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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Grabbing your Domain, Hosting, and Setting up Word Press

    • 3. Adding Plugins and Content

    • 4. Adding an Opt-in Form to your Blog

    • 5. Picking out Affiliate Offers for your Blog

    • 6. Getting Traffic to your Blog

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About This Class

In this quick video course I am going to lay out the basics to getting your very first website up and running on the internet.  I go over things like picking out a domain, pointing name servers, getting hosting, picking out a theme , and more.

Recommended Web Hosting is : BLUE HOST

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph Latham

Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer , Personal Chef


I'm passionate about digital marketing and teaching others different strategies for creating simple, scalable, and sustainable income steams.

I can also school you on cooking amazing food from home as I have traveled the world and have mastered many amazing cuisines from around the globe.

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1. Course Introduction: Hello, everyone. This is Joseph Clayton from online and comes 24 7 dot com. And in today's course, I'm gonna teach you how to build an affiliate Marketing blogging with wordpress. Okay, Now, what's really cool about this is that you're creating a passive income stream where you can generate affiliate commissions 24 73 65. OK, this is a really, really cool course, and it's going to give you the basics to where you could be up and running a little in a couple days. Okay, What you're going to learn inside of my course, you're gonna learn how to pick out a domain, how to point your name servers, how to install WordPress and you're hosting account how to add basic plug ins and premium plug ins. You know how to add a premium theme or a theme into your site? How to add content to your site, high quality content that's gonna convert and how to set up a Weber Auto responder and often form under site so you can collect subscribers and you could build a database of raving fans that you can sell to over and over again how to monetize your site properly and getting traffic to your site. Non stop. 24 7 So I look forward to work with you. Grab a pen and paper and your favorite drink, and I'll see you guys on the inside. All right, Joe. 2. Grabbing your Domain, Hosting, and Setting up Word Press: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another video and this video. I'm gonna go over the critical steps to get your blog's online. Okay, Now, this is very, very simple to Dio and I use a website for getting my domains a domain registrar called name cheap. Okay, you're just gonna want to head over to name cheap dot com. The reason that I, like name cheap is that they offer, like, free who is guard, and they're just a lot simpler to go through. Then go, Daddy, Because go, Daddy. It just has, like, a ton of up cells. And it's this kind of annoying when you're setting up your domain. So first things first, I'm just gonna log into my account because I haven't count there. Okay, now, once you come in here, gonna go registration, and then we're gonna pick out a domain. So depending upon if you're on the make money online match or any other type of net, she wanted to be relevant. Teoh, what nature going into? So I'm just gonna call this one unemployed for life once again. That's relevant, You know, making money online because most people that work from home, they don't want a job. They just want to work from home and live life on their own terms. Okay, so basically, this is what's available for life. But that's not what I want anyways to say you picked, um, let's pick a different one. We can go. Do you that you could put a dash in it sometimes. Just don't go crazy with dashes, but Okay, so that's available. And then you just click at a car, okay? And then you pay that. It's, like, 10 bucks. That's it. All right. And now you're gonna want to get the domain for $10 then you're gonna want to head over to a website called blue host dot com, and all the links will be below this. Okay, So, basically, once you sign up and pay, this is your web hosting. This is the company that's gonna host all your files and make you live on the Internet. This is a really, really good hosting. I really love their customer support. They're just They're really, really easy to work with. If you have any problems, you can call him 24 7 Super easy. Okay, So I'm gonna log in and I'm gonna show you how to tie this all together, like once. You have bought your domain. Okay. So long in Okay. No, I'm just going to go pick a domain that I've already bought so I can show you exactly what you have to dio to tie this together. Okay, so some of that dough means okay, home. Okay. What you're gonna do, in the meantime, is you're gonna go into your blue host. Uh, dashboard, You're gonna click on domains. Okay, now, what you're gonna do here, toe adding your domain, your blue host, you're gonna go like that's gonna go assigning domain to your C panel account. Okay? It's just kind of slow today. Okay, So you're gonna click right here, use it Domain. That's not already associated