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How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest

Peg Fitzpatrick, Social media strategist and author

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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest

    • 2. What makes a "good" Pinterest pin?

    • 3. Creating a Pinterest graphic on desktop

    • 4. Pinterest graphic on iOS phone in Adobe Spark

    • 5. How to Add a New Graphic to Pinterest from Desktop

    • 6. How to Add a Graphic from Adobe Spark to Pinterest from iPad

    • 7. How to Reuse Great Graphics and Make Your Own Templates

    • 8. Ready to make your own Pins!

    • 9. Instructions for Course Project!


About This Class


If you’ve been hearing how amazing Pinterest is but haven’t figured out how to use it - this course is for you! Pinterest is the number two traffic referral to websites. Is traffic coming to your projects? We’re going to learn the elements of a great Pinterest pin and see how it’s done.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create a Pinterest graphic, what size to use, and the optimal way to post your graphics on Pinterest on desktop and mobile.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to create a Pinterest graphic for your brand that will help more people find your content online. And you’ll know all of the essential elements that each pin needs to make it successful on Pinterest.

For this course, I've used Adobe Spark Post for desktop and iOS. Both are free. And Pinterest on desktop and iOS.

If you want more information about how to use Pinterest, please check out my other Skillshare course: Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs.


1. How to Create Amazing Pins for Pinterest: Hi I, Peg Fitzpatrick and I am super excited to share my new skill share class with you How to create amazing Hands for Pinterest A lot of people have heard about how great interests is for Web traffic and their blob, but they just don't know how to create interest pins or how to get them loaded on to Pinterest. This course is going to explain all of those things to you how to design hands, how to use easy software that's free to create pins that will get blood traffic, help you reach more people and ultimately make your Web presence better. So join me in this fun quick lass with tutorials, how twos and videos to really get you set up to create amazing pins for Pinterest. 2. What makes a "good" Pinterest pin?: before we have been to making our own graphics for Pinterest. I just wanted to go over some of the basics with you on how you should choose how to design your pins for Pinterest. So you want to design decide what you're going to create a pin for? So this is an example of a pin that I created for a block post. You want to make sure that you have some branding on your pins, but not too much. So I have my you are on here in my little logo. It's not too much. It's small is at the bottom. So these air good. You want to make sure that you spots that are super easy to read on Pinterest and also on your smartphone this size is 7 35 by 11 02 pixels. So it is a tall vertical image which works best on Pinterest and I'll show you what sizes Look how they look actually in the feed on Pinterest so you can see what I mean. You wanna have make sure you can read it on mobile So if I loaded this to Pinterest after I loaded it, I would go on my phone and check it to make sure that this text was ledge abril. So if you see this is a rich pin because it has that this automatically is added from Pinterest, and then it also has my photo here, it said has my name. So in another, of course, I will probably go over how to do rich pins and a in business accounts for a Pinterest. But this is just giving you an example of a pen. But these are not things that you can manually add. These are automatically added when you have rich pins with that little read it. But that's awesome. So what I did add is I added this little text here that says, Ready to go beyond the basics with Twitter. Thes five tools will help you get more from your Twitter account and give you more time. So this is the Pinterest description, and that is very important. I'm gonna hit edit on here so you can see this, and this is a great little example of a pinchers. Repent had over 1000 re pins, which is pretty good, and I have a little call to action there that says pin this for later. So there is the board that the pin is on right there. And here's a drop down menu that shows all the choices. This is the description which you manually add when you add a pen and you're gonna add the website and that's where you can see your image. So I'm just gonna save that one, because I want to keep that, Um, let's see on. And you can use little soft calls to action on your heads like that. So let me just go in and show you an example of pins. I have a lot of tall pins on here. We will go into the home feed at Pinterest and check out some pins, and I'll give you some examples of ones that are easy to re. But look at all these really great tall pins so you can see how awesome they are. This is an example from 12 Skip Super easy to read, Great tax. Nice bright color. It goes exactly with their blood content. If so many good examples. Okay, this is an example of a not so good pin. This is a small pin that doesn't really get noticed. you know, if you look at it compared to all the other ones, If you have one that you're not creating a long, tall pin, it's really just