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How to Create Digital Products Easy & Fast

teacher avatar Jos Garcia

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro skillshare digital product class

    • 2. Creating a PDF

    • 3. Creating slides for an online course

    • 4. Creating webinars

    • 5. Create an audio

    • 6. Selling digital products send owl

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About This Class

Creating digital products is a great way to earn an income online, get leads or build authority as an expert

Although it does take work, it's one of the most effective ways to break free from the corporate world.

This class will show you exactly how to create a product of your very own.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jos Garcia


Hello, I'm Jos.

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1. Intro skillshare digital product class: welcome to this class, where I'll show you how you can create digital products in very, very seaway on with very low technical requirements. As you may have found on the Internet, there are different kind of teachers are products you can have, like Pdf's or online guides or video courses, Oreos or multimedia. Most of the time you have encounter website like this one, where they ask you for an email in exchange for a free guide or a free masterclass or a women are. This is what we're talking about on the perhaps the most important thing is to understand that you can use digital products either to get leads for your email least and your business or ah, to attract new customers, either through the email list or basically, when you want toe show or toe, get some sort of demo about your product, and then you can also use it for to build your authority as an expert on finally to earn money online, which is what we want most off the off the time. Ah again, think about a skinny share. This is a digital product. This ah, class for a masterclass. Andi is what generates income but also authority as an expert on exposure on also what helps to get leaves. But is just a martyr off having a look around the Internet, and you will find that most people use it like either offering an e book or any guide or or if you going on your Facebook, you'll find like people trying to get leads through women, ours or free E guys. So this is what we're talking about on. What we want to show you is the perhaps the East years way yet that you can start producing this kind off content once you have. These is important for you to remember that off course. When you are talking that you can earn money with digital products, this doesn't happen in 24 hours. You need planning. You need to understand the process, and also you need to promote any time you want to earn money. Most of the time you need to promote or to find partners to find joint ventures or otherwise you will not get any money at all. On the same applies when you are using digital products to get leads or to build your email list you need to promote it or wise or toe build joint ventures or wise it will not work knowing these us as the ground knowledge that we need to have. Ah, well, now showing up in very, very quick videos when you can previews a pdf video, a video course on audio. And also I'll show you the power off seminars, which is one of the tools I like the most. I hope you enjoy these class on. In case you have any doubt, you can always reach out. I will do my best to help you out. 2. Creating a PDF: Okay, Well, see now how you can turn your worth into a pdf these one of their simple There's the digital products. I think we can create these where these works as well. If you want to create a simple e book on the well, let's say that you have. You want to produce Alec man it or short e guide or a Any book that you want to offer through your block, Not an e book for Amazon, because these requires another kind of editing. But yes, the yes, the normal pdf that you want to offer to your customers or to your block users or visitors . So in short, yes, right. Whatever you want to write on when you have everything, they read it. You ask him here does. I mean, that's one of the most simple tools we have on we converting to pdf. So we save published on it. Will police our pdf, uh, can just street now. Okay, that's our That's our pdf on That's it. That's the only thing we have to do on. Also, if you are using for some reason, uh, have here a power point, you can always save it as well as a pdf on so you can produce also nice e guides or kind of sly is like share presentations, and you can turn into a pdf on that will be also a very, very nice dizzy, that project that you can offer to your customers or to your community. That's those are the most simple ways toe produce. Ah, PdF, which is one of the most common used digital product on something that it can do very, very easily without any problem. Um, so you kind of started with this one. You can progress with the other tools that you'll find in this class. 3. Creating slides for an online course: you have seen, we can use tools like Screen Charismatic. He has to record the screen on one of the most commander tools or options we have to. Proview's video course is to either record the screen screen recording, like for tutorials or technical technical things or demonstrations on the otherwise. Most of the time we can use up over point with some its lights on. We just record the screen, so 1st 1st step will be to produce your power point on. Then, once you have, like your 30 50 whatever number off his life's not you need. Then you use the screen gas the option to record the screen while you are talking to the Mac. So this way you can produce very, very easily a video course or a set off online lessons that you can either sell or offer for free to your community. This is one of the most simplest way for you to create a multimedia content. Very easy to use. You don't have a lot of technical headaches because quite a straightforward always remember to set yes, there a couple of tips course that he signed on this one. Okay, in order to a blow, then the course to Demi or YouTube etcetera is always with to have it on 69. This way you will be sure that you don't have any any technical problem. Or in that you safe the video in 7 77 23 80 That's the usual size for most most things like You do Borough Demi on, you'll be fine. So very easy. Um, it's just matter off making the first step on. Then, as you get used to it, you will find that it is easier and easier. 