with your account. No, I'm obviously not gonna add alive domain because I'm not doing this right now. I'm just showing you guys how to do it. So say it was that domain that we just showed you unemployed for whatever. It's just trying to verify. It's obviously not gonna verify it because it's not really bit. What you're gonna do is you're just gonna come down here at the bottom, and then you just click add, okay? And then it takes, like about a minute, and then it will refresh, and then it will be added into your blue host. Okay, so But before you even do that, you have to point the name servers. So let me show you how to point name servers inside your dashboard. It's click on dashboard, and then you could show you any of these domains. Okay, I'll just show you, like one of my domains. Joseph late, um dot com. So you click on manage. Okay. And then right here. Custom DNS. OK, so change your custom, Dunston. It's one dot blue house dot com and has to do up lewis dot com and then just click the little arrow or whatever over here. And then that's it. And then that'll that'll tire domain and your blue hosting. And then, like I just showed you guys, you just come in here and then you click up the bottom. It's not showing it because this isn't a real domain. But if it was your real domain, there be like a little button down here, like a sign or add. And then once you do that? That usually takes about a minute. It's kind of slow. But once it does that, you're gonna head back to your main dashboard Once your domain has been added, Okay, and then you're gonna go like this, You're gonna come down here and you're gonna click on WordPress right here. Install WordPress. Really easy to do, guys. All right? And so then once you do that, you're gonna come over here and then click on install WordPress. Take it started, Okay? And then what you do is you just pick the domain. Whatever domain it. Waas. I have, like, tons of billions in here. So you're just gonna pick your domain? Whatever one you wanted to say. It was one K days. That was your website, OK? And then click next and then called us one K days, PNC. Then it has quit. Creates the admin user named the admin email in the password, and then you just click, install trump all these and then click install. Okay. And then it just takes a minute. Toe. Do it. You can see the progress says its installing WordPress. It's a little technical. You know, the first time you do it. You know, it's really not that. I mean, it's mainly just that the pointing the name servers and then adding it into blue host and then installing WordPress like I could literally have a website up and running in, like, 15 minutes or less, like live on the internet as long as the name servers point really fast. Because sometimes what happens is that it takes, like, 24 to 48 hours for the name servers to point. And then your site will be live, like, go after weight. So don't get frustrated if that happens. It just happens sometimes. But even this process is kind of slow, like it's installing, but it should be up and running soon. So just bear with me here. You tell. All right. So I got my credentials right here. Okay, so this is the password, okay? And then what you're gonna do is you're just gonna click right here on this? Uh, it's gonna be a your your l dot com for slash WP dash, admit. OK, so you just click on it, okay? And then you put in your admin, which was my email. Okay. The password. And in Logan, and then I'm gonna save it, and that's it. And then right here, I just click. I don't need help. Okay? I don't need help. Okay? And then a couple of things we're gonna do right out the gate before we get into more of this is you're gonna go right here to get this coming soon, Page. Okay, It's live. Okay. And then we're gonna come into your posts. All posts, Okay. And then room delete this. Hello, world. We're gonna delete that. Okay? And then pages delete that trash. Okay, so now if we go, is it site can see there it ISS. So that's the blank canvas for our masterpiece. All right, so now we're live on the internet one k dash days dot com, and that's pretty much it for this video guys on. And then the next videos, I'll show you more like I add in certain plug ins and how to configure it And what not. So we're gonna build off of this video and I'll see you guys next one. All right, child 3. Adding Plugins and Content : Hello, everyone. And welcome to another video in this video. I want to be going over some of the critical plug ins that you're going to want to install that are going to help your blawg grow and just help it to be a better block. Okay, so what you're gonna do is we're gonna go down the plug ins and then click on add new. Okay, Now, keep in mind that these were some of the plug ins that I use in my business. Okay, Most of them are free. Okay, so we're gonna install X emails site maps. Good. So it's gonna be this one right here. My arm branch. Whole install now, So you just click install now, then click. Activate, and that's it. Now you can add the excrement account to, but that cost money. But what that does is it blocks like a thana spam. And I highly recommend getting that. If you have the extra money, I would definitely get that. I'll just block like tons of spam coming in your