gonna get buried. Here's another one, so this is just a small pin. If you click on that, it will get bigger. But you see, it still doesn't even take up the whole screen. Compared to a pin like this one from a record reduces blawg. This is a fantastic pin, its tall it's got taxed. It's cute. She's got her Earl here, which is just a little bit of branding with your orange color and see how nice that pops out in the news feed. And this one has 2700 re pens, which is awesome. This is a great pin. It's a promoted pin now, but it's a nice bright pink. Listen, wait taxed on there with the great image. So when you're scrolling through, you can get ideas and see how things look nice. Um, and that could give you an idea for maybe fonds to use together. This is funny because I have so many great examples in this news feed and not too many bad words But this is what Pinterest has selected. Keep in mind this is what Pinterest has selected as faras things to put in the Newsweek. This is a small one again. We'll see how buried that gets. These little ones get buried. You definitely don't watch your little ones to get buried. Even this pin, this could be bigger. This is small. It's easy to read with a mistime here. Waas. There you are. Also, you have no idea where that recipe comes from, so they can add that on there. This one is this one could be bigger. That's a super small pin. See how small that ISS So you want to think about doing your long tall pins, They will get a lot more re pens. And so that is it for the examples. And next, we're gonna move into actually designing our own interests pins. 3. Creating a Pinterest graphic on desktop: Okay, so here we are in a dhobi spark where we are going to create our first amazing pin for pin tress. So this is the main screen amount sparked at adobe dot com, and it gives you a choice of going into my projects. There's also inspiration or the bog. If you wanted to read about that before today, we're going to click on this yellow plus sign to create something new, and we're going to create social graphics on this means screen. There is spark post for Social Graphics Spark Page to create Web pages and then sparked video for creating videos. But today we're gonna create a Pinterest pins. We're gonna click right there. And this is the main thing is the screen where you're gonna go first. And this is where you tight add your type in, and then you can pick your graphic size. So we're going to call this how to create Oops, didn't take how to create amazing pens for Pinterest. So if you were doing a quote graphic, this is where you could add your quote in there. But I'm not gonna hit continue yet because right now this is an instagram size, So we do not want to create a square image. We want to create a long, tall image that is 7 35 pixels by 11 02 pixels. And if you are not a photo shop user, you can use a tool like adobe that will have these sizes in here automatically for you. So you click on more and it gives you all these choices of different sizes for graphics. We are going to click on the Pinterest graphic because as we're making today, gonna hit continue and it's gonna give me a design idea. I do not like this design idea at all, but that's okay, because when I'm in here, this is one theme and you click on it and you can find all different themes so you can scroll down on and try out some different ones. And basically it just gives you and a couple of suggestions, and you can change every single thing about the one that you choose. So I am going to choose this one because I like the way this looks. I don't like this photo. I don't like these colors, so I'm gonna go into the background and from here, I can replace the photo. My choices are I can upload a photo. I could find a photo which searches free photos. So if I want to change it to something like this, I can easily click right on that. And put that free image that you do have a legal right to use these images in here so you could try out a couple different of these pins. This one's kind of cute. I just read something that flamingos. We're gonna be super popular this year. So if you change this a little bit, you can see they're making the heart shape. You could change the scale of this photo to make that a little bit more evident. But for today I am going to upload a photo that I that I found on stock. See that I love. So I'm gonna pull this image in, and that is just takes a second for to pull in. And then I can change the text or the palate to make it go together. So this does not look too good with this text so we can go into this palette and we can find something that may look a little bit better for this. So if you see, when I click on this, it changes the text color and also on the background color. So, um, this actually looks kind of cool because it's very Pinterest e with the bread so you can just click through and try different colors out to see what you like. Um, this is actually going to match the class that I created someone who tried this color palette because I really loved the teal color that I had on there. So you could say, OK, I like this, or you can change the color powder there, but you can go right into the tax and you can change the colors and they're so if I want that to be pink and white or black and white, look at that nice, bold image so you can use. You can use this to create all different kinds of types to test out, to see which one you like. Better for Pinterest images, they recommend that you know, I have to much