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How to Create Designs Faster

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Creating designs quickly

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Designing with multiple images in mind

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About This Class

Creating designs online? How do you make them quickly? How can you take 1 product design and turn it into 10?
In this course that is exactly what we are going to learn.

We will focus on efficient methods of creating graphics to T-Shirts, bags, art, and other products. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Creating designs quickly : So we're creating products. Were trying to make things like shirts, maybe dresses, pillows, stickers. We've got designs that were creating that. Go on to other objects. Were having someone create those for us. How we're gonna make a lot of products, right? How are we gonna make maybe 100 a day or at least 100 and a week, Right. How are we going to try to take market share are gonna put as much out there as possible? Well, generally, creators will start making designs and I'll make one a week or maybe one day. And what happens is we look at doing these and we look at making that one unique piece that we think is gonna do really well. But a lot of times when you're entering into a marketplace, you might have one product that really does very well and, ah, 100 products to do barely anything. But it's really hard to tell which ones are actually gonna be profitable. So you might make one in 15 minutes. That does the majority of your sales for a month. So we're thinking about designing for products we're designing for having other companies produce those like stickers or anything. We want to create a good amount of them. Right? So maybe we want to create 100 weekend, 100 a day, even for our brand, so so that it can be seen can be noticed in the marketplace. But we're gonna show up in more searches because we're hitting a greater variety. We're listed more times in a certain niche. So how can we create a large number of designs quickly and ensure that we have a design scene that's we're gonna learn? 2. Getting Started: great. So first we want to take a look at how we are designing, right? We want to look at how we want to build everything from the base level of are designed so that we could easily change them. Right? So the majority of creation tools are out there like photo shop, or in my case, I use art. Rage were able to go in, and urine will use later. So treadle layering is everything you do is saved into a layer so you can make that later invisible. Or you can adjust that layer. Or you could move the objects just in that layer. What you're able to do is going, and you're gonna be able to adjust things relatively easily or remove things relatively easily so that you could build up a portfolio pretty quickly. One way to think of this is we're trying to turn one object into many, so we have a smiley face. What can we do with just smiling face? Well, we could have a smiley face with a hat. We can have a frowny face. We have the winking, we can have it, have a little arm come out and be waving we could have a smiley face on a surfboard. We have a smiley face getting eaten by a shark, right? But it could all just be the same Smiley face, even a smiley, that's all. They don't change this made in the face at all. You don't make it linking. You don't make it frowned. You don't make its tongue stick out or anything. You just have the smiley and different kinds of funny scenarios, right? So you can do that relatively quickly, right? So you can get a graphic of a shark never shark biting a smiley face. You can have a smiley face on a beach somewhere, right then we're basically just doing quick designs around things before. Maybe we're taking other designs we already had, and we're combining them with a smiling face. They just want to make one thing really good. That's the focal point. Or just do a lot of kind of content around it, or content that it kind of interacts with. And we want to save all these little bits we do so that we can use those later for other things. So maybe we change the background. We can change the coloring of it. We can change the words that were on it. We can maybe change a few of the images. Right? So one thing we can do this really commented also is we create one really good kind of image. But this image might apply to a lot of different sayings that you can put with it. So maybe there's a lot of really popular sayings that we know that hit the demographic. We're aiming at an orphanage, so we start making that list, right? So maybe we have 10. That we want to work through. Those who make the one image it takes is maybe an hour to make this image. And from this image, we throw these motivational quotes on it. Right? So we do that for Ah, 20 minutes. We've got 10. Easily done, right. People even change the font. We do the exact same. Once again, we've got 20 right? So we've got two versions of every single one of them. Maybe we go back, we change the colors. Now we've got 40. See? It grows exponentially kind of. As you make more variations, you make variations of variations of variations, and suddenly they will start really producing a lot of different designs. They help you to take more market share inside of a knish, and then gold that is that we're taking were more visible rights. Use Trojan searches more your being seen more often. Sometimes people need to see something more than wants to buy it, right. So there's a marketing philosophy that came down to a study where they looked at how often people know what they saw on a sign and how how many people read it when they drove past it . And it supplies to when they're online. To what if If you see something once and you try to read what's on it, you probably driving past it. But if you see the same sign three times in a row, he eventually read through. The whole sides writes. You're more likely to interact with that visually auditory Leo. You still see it right? You'll understand, and you'll remember it. Ah, whole lot better, having seen it a few times, So having a few variations of the