sight. I'm not gonna add it right now, because this is just for demonstration purposes, but Okay, so then you're gonna go back to plug in and new. And then really, only one s Yo. Okay, Right here. All in one Seo, Pack and stone. Now, this just helps your blob to become better optimized when you're putting in your pages and stuff, okay? And then you're gonna add super cash. Okay, this one right here. WP super cash and what this does, It just speeds up your blogged, create static HTML pages. So it just makes your blog's faster, and that's a ranking factor. This is just gonna help your It's just gonna help the overall user experience to because we are on shared hosting. So as long as you're not getting tons and tons of visitors, your site should load. Fine. Okay. And then you go back to plug ins. Andi, I always like to put a contact form on my page because you never know who's gonna contact you. It could turn into a big business deal or something. Okay, You could see there's tons of one's right here, But usually what you do is you look for the most stars in the most ratings. Okay, So this one right here, contact form. It's tall after that. Now, if you go installed plug ins and I'll show you what you've installed. Could just exit this out. Okay, you can see. There you go. Now, some of these you need to configure like this. WP super cash click settings the cell, you adjust your plug ins and then you just turn it on update. Okay? And then let's go back to install plug ins. Contact form. Okay. And you could see all the short codes here so you could go like this, like you just contact it is copier capture code right there in the short code. And then you're gonna goto Page is I'm gonna straight out of page two, a new page, and this is how easy this is. OK, so we're gonna like about us, okay? And then you can just put in whatever here, like a flash, add new, and then they contact us. And now, if you go to our blawg, Okay, so either it iss like, put their name email comment in a capture code. Okay, so we're gonna create a menu too. See it better. Okay, so we're gonna go appearance men years. It's gonna pat. I mean, menu create. Okay. And then add these to the menu of those air pages and then save menu. Can I go back to a block and then you'll see it? Okay. This we're gonna change. This theme is you're not. It's not showing it. So you can add free themes in here. I recommend getting a pay theme. It'll just be better. But okay, so I'm gonna try everyone, like, see as it at the top. So activate. I'm using Genesis theme. I like it a lot. Okay, Now, let's see if it shows it. Okay? So I'm just gonna go back to the menu primary menu, OK, That's what it was gonna click primary menu and then say menu, you know, it should show. Yeah, right here. See, there it is. There's our menu. Contact us about us. And then you can also add this to ensure another page elect, you need privacy policy or just put up privacy, and then you can just get a privacy policy there. You can just, you know, get one off the internet. It's really easy to dio or just right with your own really, really easy to do guys and then just click publish. Okay. And then the back Hills should see it. Okay, you gotta add it. It's really easy to do. So you just come back to appearance menu your privacy at menu. Okay. Say menu now go back and it should show it. Now, there it is. Contact us about us privacy. But that's just the basics own in this right here. There's just another WordPress. You don't want that. That looks good. So it come down to settings, General, and then right here, just in your tagline. So, like me those okay more Okay. And then just click save changes. All right? And now we can mess around appearance to, like, uh, background eso colors, background color. So you can do that. You could put blue saving publish. I like blue. Why? It just looks clean. I like it. Okay, so that saved. Okay, lets go back and there it iss. Now all this stuff on the side that just looks really not good. So I'll show you how to remove that to and then I'll show you how to put your first post guys about appearance, goto, widgets and then all right, here all this stuff I keep a search bar. The recent Post. But like the comments you're gonna drag down here to inactive, Okay? And then just keep doing that. Just get the AR chives and active categories. Actor Mehta. I do. Okay, so just search a recent posts. Okay? Now, let's go. Look at it. Good recent comments, all right. Still showing that probably just have to clear cache and cookies because that's what it's doing. The it's it's catching stuff that I had already removed. So we're just gonna administrator at content really fast. Okay, There's no easy just to set up a block. And then after that, just a matter adding, you know, tons of quality content over time and a so long as you you know, right, at least 1000 words of quality content. And you know, you don't over optimizer, but the main keyword in too many times it looks really natural and has, like, really good images. I'd recommend a website called like Pixel bay, which is free, and you're not gonna get in trouble for copyrighting or anything. You can use that side, or you could just my images. It's up to you, but I'm just gonna make a post run faster show you how easy