went on a lot longer. But this is what I could grab on the screen shot. Um, never be sleazy or be disrespectful of other people's time. Never demand an answer, you know, always leave it open ended because people don't like to be pushed into a conversation that , you know, they didn't ask to be apart off, so you'd just be aware of that. So Do you have a particularly helpful or controversial comment on your block? You might want to post a link to the comment and get your fans and followers to way into is a great way to engage on content that is going to drive people to your website. So just make sure that you link them right back to the post. That's that you want them to comment on. Do you have a question that you get asked a lot like every day or every week or every other month, again and again? So instead of answering it on Lee for one person, why not answer it on social media? Even more people will benefit from the from the answers that you provide and could potentially save you a ton of time to from repeating yourself, answering the question over and over again. You can even link it to the portion oven of the ethic you on your website to drive more traffic there, too. So that concludes the ideas for creating content that is meant to engage. Did you drop down your favorites? Make sure that you do, because then you can slotted into the ideas generator project at the end of this course. Next topic is all about saving time on social media. If you find yourself spending way too much time on social media, a recommend that you pay full attention to this next lesson. 6. Saving Time: social media platforms are free and easy to use, But many businesses have trouble finding the time and managing their schedules effectively . For social media, it takes a great deal of regular work, So here are some tips to help you manage your time effectively. The first thing is to monitor your time. When you get started, monitor your time that you spend on social media and try to keep a detailed record on exactly how you use your time. For example, how much time on each platform on how long it takes. After a few weeks, look at your records and you'll get a good idea of the time investment involved. You can also find some places where you can scale back or make changes to save time. Another tip is to schedule your social media time. Decide exactly when during the day you're going to spend time on social media, create time slots according to your audience Peak times, for example. You could spend 10 minutes first thing in the morning reading and sharing content on Facebook because, you know, usually that's when people use their Facebook. When there are, you know, traveling toe work or or in Q. At a coffee shop, so you know that's the optimum time to reach your audience. Another tip is to write posts in bulk. I do this as well, and it's really, really effective. Save time great posts beforehand and then post them according to your schedule. So sit down for an afternoon and create a stock of posts for each social media channel. You'll have to have a social media tool that can manage this, obviously, so you could scheduled amount some of the platforms that Facebook has a scheduling tool, so you don't need an extra tool for that. But you do need to go into the publishing tool section or feature within the Facebook pages to do this. Ah, and then during the social media time slots, you could just copy and paste the messages that you've probably already written and say something like a cell. She that's what I use. I put everything in an Excel sheet and then paste them over to the scheduling tool that I'm using. You can supplement these pre written posts by spontaneously writing more timely content as well. So say, if you're in the middle of doing the prove written posts, something comes up. You can also respond to people during that time. Therefore, you kind of like, you know, killing two birds with one stone your being there, your your scheduling future posts. But you're also there to engage. If there's a message coming in full, you so created time in your schedule on a regular basis for social media content creation. When you get an idea or see something that you like to create something similar to save it into an ideas file, this is very, very useful. I haven't ideas file myself because I often see interesting post by other people, and I'm inspired by them. But I don't necessarily have the time to do it just yet. So it's important to have an idea file, which is, you know, like Excel sheet that you could just refer to when it's time to create content so you don't have suffer from writer's block. And that's also another thing about creating social media content. People often sit there and stared at this blank screen, and they don't have any ideas. But if you've already gotten ideas while you just at a time you want to, do you create your content and you start working, and that's going to save you a ton of time. A good place for your idea file is probably a place like Google dogs or ever known, which will allow you to store like gifts, images, embed codes, tweets, videos and hashtag, so keep it nice and simple so you can access it in the future. 7. Project: Congratulations. You're almost near the end of this course, so as you have now, listen, toe all the ideas for the three categories of social media content is time to put it to the test. Start your ideas generator worksheet in Google dogs ever known or a platform off your choice, or use the idea generator spreadsheet provided. Generate some ideas for your content that you can create and post in the next few weeks based on the different types of engaging content on the topic, areas that will help your audience the most. As you review your social media results moving forward, you can add ideas to your document saving you time and future post planning. And as promised, anybody who submits the project can get the 100 puck and played instant social media. Come conversation starters for me by emailing me at support at Digital Dash Matchbox, Stop calm and put in the subject Skill Ship 100 Gift and I will remind you you're free 100 plug and play Social Media conversation starters immediately 8. Bonus: As you've been such great students, I want to give you some bonus content. This bonus content will help you further in your social media content journey, so let's get started. So when considering content created by you, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. The 1st 1 is to start where you are. So ask yourself, Do you already