text. I mean, I could make this just huge, but then you can't see any of the image of all, and I don't like that. So what Pinterest likes is for you to have some tax down there to add some context for your image, but not to cover up the whole thing. So you can see, Though it's really easy, you can just drag and drop and test out a whole bunch of different things. You could also change the font in here to something else that you might like more easy, easy. So in Adobe Spark, there's all different kinds of fonts, their bold fought, their sorted by bold, decorative, elegant modern script. So when you're in these, you can choose one of different font per text box so you can try different ones. But you do want to make sure that it's really easy to read. That actually looks kind of cool, but it's not exactly what I'm going for us. I'm gonna go back up to my modern fonts and pick something like this, so I kind of like the way this looks. But I don't like that little part on the side with those steps on. They're going to go back into the text, and I'm gonna try different spacing, and that actually looks kind of cool and one thing that I'm missing. ISS I do want to add, um my name on here. So if I want to get another text box, I just go up there to text add text and I'm just gonna do Peg Fitzpatrick do space and their message Peg Fitzpatrick on a scale share because this is for this course and I want this to be smaller and at the bottom so I could just create that And I can add that over there and you can see you can just move them around. It's so easy. So that looks pretty good for a Pinterest. Panic has all the essential ingredients. He has a great photo in the background. It has really easy read text that gives people an idea of what the pin is about. So when people click through, they would come to this course teaching people how to make amazing pins. And from here, if I'm happy with all of these things, there are more things that I could do in here like change the shapes of the background tax . But I like the way that looks one of the things that you need to think about when you're working on design four year pins is not to get too mired down and just design. You know, if you create one and it looks super sharp and it looks clean and clear, like this one does I'm not gonna write mess around with it too much more because I like the way this looks. So I'm gonna share this, and I have the ability to download it right from Adobe. And then I'm gonna teach you later how to upload this to Pinterest. So when I downloaded, it gives the file name of Adobe Spark. So what I want to do is copy the title, which is the texts that they used in there and then hit, download, and then add the text for my graphic up here in the save as because when you save images to Pinterest, you always want the title with keywords in there because that helps people find your pins in the Pinterest, ever them. So I am going to save that. And that is how you make a Pinterest graphic on desktop in Adobe Spark. Next, I'm gonna show you how to make one from your smartphone using Adobe Spark 4. Pinterest graphic on iOS phone in Adobe Spark: So for this section, we are going to create a Pinterest spin using the spark post ap. And this is IOS only right now. So I'm really sorry, Android people. But for the time being, I'm gonna give you guys a link. You can click on that and load this app. This takes you right into how to make a Pinterest pin graphic. So this is the main feed in. This is all ideas and suggestions that they're giving you. Or again, you can hit the plus sign, or you can go and see my post, which is graphics that I've already made. So, for example, the one that we just made on desktop is already year. Look at that. It sinks right over immediately to your phone or your iPad, but we can create a new one. So we'll go into the photo library hoops at that photo library. We're gonna search free photos because I didn't pull that same image over here. But again, you can pull images up in the APP. It gives us a lot of the same choices. We'll see if that flamingo wins in here. There's hearts. This one's There's the flamingos. That's actually a vertical image. Which is why that horizontal image Excuse me? This why it didn't work? So while there. So we're gonna go back and I'm gonna get that one. Um, we'll get one that is a vertical image, so it kind of fits better. So we use this blue heart with the clouds. So now you can see it looks a little bit like the desktop version where you can select the different sizes. This isn't instagram size. We're going to select Pinterest and we're done. Now it add some text in there and we're going to write how to create. We're gonna make the same type of pen done, and now here it gives you the same kind of thing. You can drag and drop really easily. That looks kind of cool, but it's really not eligible at all. So when you're in here, you can actually just do this crazy little wheel and change it to different things. Look at that. Listen, that crazy, it's little wheel of choices. So I'm gonna go back because I just let's see if I could go into shape and we'll find the one that looks like the one I like we'll go into the fonts and will change that. That found two super hard to read. So again they're sorted by bold, decorative, elegant So you could see how easy it is just to try out different funds, see what they look like. So that looks kind of cool, but you can't really see it. So we're gonna add black on there. Black and white looks