it is. Okay, so I'm gonna put welcome to, uh, site you. Okay, so I just made it a little blurb there can sort of click publish. Okay. Now, if you wanted to add, like, an image in, like right here something you can just go click on image I show you. Well, I'm gonna show you this what it looks like. Okay, so that's it right there. There's a nice night. Welcome to my site. And then it's really easy to add an image. I'm not gonna add an image, but you just click right here, add media, and then you click on select file of her desktop, pull the image, click and start to post, and then you click Update Super easy. Start from your Al. You can do this too. I'm gonna show you. Like if you go toe. I have a website, our anaconda in grow dot com. So I like tons of images over here. So you can do this to you Could just taken image. I take this one okay. Directly. And then right here. Just concert from your all and then just paste that in. Start opposed. That's way too big. Okay, so what you do there, you can't really shrink it down through anger You have toe under blogged. So what you would do is you would just go small square. And this is like, the smallest version. Okay? And then you don't see that this would be smaller. It's still there. Anyways, that's that's how you got an image through anger. It seems like when you add it to Imgur, it's just, like super huge. So if we update it and look out, see how big it looks Now it looks huge. Yeah, it's huge. I don't like that way. So I'm gonna show you a different way. Okay? So, basically, I'm just gonna screenshot it. This is using light shot. Okay, I'm just gonna make this real quick, but on my desktop, okay? And then what you do is you go. You go back. Okay. At it. Post. Okay. Just gonna delete this. I'm gonna show you better way. Okay, So add media slight file, and then we're just gonna take in one, okay? You can change. The size is a lot better this way. It's taken forever to upload. It's not even that big of a file. Okay, there it is. So you can change it like medium, and then alignment. You can do left. It's hard to post. They're so much better. That looks smaller, Let's say and then data link to something. It's really easy. You could put like, uh, make sure Teoh with me in Facebook here. Okay, so then you would just go like this and then just put in your Facebook or whatever link you wanted to go to. Okay? And then just click update. Now, I want to show you another really, really cool plug and add to your website that's gonna really help you. Especially for doing affiliate marketing like I am. You want your links to look pretty? You don't want it to be ugly because people don't like clicking ugly links. They like to click, you know, stuff that doesn't look spammy or weird. So there's a plug in called pretty link right here. I had it right there. Okay, you're pretty. Link light. Install. Now, today, this is a really cool plug, and I use it all the time. It's cool for tracking at school for cleaning up your links. Okay, so you just come down here on pretty link, and then you click. Add new link. Okay, Now say, if I was in a program that made me, like, $1000 a day, right, so I would put like, this is just for demonstration purposes, so it would be like 1000 per day. Fill it week. Whatever. OK, so then you would put, like, go $1000 days, OK, and then just that would be obviously your affiliate link wherever you want to link out to . And then this is what your final wings gonna look like. And then you just click, create, and then see, like you're here. You can see the unique clicks. How many clicks we're on it. There's all kinds of cool stuff we can do with this. You can treat it. Could do a lot of cool things at this. Plug it. So you would just copy that. Now we're gonna go back to our main page, okay? And then we're gonna add it. It gonna life from here. Okay, Dashboard, close cocoa. Okay. Got it. Okay. And then this is what you're gonna dio something like that. Whatever Just called action, click here, and then I'm gonna What I'm gonna do is bold it. And then Creator Link. Thank Okay. And then update. Okay. And there it is. There's our affiliate link. So that's it? That's how easy it is to set up your affiliate blogged. Now, keep in mind that you're just gonna want to keep adding in a quality content and obviously , you know, get away from the free themes if you want really clean looking site. I mean, doesn't be super fancy guys, but if you wanted to be really clean like mine, I would recommend getting the Genesis. Ah, team. So that's pretty much it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll see you guys later. All right, Joe. 4. Adding an Opt-in Form to your Blog: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another video in this video, I'm going to show you guys how simple it is to add a opt in form to your website and be able to customize it and have it. Look, however you want it, Teoh, it's very, very simple. And what I do is I put it on my front page as right when people hit my blawg, they see it right away. It's right at the top, as you can see right here. OK, just has start making $500.2000 dollars plus a week with no experience. And then they put their name in their email. Okay, so first things first. In order to do this, we're gonna lay out the fundamentals and a solid rock solid foundation for your business. OK, so you're gonna want to head over to a weber dot com and all the links below this video, okay? And then you're gonna sign up for a free trial for a Weber, and I'll keep in mind to get 30 days for free, But this is gonna be an ongoing business expense, but it's very, very affordable, you know, And as your business grows It's gonna be very minimal anyways, but it's very critical to be building a database of subscribers you know, people that you can communicate with via email because it's gonna boost your revenue. It's going to show you that you're an authority and it's just a really easy, simple way to communicate with people. 