same thing allows it to be seen. More velocity process were lost to catch the eye more and also is perceived popularity because if there's more of this product out there that looks like it's a very common thing that people would like. People like to be part of groups, so it's appealing in a few different ways to be seen. And then it also appeals in the choice for variety. So instead of having and so they can go into a drop down and say, I want this color of this object, you just have multiples of the same objects listed that just happened to be the different color rings. And what that does is gives you more space like we said. But it also shows very clearly on a dashboard. When someone does a search the marketplace to find your products boom. There's all the different colors. One way this actually applies really well, as if we make a pattern. So, patterns, let's talk about that. What I'm gonna do here is I'm actually gonna go in and I'm gonna create a pattern. So I want to create yeah, new finding, just canvas, because I don't want to have a background. There you go. Okay. Now say, I want this to be a design, right, But this is something I'm gonna put onto red bubble. Well, this design that I want to make, I can create something small. And then I could have it checkered, depending on what kind of system using right. So maybe I want to make one where I'm gonna write it out myself. It's gonna be in this kind of red pink faq. I was going to say that is not one that one. That's just say right, so obviously, poorly done. Quickly shown. But I have this now, right? So I have love. Well, there I have loved. I haven't spaced out so that if I had this repeating on something I have love showing up this way I could have this be a word that's repeated over and over on product or even used a sticker. Great. That and I'm gonna show you how this actually actually just make that disappear, but hiding it inside of my layers Similar nice thing about using layers, but let's make a colorful design role play that we could have put onto an object. So I'm going to quickly do she's passed out for it's making diamond make this kind of sketchy diamond real quick for the example here as more calling into time there. Don't you listen. Swing down the hair. Smooth. Some of us our little bit splattered out the edges. Some go spread a little bit. Not Not too much, but great. We've got some resemblance of a design here. Make this little bitch bigger. Great center. That more there. So I have this kind of design it up some I only better a little bit messier, but it's just kind of a quick little design, right? And maybe we put, like, a school or something in here. Or we could have done a circle and have it be like a circle splatter or something. Right. But let's just export this. This is all just for show. Anyway, Ideally, make this, uh, if you're going to like a diamond or something, you wanna have cleaner edges Unless you're trying to build some kind of a brand that has a mawr specific niche for Yeah, this is the lucky one. So I exported it, and I'm going to upload it to read bubble quick. And that too bubble designs their way. So there is our diamond design. Now, when you look down here is just kind of showing up right? Like stickers. Everything like that. Great. But we can add tags at the description. I'm gonna leave it, wait like that silicate with the white background. Go when I can edit where this is gonna sit. I now So a lot of these products I can go in and I can dictate it's going to have a pattern . So I could say, Let's pattern like this. Let's make real small the product here. I have a dress with lots of diamonds all over it, that kind of shaded and have little blotchy edges, you know, cute and able to do that on a lot of these designs. And the idea there is, you know, I'm taking something that might be a smaller, simpler design, and I'm turning it into something that then as a more appeal, right, because I made something small. And now there are now that she's shown with lots of it. Um and it looks more detailed and better planned that way. So again, this is a very quick design. This is not a design I normally with going in yeah, plant out to do make your plans a little bit more than that. But This is just kind of quickly being able to go in and design out how we want these things to look here to. Smaller. Yeah, And actually, once we make this design smaller, it looks a whole lot better. Did not look very good to be in a minute. But on these objects, that looks good. My wife would where some of us. And now we have a kind of showing up on these and it works. Took back changed. Prints can be a little bit different. A lot times of Prince. You do like one big image. That's too. How's that? Yeah, down. But I'm actually really excited that they added backpacks and stuff to this. That's really cool. That makes him best in backpacks for the family There. 50 little suddenly we have here quickly adding all these and see just in this short little video were able to start having designed that shows up across many objects and very easy to just athletes end. So that was quick. That didn't take me very long at all. Aids. That kind of stuff can sell sometimes, right? You know, Diamond blue Better names my word, you know? So just going Diamond Blue My Now that best women Disabled shirts ensures tags later. I like to go back, and I like to add tags similarly so, like five or six of the same kind of object. And I had tags all at once to five or six objects on down and ensure that they are kind of all having the same tax. So that is a quick idea. What we're doing here in the next video, we will go over this a lot more detail and how you can turn one image into dozens. But that is just kind of a really quick way that you could do that. And I can actually upload this again with another kind of image, right? Like I could take this image and uploaded as a as this big right, so I could have it uploaded this big and put it on objects. I could upload it as the same size, and then I could shrink it down your patterns. Right? So say I have a like a school or something. That's something I did this with where I took two schools and I put them out on their end and I made