nice and bold. So this shows you exactly. You know how you can do it, just like on a desktop. But it's so easy. So from here, you could just create it, Save it If I want Teoh change themes That way I can actually click on that little magic wand. This gives me a whole bunch of different choices. It keeps the same photo but gives you different choices. It's so easy. This looks kind of like the one that we used on desktop. You can change the photo around the background, and then you can change this text around to make it look like you want. That's nice and bold, so that gives you an idea how to do that. If you want to add in some more text, I want to put your name in there. You can do that. Gonna make that smaller. So it's not as big as your other texts. You could do that. How easy is that? You can change your color palette just like you can on the desktop version. Super easy. Same color palettes are in here. Then you can just click through to find different versions that you might like gives you lots of choices within the same color palette. That's where you can change your photo, or you can add the different filters. And you could also add animation on the desktop version, which is super cool, and then these load as videos. This is in the APP on Lee. You can't do this, but we're not going to do this for a Pinterest pin. We don't want to add an animation, but for an instagram post, that will be super cool. So just say, for example, we're done here. Then we could just hit share, and then I'm gonna save that image. When I upload that to Pinterest, I will have to change the name of that and that pin graphic so it does have a good name on it with the key words in it. So I hope this gives you guys some great ideas for how you can do this on mobile, and you can actually load it straight to Pinterest from your phone, which will work out in a little bit. 5. How to Add a New Graphic to Pinterest from Desktop: Now that we have created our awesome interest graphics, We need to get this Pinterest's graphic on Pinterest. So we're here in desktop on Adobe and we're going to click at download, so we're gonna show you a trick before we're in here. Grab this title right here from your image. You're gonna hit, download, and then you want to name your image for Pinterest. We always wanted Neymar images so we can get the keyword search for this. We wanted to say how to create amazing pins for a Pinterest and we're going to save this graphic. Now we're gonna open up in dress and we're gonna click on this plus sign here, and we're going to upload an image. So you're gonna click on upload here? I'm gonna go to download into my last ones. And there it is. How to create amazing pins for Pinterest. I'm gonna click open that's gonna blow this in here. And then I would typically add in my u r l hear This one was when I was making for this course. But the course isn't done yet, so I don't have a but you always gonna make sure that you have a destination. You are all for anything that you're opening that you're adding to Pinterest so you can get that traffic back to your site. So then you get continue. And from here in this little tell us about your pen. This is where you want to write your thoughtful description, not just add your title again, but right in a thoughtful description using keywords and maybe a call to action. So I would say something like, um, check out this new course. I'm skill share to learn how to find, to create, Sorry to create midgets, more interest payments on and then you could click aboard. So I might save that on all things Pinterest because that actually would fit on there. So then you get saved, and then you can check your pin right there. That actually saved two different board. I'm not sure why I did that, but you can see here it does. It's not a rich pin because it doesn't have a title up there because I didn't add my blogger. I'm here. If you add it, you can see those features again. Kicking into business mode. We had that in all things Pinterest. So we'll just put it there. And then this is where you add the website for the course or your URL. Or you could even get back to your instagram account that you can lick it anywhere you want . Just make sure you're doing it somewhere. So you're being thoughtful here, and then you can save that and you can actually embed this pin. If you wanted to create something, you could go right into Pinterest and you can grab this embed code. And you can actually put this in the sidebar of your blood or into a block post. And look how cute that would be in your blood post. So that is how you add Pinterest spins into Pinterest from desktop. And next, I'm going to show you guys how to do it from respect phone. 