24 7 OK, so does come over here, fill out your name in your email, all your real information, your billing information. Okay. And then when you come down here and make sure you click on monthly, okay, And then once you do that, you just click. Start my free trial, okay? And then once you do that, you're gonna want to go the link below this video as well. It will be here. It's the opt informs plug in its for WordPress. It's very easy to use. I just going to click that and then download that and upload that. And then, if you don't know how to do that, let me show you really fast. So we'll go back over to the dashboard, and then you're just going to go on plug ins right here, Okay. And make sure this is a zip file on your desktop. I'm joined you guys how to do it really fast. I've already installed it. Okay, So basically, you just click right here. Look, add new, and then just click upload, plug in, and then you just choose file off your desktop click install now and then activate. And then this is what the plug and looks like once it's installed. Okay. And this is it. This site integrated in your site. So you're gonna put your email solution is a weber your list. I d. Okay. And then wherever you're gonna go, OK, Now, the list i d is located in your list settings. When you create a list of a Weber, it'll be like on upper right hand corner of your however, So you just grab that and then he place that in there, and then this thing goes to whatever you want to go to after they read a wrapped. You don't have to do reader after your all. You could just leave it blank. It'll just be like a simple like, Hey, check your email. I'm using Double opt in on this particular blawg because single opt in people descended email or they put a fake email and then it redirects to whatever. But if use a double, opt in. It's more of a quality list. You will get as many subscribers, but they're gonna be more quality because they're confirming everything. And, you know, they're really interested in what you have to offer. Okay, so basically, no, If you click on form, you can see here you can edit the form. OK? It's very simple to dio. Okay, Like a style your form, you can change the colors. You couldn't like this right here. See? Watch. I'm gonna change it, but I'm gonna put it back. But see so you can change it to green can change any color you want. I'm just gonna keep it there. Read OK? And then the subtitle is you the subtitle right here. Sign up. Now that's the subtitle. This is the header made headline and then you can change. The subtitle is well right here. Okay. There's a lot of options in here. Really, really cool customization. Okay. And then I put the bottom disclaimer. It's always good to put that you know, like I won't spam you or whatever. And then I just clicked on her save changes. Okay, click save changes. Now, you're gonna need a short code for this to appear on any page that you want. So what? I'll show you how to get it right here. Just go to visit site and then rant. The top period is click on. Ah, at it, Paige. And you'll see it right here. It's right there. See, It's just the bracket. Opt in foreign bracket and you just paste it into whatever page you want. Then you click update. And then when you go back to your main page, whatever page that you sure showing that's gonna show right here. See? And that's it. But this is like a lead magnet to get people you know, to building my audience out of my blogged. So very simple to set up. Guys, I hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll see you guys the next one. All right, Joe 5. Picking out Affiliate Offers for your Blog: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another video in this video, I'm gonna show you some of the major companies that can help you make money with your blawg and, you know, companies that you can deal with. Now there's just tons and tons and options, guys. Okay? No, when it comes to, you know, putting stuff under Blawg it really depends on what nature going into, like, you know, I'm gonna make money online niche. So you know, I can get offers from, like, Warrior Plus and Jamie Zoo and Click Bank. But if you're coming into, like, a different niche, I don't know what nature going to be in, but preferably you'd want to pick, like, an evergreen niche. And now what? An evergreen niches. You know, it's a niche that, you know, people are always going to be spending money with, you know? So, you know, there's always tons of offers, tons of money to be made, uh, perfect examples of some money, but some ever being