4. Creating webinars: one of my fairy tools to create digital products and again very easy with minimal technical knowledge is to use. Women are tools like soon to recall either an interview with another expert or to record multiple sessions like group sessions. Or just imagine you us select. Ah, a few experts or a few people you may know on you previews a content. So you record the interviews on that's kind off the basis off the village. Well, Congress on visual events on Do You can also use it either toe record the screen in the case of assume you can on most women are tools you can, obviously, as these two. These tools allow you to show your screen or to share. Your screen is also on a on a no additional tool. You can have toe to do a swing recording, Um, but the interesting part, in my opinion, is to think that you can produce women ours as a digital product that you can sell it afterwards. So you have here a few options if someone, maybe the standard women are where you produce your own women are on, you teach something and you sell this video like a masterclass, or you can even at a pdf or what a book on that's Ah, very, very nice Digital product is one of these years because when you think about an online course, you need more production. More planning. I has to be. Ah, well planned or waste will not work. However, you can produce a one hour Women are like a masterclass. A. Still, you have to plan the steps during these presentation or doing these women are. But obviously it may be easier for you because you can narrowed it down to our very, very a specific learning outcome on then. Most of the time is easier to Proview's on, uh, on to go ahead. Indeed, you have online courses for, like about one hour, Um, but it's more the case that most online courses are like two hours for hours, 10 hours. So if you think about women, ours thing about the possibility to record your own women are as a digital product, and you can use tools like soon, I Wickman assume, because, in my opinion, Suman Goto women are are perhaps the most stable tools. After I'd or tested, I think most of the tools in the market for women. Ours. Ah, I've had problems with most of them because sooner or later you will have a problem on the most stable tools. The ones they feel safer when I'm doing A Women are are soon on Goto. Women are, of course, what women are is more expensive. That's why I suggest that you start with soon on, uh, there is also women are nature, which is our nice tool. Better. I'm using both a. Still, I find that soon it's easier and more professional, more personally to send. That is more stable Onda. And so I think it is worth it for you to avoid problems. Andi Easier also the user interface, Probably on Ben. You have got the women are. That's the first option option to, As I was saying, You can't record your interviewer, you can record yourself talking to other people, like in an interview on you Can Proview's like 3456 video interviews. And then again, you have a very, very easy digital product that you can offer for free to get leads for your email list or to get people interested in whatever thing you are offering a product at a service or fiscal product or an event, or you can sell it for whatever price you decide to sell it. So you have here assumed that U. S. It's free. You have a free plan, which is enough for most people. And then, of course, you have paid option as well worth. To check it on, you'll see that it is easier to use. You have to download the little plugging, Um, better than that. It's very bodies. Move to use it. I think you will be very, very happy on you. Kind of start producing your first digital pro groups like Well, yes, there, straight away. 5. Create an audio: Okay, here we go. Now, with audio producing on all the best Easter product, it's again one of the issues to way to Proview's digital products. Because just record your voice. Um, it is advice for you to have ah plan or kind of stripped or, in the case, you know, very, very well the subject. Then perhaps you can even go ahead without any any a script. Death depends if you are recording a training session. You you have done for the last year, like once once in a week or it's just a new thing that you are teaching or communicating on also depends on your skills when when you need to talk or you need toe explained something . Audacity is Ah is an open source solution, so it's free us have to download it. Onda Yes, have to goto audacity team dot org is the official website. You want to avoid problems. You has no load for Mac or Windows, depending on your version on. Then you will just have to come here to your menu on launch audacity. Again, this is the most, ah, we're going to see the symbols. The simple way to produce on audio. Then you can complicate things as much as you want. Integrity is okay. So once it opens, you just make sure that you have your the right meek Mike connected because you may have guessed the computer, Mike. So you make sure that everything is working on the K. Took my mike. Everything is working. You can also adjust the volume. I reverse around certain. 70. Um, I'm nothing else. I'll leave it like that. The U S Creek on record, and you start recording your voice so you can start talking prime. Even you do a mistake. There's no problem because you will be able to read it afterwards. So matching. We have completed our recording. Then if we as we are playing a game, the sound and we find that there is ah mistake here or some silly noise most within what you just have to do with the let any mistake or or ah, sound on the main thing, we have to We want to the let this part here. Yes, collect begun. Of course, we can sue mean some out on de so that we can select whatever we want and then we ascot so here. We want to cut the beginning. We got this one on. Uh, be careful because you have this eruption here. Sorry. This one on If you do like this. Okay. I want to let this and you click on here. You let Yes. Whatever is outside the selection on the If this happens to you, just come back. We own do with his one on, does it? So that will be the easiest. These his way to produce on audio for you toe create some sort off audio product. Could be, Ah, money kind off less own or masterclass or even a meditation once you have completed the whole thing, Yes. Have two check here space again. So we we have to export. Do not safe. Because when you say you saved the project on the audacity file on what we want here is to export the project like an MP three. So you exports on the most of the time. This is OK for most of the projects on us safe, and that will be all right. There's nothing you have to do if you wanted to create audio books, but that will be for another glass For most of the audio's, you're fine if you do it that way. 6. Selling digital products send owl: one of the most common questions when you produce your first digital proof. These were to sell it on Aziz classes aimed at beginners or yes, getting getting it started with the first steps will keep it things. Ah, very easy and very simple. Onda, as we used to say, Keep it simple, stupid. So I'll recommend for you to start using Sando. The reason is that again, I've been using several tools, different options. I think sandal is one of the most simple tools to use. Also, the price is very convenient because you started at around $15 per month or 10 $10 for a month. I think wrong. Yes, that Yeah, that's $9 per month. The basic If you don't need affiliates. Saand, you don't need anything complicated. Yes, with them backs a month, that will be your right on the you kind of started setting. You're your product on, uh, here. The The thing is that, of course, when you have your teacher a product, you need to sell it on. Uh, and if you are thinking about how you can sell most of the products that you can create without having to care about the requirements or technical requirements, like if you were to produce a naughty book or an online course for Demi. In essence, you have to make sure that you, you fool, feel the requirement the technical requirements on. Sometimes they will not accept your physical product. Here we send out what you have is kind of a shopping cart, so you just a bloat. Your file. You have a link on these. Link is the thing you use to promote your course or to sell your course and to get payments . And you get the payments through PayPal or even a stripe. That's just something you have to. Ah, right. Your PayPal address on gets very, very simple on again. I think in 24 hours you can have your digital product on your selling platform, and then you just have to share this link. Or, if you create a banner on at the link on this way, you can sell it on your block or through social media or on YouTube. For example,