two versions of the same same exact image read Bubble where I had the school showing up as a large object and I had this school from It was a small objects had a pattern in that way. The school's end up showing up, going to to audience once a little skulls men's figure souls so lots we can do to help gain more traction here and enormous ability in the market. So take a look at that. Try some stuff like that. You know, it's not hard to just make a series of designs in a day and, you know, have fun with it. 3. Designing with multiple images in mind: great. So in this video talk, Bo, uh, kind of having a design and then having different perch, we add to it into the backgrounds and stuff and how we can design something to have many, many variations of it that we're going to be working with. So right now I have a simple background I made. This is a art style. Kind of like what you get with an oil painting dried with a scraping tool that Helen I thought it was called where you have a sunset tight background, and I built it this way so that I can put stuff over it that I want to have be dark images from the sunset. So, for instance, I know this layer could turn on my tree. Now, I could also move this free to aside if I wanted to write so I can grab this tree and I can move it over right there so I could have my tree here right time. I could have another tree here, maybe down lower, and I could drag could bring in more black here, but it is. I'm working with parts. Right. So we're gonna leave the tree in the center that love for a second. Great. So now that I have my tree, I get a tire swing. Maybe I want a person sitting next to the tree. Maybe I want a little burns in the side here. Right. So now I've added three parts. But as I went into add these, I made sure I put them in other layers so I can remove them. So some images will just be a tire swing so that it will be a true the person. Some images will just be a tree. Seven. It will be a tree with some birds up there in the tire swing. Right? So things that add just a little bit of variety and like, I wouldn't just go in ahead. Okay, Birds, They're totally different images because obviously they're not. But it gives you more variety of things to do with it, and it also go in and you can add words. So, for instance, I would and I had a piece of family, very popular things to have listed on trees in that type of thing. When I looked at the market so I can have this image and then I could have this image with . I have this image with a person and a person there, this image with only family listed, right? So when we're thinking through what we want to do and I want to do it, there's a lot of different ways we can do it. And just in here, right, I have just the trick I could do just to treat a tire swing, just a tree with a person just through the tire swing. The person that's for And then I could do that with family. That's five can do just a tree with all three words on it. A six, you know. And overall, once I've made this first tree, I'm able, then go in and and all these little parts and things I can turn on and off that I could then apply to other trees. So maybe I take a day. I find seven trees that really like. I find a way to turn every tree into shadow very easily just by doing some tracing in some , um, racing of things and I make the shadows of these trees right, and then I make things that go on the trees and move them into the right positions. I make tigers ones that hang from people that are sitting around the make little birds that are up in the air. And now I have the ability to quickly make many products. I also want to I can go and to shut off the background. So few options with that would be is having no background at all, which, in which case, I can have the product to dictate the background. Or I can go in and I can change out the background and have once that I make. So this is a nice purple relaxing background. But I also have this green background that I lay over it. So I created a texture for this background, right? It's tough, radiant layers and that I made this layer Okay, so so pasty is 50%. So you can see through this layer and I'm using this layer to tent the other layer. Say, I want to do do you die that layer blue Alright, slowing slightly exceeded update now because I have paint, but I got purple behind it and I put blue. It's just a really showing. It was a darker shade of purple here but it's a different kind of feel, right. That's what we're going for with that. So I can also go down and shrimp that layer off, and we will then have blue. There are now we have that blew that I chose so a lot of different ways to easily go in produce a big variety of products relatively quickly. So just taking a quick look at my portfolio here. These air, once they're very recently been added and, as you can see, variations of the same images where easily able to go in and just at a whole bunch of the same one in a relatively short period of time, which allows me to gain more visibility. So it's also interesting to know these purple in here with the words on it has, like between someone favorited it right, but, for instance, once around it don't. So it's good to have variety because people were gonna notice different things. Maybe someone noticed this because it said peace. Love may be someone who is this one, because as a purple background of a baby, I'm noticing the ones with purple in them are doing better in general, so I know I should focus more on purple. Things like that really help us figure out what to build in the future, so it's always good to take a look. So Gold Room makes some of these kinds of designs yourself build some shadows, shells or the easiest ones to dio that you could do this with pretty much any kind of thing . You could do a series of designs that are like schools and wings and stuff. They show up behind other objects or kind of collage pieces that go together and speak to a specific group of people that will kind of almost look like band tees or something. Right so you can go through and you can create a lot of stuff like that relatively easy, a lot, a whole bunch of parts in an afternoon. You could add easily, like 50 of these.