niches are make money online. Everybody always wants to make money. Uh, another one is like relationships. They're dating, like people always looking at, you know, date, you know, meeting people and improve their dating skills. Another, another evergreen niche could be like, uh, like, working out, You know, the sub niche that down, it could be like, you know, getting a six pack or, you know, losing weight Or, you know, maybe even gaining weight are you know, there's just tons and tons of nature is out there. But these air, I'm just mainly going to go over some of the networks Now, the big players is definitely gonna be a click bank. Ah, Amazon Associates, Sheriff's Sale, E May Advanced Gate. That's more for, like, Softwares and stuff. But if you come over to this website here, it's called O R offer vault. You can find all kinds of SEPA offers over here, and it could be in any next. So, like, say, turn, it was great loss. Okay, so you just type in weight loss. It's basically like a Google for, like, CP offers. Okay, so look at that. There's 2000 results, okay? And then you confined his tons offers, and you can see this is like for Garcia Cambodia. This was $85 a lead. Now, if you come over here, you could see trending searches and get tons of ideas. You know, maybe you don't know what that you're gonna be in yet. You know, you're just going to the course. So what you can do is you can come over here and you get some really good ideas. You know, travel blogger. That's an evergreen. It's You could do something on travel beauty. That's an evergreen natural. Everybody like to look beautiful. There's tons of products you could buy there. Um, solar. I don't That's more of a sub niche of, like, energy rehab. That's that's a pretty good niche to a lot of people. Want to get sober? Okay, this is a really cool site, but you could, like, sit through all the offers, right? And so you could see the payout. Then you can see the network, and what you do is like, Say, you like this one here. Okay, so you click on click shirt. This is off the network. Okay? It'll go. Just does. Okay, so you come over here, right, and then you're gonna click affiliate, okay? And then you can get set up for free, OK? All these networks are mostly free. Okay? And another one you can dio is Ah. Oh, Digger. Okay, this is another great site for pulling offers. Okay? Tons and tons of offers. It's got over 100,000 offers for affiliates. OK, so this one we could type in, say, you're doing something about skin care in this one. Okay, so you just type in skin care, and then you come in here and then you're gonna find times and tons of offers for skin care , okay? And then it rates him, too. So if you see all these stars, that's really good. You want to go into ones that have a lot of stars because that means that people are getting paid out there really good networks to work with. You know, C p A. Just answered cause for action. So you're basically getting paid for trial? CPS would be cost for sale where you're getting paper sale. If you're gonna be in the health niche. Another one you can do is this one market. Okay, this is another huge network. They got tons offers so you can sign here, Join up for free. There's that one. There's also sell health. So this is another one for help. Health is a huge niche but didn't go on any type of match? No. Okay. And then I wasn't sure. Another one. It's really cool. There's this CB engine CV engine dot com is really cool. Now, this is like for Clint bank products. So what you can do is you come in here and with click bankers niches from a dizzy you do anything you could dio dog trading like So you want to be in a dog training niche. So you take it in dog training. I got a horse racing. I mean, there's just tons of stuff, but you could see appear these wounds were like top. These ones have high gravity. The more gravity, the more affiliates that are working on it. So, like survey like that's another huge niche surveys. Okay, that's a huge niche. So what you would do is, you come in here and then the first thing you want to do is go to click bank dot com and create a create account, and they want to do that. You just come in here and then you just put in your, uh, your click bank I d. And then could create hop link and then that's your affiliate link for this offer, right? And then what you can do to before even start promoting this As you can click on it, you can go visit website. You know, you can take a look at the offer. Yeah, but pause. That s even look at the offer. And, you know, it looks really clean. Like, I really like this. I mean, it's really attention grabbing. Like I went from $3 to 500. Always check the sales copy and stuff like, make sure it looks really good. Like, to me, this looks really clean. Like I started my business online doing surveys. I don't really recommend him. I never made, like, a lot of money doing it, But on this, the sales pages. Ah, it's really clean. I like That's pretty much it. So that's how you can get set up? Um, you know, getting affiliate offers and programs. I just gave you guys like tons and tons of ideas. So I hope you enjoy this video, and I'll talk to you later. All right, Joe 6. Getting Traffic to your Blog: I love guys. Welcome to the video and this video. I'm