How to Create Autumn Tones In Photoshop | Manfred Werner | Skillshare

How to Create Autumn Tones In Photoshop

Manfred Werner, Retoucher at RetutPro

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    • Autumn Colors in Photoshop


About This Class


In this tutorial, I'll be looking at applying Autumn Tones to an image in Photoshop. My image lacks some colour, so the first thing I do is to add a Hue and Saturation Layer. I move out of the Master Tones and select the Red Tones. I only use the Saturation and push it slightly. I do the same in the yellow tones, but I push it a bit more than the red. NOTE: You can always fall back to your adjustment layers and change it.

Next, I apply a Curves Adjustment Layer where I make subtle adjustments with a big impact. I increase the contrast and then flatten the blacks. Next up I apply a Selective Colour Adjustment Layer. I immediately jump into the Black Colour Tones where I adjust our warm tones and fade the blacks a tiny bit more. I then move over to the neutral tones. Here I also tweak my colours and push the blacks a bit as well.

One of my final adjustments is adding a yellow colour cast. I've already selected a certain colour, one which you can copy here, under Solid Colour Layer. I then change the blending option to Colour and then change the opacity to just below 20%. I then add a Gradient adjustment tool and choose a darker tone within the image. You can choose to either use the Gradient Adjustment Layer or not.

Layers and techniques used:

  • Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer
  • Curves Adjustment Layer
  • Selective Colour Adjustment Layer
  • Colour Fill Adjustment Layer
  • Gradient Fill Adjustment Layer





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