6. How to Add a Graphic from Adobe Spark to Pinterest from iPad: So here we are in I'm actually using my iPad instead of my iPhone because you can do this on either. I think this will give you guys a little bit better view. So I'm gonna choose the spark post AP, and then it's in your you can see my post them in my post section. So these air graphics that I've already created and I can choose any one of them. And now I want to share this from my app to Pinterest, and I don't even have to download it. This is so fast. So you just want to hit share and then scroll across to Pinterest. If you don't see Pinterest in this little sharing bar, you can hit the mawr section and then you can just toggle that honor off, so make sure you have it on, But then you can add interest. Of course, you have to have the Pinterest uploaded already, and then look at that. It goes automatically in there, and this is not the same one. This is a quote graphic, so I'm just gonna add a description, says a John Green quote safe Don and I will say that too. Um a book club because it's a quote, So conceive it to whatever board you want, it's gonna save it, and then you can click on it if you want to check it Now, what I do need to do when I upload it from my phone is they need to edit that pin to add the URL for it. So we'll pretend that's from a block post on my blogged. You hit that little pencil and then see that little website you want to add. I'm just gonna add my home page on here just as an example. If you were adding a blood post, you could. Of course, you do want a type of spell your name right? That is always super helpful. If you were wanted again, linked this back to instagram or a website anywhere you want to link that you just add that website in there. You could also do this for an at sea shop or creative market. Anywhere you guys want to save things, and then you would hit the save button, and it's saying I already saved this pin, but that's OK because it's just that's the same pin. So now we would edit that. Just look at it and see it has saved from Peck Fitzpatrick that now has my rich pin on there. So that is how you save a Pinterest image straight from your smartphone or your tablet. It's so quick to do it. Um, this way you just need to make sure that really crucial step that you edit your pin to add your URL afterwards. So how easy was that? 7. How to Reuse Great Graphics and Make Your Own Templates: Hi. So here we are back in Adobe Spark. We are in on the desktop version that sparked adobe dot com, and I wanted to show you guys how to create a template from a pin. So if you create a design that you really love, you don't want to have to recreate the wheel every time. So from your projects, you can go and click on that little drop down menu and you can actually hit duplicate, and that will make another copy of this. So you can see now I have more than one. And here's one that I did is an example already. So when you open that, you can see right there that it gives you the same exact design so that I could just go in here and I can change it. So say, I'm gonna make this a Siri's Andi. I would make this one create amazing graphics for Instagram instead of Pinterest because the other one we had was Pinterest. But we'll we'll change this one to Facebook. How to create amazing graphics for Facebook. So now it could make a series of pins without ruining my original, and I can go in and I can replace the photo to make it different. And then you could change all the same things that you can change in there. If you wanted to add more text, you can just hit the plus sign all the same things to create the images you can do again. But I just wanted to show you guys what that's like. See, now I have a little template and from here I can rename that And then once you give it that name, you know that you don't want him make a change in there because you'll ruin it. You might have to start over. So if you use your little templates, you can create things a lot easier. So I've done that quite a bit. This is one that I created that I love. So I will reuse this graphic for Block Post for my plug. Then they would work insistent People recognize that on Pinterest, and it's easy because I just hit that little duplicate I go in. I changed the text. I change the background. It changed all those elements. And then it's quick. So that's just a quick way that you guys can reuse graphics that you create. You can also do that to change the sizes. If you if you don't want it just for a Pinterest pretend. But you want to create a little social media campaign with graphic for Pinterest and Twitter and Facebook. You can also do that by re sizing the design. I will duplicate it to resize it to. If it's one that I really love, I'll duplicate it instead of changing it in there, because then it lets me keep my originals as a template. 8. Ready to make your own Pins!: So there you have it. The basics for how to create a Pinterest pen using Adobe Spark. And you know how to load it onto Pinterest fully optimized for the site. I can't wait to see what you guys create. So what? I love you too. Dio is to take the time to create a project uploaded into skill share. Write some notes in there, Ask your questions and I will enter them. I hope you guys enjoyed this class as much as I did creating it and I hope to see you soon on Pinterest by. 9. Instructions for Course Project!: I hope you guys have gotten some great ideas for creating your own Pinterest graphics and had a low them to Pinterest from your phone, your tablet or dust top. And now the last step is to create your own project for this class, and I can't wait to see what you guys make. So what you want to do is create a couple of your own Pinterest spins and then come back to this course in skill share and add the project. You can add the image in there, and so upload your image into the course into your projects and then add a link to Pinterest if you want, put a little description and ask people for fatigue or feedback. Or you can even tell us, you know, if your pin was popular or how they do once you load them on Pinterest. I can't wait to see what you guys create and thank you so much for getting here to the end of this course. I hope that this helps make your Pinterest even more awesome. See you around