gonna go over some traffic source for you guys. So you know how you can get traffic and more people to your website that will convert in tow, obviously leaves and then eventually sales. Okay, so for this example, you can see that I'm ranking for a term easy one up review. Now, this was a review on affiliate program that came out a while ago. And as you can see right here, I'm number three, OK? And this was, like without hardly any back links for Seo work at all. And this being optimized for that term, Know to click on it, just show you this what it looks like. But, see, I just wrote a review about it. Okay, then I'm showing like you made two or $50. Like what? The beach and I just know had little write up in the YouTube video and stuff right there that I made that okay. And then down at the bottom, I had stuff right here, a picture of me and stuff. Okay, So, basically, come then, that's like S e o, like in organic traffic. And then I use youtube. Okay. Like getting creating videos. And then you have the links going back to your site like that. Obviously, I'm gonna make money online. Niche. So whatever in its you're working on, you get traffic from YouTube videos. I'd like to use Twitter as well on this. Could all be automated with Twitter. There's not the tools, but you can see here. I'm barely barely even doing that, which would right now on getting 8000 impressions last week, I can wrap this up easily with the automation tools. You can see these wrong automated every day. There's just keep going out every day. Auto treats. Okay, you can do that. Ah, there's Pinteresque. Okay, you could you know, you could create these, or you could pay somebody on Fiverr dot com and you could have someone create these really cool looking pins. And then these could go viral and people really like him. Like you could see this one at 307 pins. And this is a way to viral eyes, your traffic and get eyeballs back to your website. So, like, if we click on this one right here, this one okay, it's called she boggs about jobs dot com. So Okay, 11 brilliant ways to get more money on the side. Okay, then they usually actually takes you to their website. Yeah, she bobs about job. Okay, so see, this takes them right to their website. See? So it's a great way to get a lot of traffic. I mean, it's free. I mean, you gotta put in the work, but Pinterest is really powerful. And see, it's got the little side share thing. I have this on my website as well. That helps getting traffic. I like Paris a lot for going getting stuff going viral. It's really powerful. Uh huh. Could see here how I made $5.1,000,000 to get paid to tree. Okay, so, like, this one right here, this is calling mom to resource. So if you click on that one, remember, The demographics for Penn Dresses is mainly female. So if you're a female watching my course, Pinterest is a great, great platform. Okay, so you can see right here. I mean, I've seen this lady before, Okay? This lady knows what she's doing, so you can get a lot of ideas repair. You could see Look she's got 29,000 followers. Facebook, Google. Plus, I mean, Instagram fans actually read this article before about how you can basically to sell consult tweets. Okay. And then there's Facebook groups, like, let me show you, like, uh, it could be any niche. Like if your weight loss next, you'd go type in a weight loss. But this is like I'm in a bunch of make money online groups in here, and I can post stuff for my blogging here, like advertiser business. See, you can post in these groups, you would just click on it. You can get auto poster for this as well. You don't have to do this manually, is this Takes a lot of time, but so you can stay, Start discussion and then you write something, haven't lead back to your site. That's another way to get traffic. So I'm just showing you guys some really basic free and easy ways to get your site rocking and rolling here. But I would definitely come combine a lot of different sources and you know, if you want additional ideas and sources, what I like to do is go like this. Like to come in tow Pinterest. And then you can just type in like traffic generation seeking this. Find stuff on traffic Lee generation. You could just get ideas. It's cold just to get a new ideas like there's one. How to explode your websites Traffic. Increase your Pinteresque. Drop it. There's just really cool stuff in here and get tons of ideas. Look, I like this one a lot. Like how to increase your traffic in 30 days. Okay, so you could do all that, like, block commenting blogging communities, creating a contest, Wikipedia e book. Facebook's like her for of instagram email, and then you can get in a paid to paid. And then there's a bunch of social media stuff you could do content. There's just so much stuff you can do, guys. But the main aim, the main key take away with this course. Is that you? Just you want to take massive action, OK, your blog's not gonna get any visitors to spy, you know, writing opposed, you know, praying that they're gonna come, you're gonna have to, you know, roll up your sleeves and, you know, takes, um, massive action on this stuff. Okay, so I've shown you lots of ways to do this. And I hope I've got you guys and really good ideas. And you guys have a great day right now.