How to Create Beautiful Pastry and Pies

Judy Kahansky

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3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. The Easiest Way to Make Pastry - Let's get started!

    • 2. Fluted Edging Technique

    • 3. Braided & Ribbon Edging Techniques


About This Class


You will learn different techniques for pie crust edging.  These include ribbon, braided and fluted.  

You already know how to make amazing pastry dough and roll out the flakiest pie crust ever right?  Well, just in case you don’t, why not head on over to How to Make Pastry and Bake an Apple Pie.  Everything you need to learn about making amazing pastry and pies is right there. 

This project will teach you three different pie crust edging techniques that you will love.  Your pies won't just taste awesome - they will look awesome too!