have blow posts, guest posts and images over the publish? If you do, you should repurpose the content that you already have. You don't need to start from scratch. Just reuse the stuff that you have already in new all my marketing assets and repackage them to be used as social media content. This will save you a ton of time and resources. The second question to ask yourself is, What resources do you currently have to create more visual contents? So look out for on demand services like design pickle or flocks, E or tools that can va and digital match balls pro to streamline your content creation and management. The third question to ask yourself is, How much time are you currently dedicating to creating content? If you don't know, start monitoring how much time you spend on social media and lend some time to specifically creating content. This will help you overcome writer's block and definitely save you a lot more time for the content that is shared by you. You should definitely ask yourself, Are you already consuming online content? Because, if you aren't will be very difficult to start sharing things that you have no idea what it's about. So sharing starts with what you consume. So if you don't consume anything, I suggest you start consuming. You know, one or two content pieces of content of websites that you would readily go to and and start from there share content that you're genuinely interested in yourself. The worst thing to do is start sharing things that you know nothing about. I really, really would recommend Do not to do that. Make sure you know what you're sharing so you can be of value to your community. If not, it's unlikely to work the way you want it to work. So just make sure that you are aware of the content that you're consuming and sharing. So the second question to ask yourself is, Do you have a list of go to resources So if you haven't started consuming content therefore you won't have a go to this. Like for me? I probably have for social media. Social media examiner. It's one of the top sites in my industry or the buffer Blawg those air. Also, my go to resource is for knowledge. Um, And how about go to tools? Make sure that you have a list of things that you you know, that you are a fan off and start subscribing to their newsletters. Eso you could keep on top of what they're off, what content their crazy. So then you could share it with your community. The third question to ask yourself is, Do you consume the same content as your target audience? This is a really important question to us because if you're consuming content that is not relevant to your audience, then you might want to start doing so because in order to track them, you've got to be in, like, within their wavelength. You've got to start thinking and liking the same thing. That's your audience does. Because, like attracts like therefore, you will have a better chance of engaging with them once you are into the things that they're into. But don't force yourself to like something just for the sake of liking it, because someone else liked it. Make sure that you are generally interested in it yourself. So the last bonus tip is for the content that is meant to engage. The questions you need to ask yourself is, Could you improve your tone and voice? So the only way to know this is to review your recent posts. Be true to your company, voice and culture. If you've noticed how your poster written, are they really speaking in the tone and voice that you really want to be seen? You know, associate it with Is it in the same tone of voice as how you speak? If not, maybe it's a good idea to change it too much or tone, so that will make you stand out more because you're being you. You being yourself. You're being You're being true to the culture of your company. So if your culture brand culture doesn't like to swear or doesn't lights the color pink, then you shouldn't use the color pink. And you shouldn't swear, Um, so that's ah, good, I tip to get started. You know, just to assess what you currently sharing and make sure that it matches the identity, the brand identity that you want to convey to your audience. Second question is, should ask yourself is if you outsource your social media, is there a consistent voice and tone across the various platforms? So if you don't have one already, you should start a brand guideline document for your social media to ensure your employees and contractors apply your tone of voice. So this is to make sure there's consistency across, say, all your social media channels and all your online marketing. The third question to ask yourself is how much actual dialogue is happening in terms off length of your comments back and forth because, say, if your engage your engaging with your audience is limited to like answers of guests and no and you know there's no elaboration of your point of view, then you might want to consider, you know, reviewing your engagement strategy. Because social media is no different than riel life deep, meaningful relationships are built on trust and actual dialogue, so don't wait for people to speak to you, get interested in others and others will be interested in you, so I have a little surprise for you is another bonus. So I call this bonus times, too, because I think this particular resource would really help me, especially if you're serious about creating content that is going to stand out and engage with your audience. So let's unveil the bonus times. To hear it is download the exclusive list of 55 tools for creating visuals that you can use to create outstanding visual content. I don't know if you've noticed that, but I love creating visual content. Therefore, I've curated the top 55 tools that you can use to treat standing on exciting visual content , and it's all free. You can download it on this link right now straight to your computer, so don't wait any longer. Go to that link and get your free visual content. Creation tools is today. Thank you so much for taking this course and staying with me to the end. I hope you download the free visual content creation tools this and submit the project that the ideas generated project so I can review and then send you your 100 social media conversation starters. Be sure to also follow me on skill share to keep updated with my future skill share classes . And also, if you want to follow me on social media, follow me on Twitter at Liz Underscore as Ian, That's Al, I said Underscore a set. Why n or come to my website at digital dash matchbox dot com. Thank you and have a great day.